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omg Lance having the Gloria moment from Modern Family where she says “do you know how frustration it is to have to translate everything in my head before I say it?” and “do you know how smart I am in Spanish?”


He yells this at Pidge after she calls him dumb, and everyone just gets really quite, while he goes of on this big rant about how they don’t get why he is actually smart, because in his head he is speaking spanish, and everything he says has to be in english, and I just, love this.

  • Hamilton (musical): Literally puts Burr in the role of other people who fucked over Hamilton to make him more antagonistic, inaccurately portrays him as prejudiced against immigrants, makes it so he ran against Hamilton's father in law while they were still 'friends', has him 'betray' both Hamilton and Jefferson for no reason leaving out the abuse he endured from both of them beforehand, acts like Burr shot Hamilton because Hamilton prevented him from being a power-hungry dick and once again leaves out the years of libel and defamation, has Burr shoot Hamilton after he clearly forfeit the duel (this did not happen), asserts that Burr only got through university because his dad had been the president there and not because he's actually smart
  • Hamilton (musical): Erases the fact that Hamilton owned slaves and handled slave transactions for Angelica and her family, oversimplifies the Reynolds affair and leaves out the sheer extent to which Maria was at a disadvantage, completely leaves out all the times Hamilton purposefully defamed and humiliated Burr, portrays Hamilton as in love with Betsey (Eliza) and remorseful over the Reynolds affair to a much greater extent than he was in real life, disses Hamilton's enemies for owning slaves while completely leaving out the fact that many of his friends and colleagues did as well because we can't have Hamilton associating with slave owners amirite
  • Hamilton Fans™: Man I'm so glad this musical portrays both Hamilton and Burr as complex flawed human beings and totally doesn't force them into heroic/villainous roles

all of the batboys are terrifying as hell but I feel like we don’t give tim enough credit for how scary he is? like if this boy wants you dead he will figure out a way to make your murder your own fault? and he will plan it so carefully that it’ll be impossible to trace your death back to him? wild

I would like to point out Flynn’s very own constructed staircase. Made with wood and bicycle tires. That’s very nice, Flynn. I bet you got an A+ in Croatian shop class.

Yuuei Highschool Host Club AU

I just really need this ok

Midoriya Izuku was luck enough to get a scholarship at Yuuei thanks to his relations with All Might. They weren’t really well off so education at those kinds of school are not really within his access. But All Might has given him a chance to go do just that and he’s been studying day and night to get his good grades and become a successful hero. Until, he well got lured lost in the room of a certain host club and broke a vase worth 8M yen. He has then been enslaved worked as a host for the club to pay off the broken vase.

The hosts are the following:

1. Bakugou Katsuki (Bad Boy Tsundere Type) - You will just love Bakugou. Actually, everyone will just kinda love him. Or hate him with a burning passion. There is no in between. He might seem furious but inside his heart is actually a more furious and raged man but beneath all that is actually a boy who is tsundere for you. You may find yourself being careful around him but the longer you linger, the more you catch on to his tsundere charms and then, you are stuck forever. He is actually also very smart, despite his love for profane words. He also won UA’s hero tournament and has been holding the title for  2 years. Also self-proclaimed leader of the host club.

2. Todoroki Shouto (Hot & Cold Type) - Todoroki Shouto is unpredictable if anything. Sometimes, he has the warmest of smiles that get you all jittery and on other days, he has the coldest of stares that will leave you shaking. His capricious nature gets people more interested in him. The reason why Todoroki acts as such is said to be one of the 7 mysteries of Yuuei among others. He is also the son of the top  Hero, Endeavor, although he does not like to talk about it. Never talk to him about Endeavor unless you want to see his cold stares but if you want to see them, then be my guest. But mind you, there are repercussions.

3. Iida Tenya (Serious & Earnest Type) - Iida Tenya is a good choice for first timers at the host club. He is sensible and easy to converse with, although, he sometimes get out of hand with his speeches talking. A true gentleman, this one. He won’t ever push you or make you feel uncomfortable. Sometimes though, the more cunning and devious girls end up teasing him with matters of the heart until he gets beet red and inexplicably flustered. But that is, in its own right, a sight to behold. Most people visit him for that awkward blush.

4. Kirishima Eijirou (Upbeat & Friendly Type) - Kirishima Eijirou is also one that is well recommended for starters. He knows your cues and knows how to read people unlike Iida. Plus, he’s a natural mood maker so if you want light conversation and a good time, he’s the one. He’s also a good listener so if you are having troubles, he’ll gladly lend you an ear and try to give you advice. Has an obsession with ‘manly’ things and there is 101% chance that if you show him something manly, he will become a helpless puppy.

5. Shouji Mezou (Gentle & Kind Type) - Do not let Shouji Mezou’s rough and intimidating exterior fool you. He is actually the kindest of souls. Even as they call him Tentacles because of his quirk, he actually the most gentle of group. Mezou is also a good listener but unlike Kirishima, he rarely gives out advice, if he actually ever does. So if it is him, then you can go pour your heart out.

