he's afraid of hurting her

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I have a head cannon that in times after Peter gets hurt MJ likes to wait for him to fall asleep and then cuddle up to him with her head close to his chest. Just so she can feel his body rise and fall and so she can hear his heartbeat. Peter always pretends to be asleep but he knows she does it when she is afraid. it breaks his heart that he hurts her and he never tells her he knows

omg. why would you do this to my poor soul. my girl MJ padding her head on her boyfriend’s chest holding her breath for the steady rise and fall of peter’s chest. because, ugh, she needs him to be okay. and peter wants her to be happy. so he indulges her fretting over him as he “sleeps”.  

‘She cried over you. She cried for days.’

'I know.’

'Then why didn’t you reach out to her? Why didn’t you give her the closure she needs?’

'Because I’m hurting too,’ he shouted. 'Because I’m afraid that if I see her crying in front of me, I’ll apologize and beg for her back! But I can’t do that.’ His gaze dropped. 'I can’t hurt her anymore than I already have.’

—  J.H.

this episode was so great for bughead you guys i can’t even

i think the fight and jughead’s insecurities was bound to come out sooner or later and the writers did such a good job having it with his birthday party

because he feels loneliest on his birthday, because he is keenly aware of how someone like him shouldn’t be with someone like betty, because he is afraid of losing her so he thinks it will hurt less if he pushes her away

because even though he wants to save himself that pain by breaking up with her now, he also can’t bear to see her pain, because even when he’s hurt and lonely and upset, he still puts others first, he still puts betty first

and let’s also give a shoutout to fp jones for making his son go back to betty, for realizing how they bring out the best in each other, for refusing to let his son ruin a good thing the way he did, for refusing to let his son follow in his footsteps, for being a good father for the first time we’ve seen

and i’m so happy they made up in a way that didn’t feel cheap, that didn’t feel rushed or forced

it feels natural and it feels right for them to make up so quickly because the writers have put in the effort into their relationship, for making their relationship believable and real and compelling

they’re just kids dating for the first time but they have an understanding of each other, of their relationship that is so mature, they have a trust in each other and in their relationship that is so strong that they push each other to be better and they fight and they make up because they believe their relationship is worth it

because they each believe the other person is worth it

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Could you write something about how Yuuri is NOT selfish? (I am so TIRED :/.)

So am I!

Where did this perception even come from and why did it get so popular? Was it this?

Episode 12 ruins everything once again.

Ok putting aside my feelings on how lacking I find the writing in this episode, let’s delve into this. He should have talked properly to Victor here, yes. But he’s choosing to retire for an entirely selfless reason. Victor perceives it as selfishness because he doesn’t know what’s going on (and because Yuuri could have gone about his announcement better tbh). Even then, Victor says he didn’t expect Yuuri to be selfish! The person who has been living with Yuuri 24/7 for eight months never expected him to be selfish

Let’s also remember the reason Yuuri wants to retire at this point specifically is because he feels like he is hurting Victor and holding him back. 

Let me repeat that.

Yuuri was willing to sacrifice his career, his dream, and the thing he loves doing the most in the world, for Victor’s sake.

Another shining moment of Yuuri “dangerously selfless” Katsuki was this.

Yuuri doesn’t hesitate for even a second to tell Victor to go back to Japan and be with Makkachin. Yuuri is well aware of how it will be without Victor, he’s putting himself at a disadvantage in a decisive competition because he loves Victor and cares about his feelings above all else, including himself. There was nothing that could be done for Makkachin by either of them, Victor leaving actually changes nothing about Makkachin’s situation, but Yuuri still wants him to go because it means something for Victor and because Yuuri doesn’t want Victor to go through the same pain and regret he went through with Vicchan.

Other moments of Yuuri demonstrating he’s not a selfish or petty person include:

  • His entire relationship with Yurio, who, might I remind you, treats Yuuri terribly for most of the series, and yet Yuuri continuously supports him, admires him, and sincerely cheers for him
  • Feeling guilty over coming home during a busy time
  • Feeling guilty over not keeping in touch with his friends
  • Being afraid to contact that conservatory student because he’s afraid he hurt her feelings for not using her music
  • Being afraid to contact Celestino because he feels he wronged him
  • Feeling like a burden to everyone around him
  • Feeling like a burden to the sport of figure skating itself
  • Sincerely cheering for Chris, who was also kind of a jerk to Yuuri 
  • Admiring and empathising with JJ during his breakdown
  • What he chose for his season’s theme and why

A lot of Yuuri’s actions that people point out as selfish are motivated by anxiety, crippling guilt and low-self confidence and self-esteem. He is his own antagonist. A very simple and straight-forward example of this is episode 4.

Yuuri has an outburst in front of Victor and panics, and consequently starts avoiding him because he’s terrified of showing emotional vulnerability and what he perceives to be weakness to people, as he explains later at the beach. Obviously, Victor is not happy that Yuuri is avoiding him, but I feel that people tend to miss/ignore how Yuuri’s actions were making him feel.

If anything, Yuuri isn’t selfish enough. As I wrote before, a huge part of Yuuri’s character arc is about him learning to express and pursue his desires. This is present in many parts of his narrative, from the thematically significant assignment of Eros, to Yuuri admitting to himself for the first time that he wanted to win gold at last year’s GPF, to realising that he’s not a burden to others and doesn’t have to fight his battles alone nor does he have to push people away, to learning that he is “enough”.

You can’t accuse a character of being selfish when a huge part of that character’s arc is for him to learn that he’s allowed to want things for himself and that he is deserving of the things and people he loves! 

Protégé (M) [Part 7]

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Word Count: 17.9k

Warnings: Sexual abuse, violence, degradation, a lot of dark, sad shit.

With each minute that ticked by, displayed by the bright red, digital numbers on the dash, Jungkook began to feel more anxious. They’d been driving for a while now, long past the vibrant lights of the city. They were going far too fast for him to even think of bailing–there was no way he’d live through a tumble from the car, and a part of him worried that that fate might be preferable to the one he was currently headed towards. He moved his eyes to stare at the profile of Mrs. Choi, her eyes focused on the road ahead of her, her lips pressed into a line of painted red more suited to a woman half her age.

It was then that Jungkook realized he very probably hated this woman. It was in the very next moment that he realized he very probably only hated her because he was terrified of her. He’d been seldom afraid of much in his life; his brother getting sick, of course. But as far as people were concerned, Jungkook found comfort in the knowledge that he could hold his own. He needed this woman–or rather, he needed Mrs. Choi’s money, and there was no telling what he’d be put through to get it. A frightening thought occured to Jungkook in the fact that he’d have to take whatever she put him through if he wanted to save his brother’s life.

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Jack Maynard Imagine - Parents know best

You opened your eyes, taking a few minutes to let them adjust to the sunlight. Lately, falling asleep while on car rides had become a common thing for you. You looked right to see Jack with his eyes fixed on the road, oblivious to the fact that you had woken up.

You yawned and rubbed your eyes before feeling a hand on your leg “Slept well?” he asked, as he looked briefly at you before giving you a small smile.

“Not bad” you said, looking at the GPS and seeing that you were twenty minutes away from Brighton.

Your best friend Jack had convinced - dragged - you to go to Brighton with him for the weekend. All your other close friends in London were back in their hometowns visiting their families, so you had nothing better to do. You weren’t in the mood to spend a whole weekend at home by yourself, anyway.

You had met Jack’s sister, Anna, before. A few months ago, she had stayed at Jack and Conor’s new apartment for the weekend, and the two of you immediately clicked. She reminded you so much of Jack, it was unreal. His parents, however, were a mystery to you. Conor couldn’t go with you, so at least you hoped Anna wasn’t away at a friend’s house or something: spending the weekend with Jack and his parents would just be too awkward.

But you thought you didn’t have reasons to be nervous about it. You weren’t Jack’s girlfriend, and you didn’t need to pass any kind of test to get his parents’ approval. Yet, it seemed to you as if you were slowly driving to death.

“Is Anna at home?” you eventually asked Jack, who was taking a sip of his fizzy drink.

“Yeah, I believe so” he answered “Why’d you ask?”

You shrugged “Just wanted to see her” you said, which wasn’t exactly a total lie. At least you knew there would be five of you.

Eventually, you pulled into Jack’s parents’ driveway, and you took a long while to admire the outside of his house. It reminded you so much of your own, you kind of wished your parents hadn’t booked that last-minute trip to Spain so you could visit them instead. However, when a young girl exited the house and walked towards your car, a bright smile on her face, your homesickness went away rather quickly.

“Y/N!” she called you as you opened the door to give her a hug. She wrapped her arms around your torso as you rested your chin on her head, a sudden smell of freshly washed hair hitting your nose.

“How are you, girl?” you asked her, mimicking the contagious smile on her face.

“I have so many things to tell you” she said excitedly, and you gave her that look girls gave each other when a juicy topic was about to come up. She nodded, as if she had read your mind, and you laughed.

“Hello Jack, my beloved and ridiculously hot brother, it’s nice to see you too” Jack said, imitating Anna’s voice, as he walked towards you with two bags on his hands.

