he's adorable :')

(( i spent 15 goddamn minutes fighting with all my programs to make this rather bad gif for my partner, so now y’all get to appreciate Josuke’s VA’s New Role, a beautiful thief robot, spinning in a spaceship chair ))

our dm was explaining to us that the Big Good that’s kinda helping us out with our quest, who’s this super ugly guy with a hunchback, really hates orland specifically because his charisma is through the roof. he said that he hates people who have everything work out for them simply because they’re beautiful and I’m just laughin because orland basically looks like spongebob in hobbit form


“Well, I promised a dance to a Sylveon earlier, but I understand you’re on a mission to dance with a lot of Pokemon and he’s a little late, so why not? Just be careful I don’t accidentally knock into you; you’re a small little thing and I wouldn’t want to hurt you!”

“… Come to think of it, I’ve never seen a Pokemon like you before, either. Are you a relative to the Pidgey line or… Spearow’s, maybe?”