6. Kaminari Denki (Flirty & Dorky Type) - Kaminari Denki is a natural flirt. He knows your daily pick up lines and the like. You could say he knows how to make you feel the sparks between the two of you. But if you don’t laugh at his jokes or react the way he expects you too, he panics real bad. Most of his visitors actually go just want to go see him flail and be confused because it is actually what makes him cute. Sadly, he does not know about this. His fans will protect that secret to their graves.

7. Midoriya Izuku (Pure & Perfect Type) - Izuku is an idea son man. He is humble and understanding. He can converse with you with pretty much any topic but talk to him about heroes and his eyes glisten like the waters of the sea and his smile, oh god, his smile will dispel all the impurities in your heart. He is a cinnamon roll, too good for this world, too pure. He also will try to help you with 200% of things. Just don’t take advantage of his kindness because that might earn you the wrath of the other guys in the host club *cough* Bakugou *cough* Todoroki *cough*.

scenes and stuff:

But imagine Deku buying ‘commoner coffee’ and Bakugou being angry like “wtf is this shit deku?! i swear” but Deku is saved by Kirishima who fools Bakugou into drinking it as a form of ‘challenge’.

But also imagine Kacchan being hella confused because Deku is cute, CUTE. And Kacchan protecting Deku from one of his less saner fangirls and Deku thanking kacchan but Kacchan refusing the thank you because it is his responsibility, yada yada. But is secretly happy about it.

Kirishima watching in the distance and feeling both happy and sad because Bakugou is rarely ever truly happy but Bakugou is happy because of someone else. Kirishima who has been keeping his feelings with Bakugou at bay until Deku came. Just jealous Kirishima.

And also Deku having to wake up Todoroki, who is terrifying when woken by someone else, because he fell asleep at the host club room. And oh god, Todoroki pulls Deku’s hand when Deku called on him causing Deku to go fall in Todoroki’s chest.

Iida and Izuku reviewing together in the library and accidentally touching each other’s hand while trying to get something because both were too engrossed in studying that they didn’t have time to look.

Club treasurer Tsuyu and secretary Uraraka because someone or in this case some two need to watch the guys in the host club and make sure Izuku is safe and kept pure.

Also, Uraraka making all the guys float when girls begin hording at them in hallways. And Tsuyu retrieving them all with her trusty frog tongue.

Also, Uraraka and Tsuyu always being together and helping each other out that they actually fall in love with each other but the other party thinks they are in love with Izuku so Uraraka and Tsuyu try to set each other up with Izuku when they should just be admitting their love for each other.

James Potter head canons

Doesn’t like labels

Yes he made out with Sirius, no he isn’t gay

Yes Lily is his girlfriend, but is he straight? dunno

Is actually very smart, but school bores him so he doesn’t try too hard

Remus tells him thats a stupid reason, but James responds with - “Why should i put effort into something that will only ruin the love i have for the thing itself?”

Sirius calls him a philosophical shit

Gaining his friendship is very easy, but his trust? not so much

Contrary to popular belief, James has no ill-will towards all Slytherins

He only hated the ones in his year and above because he grew up with them

But with the younger students he’s very helpful and kind because he believes they are still children who have yet to be messed up by their house

Such a charmer that one i swear

Always talks in class! he’s the kid that either makes you laugh or the one you want to throw a book at to make him shut the fuck up


Hates crying in front of people because he thinks he always has to be happy and optimistic and tough for his friends

Also because he thinks his problems are small and insignificant compared to theirs

Is a flirt, but a subtle flirt 

With Sirius you know right away that he’s flirting with you, but James?

Is he flirting or being nice? Did he purposefully graze your hand or was that an accident? Did he just say an innuendo or do you just have a dirty mind? the world may never know

Knows Remus has welsh in his accent but doesnt say anything because Sirius still doesn’t and watching him get frustrated amuses James

His favorite color isn’t red! shocker yes, but its actually pink! it reminds him of the flowers him and his mom used to garden together when he was little

When he gets older he not only wants to be a part time quidditch star and part time Auror, but a stay at home dad!

He remembered growing up and wishing to be just like his mother, and even into his teen years James still thought that raising a kid was the most hardcore job you could have

Wants a family so big it could be its own quidditch team. He would compete against molly (IF HE WAS STILL ALIVE!)

Can crack his wrists so goddamn loud! it makes lily gag

Makes dad jokes but everyone calls them mom jokes because once again, mother hen

Tried eye contacts once, still shivers over the memory of touching his own eye ball

Always touching somebody (with consent of course)

A arm over shoulder, hand on thigh, fingers in hair, and more. He’s just so affectionate (and he knows that the other Marauders are hella touch starved but too awkward to ask for affection) 

Will fight

His trash talk is killer, but has awoken the boys in the early hours of the day to exclaim that he has an even better comeback

for what?

for what Severus said to me, obviously Moony!

you mean during that fight that happened hours ago?

yes! Now shut up!