Anna laughed and went to give her brother a hug “I’ve missed you as well, dickhead” the girl said. Jack rolled his eyes, but kissed the top of her head afterwards. You took your bag from his hands and walked into the Maynard household.

His parents turned out to be more than delighted with your presence. They confessed having watched your YouTube videos, and having burst out laughing more than once. The feeling of awkwardness you thought you’d have earlier, vanished as soon as they both pulled you into a hug.

Jack turned out to be the embarrassed one. As soon as you went upstairs to Anna’s bedroom for a quick catch-up, both of his parents had gone up to him, a suspicious smile on their faces.

“What?” Jack chuckled as he looked up at them from the sofa, his cat purring as he stroked her side.

“We really like Y/N” his mum said, taking a seat next to him. He already knew something was up. He gave them a look “I mean, we already liked her when we saw her on your videos, but she’s even nicer in person”

“Yeah…” Jack said, suspiciously. He let out another nervous laugh “Where are you going with his?” The silly smile on his face couldn’t go away. Whenever someone talked about you, his features immediately softened, and his lips curved up in a not so subtle smile.

“We are just saying” his dad spoke, his hands inside his pockets. Jack could tell he was nervous, because Conor did the exact same thing when something was on his mind “That she’s a really good influence for you. She seems sweet and down-to-eart, that’s all”

The cat jumped off the sofa, making Jack cross his arms “I’m…I’m glad you like her” Jack felt uncomfortable. Although you weren’t his girlfriend, you were the first girl Jack had ever brought home, friends and all. His parents were rather surprised when they saw you two got along so well, remaining just friends up to that day. Because for them, it was so obvious that their little boy had more than friendly feelings towards you, and they were surprised he hadn’t made a move yet.

“We do” his mum said, nodding happily “So, does she have a boyfriend or something?” she asked, trying to sound cool and casual, but she failed.

“Mum, I know where you’re going” Jack said, not being able to supress a laugh “Just drop it”

She gave her husband a knowing look. He nodded “Jack” he said “It’s fine if you like her, buddy. Your mum and I started off as good friends as well, it’s okay to admit it”

Jack’s heart skipped a beat, and he stood up abruptly “I’m going for a walk” he said, ready to leave, when his dad grabbed his arm “Buddy” his voice was friendly, yet firm. Jack stopped on his tracks.

He didn’t want to talk about it with his parents. Y/N was the first girl he had ever fallen for, and he was scared. He was sure that if he kept telling himself that he didn’t lilke her like that, his feelings would go away. But love didn’t work like that.

He turned his head to look at his parents, and after a long silence, he spoke again “I’m afraid I’d hurt her if I tell her” it came out as rather a whisper, but  his parents heard him perfectly.

His mum immediately pulled him into a hug, rubbing his back “Don’t be silly, Jack, please” she said, feeling the sadness on her son’s voice “Don’t you see how happy you make her?”

“I make her happy as a friend” Jack kept his voice low in case Anna and you decided to come downstairs “I’ve never had a girlfriend, I’m not good with feelings, I-”

“But there must be a reason why you like this girl so much, more than any other” his dad interrupted him. 

At that moment, Jack didn’t stop to think. He poured his feelings right there, in front of his parents, in a way he thought he’d never be able to do “I love how she’s so laid-back and crazy, yet she knows when to be serious” he blurted out “She’s also really funny, there has not been a day she hasn’t made me laugh. She’s sensible, and she takes care of me when I’m sick, which happens like, every day” he chuckled. His eyes were fixed on the floor “I don’t know, I just think I don’t deserve her, like, I’d just break her heart because I’m a fucking idiot”

“You don’t sound like an idiot when you talk about her” his mum said, grabbing his hand “Jack, the fact that you’ve never cared about a girl enough to stick with her doesn’t mean you’ll never be able to do it”

“In fact, you’ve done it already” his father added.

“Do you really think you’d hurt her?” his mum asked him “Because Conor told me not long ago that you almost got into a fist fight with a random guy at a club because he was all over her” 

Jack frowned “He told you?”

“It doesn’t matter, baby” his mum said, shaking her head “What matters is you look after her, and that’s no behaviour for someone who’d only hurt her if he’s with her”

Jack stayed silent for a moment, then nodded his head. His eyes were fixed on the floor again, too embarrassed by the topic to look at his parents “I like taking care of her” he said, almost whispering “And I’ve never felt that before for anyone”

His dad went up to him and clapped his back. There was no denying Jack was growing up, and his parents were glad it was because of such a lovely, kind-hearted girl “Why don’t you take her out for dinner tonight?” he suggested.

Suddenly, Anna and you irrumpted into the room, stopping abruptly at the sight of Jack with his parents “Did we interrupt something?” Anna asked, as she wasn’t used to see her brother looking so puppy-like. Soft eyes were uncommon for Jack, or so she thought.

“No, it’s fine, sweetheart” her mum said, smiling brightly at both of you “We were just catching up”

“We were as well” Anna said, turning her head to look at you. She winked “I was just about to ask Y/N when she was marrying Jack” she joked, making you blush.

“Anna, don’t be rude” her dad said, but he couldn’t deny he was amused by the situation. 

“It’s not like we were gonna invite you anyway” Jack spoke, putting an arm casually around your shoulders. He was back to his own sassy self again. Anna stuck her tongue at her brother before following her parents’ track to the kitchen area.

You then felt Jack’s lips pressed against the side of your head, a huge comfort speading inside your body. You loved when he did that “Wanna go out for dinner tonight?” he asked you, catching you off-guard “Just you and me”

You looked up at him, a small smile forming on your lips “Sounds great”

Anna entered the living room again, coughing as she walked past you “Wedding” she said after fakingly clearing her voice. Jack extended an arm to push her, and she ran away, laughing uncontrollably. 

“You’re not allowed to be the godmother to our children either” 

“And they’ll be bloody gorgeous” you added, making Jack push you  playfully as well. 

“They’ll just be weird if you’re their mum” Jack joked.

“You’ll love them anyways” you teased back.

“I love anything that has to do with you” he said, pulling you in for a hug.

“You’re stupid” you said, your head resting on his pounding chest.

“Shut up, Mrs. Maynard”

“What makes you think I’m taking your last name?”

“You love me way too much?” you hit him again. He grabbed your hands and put them around his neck. He planted a soft kiss on the tip of your nose

You smiled softly, still not used to all the things that boy made you feel “Maybe I do”

About the coffin-smashing scene

Having seen various posts on this topic, I wanted to add my thoughts on why Sherlock “lost it” over Molly Hooper. I think it was because Eurus forced Sherlock and Molly to fast-forward through a potential romantic relationship and act out several intensely emotional moments that could really happen between them. As she said: “So many days not lived, so many words unsaid…” 

In this scene Eurus is literally making them live those moments and say those words.

All of these potential moments scare the life out of Sherlock, and are the (possibly unconscious) reasons he’s afraid a relationship with Molly would be doomed to fail, (the irony being that his fears are completely human and normal, in fact, sweeter than normal, because that’s who he really is).  

 1. Sherlock’s request for Molly to say ‘I love you.’

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In a relationship Sherlock is afraid he would be cruel to her, like this, he might hurt her, make her cry, and not understand why. If he is sociopath; she deserves better than him, and he won’t be able to avoid hurting her. 

 2. His first 'I love you.’

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In real life he might be terrified because he knows he has to say it, because she expects it, but he’s not sure if he does love her or even if he can love her in that way. He can’t lie to her; she sees right through him, so she’ll be able to tell if he doesn’t mean it, and then, no matter how much he wants her, he won’t be able to have her. 

3. His second 'I love you.' 

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Here is the realisation that he’s an idiot: it felt the most natural thing in the world to say, because of course he truly does love her. He’s stunned, he’s human after all, and he would be joyful, if it were not for the fact that… 

 4. She’s about to die, because of him. 

He loves her, and now he faces the prospect of losing her, just as he lost Mary, and his time it’s entirely his fault for putting her at risk. By loving her, he’s shown he’s just as human as everyone else, and therefore just as vulnerable. Losing her will destroy him.

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So Eurus made Sherlock live all of that, in three minutes. That’s why it felt like vivisection. She pressed on his most sensitive nerves and made him dance like an ordinary human being. 

She opened up his beating heart and found sweet little Molly Hooper.

Yoongi felt it. He felt the change in the air around them and the presence that was now sitting next to him. He felt it but he didn’t dare to look. He knew he would break, probably cry when he saw her crying or hate himself some more (if it was possible).

It took them more than ten minutes, staring at nothing, without talking, listening to their own hearts. He was about to change position when he heard it. It was so low he thought he imagined it.

This time he was sure he heard it so he turned around, slowly, he didn’t want to break the moment. He was about to answer when she spoke again “don’t talk yea, just please listen to me” there was a soft smile on her lips but it seemed so fake. Everything seemed fake.
“I-” Yoongi nodded licking his lips “okay”

“I’m not going to lie Yoongi, you hurt me” It was starting, the ache in his chest and the headache. It was happening. He hurt the girl he loved.
“I don’t hate you if that’s your worry but I can’t do this. Right now, I can’t be with you, I can’t trust you or let my feelings grow. I just can’t do that to myself Yoongi” there it was, the silence break to calm down and hold back the tears and the hateful words.
“I can’t do it, I can’t trust you. I understand it okay? I get it was a mistake but that’s a lie. A mistake is something that happens once Yoongi. You lied to me, you kept going back to her. I counted all the times the guys excused you, it’s more than ten times Yoongi”
This time Yoongi looked at her, he took in the image. Teary eyes, bags under her eyes, frown eyebrows. He hated himself so much. He didn’t mind being heartbroken because he deserved it but her? She shouldn’t cry or feel bad for someone like him.
$ldquo;I’m sorry” did she even hear that? He should get up and leave. He didn’t even deserve her presence.

