he's all grown up now tho

Rereading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince: Chapter Seven - The Slug Club

To his slight annoyance, however, neither Ron nor Hermione seemed quite as curious about Malfoy’s activities as he was; or at least, they seemed to get bored of discussing it after a few days.

um maybe bc u talk abOUT HIM ALL THE TIME?? no one wants to hear about ur boyfriend anymore, OK???

“He’s a Death Eater,” said Harry slowly. “He’s replaced his father as a Death Eater!” 
There was a silence; then Ron erupted in laughter.

when i first read this my reaction was pretty much the same as rons. now im just like U SHOULD HAVE LISTENED TO HIM U IDIOTS!!!!

- peeps r still bullying my girl fleur and im not here for it ONE BIT

- ugh like i know how crazy harry sounds when hes talking about draco but like its so frustrating reading about him trying to warn mr. weasley and no one taking it seriously JUST TAKE HIS GODDAMN VANISHING CABINET OK

He tapped Ginny on the shoulder.
“Fancy trying to find a compartment?”
“I can’t, Harry, I said I’d meet Dean,” said Ginny brightly. “See you later.”
“Right,” said Harry. He felt a strange twinge of annoyance as she walked away, her long red hair dancing behind her; he had become so used to her presence over the summer that he had almost forgotten that Ginny did no hang around with him, Ron, and Hermione while at school.

tbh i could care less about ginny and harry but this is lowkey rly cute

- NEVILLE AND LUNA ARE HERE YALL!!!! we dont have to sit awkwardly by ourselves anymore!!!!

- am i the only one who thinks its cute that nevilles grandma is super roud of him for breaking laws and busting baddies?

“I liked the D.A.! I learned loads with you!”
“I enjoyed the meetings too,” said Luna serenely. “It was like having friends.”

luna let me love you.

“Hi, Harry, I’m Romilda, Romilda Vane,” she said loudly and confidently. “Why don’t you join us in our compartment? You don’t have to sit with them,” she added in a stage whisper, indicating Neville’s bottom, which was sticking out from under the seat again as he groped around for Trevor, and Luna, who was now wearing her free Spectrespecs which gave her the look of a demented multicolor owl.
“They’re friends of mine,” said Harry coldly.

remember that time when harry was all super super embarassed when cho saw him sitting with neville and luna? look how far our bb has come, grown into a nice lil man now, hasnt he?

“People expect you to have cooler friends than us,” said Luna, once again displaying her knack for embarrassing honesty.
“You are cool,” said Harry shortly. “None of them was at the Ministry. They didn’t fight with me.”
“That’s a very nice thing to say,” beamed Luna.

WHY IS THIS SO CUTE THO forrealz i would have preferred harry ending up with luna rather than ginny (is this a really upop opinion? am i gonna be roasted for this??)

- im still shook about how the prophecy could have been talking about harry OR neville. shit keeps me up at night.

- LOL marietta still has ‘sneak’ pimples on her face and me and harry thinks its hilarious 

- brb gonna go vom, cormac mclaggen is here

- lol this slug club lunch is so fucking awkward. slughorn is just name dropping while everyone else quietly nods, looking for a way to leave

- harry is risky AS HELL boi just jumped on top of the luggage shelf in dracos compartment liiiiike he knew damn well this was gonna go wrong. im reading this part cringing waiting for his sneaky ass to get caught

- omg draco is laying in pansys lap while she plays with his hair and like i always joke that they were lowkey hooking up but like its canon right???? THIS IS SEXUAL

- aaaand harrys face got busted. like ya he shouldnt have been snooping on draco but thats so fUCKED that he broke harrys nose while he was paralyzed like goddamn thats icy

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Season 3 thoughts so far

Ok gang. I have moved into a one bedroom apartment. My very first. Exciting.

So season 3 started off with less Bree and Roger then I wanted though the Bree growing up scenes were nice. I liked Frank making breakfast. I thought it was cute.

I think Frank was drunk when he came home, he just didnt look himself the same way. That scene too his hair looks different, I assume its the costume but he does look older. Both Frank and Jamie look good older, they look believbly to have aged. Claire less so for me, but it has grown on me as the episodes continue.

I wish there were more to Joe. I liked those parts in the book, the banter. Speaking of banter can book 4 hurry up I want Bree plus Roger. I didnr get all the claire stuff- to me she wasnt what I pictured but it is getting made so yay. My god tho Roger and Bree: I get all the fan squealing noises now.

Now we get to Lord John: amazingly acted and a great choice. He looks so villainous with his face shape and paleness, with the bright red of his uniform. Yet he’s an honorable man and not without sympathy. Contrast with Randall, who is a monstrous fucking wackjob but who looks like he should be the good dude- rugged and maybe handsome, and not pale and pointy noise.

