he's afraid of hurting her

Blind Leading the Blind|| closed


Robert was not entirely sure why he had ended up in the garden but he knew what he kept hidden there. He had previously kept a hidden stash of weed and other assorted drugs in the brick wall surrounding the flowers. Since the storm he had been afraid to see what had become of his stash. Perhaps he had ended up here just to contemplate life and how he planned on surviving now.

Quinn was not going to speak to him for a very long time and Jace had been gone who knows where. Lunaria and Robert were on the mends but he was still afraid of hurting her because she was human. Humans never lasted long in his bed and he was growing weaker by the day. He couldnt tell Lunaria this because he knew she would blame herself.

Then there was Quinn’s brutal last words to him You are going to kill her…. Robert couldnt even think of that as a possibility at this point. “Why is it always so complicated!” Robert looked to the sky as he shouted. “You think I deserve this? I try to be faithful and its literally killing me!” 

Robert had resorted to anger yet again but instead of being alone in it he was not…..

Desperation causes our boys to make bad decisions. 

Let’s put it this way: Sam Winchester is lying to Dean because he’s so desperate to get his brother back, he feels he needs to do whatever he can, regardless of what Dean says. Sam Winchester is so afraid of the mark and its implications that he’s willing to make deals with Rowena and keep dangerous artifacts hidden from his brother.

Back in Season 9, Dean Winchester was so desperate to get rid of Abbadon that he took on the mark in the first place. He was so afraid of her hurting the people he loved and endangering his way of life that he was willing to do anything he could, which included getting the blade and branding himself with the Mark of Cain. He was willing to make deals with Crowley and lie to his brother in order to kill her. And he was willing to sacrifice everything, his sanity, his very humanity, just for the sake of his own desperation.

And look where that ended up.

Yeah, this season finale is going to be great.

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What did you think of sansa and petyr interaction this episode? She seems bolder around him, contradicting him or being a bit sarcastic... i think she's not really afraid to speak her mind because she knows he won't hurt her

I’m entertained by it, but to be honest that’s my attitude towards the show as a whole going forward: entertained, but not necessarily invested. I have to disagree with the last part of your ask though, as I think it declaws Petyr and assigns Sansa a naivete she isn’t exhibiting. Going back to S4, Baelish asks her: “Do you think you know me?” To which she replies: “No. But I know what you want.” Sansa doesn’t know he’ll never hurt her and to say she does discredits much of what she’s learnt in KL, namely — don’t trust anyone. But she does know that, for the time being at least, Petyr wants her around. Allying herself with him may be the best bet for survival that Sansa sees, but it doesn’t mean she fully trusts him.


She heard the comforting tone in the hunter’s voice, but she was still having trouble with the words. She was fine. She knew it. She just had to get the wound closed. She just needed to get her hand off the ground.

“I… I’mm…,” she tried to gasp the words out. “I’m… fffinne….” Her left hand slowly lifted out of the crimson liquid. She just barely managed to hold it long enough to reach the blood splotched metal. Her right hand followed suit, very gradually. The siren pulled together all the strength she could and attempted to pull the jutting shard from her body. Her muscles flared in pain from the strain, and her arms fell to the side once again. Her eyes lazily drifted back to Mordecai.

“Hhh… help….”

          “Okay, okay, I’ll help.”
He spoke quietly, as if he were afraid his words would
hurt her further. The hunter’s gaze darted from her face
to her stomach, then back again.
          “It’s gonna hurt like a bitch. And you probably won’t…”
He let his sentence trail off, unsure if she’d even 
understand or not, then reached for the metal sticking
out of her.

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Magnus was far too afraid of hurting Verity to outright kiss her. Instead, he'll lift her up and bring her close in offering, lips pursed slightly, letting her decide whether or not to reciprocate.

Surprise my muse with a kiss. 

【☆】⎡surprised indeed she was. such a gesture was not something she expected from, well, anyone–––especially magnus. any affection between them was usually verbal, though recently that affection had been lacking.

the gesture wasn’t offensive. unexpected, but not offensive. after only a few moments of confusion-induced hesitation, verity responded in kind by leaning forward and connecting her lips to his in a quick peck.

affection, even the familial sort, was something the stowaway missed. so, to savor the event, she didn’t bother asking the occasion.⎦ 

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send ‘ship!’ for the following

who throws things in a fight?: Neither. Ness has never been very violent, and Jake’s afraid of hurting her if he throws something.

who goes to their parent’s house for a weekend when things get bad?: Renesmee. She’s super close to her parents.

who wants to have children? who doesn’t? if both do, how do their goals differentiate?: Neither really wants kids. Nessie considers it fleetingly, like how she thinks about what life would be like if she weren’t a dhampir: Not seriously, more like a joke. Jacob knows Renesmee can’t have kids, so he doesn’t think about it; Ness is the most important thing to him.

who is more adverse to physical contact?: Neither. Ness uses physical contact to communicate and Jake loves being near her in general.

who hates/dislikes their neighbors the most?: They have no neighbors. They live in the freakin’ woods.