“I know you are sorry Yoongi. And I’m sorry too. If I ever did something to push you away or want someone else, I’m sorry. I’m sorry if I wasn’t enough”
“No, no, don’t say-” it wasn’t fair, he was the dickhead, he was the bad man of this story. If there was someone to blame, it was him.
“I can’t be with you but I can’t lose you. You’re important to me. You became part of my life and I hate to say this but I love you. I love you so much I can’t just push you away” Yoongi moved closer, slowly, not to break the moment. He wanted to wrap his arms around her, to hold her tight and promise her that he would kill whoever hurt her but he didn’t because he was afraid. He was the one who hurt her, the one who made her cry and the one who broke her heart. “I love you too” Those words weren’t supposed to be out, not now, but he couldn’t stop himself because he loved her. More than anything. Still, his girlfriend, ex-girlfriend, the girl he was in love with, kept talking, just like that, ignoring his words.
“I love you but I can’t be with you Yoongi”
“I didn’t expect you to be with me, I just wanted to say sorry before disappearing”
“That’s why I want to start over” Again, his words were ignored. Was she really ignoring him? Or was he that broken that his voice didn’t even come out? “I want us to start over as friends. I know it won’t be easy and we won’t fall back into our friendship just like that but it’s worth the try. I can’t just trust you but I can’t lose you so please let’s start over. Just friends. Maybe, someday, if we still love each other we can try again”
“I like-”
“So nice to meet you, my name is y/n” There was an arm in front of his chest. He looked at it, it was the same hand she always used to play with his hair, to rub his back when he had his attacks. The same arm he kissed so many times. The same arm she always wrapped around his neck when she was about to kiss him. So many memories, so much love, it was blurry and it hurt like a bitch but he wasn’t one to give up an opportunity. It’s not what he wanted, he wanted to take that hand, place it on his neck and lean in to take her lips into his but that’s not what he did. He smiled, probably as fake as hers, to hide the pain and took her hand into his. “I’m Yoongi, pleasure meeting you”
“I really like your pink hair” were her next words. Yoongi chuckled. Pink hair was the color she chose because it was cute and it would match her nails color.
After some talking and a few smiles, they got up, ready to part ways. Yoongi was about to leave when he appeared.
“Umm hello guys” the awkwardness Jungkook carried around was unbelievable.
“Hey Kookie” Yoongi smiled, waving his hand to get him to come closer “This is Jungkook, my best friend”
“I see you know my best friend, Gukk. Because he is my best friend” she smiled and it burnt a little because it wasn’t for him, it was for Jungkook but he didn’t deserve a smile so he nodded. “The best best friend in this universe” she moved slowly and kissed his cheek “thank you so much Gukkie”
“What is going on?” He looked so confused, it was funny. Yoongi only smiled.
“I’m glad to see you already know my best friend, that will make my request less awkward, should we go get some food? I’m starving” she smiled, rubbing her stomach. Yoongi nodded. Jungkook was still confused but he smiled and accepted the request so they waited for her to get ready. When she came out, after closing the door, Yoongi realized that this wasn’t a bad idea. He was still in love and love hurts like a bitch but he still had his best friend around, they could fall in love again but until that happened, until all the magic and the kisses started again, he was going to enjoy this.

Wrong chat Yoongi final

Part 1. Part 2. Final.

Jimin Yoongi Taehyung Jeongguk Namjoon

A/N: Its finally here, after all the waiting and all the asks. I did say it would be a happy ending but as I said, a happy ending could be with jungkook, alone or with yoongi. I chose the alone ending because dating your ex’s best friend is petty, getting back with your cheater ex is a bad decision and as some comments said, I do believe in friendship between girls and boys i¡withut romantic feelings so hehe. Hope you enjoy it. 

You Need Me

Request: Could you do an imagine where Justin is pushing y/n away and y/n says something like “you need me” and it just be all cute and stuff idk hahaha. Love your writing!!! Xx

So sorry for the wait. So many imagines to write!!!


The door to the hotel room was clicked shut, the sound echoing through out the entirety of the room. Justin pulled his hand up, glancing at the watch settled on his wrist. It was late, later then he had hoped on returning but it wasn’t an issue.

He knew Y/N would be asleep at this hour. She was always one to be an early nighter, early riser. And with it being this late she would undoubtedly be deep in her state by now.

Silently, Justin shrugged off his jacket, throwing it back against the arm rest of the luxurious couch. The room was dark considering the sleeping beauty in the bed a few feet away, but the light shining through the large balcony door was enough to cast a glow upon the furniture.

Justin directed himself over to the bed, glancing down over at his unconscious girlfriend tangled in the sheets. Her luscious thick hair ran wild amongst the pillow while soft breathy snores escaped her plump lips.

She was peaceful and he wanted to keep it that way.

After such an eventful night, the last thing he needed was an interrogation from the one person he didn’t hate right now. And especially considering the way he had been acting lately, he knew she wouldn’t be happy if she found him right now.

Just returned after disappearing without telling her where he was going with the stench of alcohol laced around him.

It was simple to Justin. Come back home after a night out when Y/N was asleep, slip into bed then leave early in the morning before she woke up.

And yes, he knew he was upsetting her by doing this, avoiding her every call, her attempt to find out why he was pushing her away but he just couldn’t risk fighting with her.

She was not something he could lose. She was the only thing he had at the moment other then scooter and his father and right now, he was too unstable to get into a conversation with anyone he loved and not hurt them by saying something he would regret.

But tonight was not Justin’s night. And his attempt to keep quite as he crawled into bed next to Y/N silently was a fail as she began stirring in her sleep.

Justin was quick to halt his movements, turning back to look at his girlfriend who was wiggling around in her position. Her eyes slowly peeled open, a hum of annoyance rooting from her throat.


With a sigh, Justin peeled himself to sit up straight, placing a hand on her cheek in hopes that he could trick her back to sleep. “Shh. Go back to sleep.”

“What time is it?” Her small voice croaked, hands stretching above her head.

“Don’t worry. Close your eyes.”

But she ignores him, and rolled over to click her phone on from besides her. “Why are you home at 3 am? Where were you?”

“Don’t worry about it.” He mumbled, slipping his legs through the comforter.

“No don’t tell me not to worry about it. I haven’t seen you in over a week yet we’re staying in the same hotel. You’ve been MIA and barely answering any of my calls. What’s wrong with you?”

Justin shuffled over, turning his back to her. His eyes shut in exhaustion, sighing in contempt and annoyance. “Nothing, just go back to sleep.”

Y/N shuffled forward, sitting up on her knees as she peered down at her boyfriend in fury. How dare he walk in and pretend like nothing was wrong. Then have the audacity to turn his back when she was talking.

“Justin. Justin! Im talking you.”

But he ignored her.

She let out an animalistic sound, almost a yell as she ripped the comforter off the boy. “Listen to me dammit!”

Justin shot up, looking over at his girl in anger. “Stop being so fucking clingy! You don’t need to know where I am at all times. ”

Y/N was taken aback by his outburst, tempting the tears that threatened to reveal themselves to spill over but tried every thing to keep them back.

“Clingy? I haven’t seen you a week! For all I know you could be cheating on me and I’m the clingy one?! Your fucking unbelievable Justin!”

Justin sighed, running a hand through his disheveled hair. “You know I wouldn’t cheat on you Y/N.”

“Then why are you distancing yourself?” She pleaded. “Tell me.”

“It’s not important.”

“Bullshit.” y/N spat. “If it wasn’t important you wouldn’t be distancing yourself so much and we wouldn’t be fighting right now.”

“You know what! I can’t do this right now.”

And that’s when Justin swung his legs over the side of the bed in a huff, bringing himself over to the chair where his jacket was placed.

“What are you doing?!” Y/N scoffed “where are you going?!”

She stood off the bed, shuffling her feet against the floor behind her boyfriend. “Out.” Was how he chose to reply.

“Stop. ” she said before raising her voice. “Stop!”

Justin’s actions halted. Head looking to the side to peer over his shoulder at the beautiful distressed girl.

“Justin.” She huffed. “Stop running away from me. You don’t realise but your hurting me more by running. I need you. You need me!

Justin looked over, spotting the pain in his girlfriends eyes. He thought he was doing her good by avoiding her, afraid to hurt her with words. But pushing her away was only doing what he feared and worse. He was hurting her with actions.

“You need me.” She repeated. Her voice small.

That’s when he dropped his jacket to the floor, the realisation flooding in. “I need you.”

And that’s when they caught each other in there arms, reminiscing all the love they had for each other.