Geneva and William: eh i thought they did ok. I wouldn’t have noticed the music if i hadnt seen a post about it. She was a bitch. William though that whole thing was the Jamie from season 1 and parts of 2. He seems to have gotten his sea legs back. Hahaha. 😃


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Paladin + Allura and Coran with their Galra child all grown up, how would they feel when the have to go to the terms that they are not a baby anymore?

yes part 2

Shiro is a Sad Dad™. That’s his child. He’s raised it from an infant and now they’re not that baby anymore. They’re a grown up and self sufficient and it worries him. He’s relieved when they show him that they’re perfectly fine doing things on their own now, however melancholy he may feel. He cries a little when he realizes that they aren’t a baby. Space Daddy™.

Keith actually has a heart attack. He doesn’t know where the time went and flips his shit when he sees them doing something that’s something a grown up usually does. His child laughs at him and explains that they’re not a child anymore, but they’ll always be his baby. He’s emo for the rest of his life.

Hunk literally cries. I’m not even joking; Shiro and Lance found him sobbing over a bowl of food, wailing about how my baby isn’t a baby anymore. They’re all grown up. What am I supposed to do now? He genuinely loves his Galran child more than anything and demands to know when they became this “adult.” His child has to swear up and down the wall that they’ll stay a child at heart for as long as possible just to soothing his aching soul. Poor father.

Lance “I thought I adopted u like yesterday tho” McClain. This Cuban is a happy-go-lucky guy and quite often loses track of time, even when it’s been years. When he realizes that his adopted alien child as finally become an adult, he laughs emotionally to himself and says that time really does fly when you’re having fun. He declares them to be more of an adult than he was at their age, which makes them both laugh, but internally, Lance is dying please save him.

Pidge is pretty frazzled when they realize it. They practically grew up alongside this child; they were only a child when they took the Galran in, after all. Despite this, the Gunderson/Holt is proud of what their child has become and likes to brag about how accomplished they feel now that their kid as reached grown up-hood. This earns some laughs from the rest of the team. Good job, kid. Ya done well.

Allura is quite emotional. Despite the difference in their races, the Altean mother and the Galran child have taught each other a few things, both in breaking down stereotypes and in family matters. Allura realizes that her child has shown her that not everyone of a specific race is as bad as the rest of them make them out to be and what it means to be a family. There are a few tears involved as she thanks them for the experiences they’ve given her when she realizes they’ve grown up.

Coran, the ever loving father. Also cries. He really doesn’t know what to do now that his child has spread their wings (”That’s what the Earth saying is when a child leaves the parents, right?”). He’s proud of what he’s accomplished during his time as an adoptive parent and wouldn’t trade it for any ticks in the world. His child is taller than he is and that makes him shed a tear or two with a meek Since when did you grow up so fast? I wasn’t aware that Galran children reached adulthood so quickly. He and Keith are emo together about it.

B.A.P reacts to their gf surprising them with flowers backstage


Because you were on break, you decided to make a special event and fly to Paris to give Yongguk a surprise. You stood in the middle of the waiting room with flowers covering you face but he recognized you immediately.

‘What are you doing here? *insert gif*’

He would hug you tight and give you a long kiss on the cheek since the kids were in the room too. The next day, he would take you on a romantic walk just the two of you.

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You flew all the way to New York on your free day to give him a surprise. You left a huge flower standee near their makeup table and to make him even more surprised, you decided to hide behind it and eventually scare him. You saw him came in with the boys and tried not to move too much. He just gave a quick glace at the newly added item and then saw your head peek out from the side. Only then he would realize what was going on.

*insert gif*

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You watched the whole concert from afar and didn’t expect them to go back backstage so quickly so you tried to run from room to room to hide and give him a surprise but he caught your shadow running left and right and called your name out loud before running to you and lift you up with a bear hug. You would be sad you ruined the surprise but he would shut you up with a shower of kisses.

‘Why didn’t you tell me you were coming?’

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You got some fresh colorful flowers and walked inside the backstage of their concert. Everyone knew who you were so the staff and security didn’t bug you at all. The boys just came back and were sitted to rest a little when you knocked on the door and walked in. He would immediately walk to you to welcome you with a surprised happy face and pat you head.

*insert gif with subs and all*

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You were patiently waiting for their Party Boom in Taipei to end with a big bouquet of red roses in your arms. He told you he was coming back soon but you just missed him and decided to give give him a surprise. You said 'you worked hard’ as soon as the staff opened the door and Jongup was super surprised to see you and get just a little shy. He would thank you for the flowers and hug you.

'Sorry, I’m all sweaty right now’

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He came backstage after their Party Baby ready to sink into the sofa when he saw you standing in the changing room with a bouquet in your hands. He would be really surprised to see you there and would try to run away and hide because of shyness before returning and hug you tightly. At that point the others would tease him about how cute or how grown up he is now and he would get even more shy.

