he's adorable ;a;


when he gets the answer wrong vs when he gets it right (adorable both times)


└ Cool, sleek (slipped) Masaki~~

Cr: “未完” MV Making of from 「Untitled」 album

 tfw Baymax Returns is revealed to premiere on November 20th

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tfw there will also be shorts every Friday

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see the paparazzi, feel the paparazzi, <i>be</i> the paparazzi.

My main problem is what Edward framed this video to be.

This video wasn’t labeled with her name, to begin with, which means people will only see the previous video if they search it. And points he made in this video are as good as null and void because no one will see the title and go “oh he corrected himself”. His original words will have a bigger impact than this will, simple as that.

Secondly, he can’t undo what he’s already done. It doesn’t matter what the intention of his words were, since they’ve already hurt people. Kyla saw the video (according to her brother) and was hurt by it. She’s aware people like Edward’s sorry ass view her as worse because of her weight. It doesn’t matter if he didn’t mean for it to be hurtful or fatshaming, because it was.

Three: HE DIDNT EVEN APOLOGIZE. He “clarified”. Why bother making a video just to say “I meant what I said”? Just tweet it! Don’t frame what you said as an apology and just defend yourself the whole time.

And just as I knew he would, he claimed people took his words out of context, when a lot of people quoted his video directly or took points from throughout his video! Even if they referenced something within the “first 5 minutes” like he claimed, people are under no obligation to finish a video that upsets them. That’s the way YouTube works.

Also, if his viewers can regularly sit through 20 minutes of his trying to pull together a makeup look, they can sit through the entirety of his original video. Claiming people only watched the first five minutes is an attempt to invalidate any argument against you. The whole video was inflammatory.

He apologized to Kyla, knowing that she’d seen it. He claimed it wasn’t an attack and rightfully said he shouldn’t have called her out her name like that.

But what he didn’t say sorry for are his claims that she should quit being an idol if she’s bigger. He didn’t apologize for insinuating that she isn’t worth more than her weight. He implied that she’d never be successful - that there’s nothing she can do but conform. Imagine hearing that at 15.