Harry Hook x fem!reader || One of a kind
requested; prompt #66 “ is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed ?” + harry hook

a|n: This was so much fun to write to be honest, also the reader is kind of Elsa’s daughter in case you couldn’t tell, whoops. I hope you still like it 🙈

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Three weeks.

Three weeks since Evie convinced Ben to let three more teenagers from the isle to come in Auradon. Besides Dizzy and some other children, Evie recruited in the first time, now Gil, Uma and Harry were at Auradon Prep as well.

(Y/N) sighed, ever since those three arrived, her world was completely upsidedown, especially because a specific pirate just decided to suddenly be in her life and make her to feel things.

Her whole life she had one main rule: conceal, don’t feel. That’s what her mother taught her, it might have been a reference to her powers and not her love life, but (Y/N) decided that the rule was good in both cases.

However, Harry managed to get into (Y/N)’s head; now the princess couldn’t get him out of her mind. But she knew better; (Y/N) knew what kind of guy Harry was , besides being the tipical pirate, Mal told her how much of a heartbreaker he was and (Y/N) for sure didn’t need more heartbreak in her life, it was enough that she knew half of the people hated her because of her powers.

The things would’ve been great, in time (Y/N) would have learn to forget the pirate that stole her heart and find someone that wouldn’t break it, but the problem was : she wasn’t the only one who caught feelings.

Harry felt something too, he wasn’t used to it, since it was something new. He never had a solid relationship or a girlfriend for more than three months, but since the day he saw (Y/N)’s beautiful hair and bright eyes, Harry’s mind was blown; he never saw someone like her : so beautiful, like a goddess, but yet dangerous, just like how a true queen was supposed to be. She was like a whole new adventure. A new chapter from his life, or that’s what she could’ve been.

The princess has pushed him away since the third day, when Harry asked her out. Back then, she thought he was only joking and (Y/N) didn’t think about his proposal seriously, but later after that he kept being persistent. He would always try to get her attention, always leave her small sticky notes on her locker and flowers on her doorstep.

After his first few attempts, Harry thought she just wasn’t interested , but then he overheard one of her and Evie’s conversation that told him otherwise, so his curiosity for the girl only grew. Harry intended to be with her, one way or another.


(Y/N) smiled when she saw Evie coming towards her, the blue haired girl was always a source of joy.

“ Hi, E. Nice to see you this early in the morning. ”

Evie smiled, hugging (Y/N), “ what are you talking about? We always go to class together,” she laughed

(Y/N) laughed along, grabbing Evie’s hand a dragging her towards the class, but before they could’ve entered, Evie asked her specific question. That one annoying question she kept asking (Y/N) ever since she found about her feelings for Harry Hook, “ So when are you going to say yes to Harry?”

(Y/N) was about to replay, when a hand grabbed her waist and pulled her a few steps backwards, the princess feeling someone’s breathe on her exposed neck.

“ Yeah, love when are ye going to say yes?” Harry smirked

(Y/N) pushed his hand away slowly turning to face him, “ Not today, if you’re wondering. ”

The pirate’s smirk only grew bigger, sometimes he really loved her stubbornness; Harry moved closer , placing his hands on each side of her face, “ I’m not that pacient, love,” he wishpered, “ I want ye. Now,” he growled.

(Y/N) was so close to give in and kiss him right there, but she knew better, didn’t she ? “ Then try harder, Hook,” she wishpered back, this time pulling away from him completely.

“ I will accept this challenge, love,” he grinned, passing by her to get in the class.

(Y/N) face palmed internally. What have she done now ?


(Y/N) hugged Evie and Mal before going into her room; it had been a long day and the girl just needed a rest, she threw her bag to the ground, near a couple of books, then she turned on the lights only to scream in surprise , and embarrassment, at the sight in front of her.

“ Is there a reason why you’re naked in my bed?”

(Y/N) said, quickly covering her eyes, so she wouldn’t see any more bare skin. Harry Hook was standing in all his glory, on her bed, only with a thin sheet around his middle.

Harry tried to stop himself from laughing, but judging (Y/N)’s reaction he couldn’t stop it, “ Aye love, I told ye that I wanted ye. Didn’t ye believe me?”

“ Please put your boxers on,” she said turning her back on him.

The princess heard him chuckle and get up from the bed; she could sense him moving around her room to find his clothes. “ Ye can turn now,” he laughed

Slowly, (Y/N) opened her eyes and turned to face the pirate, her eyes widening once again, “ Where the hell are the rest of your clothes, Harry?! Put them on. All of them. ” she said after noticing he was only in his black boxers this time. Man, this boy made her go crazy.

Harry just shook his head, moving closer to (Y/N), by reflexes she pulled back, until she hit the door. She was stuck.

“ Why have ye been blowing me off every time I did something nice for ye? It’s not that easy for me, ye know. ”

(Y/N) gasped, “ L-look, Harry. I-”

Harry raised one eyebrow, sign for the girl to continue her explaining. (Y/N) sighed as her eyes met Harry’s, “ I was afraid,” she confessed.

Harry was taken by surprise , “ Afraid? Of me ? But ye’re like an ice princess. ”

(Y/N) just shook her head, “ I was a-afraid that you’d only break my heart,” she wishpered, “ or that you’ll get to be afraid of me, of my powers , just like most of the people around here. ”

“ I’m not sure if ye noticed, but,” he chuckled, “ I’m not like most of the people around here. ”

“ You’re right,” she smirked, “ No one would show up naked in a girl’s room like you. You’re one of a kind,” (Y/N) smiled, putting her hands around his neck, bringing his face closer to hers , her lips slightly touching his.

Harry couldn’t stand teasing, especially not when he fought so much for her affection, so he grabbed each side of her face and deepened the kiss; his lips hovering hungrily over hers. (Y/N) left a moan escape her lips and that’s when Harry’s tongue made its way in.

He kissed her and the world fell away. It was slow and soft, comforting in ways that words would never be.

Harry’s hand rested below her ear, his thumb caressing her cheek as their breaths mingled. (Y/N) ran her fingers down his spine, pulling him closer until there was no space left between them and she could feel the beating of his heart against her chest.

Slowly she pulled away, looking into his blue eyes, “ Harry ?” she said his name softly, almost like if she was scared that it was all a dream and she’d wake up.

“ Yes, princess?”

“ I’m glad you didn’t give up on trying to get to me,” she smiled, “ but I also think we should , at least have our first date, before we do…anything more than this, so please put your clothes on. ”

“ Why? Ye afraid of doing something ye’d regret ?” he asked, sounding almost hurt.

She shook her head, “ I don’t regret giving you a chance, but I also want to have something special with you, not just sex. Don’t you want that too?”

“ As long as ye’re mine, I can wait until ye’ll be ready. ”

She smiled, hugging him, “ Thank you, Harry. You truly are one of a kind. ”

“ I know,” he smirked , “ So are ye, princess. So are ye.”

Fruit of the Dead (Negan x Female)

Summary: She lives in a community called Terra and grows food with her mother. When Negan sees her playing in the woods, he knows he has to have her. This fic is written to mirror the myth of Hades and Persephone. 

Characters: Negan x Female

Word Count: 4,290

Warnings: Light smut, lots of fluff, a very fluffy Negan

Author’s Note: This was a fic request from @to-pick-ourselves-up-7 who asked:

“Can I ask for a Negan x reader in the setting myth of Hades and Persephone? Sounds interesting to me. Pretty pretty please?”

I have rewritten this fic like 3 times now. I just wasn’t content with it, and probably bit off more than I could chew. After lots and lots AND LOTS of revisions, I am finally content with the final version. I love a challenge, and this certainly tested my ability as a writer. Hopefully you enjoy it! 

There are a lot of references to the story of Hades and Persephone in this fic, and I’ll include them at the end, so if you want to geek out with me, you can. 

Big thanks to @ashzombie13 for beta’ing this fic for me! 

Please, please, please tell me what you thought! I love feedback.

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BTS reaction: your baby sister loving them.


Your family loved Jin, and he loved them, especially your baby sister. It was your last night visiting them, simply to celebrate your sisters first birthday. Your parents wanted to do a date night, jumping on the fact that they had a FREE babysitter. You sat on the sofa, smiling at Jin playing with your baby sister. It was the cutest thing watching her squeal ever time he did an airplane with her. She held his face in her tiny little fingers, and gave him her version of a kiss.

“excuse me sunshine, that’s my man” you teased. She kicked her feet, clapping her hands at the same time.

“Jagi, she’s so cute, when can we have one?” he asked. 

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Suga was cautious around your baby sister, simply because he was scared to do something wrong. You guys laid in your bed, and you held her on your stomach. She toyed with the stuffed animal in her hands, and you ran your hands through her curls. 

“Y/s/n what sound does the cat make?” you asked,the the one year old, referring to the stuffed cat she was playing with. 

“meow” she said. Suga’s eyes grew wide. 

“she knows that?” he asked. You nodded.

“she knows a lot of noises.” you said. You squirmed a little, feeling your bladder being pressed on by your sister. 

“Babe I really need to pee, please take her.” you said, placing her on his stomach.

“what? no!” he yelled, but you were already out of the door. When you made your way back, you peaked in. He was playing with her hands, and she was responding to every animal he asked.

