he's aging backwards

all of these broadway actors are chopping off their hair and moving on meanwhile robin de jesus is still kickin it in backwards snapbacks bless up

SVT in Wonderland

This is a character profile for all the members in my SVT in Wonderland series.


Mad Hatter: Seungcheol

He’s a little wacky in the head and tends to break a lot of things but he means well! Seungcheol can spend days buried in his work, sewing and stitching and cutting away without any food or sleep because once he starts something, he just has to finish it. The man has a terrible sense of direction and but will always find his way with just a little bit of help. He considers himself as the most fashionable person he knows, and never stresses about making to appointments on time because time can always wait. Our sweet and loveable Cheol is forever a dreamer and will always shoot for the impossible.


King of Hearts: Jeonghan

He is the most greedy, narcissistic and self-indulgent man in Wonderland but all is forgiven because who else could be that vile and evil if not the King himself? Jeonghan is a sadistic man who finds pleasure in chopping off people’s heads regardless of their crimes because it’s quick and easy and oh so satisfying to watch (even if the blood is a bitch to scrub off). He insists on keeping everything within his Kingdom colored red and shaped like hearts because he wants to portray himself as the most benevolent ruler there ever was, but the people trapped within his lands can all see right through his veiled lies. So the citizens and slaves and guards have repeatedly dyed their clothes and carpets red to keep up to the King’s satisfaction and live in constant fear of being the next victim to place their neck on the cutting board.


Cheshire Cat: Joshua

Never approach the Cheshire Cat if you ever want to find answers to your questions. Joshua is notorious for his… unique personality. Not a single person has ever been able to hold a conversation with him for more than seven minutes. He is always disappearing and reappearing in front of anyone he likes to play with; poking fun at their misery and constantly flirting with any cute girl he catches his eyes on. No one knows where he really lives, or if he even has his own home because the Cat has always been found lurking deep within the Rabbit’s forest at any and all times of the day.


Knave of Hearts: Jun

A man of little words, and the reason isn’t because he chooses to speak quietly, but because he was forced into a life of silence when his tongue was cut off as a punishment for disobeying the Red King’s orders. For years, he lived his life being viewed as nothing but a crippled mute, but he secretly trained himself tirelessly day and night to become the best knight in the king’s guard and was finally able to catch the eye of the Red King. The King has generously gifted him the position of being his own personal guard and even though the work is arduous and tough, there are certain perks of being the Red King’s favorite knight. The greatest gift he’s received so far was his very own tongue that was cut away from him many years ago, and although it’s still taking him some time to get used to speaking again, he couldn’t be anymore grateful.


The Tweedle-Triplets: Beagle Trio (Hoshi/DK, Seungkwan)

The three were all abandoned at birth and dropped off like a bags of trash onto the front step of a miserable orphanage where they fed children nothing but rice porridge and crackers. Soonyoung’s parents were hopeless alcoholics, both of them were never sober enough to even take care of themselves so his grandfather threw him away and his own parents were too intoxicated to realize that their own child went missing. Seungkwan’s mother was so devastated after witnessing her husband’s beheading from the Red King that she went to go jump to her death after dropping off Baby Boo on the front doorsteps of the orphanage. No one even knows whose Dokyeom’s real parents are because it wasn’t even family that brought him into the depressing orphanage but a complete stranger, who just happened to walk past a crying plastic bag buried under over a week’s worth of trash. The three young boys aren’t related by blood but have stuck together since the moment they could roll over and crawl to each other. They were impossible to separate since day one, and as the years passed by, the trio finally left the decrepit orphanage to find their own place that they could finally call home.


Caterpillar: Wonwoo

He is the definition of tranquility. There is absolutely nothing in this world that could disturb his peace, even if the very world he lives in is one as crazy and psychotic as Wonderland. His body is almost permanently attached to the giant mushroom he calls his bed, and nobody has ever seen him without his long wooden pipe lazily hanging off the corner of his lips. He can easily be seen through a cloud of smoke within the Rabbit’s forest where people have always found him to be lounging on top of his oversize mushroom cap as he lies there, reading his books and puffing our hazy rings of smoke.


White King: Woozi

No one knows where he came from or how he ever became the White King. The only known facts is that he is the oldest being to ever grace the lands of Wonderland and that he ages backwards instead of forwards like everyone else. He claims to be over five hundred years old but has lost count after five hundred and three, so the citizens of his town have graciously dubbed him as the “Five Century King” until he’s absolutely positive that he’s reached his next big century.


Time: The8

Minghao, the Time Lord, lives in his own Time Castle where he isolates himself from the rest of the world. No one even knew of his existence until Seungcheol stumbled upon his castle one day when he got severely lost on his way to yet another tea party. Minghao has almost no interactions with any other living beings unless he was forcibly called to an important meeting or party outside his castle gates. Once people have found out about him, they spoke in whispers of nothing but pity for the handsome young man who chose to lock himself up in his cold and desolate palace. But he doesn’t mind it at all, not when the castle is full of his friends that he brought to life himself. His friends that are nothing more than scrap pieces of metal and gears and screws and bolts that he mashed together and sparked to life with a simple touch of his finger. However, these machines shaped into forms of humans disagree, claiming to be nothing but servants for the lonely man inside the dark castle.


March Hare: Mingyu

Unfortunately, Mingyu’s mind has never been the same since he was hit on the head a little too hard by his abusive step-father at the tender age of seven. The once bright-eyed and curious boy turned into a crazed and almost deranged maniac who can be difficult to control once he loses his senses. He can be pleasant and calm at most times, his maniacal personality can be dangerous because almost anything that reminds him of his step-father can unhinge the dark rage and madness within him, leaving poor Dormouse Chan to clean up the aftermath of the tornado that was Mingyu’s madness.


White Rabbit: Vernon

An innocent young rabbit who just wanted to do good in life but was unfortunately placed under the hands of the malicious Red King. His own parents have sold him to the Red King the night he turned twelve (which is the legal working age in Wonderland) and Vernon, without having any say was forced to become one of the thousands of servants within the Castle of Hearts. Vernon is a genuine and kind-hearted kid; he tries his best keep his forest safe and to please his King to the best of his abilities but the Red King is never easy to please and so he spends his nights holed up inside his dreary room crying and wishing for better days to come.


Dormouse: Dino

The most kind hearted and pure boy Seungcheol has ever met. Just like most of the other boys in the gang, Chan was abandoned by his own family as well. He grew up with nothing but a potato sack for clothes and crumbs of rotted bread for meals. It wasn’t until Seungcheol found him wandering the forest alone with a bruised face and bleeding lip that he offered a place in his own home until he was able to move out and find a place of his own. Chan may the shortest member of the gang but he makes up for his short height with his incredible energy and attractive personality. Becoming his friend is almost effortless with his lively and boisterous character and he works tirelessly to make anyone’s day better even if the only thing he gets in return is a smile.

Saturn: Parallels

Author: @bread-jinie as part of The Heavens - a series of ongoing one shots with @knockknocksoosthere and @iwonchubebe
Creative Content Contributors: @everybodykpops (who is creating GORGEOUS moodboards for the series)
Rating: PG
Genre: angst
Word Count: 2,341

In the center of Saturn’s hexagonal storm, on the crystalline platform of Aevum citadel, Kyungsoo sits in front of Aetas Gate and listens. For now, he is alone, and he prefers it to be this way. When he can exist like this, solitary and uninterrupted, he lets himself age backward and forward, born from nothing and no-when.

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