he's all playing hard to get hehe

Sexy Time with BTS | Reactions

when he’s in the mood, but you tease him and play hard to get.

Rap Monster: “hehe. trying to resist my jams, are we? i guess there’s a first time for everything.”

Jin: “sure, baby. tease all you want, but don’t forget where it gets you - underneath me.”

Suga: “you’re not in the mood? two minutes with this tongue will change your mind.”

J-Hope: “yeah, you’re cute. now get over here and let me love you.”

Jimin: “is this your new idea of foreplay? hold on, let me just take off my shirt and then we can have this argument again.”

V: “not in the mood? oh, please, honey. the only reason you aren’t coming to bed with me means you want it on the floor tonight.”

Jungkook: “b-but i’m legal now. we can do it whenever we want.”

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