“Good job!” he cheered, clapping. She mimicked him, clapping her hands together. When you returned to your room, and tried grabbing her, she whaled, reaching for Suga. You reluctantly passed her over, and she continued her shenanigans till she got picked up. 

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J Hope

Your boyfriend danced around with your two year old sister, as she sang her little heart out to Moana, assuming she knew word for word what she said, but it came out as words separated by mumbling. You felt yourself smile as she refused to let Hobi sit down.

“no.. dance!’ she said. He couldn’t tell her no. She was his soft spot. You smiled to yourself, imagining when he had kids of his own how he would be. You watched as your poor boyfriend danced with her song after song. He carried her upstairs with you, and helped tuck her in.

“ya y/n..shes fun… I can’t wait till we have one of our own” he said, a smile on his face. 

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Rap Monster

It was safe to say, your baby sister was terrified on Namjoon. Every time he came around the poor one year old, something would break, or bang. She associated him with loud noise, and would cry anytime he came around. You were babysitting at the dorms, and Namjoon walked in, stubbing his toe on the couch.

“Owwww” he winced. From your lap, you heard the one year old errupt in a fit of giggled.

“Joon are you okay?” you asked, he stood wide eyed, watching your baby sister.

“shh shh” he said, pretending to bang his leg against the table.” 

“owwwwww” he groaned playfully. She squealed, giggling her head off.

“she likes it!” he said happily. He continued this through the night, and eventually, she fell asleep against his chest.

“She likes meeee” he hummed happily.

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You walked into the dance studio, holding your two year old sisters hand.

“Hey boys” you said. You were slightly frustrated. While you loved your sister, your parents always dumped her on you, even if you didn’t live with them. She was practically your child. There was a significant age gap between the two of you, and the looks you got were often unpleasant. Jimin placed his lips softly on yours, smiling down at you.

“hey baby. and hi princesssss” he said, picking up your sister. She laid her head on his shoulder, and he smiled.

“She just woke up.. she’s not in the mood” you said, running your fingers through your hair.

“Is she staying the night?” he asked. You nodded. He knew that automatically meant he wasn’t able to sleep over. You didn’t like having that as an example for your baby sister, even if she was so young. 

“Wanna dance with us y/s/n?” he asked. The toddler nodded, and he set her down, and the boys playfully danced with her to fire, her favorite song. She wouldn’t leave Jimin’s side. He literally gave her all of his attention, it made you jealous at times, but you loved the relationship they had. He held her in his arms, and she closed her eyed.

“oooh it’s time for us to go boys. She’s sleepy” he said. He took the diaper bag off you, and took your hand, the three of you going to your dorm and settling down. 

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You watched as your baby sister sat on the floor with your boyfriend. She loved him. He was literally her favorite person ever, and you were 99.9% sure she was his. 

“thanks for watching her while I showered babe” you said. He smiled, nodding.

“yahh. She behaved.” he said. You went to reach for her, so you could feed her and she began crying, reaching for V. You couldn’t believe it.

“bebe come on, you need to eat.” you said. She continued reaching for him, screaming her head off. He took her, wiping her eyes.

“Don’t cry angel.. come on I’ll feed you” he said. She clung to him, as he followed you to the kitchen.

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The only other girl who had a spot in Kookie’s life was your sister. She was his literally joy. He was proud of anything she did from the day her first held her in the hospital when she was born. She loved him equally as much, the majority of the time more than you. But one thing he was afraid of was being left alone with her. He was scared to hurt her or make her cry, even through he knew he wouldn’t. 

“i’m gonna go make food, watch her” you said standing. he went to argue but you swiftly exited the room. Twenty minutes went by, and you could hear your little sister squealing and giggling. When you peaked your head in, he was doing his impersonation of a chicken. She was giggling so hard, you were scared she forgot how to breath. 

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I hope you guys enjoyed! I loved this it was so fluff and cute! Remember requests are open! We literally will write whatever! 

~Lia  ♡ 

You can’t hurt me more - Wolverine x abused!reader

Summary : Reader had an extremely hard life and is in love with Logan…but he’s afraid that he might get her hurt and tries to break things off.

Warnings : Physical abuse, torture and stuffs. That “reader” suffered a lot.

(My masterlist blog here : https://ella-ravenwood-archives.tumblr.com)


When Logan first met you, he was chasing his past. Was chasing “Weapon X” and anything related. He found you in one of the labs where they made people like him. Killing machines. The labs you were in wasn’t really a lab anymore. It turned into a torture chamber a long time ago. He found you,  almost dead, laying in a fetus position in the corner of a shitty cell. You were the only survivor.

He took you home with him, to the X-Mansion. There, while they took care of your severe injuries, the professor looked into your head. When he pulled away, there were tears in his eyes.

-This child…This child suffered too much…It’s inhuman…I don’t know how she’s still alive…

In your mind, he saw what happened to you. He’d never forget it, scarred for life…You were an extremely cute little girl when your world crumbled to the sea. Barely six years old. You already show signs of mutations, being able to control the four elements, water, fire, earth and air. Six years old was young for that, you were a case of science, a special one, bound to become extremely powerful. But it never happened, you were snatched from a peaceful normal life by monsters.

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Wrong Place Wrong Time (27)

Do not reuse, edit or copy and of my work(s). ©
Part 27 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11 Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19 Part 20 Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26  Part 28  Part 29  Part 30  Part 31  Part 32  Part 33  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 4,700 (Maybe a little more or less)

This is like a different P.O.V. part, so you can kind of get insight into what different Characters are thinking at the same time in a single situation. Hope you guys like the concept? Tell me what you think.

“So we’ve looked around the whole of the neighbourhood and we can’t find her.” Sehun said, sitting down in a chair beside Kyungsoo, it had been hours since you had been missing. The rest of the men had calmed down and sobered up by this point and they were all sitting in the board listening to what Kyungsoo and Sehun had to say.

“God knows where she is, we didn’t take much time to follow her after she’d left so she couldn’t have walked that far. She must have been snatched up. Only God knows whether or not she’s alive right now.” Kyungsoo said, looking around the table specifically at Chanyeol. The room went silent for a long time; a pin could be heard dropping.

Chanyeol’s P.O.V.

Missing? No…no! This couldn’t be, she couldn’t just be… gone. His breath began to hitch, and he couldn’t think straight. This was his entire fault! If only he hadn’t confessed his true feeling to her, they’d still be cuddled together warmly in the shed. She would be safe. What was wrong with him, why did he confess to her in the first place, he didn’t actually expect her to reciprocate his feelings did he? But he couldn’t help it, he loved her. He had loved her for a very long time and he wanted to be the one to protect her, and although she may be mad at him and not really understand why he did what he did, he didn’t do it out of spite. She was the first female he ever spoken to, ever opened himself up to and she didn’t realise how much she had done for him. How much she had helped him by for the past ten years. He felt as though he was forever in her debt and all he had ever wanted to do was protect her. But instead he had damaged a decade long friendship. He didn’t mean to, that’s the last thing on this earth that he had wanted. All he wanted right now was for her to come back home. He felt uneasy and upset as he thought about how cold it was outside. She must be so cold he thought to himself; so lonely and so afraid and he wasn’t there to remedy her hurt. How was he capable of loving such an amazing woman when he couldn’t even keep her under his wing. He didn’t deserve her and it was making him feel worse the more he thought about it. What was he supposed to do with his emotions now? He didn’t know, but that could wait.
Chanyeol jumped to his feet, running outside of the house, he’d search for you until day break if he had to

“Y/N! Y/N!” He called. “Where are you?”

Jongin’s P.O.V

Where could she have possibly runaway to? Maybe he was too harsh earlier he shouldn’t have kissed her like that. Maybe he had pressured her too much. But he couldn’t help but be somewhat attached to her. He needed someone to use as his outlet, and she was the only who would listen to him without him having to put on a brave front. He couldn’t say half of the things he wanted to say to her to the boys, they’d think he was weak. When he realised that this was the case and when he realised she was such a curious being he became more drawn to her. Jongin hated losing and he didn’t want to lose her to anyone else, especially not Yixing, but perhaps he came on a bit too strong.
Wherever she was he just hoped that she was safe.

Yixing’s P.O.V.

Oh God no! No no no! She couldn’t be missing. This was all his fault, if only he never exposed what she had done with Minseok the night before. But he couldn’t help it he was just so angry. He had felt so betrayed by her. He had always treated her well, politely with the utmost respect. He always tried to give her whatever she needed, he gave her advice when she wanted it and filled her in on everything. He helped to keep her safe and told her who to keep her distance from, yet he felt that she had shoved it all back in his face by kissing Jongin and Minseok. She never even chose between him and Jongin, yet she had already moved on to Minseok. Did she think that lowly of him? Was he that repulsive to her? He felt a lump forming in the back of his throat, but swallowed it back down, so he could prevent himself from crying. He didn’t mean to be rough with her intentionally, he had suppressed bad behaviour up until this point. But he thought that he had finally found someone that he was worthy of, someone that would listen to him and not worry about the fact that he was a member of an underground unit. He never meant to hurt her the way he did, but he had been hurt once before by a girl that he thought he loved. This time around he finally played his card right, but she didn’t even want him back…
He began panicking, what if she was hurt? What if she was dead? His body began to shake violently.