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Older Writing [WoW]: The Difference Between Dreams And Memories

Syn walked back to the tower after the Forum.  It had been a long day, but against the hatred and stress of the world at large, it had been a good day for him.  “It would be fun to be scary, to be intimidating; just for a day.” Ash had said in the link about being a guardian.  And so he’d offered to train her personally.  She had joked; the last time they had practiced at her request she had duped him, feigning being hurt and the training session had proved moot.  She’d asked if he would be afraid to hurt her in that training.  He’d simply responded that she’d told him not to think of her as defenseless, to not put her in a bubble.  And since this wouldn’t be on official guardian time, that he would be careful and use the proper equipment, but he would see the request through.Tired, Syn trudged up the stairs to Ash’s room.  It wasn’t his room - Fel, he didn’t have any room in the tower; he’d never picked one nor had he been assigned one - but it felt like a little bit of sanctuary at least.  He knocked and when no one answered, he ventured in.  She was clearly still out, though he wasn’t entirely sure where.  With someone in the order, he was sure of that, just not the specifics.  He removed his armor and looked into her mirror, assessing the scars and marks left from Vyn’s demon training session.  He sighed, ‘The scars [on my face] are never going to fade.’ he unfortunately thought.  He worked on fading the bruising a little before resigning himself to the bed.  As he laid down, he looked over at her Darkmoon Faire poster again, and he remembered the dream he’d had just the other night… the girl from the Faire.  He rested his head on the pillow and let sleep claim him to free him of his burden’s for a little while.