And then he says it and it makes no sense because he came up with it while he was fighting a dancing duck in his dream

Doesn’t drink coffee because his mom said it would stump his growth when he was a kid, so instead he has a intense knowledge about different teas

When he cares about something you can pry it away from his cold, dead hands

My boy can draw! Just stumble into the common room to only witness Sirius in a ridiculous pose while James potter sketches away

Its usually shit because watching Sirius’s face morph into one of offense cracks James up

Sarcasm sometimes just completely flies over his head

Remus is the mediator when it comes to pranks and dumb shit they like to do, but James is the mediator with emotions and relationships

Is the person who gives wise advice, which no one believes until James potter is sitting next to them giving them this worldly speech and they think, Sirius was right, James is a philosophical shit.

 Thats all i have for now!

Listen…… George shipping locklyle is good….. but also consider the very real possibility that George is freaking terrified of losing his only friends in his godforsaken world.

Don’t tell me when your friends started dating that thought didn’t cross your mind.

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Hi sorry i have a genuine question how does kiwi reference sex w underage girls??!! I really had no idea and now I feel queasy but thank u For calling it out lmao

this section:

Hard candy dripping on me ‘til my feet are wet
And now she’s all over me, it’s like I paid for it
It’s like I paid for it, I’m gonna pay for this

‘hard candy’ is a term used to refer to pre-teen to teen girls. a lot of people have been sourcing urban dictionary as it is the most accessible source which has lead to cries of “it’s just UD it means nothing, harry wouldn’t know, he didn’t write the song alone,” etc etc. 

UD is not the source of the term. it’s a term that’s been in use for years and i believe entered the mainstream lexicon with this film:

which is specifically about hunting down pedophiles.

i’ve seen claims that he’s referring to a cocktail because it’s also the name of a cocktail, which first of all: there are millions of drink names that could be used. this is a specific choice, and if he wanted to be risque i can think of dozens of drink names off the bat that are explicit and/or suggestive. second of all, why is he talking about “paying for it” if it’s not something illegal or immoral or unethical? what is there to pay for if this is all good in the hood? third of all: he’s been emulating 70s icons who have all been known to partake in underage ~~“trysts”, so is it really so farfetched to see this as purposeful? there’s been no attempt to hide the sexism in any of his other lyrics or his actual behaviour. heck, even ‘carolina’s original backstory had her underage which was only changed when fans caused a ruckus, which suggests they didn’t think this would be a big deal. 

contextually, it is clear to me that this is an intentional reference to underage girls that they probably didn’t think would register or cause an uproar (which… i guess they knew their audience since people are now jamming to it and want it released as a singe) and that it would fit into the 70s rockstar persona. 

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Any headcanons of how Arsene gets along with the rest of the Phantom Thieves persona? I feel he'll get along with Kidd, rivalry with Robin Hood, nagged by Johanna, flirt with Carmen, tease Goemon etc.

…Is this a discreet way of making a request? LOL I kid, but I won’t elaborate too much since I… might have something planned in the future. ^_~

But honestly I think Arsène is the BIGGEST natural flirt so he pretty much just flirts with anyone without even realizing it, but when he intentionally flirts HOO BOY you’re in for a treat, this man has a way with words. So he’d probably flirt with all of them, but in a very classy and respectful way. He’s also quite witty, and they are all victims to his teasing. No one is safe. LMAO 

Johanna would be so unamused by his shenanigans and recklessness but she can acknowledge his intellect. That doesn’t stop her from calling him out, though. but even she isn’t immune to his charm I actually think Zorro is his partner-in-crime and they’ll snicker as they jest with each other; Arsène is probably slightly put off by Kidd’s lack of poise LOL but he admires his bravery and the two often stir up trouble; Carmen and Milady play him like the fool that he is ayyy lmao but he’ll ask them to dance or drink tea and chat, and they can’t say no because they really do adore him; Arsène will occasionally join Goemon for a smoke and they discuss the finer things; there is definitely a rivalry with Robin Hood, but it’s not hostile since Arsène is a gentleman (it’s more out of respect) but you better believe that Arsène will tease and banter with him constantly and Robin Hood will dish it right back. frenemies

Anyway, those are only a few of my personal opinions!! I’m sure you’ll find out more later.~ Thank you dear!! <33

Boyfriend! Johnny

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Philipp Lahm is the best spoken German pro in decades. Reporters love him because if they only get him for just two sentences or three phrases, they can just about always use every word. He’s such a far cry from the typical pro; he offers up intelligent, grammatically correct, useful, thoughtful full sentences - while still sweating and waiting for his pulse to return to normal after the final whistle. He does analyze and most often offers up accurate, sincere critique. Lahm is just about always a coach’s favorite player. Reliable, consistent, always fit. But also truly smart.”

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high school au where yuuri and viktor were at the same house party, episode 10 style things go down. viktor tries to hunt yuuri down and somehow yuuri ends up becoming victor's tutor ??

Victor would 100% pretend to fail a bunch of his classes in an attempt to get Yuuri to tutor him, but since he is actually really smart, he can spend the sessions just admiring the way Yuuri’s eyelashes are long enough to brush against his glasses and how his fingers play with his pencil when he’s thinking. And he’d definitely invite (drag) Yuuri to a bunch of other house parties to try and relive it.