Oh no. This was all his fault.

Minseok’s P.O.V.

What the fuck had he done? He’d gone and messed it all up. He had slipped up big time. She ran away because she heard him, she knew what he’d done. He hung his head limply on his chest. The sex didn’t mean anything; in fact he didn’t really want it. He was just trying to make a point, just warning her to stay away from him because he knew how Jongin and Yixing would behave when they found out the true extent of his feelings towards her. He wanted to stop because he had taken things way too far. He dwelled to long and hard on how felt about her.
He finally admitted it to himself. He had feelings for her, he tried to push them aside and ignore them, but the more he brushed them away the deeper these feelings became. The more he wanted to hold her and feel her lips against his. And it wasn’t love, he knew it wasn’t, but it was more than nothing. It was definitely something. From the moment he opened up to her in the graveyard he felt liberated and he knew that he could trust her enough to share his emotions with her. Why did he do this? This was all his fault. He was panicking now, shuffling around uncomfortably in his seat. What if you were hurt. Scared? Lonely? He just wanted you back home. He wanted you back here so he could envelope you into his arms. He didn’t care if he had to knock heads with Jongin and Yixing to have his way because it was worth it.
You were worth it.

“Come back home Y/N, it’s not safe out there…” Minseok whispered.

“Hmm? What did you say?” Junmyeon turned his head to face Minseok.

“Oh…I uh…Nothing. So what are we going to do about this then?”

Junmyeon sighed, looking heavenwards and leaning back in his chair. “We do nothing Minseok. If she comes, she comes back. We have bigger things to deal with right now. We need to plan Red’s assassination, we’ve dragged this out for much too long.”

“But what about Chanyeol, he won’t be happy about –”

“Forget Chanyeol Minseok, if he really cared so much about her, he wouldn’t have made the mistake of bringing her to the club in the first place. This is more important than that. Thousands of people are depending on us to take out Red right now. Thousands of people die because of that sick bastard, so if we have to sacrifice the life of one girl for the greater good then so be it. I’m sorry I’d love to help Chanyeol look for her right now, but we really don’t have the time for that.”

Minseok nodded and looked towards the door. Should he make a dash for it? He kept a straight expression, as though he really couldn’t care less about the situation but underneath the table his legs were shaking uncontrollably, he was terrified. Where was she now? Was she okay?
But he suppressed his urges to walk over to the door and turned back around to face the others. He couldn’t make it obvious, he couldn’t let them notice.
But Sehun had noticed.
Unbeknownst to Minseok, Sehun had been staring at him the whole time, studying his body language and he knew that something was up.

It was silent again for a while, before Junmyeon started to talk again. Admittedly Minseok wasn’t listening to him, his mind was occupied with terrifying images of her body lying cold and dead in a gutter. He got up and walked towards the door.

“I’m just going to get a drink, I’m thirsty.” He cleared his throat turning the corner to the kitchen. Picking up a glass from the side of the sink, he put it under the tap and ran the cold water. His mind was so full of thoughts that he hadn’t even realised that the glass was overflowing.

“Oi.” A voice behind him said making him jump. The glass he was holding slipped through his fingers and smashed into pieces, cutting his palm.

“Ahh fuck.” He ran his palm under the water and applied pressure to it with his thumb to stop the blood. “You scared me, what are you doing here?”

“Hmm, I could ask you the same.”

“I came for a drink Sehun.”

“No you didn’t Minseok.” Sehun shook his head taking a step closer towards the sink. “I know you better then you know yourself, and you didn’t just come out here because you were thirsty, you’ve got something on your mind Minseok. You slept with her didn’t you.”
He glared at Sehun, he expected better than that from him.

“I didn’t fucking sleep with her Sehun. I’ve never even come close to that with her.”

“Right. But something is going on Minseok! Something is happening between you two. Stop blocking me out and pushing me away, since when have we ever done that to each other? It used to be the two of us versus everyone else Minseok, why are you treating me like a stranger. Ever since she went into Luhan’s room you’ve been blocking me out and I fucking hate it. If I haven’t got you then who else have I got? I lost you once, I can’t lose you again. Talk to me Minseok! Tell me what’s going on, what’s going on between you and Y/N? If you’re not screwing then what the fuck is happening? Are you getting fed up of me? My friendship isn’t enough for you anymore and you need someone better is that what it is?”
Sehun was breathing heavily now, his chest was heaving up and down and his hand was tightly gripping the edge of the sink, he couldn’t bear the thought of losing his best friend, especially to some girl they’d only just known for a couple of seconds. Minseok was like a father to him and he wasn’t prepared to lose him, not until the day he died.

Minseok shook his head. “It’s not like that Sehun.”

“Then tell me Minseok! Tell me what it’s like, because I’m so lost right now I don’t know where your head’s at!”

He stared at Sehun, sighing heavily and lowering his voice he took at seat on the stool beside him.
“We kissed Sehun. 3 times. And I enjoyed it.” He laughed at himself disbelievingly, running a hand through his hair in frustration. “Fuck! I fucked up Sehun. I kissed her 3 times and all I can think about is kissing her again. I felt something; I’ve been trying to deny it for a while. But it gets worse the more I do. I want her so bad I don’t even know what the fuck is wrong with me. She’s just a girl that’s all she is. She’s just a fucking girl!” He stood up from his stool kicking it backwards to the ground and pushing the bowl of fruit in front of him onto the floor. “Now she’s gone and it’s my fault. The sex. I only did that to spite her, I just wanted her to receive the message loud and clear that there was no way me and her could ever ‘happen’. But now look what I’ve gone and made her do. She’s probably dead Sehun and it’s all my fault.”

Y/N’s P.O.V

You were still trying to keep as still as possible, whether or not Tao had told you the truth you didn’t know, but you had nothing to lose anyway, you were going to die regardless without the antidote so you may as well just try out his technique. You were in an unbearable amount of pain, the gunshot wound, the hot metal rod and the ice cold water too much for you to endure. You continued to slip in and out of consciousness, but every time you did Tao was made to pour a bucket of ice cold water over you, making you scream out in pain all over again. You weren’t sure how much more of the abuse your body could take and you thought that you may die any point now. Your eyes were slowly fluttering closed; you were slipping out of consciousness again.

“Stay with me Y/N.” Tao whispered into your ear, discretely pulling out a needle from his pocket. It was full of a yellow liquid, he injected the substance under your breast bone, and then you had lost consciousness.


You weren’t sure how long you were out for, but the next time you woke up you were in the back of a car, with tinted windows and being greeted by the burning pain that your body was in, you groaned and began crying again, it was too much for you to bear.

“You’re awake.” Tao was driving in the front seat and you weren’t sure where you were headed to, but currently you didn’t have the strength to ask him, he began to speak up regardless as though he had heard your thoughts.
“We’re on the way to somewhere safer don’t worry. Red left the room to go and get prepare what he likes to call ‘torture tools’, I snuck you out as fast as I could, but he may have picked it up on CCTV, they could be after us right now. I know you’re in pain but we’re going to have to do a car swap soon, we need to get rid of this car in case he’s hot on our trail. Do you think you can do that for me sweetie?”

You groaned, forcing yourself to speak through the pain. “I don’t know if I can trust you right now. And don’t call me sweetie I’m not your woman.” You frowned; you were sick and tired of all of the pet names that you had received just under two months.

“Hmm, you’re a feisty one.” He chuckled darkly looking at you through the rear view mirror with heavy lids. “Besides, it doesn’t matter whether or not you trust me Y/N. I’m the only option you have right now, or I could throw you out of the car right if you’d prefer.” He waited a while, and acknowledged the silence as you agreeing that he was in power and agreeing to follow his rules. He began to slow the car down, pulling up at a second hand car garage. “I’m going to go and hot-wire something; I’ll be back for you in a second.” He said stepping out of the car and slamming the door shut. You lay there in silence; all you could hear was the sound of your heavy breathing.

Moments later and Tao was back, dragging you out of the car and pulling you into another, you winced in pain as he laid you down on the back seat. You were driving again to an unknown location. You were beginning to get fed up, you needed medical treatment you were in an excruciating amount of pain and you couldn’t take it anymore.

“I need painkillers.” You groaned, shifting uncomfortably on the seat.

“I don’t have any.”

“Ok well drugs, just give me drugs. You must have something strong damn it, you’re a fucking gangster.”

“Hmm, I prefer the term self-employed underground worker.”

“Tao I don’t care just give me something strong.” You screamed at him, tears spilling down your face at the pain you were in.

“Look sweetie, I wish I could help you out here, but I really don’t have anything on me at the moment you’re really just going to have to endure it.”
You were in too much pain to even think about the fact that he was still calling you sweetie.You just wanted to end it all now and then you remembered the black Cyanide. You began shaking your body violently in the back of the car.

“What are you doing?” Tao asked, looking back at you quickly and facing the road again.

“The black cyanide.” You grunted, “you said that if I move, it will spread quicker.”
He began laughing hysterically at you, his control on the steering wheel becoming unsteady.

“I injected you with the antidote a while back, that’s not going to work anymore. You look like an idiot right now.”
He continued laughing, causing you to become more infuriated with him.

