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uxekull but he’s not green

This guy. Makes me laugh. Thanks.



stupid sexy draco malfoy 

taking place after harry’s bi awakening


bizarre nightmares


Shiro canonically being six and a quarter years old is the best news I’ve heard this entire year.


robron + aaron “You didn’t have to go all bodyguard?!” dingle.

okay but what if jungkook used to tease jimin by not calling him ‘hyung’ because he wants Jimin to see him as someone equal as him not as the youngest member in the group, because he don’t want jimin to love him as a baby brother he don’t want jimin to love him because he is cute and because he is the youngest among them, because he wants jimin to see him as a man that he could love and could love him back too so thats why he always making fun of Jimin also thats why jungkook works out a lot because kids are not supposed to have muscles right? kids are not supposed to look sexy right? that way maybe his jimin hyung will look at him as a man


Leo is usually the one to make Takumi flustered, but sometimes Takumi catches him off guard (▰˘v˘▰) 

Just wanted to draw Leo being the big tomato he really is. Also RIP TAKUMI.

(Base on one of Takumi’s english My Castle lines. Reposted from my FE twitter!)

Will be there a Law waiting for him?
Also for @fishu-fishu because i think she deserves it

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Concept: Royai foster parents au. Ed lives with them first until they find out that he was separated from Al when they were little, so Mustang pulls some strings and they manage to get Al as well.

Concept: Me, laying in a puddle of my own tears as quiet sobs wrack my body, clutching this ask to my chest because of its beauty and perfection.

Nygmobblepot what if

Okay, I’m hoping for some big battle against the Court of Owls at the end of the season that everyone gets involved in

And it’ll mean Eddie and Ozzie calling a temporary truce to their personal antagonism in order to survive the onslaught of Court assassins being sent after them (or whatever)

Then, during an ‘eye of the storm’ moment when they are hiding and unsure of their survival, they should take the time for a bit of emotional honesty. Which will be all serious and stuff - Eddie confessing he is glad Oswald survived and he is sorry he tried to kill him and Ozzie was right about them needing each other and stuff. And Ozzie would confess he still loves Ed and all that jazz

But MOST IMPORTANTLY it would include something like -

OSWALD [soft, genuine]: I’m sorry I killed Isabella.

EDWARD [instinctive, exasperated]: ISABELL-! Oh. Yes. That’s. Right, um, thank you…

Fic: Where there is love. 

Robert has a nightmare, and with Aaron in prison Chas is the one there to comfort him afterwards.

“Aaron no, please don’t. Aaron.”

Chas is woken to the sound of shouting, screaming, coming from Robert and Aaron’s room. It’s still dark outside, and a quick glance at the clock confirms that it is too early to be awake.

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But Even sent those texts because he’s overthinking everything and he can’t handle his mind on his own. And now Isak didn’t reply, he’s overthinking and worrying even more. He’s trying too hard, he knows it. But he can’t help it. Things are slipping away. He needs to reach out to Isak. He wants to talk about things, but jokes are the only thing that come out. He must be in so much pain. My bae deserves a break.

I can’t blame him for not being able to sleep in his own bed. It must get so lonely. So dark. Isak seems to be the only light around him lately.

This gives me emotions I’m not sure I can articulate, but I made a go at it in the tags.