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‘what was that all about?’ ['it’s because of you.’’] | RaS Escape


Okay, this episode had so many scenes I loved, but this one ranks high on the list. Just the way Sam drags his hand over the back of the impala and finally just leans back onto it. A lot of it is to do with the obvious pain he is in, but I kind of feel like Sam reaching the impala makes him believe that he might be alright. Like, the car is such a huge part of his life and he associates it with safety, so finally making it back there is almost as good as if he had his brother with him. It’s a relief and a comfort for him because now that he has reached the impala, he is almost home free. 

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I read the ending as "and you'll never see your Marquis again" and I got so scared and almost cried....

Aw no! He comes back! And lives a good long life! (Well there was that whole imprisonment thing but he did live a long life!)

The Laziest of Sundays

My husband and I have been binge watching Scrubs all day. Mostly he has. I’m just in the same room. It’s funny but for some reason I’ve never been a big fan.

My son is feeling almost completely back to normal, thank goodness. He spent literally all but 5 minutes of yesterday in bed. Thankfully all the rest he has gotten seems to have helped and he’s back to Xboxing with his sister 💕 Tomorrow - school.

I think we’re getting pizza for dinner. No one wants to cook or do dishes. I’m fine with it, I just don’t wanna have to go get it. But….I think it’s my turn 😞

Sadly my mom’s friend did pass away last night, which I’m sure you figured out if u saw the old picture of us I posted last night. To look on the bright side, she is at peace now ♥️ She was the sweetest soul and went through pure hell.

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Xaviuur walked up to Chara and checked them out, from head to toe and back. He almost looked like he had something... 'good' to say, but he didn't. "Say, I heard you learned how to use magic. Probably planning on using on me one of these days..." He chuckled. "Mind showing me what you can do, sweetheart?"

Chara barely skips a beat, taking a hand out of their pocket and making a small wave towards him. They crack a grin as many red-black magical knives materialize in a semi-circle above him, all pointed keenly down at his head.

“Not a problem at all, hun.” They purr, a bead of sweat already running down their forehead. This was more taxing than they remembered.

Fandom: Haikyuu!!
Pairing: Kuroken
A/N: Forever telling myself to remember that there’s always kuroken.


Kuroo doesn’t stir from where lies asleep on the couch. Or rather, from where he’s pretending to sleep. It’s become a favorite hobby of his because pretending to sleep around Kenma means all walls fall down. 

There are still sides of Kenma that he doesn’t show to anyone. Not even Kuroo. 

Kuroo sees through the slightest crack of an eyelid when Kenma cocks his head to the side, examining. His breathing slows, evens out until he feels sleep whispering to his consciousness. He’s quite good at ignoring it when he wants something. 

Kenma reaches out and taps his arm, but Kuroo doesn’t move. Satisfied, Kenma turns back to his game console, fingers deftly smashing buttons. Kuroo bites back a smile. He’s almost too good at this. 

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"uh hey..." He nervously took out a bag of sunflower seeds and gently put it on Tempus' palms. "just... wanted to drop by and say hello to you and Mamo. it's nice meet you i'm sansy..." he backed off almost immediately, almost frightened he'll scare them both. ((Goodness me your Tempus and Mamo are giving me cavities! They're adorable to the boot! I would like to say thank you for lightening up my day with them and pssst you can turn that into an rp if you want xD))

[♪ Tempus just stands there as he watches the stranger handing him the bag of seeds. Tempus remained silent even after the monster introduced themselves. Why… does his head hurts when          say his name?]