'Ah, hyung stop! *insert gif*’

(This gif tho let me cry my baby cinnamon roll)

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at first i was like “what the fuck does this mean omg why did he do that” but then it hit me: dan has not been danisnotonfire for some time now, he has grown out of this nickname, it doesn’t fit him anymore and thank god it doesn’t!
just look at dan, he’s happy, he’s open, he’s confident!

changing into daniel howell is like when you finally go to uni and you just feel the need to change that ugly email you invented when you were a sad teen into something that defines you

dan has grown up and i’m honestly so proud of him, this is all i have to say


What if nothing (first impression)

Press Restart: the ‘call us up and let us know’ sounds cool, but overall it sounds like two songs mashed together???

Headphones: up 2 u pt2 (the underachieving sibling) I hated this the first time I heard it, but then live it was okay but when I listened to it properly, I don’t mind it anymore, I love the beginning, the instrumental bit at the end could go tho

One Foot: summer n I love the instrumental bit after the chorus, the music video sucks tho

Surrender: the first time I heard this I was bored, but now its grown on me

All I want: spend your $$$ pt 2. Also the line™ (he said what??!)

All Night: ‘I just want to meet somebody’ sounds exactly like that He Man video (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZZ5LpwO-An4)


Tiger Teeth: why is the intro a whole minute long???? There is no need,, (ngl I prefer the acoustic ver) but I do like that bit that sounds like someone wibble wobbling a white board??? Didn’t make me cry so I might have to change my username

Sound of Awakening: lmao I laughed when nick said ‘womb’,, but honestly??? I hate it (also why is it 6 minutes????)

Feels good to be high: a lowkey bop,, also sounds like a safety instruction vid/ air safety, also idk whetehr I like the chorus or not,, ( is that obama????)


In my mind: theres too much going on????? But its still a bop and its lit live and the chorus is catchy af

Lost in the wild: the high bit about animals is cool n all and a jam like the whole prechorus/chorus is lit, but the rest of it is kinda boring????

Dont get me wrong, I dont hate this album, but as a whole it was kinda underwhelming??? Maybe I need to listen to it more


“I’ve aged a bit”, HITSUGAYA 2K16

So, is this what it feels like when your son is FINALLY old enough for marriage and ready to leave your sorry self to move on with his adult life??


I’ve been a Shiro-chan fangirl from the moment I first laid eyes on him, literally! –and let me remind you how Kubo-sensei’s art wasn’t half as drop dead gorgeous before as it was now.

Having unruly yet soft looking white hair, huge and expressive emerald green/electric blue eyes, cute childlike face, being adorably vertically challenged and a prodigal genius to boot…He’s a character practically asking for the angst shrouded fanfictions –I LOVE IT!! I’ve been admiring him since I was younger than his physical age!! It’s ridiculous how I am not even trying to exaggerate –I’m turning 21 this year.

Growing up and still faithfully following the Bleach storyline, I leaned more towards thinking of Shiro-chan as my beloved son. YES…MY SON!! My son that needs tender, love and care…too pure for this world…aw gawd…now he’s all grown up and the first thing he does is look sexy the entire chapter 671!!!


I read a lot, especially on accounts regarding my fave characters. Shiro-chan is no exemption. I remember reading ‘He’s too young’ one too many times; those writers’ claimed they’d like him better if he aged a bit…which Hitsugaya 2k16 did and quoted


This is Kubo-sensei showing how fanservice is done.

Now, I’m half expecting him to revert into a toddler version of himself once he deactivates Daiguren Hyourinmaru…

Kubo-sensei, I trust in you!!

Okay but since I read the spoilers I can’t stop thinking about

future platonic Kyouko/Shou dynamic, man

just hear me out alright

like they’re all grown up and stuff and kyouko and kuon are married and everything, shou fine with not settling, and like kyouko and shou hate each other’s freaking guts but they’re still weirdly…. okay friends?? that ultimately got each other’s backs when things get tough????? like heck yeah okay gimme all the headcanons where one day shou sincerely apologises because he’s Actually Mature Now (remember, he’s still like 17 yrs old, kid will grow up eventually…. i hope) and like Kyouko’s heart is made of gold so she forgives him even tho he doesn’t deserve it, but also like she never lets him forget how she’s at the top now and if he ever tries to demean her she calls him out on his crap and doesn’t let him get away for any of it. and he doesn’t dare, bc he knows how talented she is as an actress and respects that. bc if there’s one thing shou can’t make fun of, it’s her acting skills. terrifying skills, man. 

