he's all playing hard to get hehe


servant dragon au

servant dragon starvenom yuri

he smile for everything mades him enjoy or feels well so he enjoy hurting oponents and plays rude reason he can hurt yuya and yuto or zarc needs control him he likes be with plants and watch them or just resting there he loves play with yugo since yugo plays rude too he obeys zarc too and he not hears humans, making hard to the yuzus and ray talk to him or control him he always want to play to hurt humans and enjoy when zarc order to him destroy things. even he looks crazy he really cares his own brothers and dad internally and can get upset if someone hurt them cause ″he only can do that”

fuck yuri my head hurt i was taking almost all day to redesign him again, but finally i like how he looks hehe

amoura-eternia  asked:

Hi, I was playing dodgeball today and I got to thinking about the Danganronpa characters playing dodgeball. Mikan and Chihiro would be like me the ones trying to avoid the ball at all costs and not participating any farther than that, Celes and Byakuya would be the ones to walk out, Mondo, Aoi, Leon, Akane and Fuyuhiko would be the ones to throw the ball too hard, Makoto would probably be the one to end up getting hit in the face, even when he's already out. Any ideas on the other characters?

AHHHH These make me so happy, hahahha! These are the ones I could think out of the top of my head, hehe. ~ Mod Narii

  • Nekomaru would probably be screaming from the sidelines, telling the players the mistakes they did or what they could do to play better.
  • Sonia would get pretty hyped up and would try her best at playing it.
  • Kazuichi, seeing Sonia try her best, would want to do his best as well, although he’s pretty bad at it.
  • Gundam would scream incantations and weird quotes while trying to avoid the ball. His hamsters would run by his side and also try to avoid it.
  • Touko would probably just not participate at all and follow after Byakuya when he would leave.
  • Junko would be into it at first, laughing maniacally, but she’d soon get bored of it after masterfully dodging everything. She’d yell at others to hurry up. She’d also be pretty wary of her beautiful, manicured nails at this point and would probably quit.
  • Peko would be quite good at dodgeball, throwing it well and using her harsh training to dodge everything.
  • Nagito would be very hard to predict: he happens to either get a ball in the face very early or is one of the last people standing.
  • Hajime would be so-so at it, although he probably ends up consoling all the ones who get striked out.
  • Kyouko would probably sit out and prefer to watch the game intently to make sure no one gets hurt.
  • Kiyotaka would probably be the referee, shouting when a team would score or when someone wouldn’t follow the rules.
  • Chiaki would be horrible at it, always one of the first to be hit.
  • Hifumi would be even worse than Chiaki. He is mainly THE first target due to his large stature.
  • Teruteru wouldn’t be very good at it, but he would boast a lot before actually playing, which would make for quite a shameful, hilarious situation.

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confession: My boyfriend and I were playing black ops 2 like we usually do cause we're nerds. We had this idea where we would fuck while we play. so we took our clothes off and positioned ourselves. His hard cock was inserted in me and every time he would die or get a kill, he'd fuck me so hard while rubbing my clit. So close to cumming but he came first, hehe. gaming and fucking is fun