The blackness of sleep blurred cleared into the Faire again.  Syn looked up at the banner once more.  A week had passed since he’d come here on leave from his post.  His superior had ordered him to take some RnR, and so Syn had gone to the Faire to appease him and tried to return to his post the following day, but the colonel had been quite cross with him.  “Get out and I don’t want to see you for the rest of the week Captain.  And that’s an order.” he’d told Syn.  Syn had brooded about Silvermoon and his city apartment and gotten some light training in, but something nagged at the back of his mind; the dancer at the Faire.  She’d give him a simple silver ring as a token, a favor - at least that’s how he’d taken it.  But the look in her eye was far more curious.  She’d looked almost sad even as she’d touched his cheek.  The moment had been tense, he was powerless before her then.  ‘You’re a hardened soldier damn it.’ he thought to himself. ‘You know the commitment you made to the Blood Knight Order and to the Royal guard, you knew what you were sacrificing.’  But in his heart, Syn hadn’t realized how powerful love could feel.  He hadn’t understood how much of a pull the sensation would have, and now this girl had gone and changed everything without knowing it.  He couldn’t just let it sit.He walked through the fair once more to the event stage, but after waiting couldn’t find the girl.  He paced back through the stretch of tents thinking hard.  He wanted to see her again, but his eyes were betraying his heart.  Then he remembered the tarot card she had pulled but hadn’t shown him, simply given him the ring and left.  What had his fortune been, what had she seen?  There was only one way he was going to find that answer.  He made his way to one of the wandering Faire personnel who pointed him in the direction of the fortune telling tent.  He smiled as he reached where he had been directed.  This was clearly the place, a poster was tacked up to a wooden board that showed a girl dancing with flashy writing advertising the Darkmoon Faire.“May I come in?” Syn asked announcing himself.  He smirked briefly, he hadn’t said a word at their last meeting, hopefully she’d be pleasantly surprised - he knew he was excited to at least see her one more time.“Fate has brought you here, let me see you.” the musical voice wafted through the entrance flaps.Syn walked in.  The tent smelled of incense and spices, but it was also oddly reminiscent of Eversong.  The girl sat across from the entrance, a short table between them with cushions all around it.  The beauty was turned and observing something on the fringes of the tent, perhaps one of the many trinkets that were strung from the canvas’s upper reaches.  Syn took a cushion at the table, kneeling down.  He had dressed up or down a bit more as the case might’ve been - exchanging his armor for the ornate robes of his linage, the robes of a Sunfury.  She turned around after a moment and as her almond shaped eyes rounded on her visitor, the emerald orbs widening in surprise.  “How…wha- …What are you doing here?” she sounded shocked.Syn only smiled refraining from speaking, language would only make him sound stupid.  And besides, a soldier should be judged by their actions, not by their words.After a moment Syn answered, “You drew a tarot card yesterday; you asked to read my future.  But you never -did- tell me what you saw.” he said coyly.The girl recovered from her momentary shock   “So I did.” she said bashfully, seemingly embarrassed by her little blunder.  “Very well, give me your hand then please.” she said sweetly, her voice shimmering musically.Syn placed his hands on the table, palms up.  The girl looked carefully, taking his left hand in hers, tracing her fingers along the various peaks and lines of his hand.  She stared at his skin intently.  Syn could do nothing and said nothing.  But his mind wiped blank as slate as soon as she touched him, all he could think about was how soft her skin was, how gentle her touch was, and how tender she seemed.After a while of studying, she gazed up at him.  Her emerald orbs drew him into their depth.  There was something in her eyes now, but he didn’t know what it was.  Some emotion, some feeling, but unlike an enemy on the field of battle, he couldn’t predict what she was thinking.  Slowly she spoke, her fingers retracing certain things to illustrate what she was saying.  “You are certainly curious.  A deep heart line, you love passionately and deeply.”  She gestured to his clothes, “But don’t all soldiers love what they serve?”  She moved on without waiting for an answer.  “The line of mind… strong-willed and loyal.  Brave.  Courageous.  Valiant.  A perfectionist, always striving to improve, to be the best.” Syn looked at her, and her gaze had once again risen from his hand to his face.  She almost seemed as if she had stopped talking from his hand, and was rather speaking from her own heart.  It was pleasant if not a little surprising.  Syn felt blood rushing to his cheeks.  This girl just had an effect, and he had no control over it.  She too blushed, breaking eye contact.“Before I go on,” she said hesitantly, her voice a flow of liquid gold, silky smooth and luscious. “What can I call you?”Syn thought carefully, the tactical side of his mind returning to him for a moment.  “Call me Captain.” he said pleasantly.  It’s probably for the best, he thought.  Don’t want to become too attached. “And you?”Her smiles shrank just a little before she continued.  “Very well Captain, you may call me Gypsy.” Syn grinned in the back of his mind.  She was smart and devious, she was playing the game.  It was like a dance, like a game, though each was planning their moves carefully.  She gestured to his hand again, “The line of life.” Syn looked at her face now as she spoke. “It’s deep, you live well, a life full of merit and honor.  You have a good life, it’ll be full of love and happiness.”  Syn frowned as he watched.  Now his soldier’s instinct kicked in.  It wasn’t that she was lying; rather she was withholding something.  She looked up from his hand and smiled at him as she finished.  Syn held her gaze before his other hand drifted towards the stack of tarot cards on the table.  Deftly, he shuffled them with one hand as she held his gaze.  “If I may?” he asked.  She simply blinked, smiling warmly.  In quick succession, he drew three cards placing them all face down.  He preceded to flip the first one over.  The card of Strength, his past.  Next, the Protector, the card of the guardian; his present.  Syn looked to her as he flipped over the last card.  The girl looked mortified and unhappy as he did so.  Syn looked down, the card of death.  He chuckled a little.  Her hands darted forward and grabbed his hand again, “Stay here.”  Her eyes pleaded with him.  “Don’t go.  Stay at the Faire where it’s safe.”  Syn quietly shook his head and then said the most honest thing he could, “The future is a long and distant thing.  But I’m not worried.  Everyone dies eventually Gypsy.  Eventually we all return to the earth, but it’s what we do with our limited time here that makes our lives mean something.  That makes them worth living at all.”  A small tear formed in the corner of her eyes before it slide down her cheek.  The royal guard reached over with his other hand and wiped her face dry.  She rubbed her cheek into his hand, and he held for a moment before he dropped his hand away.  “You gave me something,” he tapped his finger where the ring now rested, “and I promise I will think of you.  Be well maiden of the Faire.” he finished standing up.  She stood up too and he gave a deep formal bow before retreating out of the tent.  He walked away to leave the Faire, but not before looking back once more.  She was there at the entrance to her tent, watching him walk away, clutching the structure’s fabric - perhaps for comfort- as he left.  He waved and disappeared into the mist.

The dream faded to black and Syn drifted back into dreamless sleep…. 

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you dont suppoert ashton anymore?