and like they jokingly bicker all the time like “ugh i can’t believe i used to have a crush on u what was i thinking” “what are you talking about, everyone should have a crush on me im awesome” “oh that inflated ego will be ur doom, im telling you” and like it actually bothers kuon sometimes but he just has to Live With It because he needs to learn that he can’t control her relationships with other people, AND HECK YEAH PLATONIC KYOUKO/SHOU

real talk tho dan has grown up so much since he started youtube. like in 2009 he was all thin and small and always hunched over but now his shoulders have widened out and he’s just grown more muscular and carries himself more confidently now and my son has grown up

i think it’s a really nice touch of the staff of ERASED that before satoru lost his memories, his inner thoughts were naturally voiced by grown-up-satoru, because it was the real satoru, trapped in his 11 yo self. but after he lost his memories due to the car accident, every time he talked to himself, it was in 11 yo-satoru’s voice, because he really thought he was a kid who was in a coma for 15 years and forgot about the revival.

anyway, i think a lot of people are missing the point of this series. it’s not about who the kidnapper is, because it was obvious *for us*, not for satoru tho. the plot is much deeper than the identity of the murderer.

a thing i especially like in the plot is that, in satoru’s “first life”, he was kinda bitch towards his mom, he complained when she visited him and was bothered that she wanted to sleep in his home, to the point where he tried to offer her money to sleep in a hotel instead. he basically forgot everything his mom did for him and didn’t want her to take care of him - cause hey, he’s all grown up now, why would she?

when he got trapped in the revival, he realized how much she cared about him, loved him and sacrificed everything just for his sake. all these memories and little details unfortunately get washed away as we grow up - kinda sad but true in most of the cases.

and i still think the only one who didn’t get their “happy ending” in this revival is his mom. at least satoru did live those 15 years in his “real life” - he didn’t miss out that much. his mom on the other hand, didn’t get to see her only child grow up like any other kid. instead, her life became dull and meaningless, living only in hope he would wake up one day. but hey, at least he woke up..


You know what they were aiming for and to who they were aiming with this particular part of the video


No shame, seriously tho, like we all weren’t in love with him ever since we first laid eyes on him on the 90′s anime, or the manga really. (Although he was kind of a jerk at times in the 90′s anime)

It’s like the producers sat around a table and said okay we need to do a real major solid for all those girls that watched this when they were little and are now grown up and sticking around to watch this and need to give them Mamo-chan in a more….how can I put this….adult way. hahaha

My boyfriend watches this with me and he’s going to give this part THE BIGGEST eye roll lol.

Anyway, this was too great to just let it slide by without talking about it. 

Also - I’m really loving all the versions of the opening and I love all the ending songs. But my favorite ending is by far neptune and uranus, such a beautiful song. 

the doctor spent 900 years in trenzalore
900 years in one place
and 900 in constant battle
thinking he’s going to die

then clara returns and above all odds he’s gifted another regeneration cycle

but now he’s old
and grumpy
and he hasn’t done the normal doctor thing for a hella long time
he doesn’t know who he is
even clara isn’t sure

they clash
she tells him off
he tries to make amends
tries to be the good man
he thinks he’s failed
but clara thinks it’s the trying that counts

and so it does
he accepts he’s an idiot

but he thinks clara’s moved on
he’s not he handsome hero
his cover came down for her
and she chose someone else
so he lies
he continues to be an idiot
he lets her go

but then he gets a second chance
he never gets that
the universe never grants him that
yet there she is

no more time for lying
they hit the jackpot

but it doesn’t take a time lord to know how this will end
his second chance will be taken away again
his teach
his guiding light
his carer
she can’t last forever
and he can’t take it

so he crosses the line he drew to save her
because screw the universe he can do anything
he deserves this one small thing
he will get what he wants
no matter the cost

he stops being the doctor

but then clara

always clara

no more lies

tell the person how you feel

be a good man

be the doctor

he may not remember her smile
but he remembers that
it is part of him now
and everything he does

the impossible girl from under his childhood bed

so when he meets river
he loves
he accepts the end
he embraces the moment
he wears the hell out of the red velvet jacket

he is the doctor

Hong Kong || Luka & Leon

Biting his right thumbnail out of habit, Leon looked worriedly at the large board above the arrivals exit. Luka’s flight had arrived twenty minutes ago, he must be through customs by now. Quickly reading through the Chinese text, he sighed and sat down at a bench near the airport exit, watching the stream of people exiting through the automated sliding doors with the large sign “Arrivals” above it, leaning his head back on the window behind him. 

“Your friend here yet?”

Leon glanced as his friend Liu sat down in the bench next to him. Sighing and shaking his head, he shrugged, replying, “Looks like he has yet to get through customs. Give him a couple minutes, he’ll be here soon.”

Liu nodded before smirking. “You’ve grown a lot for just being gone for five months. Funny.”

Leon punched the other’s shoulder lightly, sticking out his tongue afterward. “The place that I’m at now sorta forces you to grow up. No choice really.”