“Just hurry up and get me some fucking pain killers Tao.”


He was carrying you over his shoulder out of the car, your surroundings looked familiar, then you realised that he had brought you back to the house. You were happy to see it, because it meant that Red didn’t succeed in killing you, but at the same time there was a feeling of dread sinking to the pit of your stomach, you had to face everyone you didn’t want to face and Junmyeon would be livid, it would be a miracle if he didn’t shoot you for escaping. You drew in a deep breath, as Kris opened the door, letting the both of you in. Tao carried you into the living room lowering you on the sofa.

“T –Tao what are you – but you’re supposed to be…dead. I” Jongdae slowly rose from the chair, his face went blank, as though he had seen a ghost.

“Jongdae go and get Baekhyun please.” Tao said frowning down at you and turning his attention to Kris. “Hmm, you’re right she looks better in life.” He winked lewdly and dropped himself on the opposite sofa. “Where’s Jongin? Red’s on to him, he knows that he’s double crossed him.”
Kris furrowed his brow, pushing Tao’s feet off of the edge of the sofa and taking a seat next to him. He stared at you shaking his head and then let out a sigh, leaning backwards into the cushions.

“Tao?! What the f –you know what I’m not even surprised anymore. Who’s next? Luhan? Is he even dead?” You heard Junmyeon rushing into the room, stopping in his tracks when he noticed you laying on the sofa, he glared down at you.
“I don’t know where the fuck you ran off to, but I’ll deal with you later. Baek—! Oh. There you are.” He pointed down at your body, lying lifelessly on the sofa. Baekhyun looked up at Tao his face in complete shock, but then he focused his attention on to you. He had to treat you quickly.

You woke up in your room, it was quiet.
You were back.
You stared up blankly at the ceiling. Everything was such a blur; the last two months were such a roller coaster. You missed work, your boring colleagues, the stressful assignments you were given and the long sleepless nights sitting cross legged on your bed in front of your laptop, writing up an unfinished project that your boss had decided to email over to you at midnight to be completed within the next 24 hours. Now it had all seemed like heaven. But instead here you lay with a gunshot wound and burns all over your torso. Yet you still couldn’t get Chanyeol, Yixing, Jongin and Minseok out of your mind. And as if by a magic summoning there was a knock on your door and Yixing stepped in. You quickly closed your eyes, breathing heavily through your nose.

“I know you’re not asleep Y/N, I just wanted to see how you were. I –I’m glad you’re okay. And I’m sorry for everything I’ve done to you up until this point. I was never meant to hurt you I just…” He went silent, staring down sadly at his feet; you opened you eyes slowly and turned on your side looking at him.

“Why Yixing, why did you do it?” Your voice was hoarse from all the crying that you had been doing, you stared at him apprehensively, waiting for him to reply.

“I’m so sorry Y/N. Please forgive me. It’s just…I…I was triggered by a past memory. It made me feel just as small as I did back then.” He paused for a moment swallowing hard and slowly raising his eyes to look at you. “I lived with my Grandma for a couple of years before I came here. I joined because of her. She’s the one that I had lost thanks to Red. But her death was slow and painful unlike the others. I tried dating a few girls back then, you know, to try and get me through the worst of it, but it never really went well; they kind of just kept on breaking up with me. But there was this one girl I had met called Sana. She was gorgeous, I still can’t believe I was able to land a girl like that, we dated for a while and I knew I felt something for her, it was definitely there. I started spending a bit more time at the hospital with my grandma she was becoming really poorly, all the while Sana was angry, she’d scold me for not spending enough time with her I tried my best to juggle my time around. But she started meeting this other guy. She hadn’t officially broken it off with me yet though, so I decided to meet up with her one evening I wanted so badly to win her back the feelings that I had for her were undeniable and I needed her with me at the time because I was going through so much. I remember we met at a park, she looked beautiful as always and it made my heart go crazy. We flirted around for a bit but then I had to make her choose I told her to choose me or him. I was good to her, I treated her like a princess, It’s just that I was going through a hard time so I…” He closed his eyes tightly and breathed out slowly. “I made her pick between the two of us…And she chose him.”
He swallowed again, a tear dropped from his eye, which he quickly wiped away with the back of his hand. He laughed at himself disbelievingly. “So you see I wasn’t good enough for her, I never get the girl, and it’s happening to me all over again.” He looked at you. “I made sure I treated you like a princess Y/N, I’ve always been nice to you haven’t I? I’ve always respected you. Why Jongin? Why Minseok? Out of all people I –”
He was interrupted by the door bursting open, Chanyeol and Jongin came running inside.

“Oh God Y/N you’re back! Thank God you’re okay. I’m so sorry this is all my fault, I never should’ve confessed to you the way I did. This is all my fault.” Chanyeol leaned down and hugged your body tight.

“Ouch! Chan, you’re hurting me.” You groaned trying to push him off you. He moved backward, examining you, eyebrows knitting together.

“What happened to you Y/N? Oh God!” He began shaking violently, tears dripping down his cheeks.

Yixing frowned looking between you and Chanyeol.
“Confessed? What do you mean? You’re not saying that you’re part of this as well Chanyeol.” But Chanyeol kept quiet, keeping his eyes trained on you.

You sighed deeply, you were overwhelmed by all of the attention you were receiving.“I’m fine Chanyeol I just need some rest, I –” You were interrupted this time; your eyes widened slightly looking towards the door.
He stopped in his tracks, caught off guard; he didn’t expect the other 3 boys to be there too. He stood there silently averting his gaze from you.

Jongin shifted on his feet awkwardly, walking a little bit closer to your bed.

“Since we’re all here. Look Y/N I hate to do this to you right now but…you need to choose one of us otherwise this house is going to turn into a war zone. I’d rather not fight with the guys, but I will if I have to. So please…”
Your heart was beating wildly; all four men were staring at you now you didn’t know what to do or how to handle this situation. You had so much power in your hands you couldn’t breathe properly. You were scared, but not as scared as all of the boys looked. You stared at them in silence, for what seemed like an eternity.

“Y/N please… I can’t go through this again, it can’t happen to me again…” Yixing breathed, and your heart was shattering into a million pieces, you had never seen him so sad in all your time here. He looked the most hurt out of all of the boys; you didn’t even have the heart to answer him back. He laughed mockingly at himself, a tear escaping his eye.

“What am I even doing? I know how this ends.” He looked skywards trying to prevent his tears from falling, but to no avail. “I guess I should just make this easier for you. For everyone.” He started walking slowly towards the door, turning round to look at you. His eyes were red and his breathing was heavy. “Out of all the boys in this room, what was I thinking? Did I really think you’d pick me?” He smiled at you sadly. “Of course you wouldn’t. I never get the girl; I never get the happy ending… I’m not worth anything. I’m not worth being loved, there’s no way you would pick me, hmm? Look at how perfect they are” He pointed at the other three men in the room turning to look at you again. “I never stood a chance, what was I thinking. I never get the girl.”He turned on his heel and walked out of the room. Your mouth was opened, you felt empty. You had just broken Yixing’s heart, though it was unintentional you still did it and you felt like a monster.
You breathed steadily through your nose, closing your eyes and balling your hands into fists.

“You all need to get out of here please.” You whispered, you had no energy to deal with them at this point in time. Chanyeol nodded, walking out of the room followed by Jongin.
You opened your eyes to see Minseok still stood there staring at you; you looked at him back saying nothing for a moment.

“I’m glad you’re safe Y/N. I really am.” He said softly, still staring at you intently

“Minseok. Please get out.”

He nodded slowly, looking at you one last time before he left you alone with your tears in the room.
You had cried so much in the space of time that it made you tired, you were beginning to drift off to sleep when you were brought back to consciousness by a chilling scream from somewhere in the house.


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Rockabye baby part 2

Soooo you guys seemed to like my new multichapter so I thought I’d give the second part a go! Tell me what you think! Love you all!

Crying, shrieking, screaming. The halls of Riverdale were filled with the sounds of electronic home economics training baby dolls and overly stressed teenagers.

“It’s been two hours and Rex hasn’t cried since that first time, do you think he’s broken? Is he okay? All of the other babies are crying.” Betty held the tiny plastic doll to her chest, rocking slowly and humming softly under her breath as they walked the halls. It almost seemed too natural, too real to be strolling beside her as she cared for the fake infant.

Jughead ducked his head towards Betty’s shoulder pressing his ear to the dolls chest.

“Nope definitely not broken, I can hear him making that creepy breathing noise.”

Betty gasped swinging an arm out to whack Jugheads chest

“Don’t call our baby creepy! He’s perfect, maybe we’re just good parents! He doesn’t have to cry because we’re just such awesome parents.”

The dark haired boy snorted

“Yeah because we’ve got such great examples to model our parenting techniques after.” Images of late nights waiting for his father to come home, six year old Jughead sleeping on the couch by the front door to make sure no one came in and hurt his baby sister, flashed through his mind.

“Oh please, if anything our…… childhood experiences will benefit us as parents! I know for a fact I’ll never tell my daughter what she can and can’t be, if she wants to wear sweatpants to school well than she can wear them!” An indignant huff slid through the tiny blondes lips, Rex seemed to choose that exact moment to start whimpering causing both the teens to go stone still, Betty staring expectantly at Jughead as he nervously glanced around.