Of course I do!! I love him and I will ALWAYS support him. It’s just that he promised us to tell us if he were dating someone, now it’s pretty obvious that he’s with Bryana, but he hasn’t said a single word.. That’s what’s bothering me the most. And then, lets face it, Bryana doesn’t seem very nice does she? I’m afraid he’ll get really hurt by her…

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± (we're goin)

Cedric was never the romantic type, so you can imagine how extremely awkward he felt with the whole arranged marriage, but as time went on, Millicent has warmed his heart. Her soft nature and kind words has made him feel something he never truly experienced before, and just as fast as the night changes, Cedric found himself falling in love with someone that he never expected to. Soon enough, he was being more open with her, and all his walls came tumbling down. All of that changed the night he had to leave, and of course he didn’t want it to end like this, but he had a job to take care of. Cedric hoped that if he returned he would be able to pick up the broken pieces and glue them back together, but he’s afraid he has hurt her too much.

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♡ + ൠ = Viral and Aika (Your story is awesome and I love these two so much! :))

Awwwww thanks! :’D It warms my heart to see more people who like my canon/OC ships, haha, I never thought this day would come.

♡ - romantic headcanon: Viral would be super awkward at the start of their relationship. The most awkward you’ve ever seen. He would have no idea how to do romantic stuff. Plus, he’d be afraid to even touch Aika, worried that he might hurt her by accident with his claws or teeth. The first time he kisses her, he just kind of grabs her, smushes his mouth awkwardly against hers, then hurries off muttering that he has things to do. He continues to do this for a week or two. Aka thinks it’s very amusing, but eventually she’s like “OK you know what, if we’re gonna do this we’re gonna do it right.” And that’s when they have their first decent kiss. As for the teeth/claws thing, Aika’s not afraid of that. She trusts him and knows that even if he did scratch her, it would be entirely by accident.

I imagine them both as basically gray-asexual, being romantically attracted to each other, with physical desire playing a much smaller role. They do sometimes get it on, but not very often. Mostly they just snuggle. A lot. Like really a lot.

ൠ - random headcanon: Viral has long believed that humans are nasty and smell bad… except there comes an occasion where Aika’s Ganmen breaks down and she rides in Enkidudu’s cockpit with him as he tows her mecha. She has to sit on his lap because there’s nowhere else for her to go, and he’s like “WTF she smells normal, where’s the gross human stink? She doesn’t even smell bad, what the hell.” Lordgenome told you so many lies, Viral! Soooo many lies.

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Brennan Weston seems to be hitting pretty hard on Olivia. What do you think of that?

I think he needs to watch his step if he knows what’s good for him. If he hurts her, they won’t find the body. Let’s just put it like this. She’s my little sister and I might not act like it all the time, but I love her and if he, or anyone else, hurts her, I’m not really afraid of killing someone.

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“Don’t push me away, you need me.”

bellezarubia; meme; NOT ACCEPTING.

    ❛’m not … ‘m not pushin’ y’away, jo.❜

at least he didn’t believe he was. he couldn’t really
tell what was real & not real.  hell,  sometimes  he
believed his mind was still playing  tricks  on  him
whenever he saw her. dean just didn’t know if she
was still real or not, so he tried pushing her  away.
he does need her    he needed her so he could stay
sane & not got crazy. he needed her  &  she  knew
that it was true. so why was he pushing her away?
he was pushing her away because he was  afraid.
he was afraid of hurting her, so he pushed her away.

    ❛i do NEED you, jo. ‘m just scared.❜

Personal Rant

My brother is the most toxic person in my life. He calls me some sort of derogatory word every single day and gets into a hateful threatening state whenever things don’t go his way. He’s my brother and I love him but every single day he tells me how worthless I am and that he hates me and hopes I die soon. I think there is something mentally wrong with him or something because he doesn’t have friends (he’s a high school boy) and he won’t do anything. He literally stays home all day and night and refuses to go anywhere. He constantly complains about us and any other family and makes me and my mother feel like shit at any available time.
I hate that I love that I’m moving out soon and won’t be forced to interact with him anymore. But I don’t want to leave my mom with him. I’m afraid he’ll do something to either hurt her or himself.
Lately he’s been really violent too. He’s punched holes in door and walls and screams at me and anyone who made him angry. His fuse is growing shorter everyday. He physically attacks me when things get really heated between us. I don’t know why he is like this lately but it might have something to do with my moms asshole of a boyfriend. Ever since he moved in my brother has been acting up but my mom isn’t taking the hint. It’s been 2 years now that he has been living with us and every day is a new hell.
My moms been asking why I don’t spend time at home. I don’t want to tell her it’s because home isn’t even home to me. I feel like an alien in my own house and my room is my only haven.
I’ve learnt to cut out the toxic people in my life but these people I can’t cut out. At least I don’t want to…

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azusa wants to be with maddie so bad but he's afraid of hurting her by making her feel she couldn't do anything to save his soul and his past with his last lover prevents him too