“He’s umm… he’s gonna start crying any second.” He offered.

Betty raised a brow

“I can see that, here take the baby, I have to find his pacifier, it’s somewhere in this bag.” She thrusted the doll forward, placing him in Jugheads arms as she rustled through the deep blue baby bag.

“Oh noooo, I don’t know how too… it’s small and…how do you even..” Jughead shifted the doll in his arms, awkwardly holding it in the stiffest way humanly possible.

“Aha!” Betty exclaimed! Pulling the pacifier from the bag and holding it up victoriously, her eyes fell on Jughead and she stifled a giggle. Moving closer Betty gently positioned the doll in the proper way and smiled “see, just like that.”

Jughead sighed in relief, already he felt more comfortable holding the baby, maybe it was Betty’s gentle way of teaching or maybe it was just the doll but for the first time all day he felt like maybe they could do this.

“Soooo…” betty broke the silence “I think you should take the baby home tonight. It’s the first night and I have cheerleading until 8.”

“What?! No I don’t think…”

“I’ll take him tomorrow Juggie, he’ll be fine! Just feed him and give him lots of cuddles! That’s all babies really need… oh and maybe… keep him away from some of your… friends okay? I know they ….play rough and we can’t afford to have little Rex all scratched up.”

He knew who she was referring too. The Serpents. He did a fairly good job at hiding his gang affiliation but she knew. Betty Cooper knew everything.

“I’ll keep him away from the Whyte Worm, they might try to fill his bottle with beer.” Jughead teased, wiggling his eyebrows playfully as Betty scrunched her nose and bit back a smile.

“Yeah yeah yeah. You’ll be fine Jug, it’ll be a piece of cake.”

He had believed her.

She had been wrong. So so wrong.

1:30 in the morning, the flashing red numbers on the bedside clock mocked him as the shrieking Screams of the baby doll in his arms pierced his ear drums.

“What do you want?! What can I do?!” The tired teenager moaned, rocking the baby quickly. Rex didn’t stop, he had been crying for two hours straight now.

“Screw it. If I can’t sleep your moms not sleeping either.”

He dialed Betty’s number so fast he didn’t even realize she was his number one on speed dial.

“Hello?” The sleepy voice of the long legged cheerleader answered from across the line.

“You were right, he is broken. Either that or he’s possessed, and honestly that second one is looking mighty plausible right now.”

He could hear sheets rustling before she spoke again.

“Mrs. Beasley said these dolls are just like real babies, they have all the Sensory features newborns do, tap his back, super slowly and super softly and use your fingers to tap out a rhythm.”

Jughead stalled

“Betty what are you..”

“Trust me Okay?”

Of course he did, he always would. And so he tapped, happy birthday, twinkle twinkle little star , the pledge of allegiance, until sure enough silence filled the tiny trailer.

“Did it work?” Betty’s questioned sleepily as Jughead placed Rex back in his carrier and dropped onto his bed.

“You’re a magician.” He answered.

He could almost hear her smile through the phone.

“Actually, that ones all you Jug.”


“We were seven I think and your mom, she got sick and she put us in charge of Jellybean, she was only a few months old, we were terrified, we sat by that crib in absolute silence for at least an hour, Afraid to even move. You held my hand for the first time that day remember?”

Jughead couldn’t keep the smile off of his face, Yeah he remembered, her hands were soft and tiny and he remembered squeezing so tight he was afraid her might hurt her

“Anyway” she continued “she started crying, really bad and your mom wasn’t waking up.” Sleeping pills, his mother was an addict, Betty was the only person who would ever know that “so you started tapping on her back because it was the only thing you could reach in between the bars, I sang have yourself a merry little Christmas and you tapped it out on her back and she stopped crying. It was the most relived I had ever felt in my seven year old life, do you remember?”

It was silent for a moment before Jughead spoke, voice barely above a whisper

“I remember.”

A pause

“I miss you Juggie.” She whispered.

“I miss you too betts.”

They stayed like that for a few moments before Betty yawned into the phone.

“Okay now that our child is sleeping I better get some rest of my own. I’ll see you tomorrow, and don’t forget to bring the diaper bag.” She hung up before he had a chance to respond but..

He felt lighter than he had in years.

unrequited requited love

warnings: none

words: 1,158

pairing: peter parker x reader, flash x reader

request: hi! I want to request a peterxreader where theyre best friends and the reader is in love with him. when she tells him he rejects her but when she gets a boyfriend he realizes his mistake. ((I know its oh so cliché lol)) you can decide the ending :)

a/n: aa my first peter parker imagine. I really hope you guys like it! I just got a new laptop, so please keep sending in requests!

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glitter paint & movie night

summary: your six-year-old daughter has an important question to ask bucky.
characters: female reader, bucky barnes, becca (6-year-old OFC), briefly steve rogers and natasha romanoff
word count: 2197
warnings: one f bomb
A/N: i suck at titles k so this is a little different from my normal thing, but it popped in my head so i decided to write it. i also named the daughter becca, after @beccaanne814-blog because tbh she’s such a great person and writer. she gives encouragement to SO MANY PEOPLE, comments on tons of fics, and then writes amazing ones of her own. so this is my small, insignificant way of letting her know that she is appreciated. <3

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The bond that links your true family is not one of blood, but of respect and joy in each other’s life. - Richard Bach

It wasn’t until my back slammed into the mat for the fifth time in the past hour that I started thinking I needed to reconsider my hobbies. 

Natasha stood over me, strands of red hair hanging down in her face as she stared down at me. She had a satisfied smirk on her face as she offered her hand to help me up. Again. 

“You’re out of shape,” she said as I grabbed her hand. She took a couple of steps back, hauling me to my feet. 

“Fuck you,” I said, shoving at her shoulder. “I’ve been off duty for four months!” 

“Yeah, but you’d think you’d be in a little better shape. You were coaching little league soccer, after all.” She grinned at my scowl, leaning down and grabbing one of the towels we had thrown on the floor. She dried the sweat glistening on her face and neck. “But you went and got soft on me.” 

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Golden - Lin-Manuel Miranda x Reader

Summary: Lin-Manuel is holding his daughter for the first time. 

Words: 1,077 (short and sweet!)

Warnings: There is death at the end but it’s like cute but you know it’s like…yeah

A/N: WOW. Day 5: Reverse POV day is happening. I cannot believe this. I barely got this done in time so it’s super bad, but it’s the thought that counts! Enjoy. 

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Eldora Luz Miranda, whose name meant golden was born on a wet day full of rainstorms on April 23rd.

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Hints that Manon and Dorian could be Mates

“He’d just… acted, as Manon had acted when she’d saved him in his tower” (Dorian about saving Manon, EOS page 395).
Aelin asks Rowan about mates in Heir of Fire and the mention it’s impossible to hurt your mate. Manon and Dorian follow that pattern of never letting the other get hurt. Manon acts without thinking when she saves him from the Yellowlegs witch, having made no conscious decision to do so. She’s shocked at her own actions. Likewise, Dorian jumps forward to save Manon multiple times, even instinctively throwing up a shield when Rowan drops his guard around Manon in the marsh– then Rowan smiles and Aelin notices it’s a test. A test for what? Well, Manon infamously mentions that Aelin and Rowan are mates– it’s very possible Rowan realizes (or theorizes) that Manon is Dorian’s.
Manon also often parallels her experience with Dorian to Asterin’s experience with her hunter, asking Asterin what love is only to immediately go and seek out Dorian.
Also, another parallel between Aelin and Rowan is that when Aelin is possessed by Mala, she is rescued by Rowan stepping into the path of her rampage. Because he is her mate, she cannot hurt him and therefore comes back to herself.
When Dorian is possessed by the Valg, he comes to himself when Manon is present. Yes, because of her eyes but also– he becomes more himself. Not the broken prince he is in front of Aelin, but a smirking King.
He also is the only one able to lift Manon’s despair, the only one to notice or care.
He loves Sorscha, but she was able to go unnoticed by him for years. She was able to lie and keep secrets without him ever suspecting.
He notices the whole of Manon, her every lie and weakness, he also notices her unyielding strengths… and he is never afraid of her. Intrinsically, he knows she cannot hurt him.
Manon also instinctively notices what Dorian is feeling and needs.
When he shows her his darkness (much like when Aelin shows Rowan hers) she never balks from it.
He tells her that he’s not to be trusted to make the world better because he wants it to suffer and even though she’s taken aback, she replied “Good.” And Dorian is relieved. Finally someone can see his darkness without desperately wishing to cure him of it.
There’s a hundred little nuances, little moments and scenes… but I think these ones are huge indicators of the bond between Manon and Dorian, as well as an argument against anyone saying their relationship is purely sexual.
Manon and Dorian are sexually attracted to each other, absolutely, and they jump into sex more quickly than some of the other characters but that doesn’t make their relationship less deep. Neither have reservations about sex, both are experienced. They don’t need to have two and a half books of sexual tension build up in order to get together. Sex to them is the easier part of a relationship and I can almost guarantee we’ll see the harder parts developed for them in the next book.