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The Mystery Cookie

Cas entered his office reluctantly and hung up his trenchcoat. It had been a long night. His insomnia had once again taken full control of his night; he’d slept for maybe two hours total. And now he had to spend an entire day at his desk, trying not to fall asleep.

Turning towards his desk, he noticed something out of place. Sitting next to his keyboard was a cookie. A gooey-looking, delicious chocolate chip cookie. Cas looked around the room, as if he could see who placed this mysterious cookie on his desk. Shrugging, he sat on his hard uncomfortable desk chair and picked up the cookie.
A wonderful aroma immediately assaulted his senses. It smelled like home. He inhaled deeply, smiling slightly as he relaxed. He took a bite of the cookie and let out a moan of pleasure. It was delicious; a perfect blend of crunchy and chewy, still slightly warm, with gooey melted chocolate coating his mouth. It was amazing.

After finishing the cookie, Castiel felt a lot more relaxed, and was hoping to be more productive for the day. He sent a silent thanks to whoever left the cookie on his desk that morning.

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klaine-run-the-world  asked:

Does anon think Ben and M cuddling while 3rd wheel D was next to them in front of cameras when they throught they weren't being watched.... Is part of our heads only? What is their explanation? D was tired so roomie was taking care of his gurl??? That it was photoshop? I am asking for a friend.

Probably lol

You have to remember that they share a house all the three together. They sleep together in the same bed.

So when one of them it’s tired of taking care the gf, it’s job of the other one to taking care of.

The only thing is the one of them can care less, because he actually likes cock and he’s happily married to another person.

Yaaaaay. I want a relationship just like that.

To this day they don’t even know hot Ben’s arm was around her and Darren was totally by himself. This is how ridiculous they are and how blind that part of the fandom is.

I laugh so much when my memory bring me back to that.

hannahabbott  asked:

hey!! could you do a timestamp request of your fic: not if they were called scumdrops; with the prompt actual parentage ? i love your writing, thank you!!!

Original fic!

In general, Nate doesn’t understand relationships. He gets why people have them, he wants one himself, and when he’s dating someone, he enjoys it. But he’s pretty sure that there’s supposed to be this kind of progression from dates to cohabitation to marriage to children, and the pacing of those is a mystery. He watched Bellamy go through all of them in the expected order, and it still boggles him, how easy he made it look. Bellamy’s supposed to be worse at these things than he is.

“So, you want to marry Monty?” Bellamy suggests, when Nate asks him how the fuck this happened. Only without the profanity, because his goddaughter is starting to talk, and he doesn’t want to lose the who teaches her the first swear word bet. It’s definitely going to be Clarke. It would be shameful to lose to her. “That’s what I’m hearing. Since you guys are already cohabitating.”

“I don’t know,” he says, scrubbing his hand over his face. “It’s only been two years. That’s not long. You and Clarke didn’t get engaged that fast.”

“And we’re obviously the gold standard of relationships everyone should aspire to,” Bellamy agrees, picking up Diana when she frets. Even after two years, it’s strange watching Bellamy as a father, not because it’s unnatural, but because it’s not. Bellamy’s such a good father, it feels weirder remembering that he once wasn’t one. “We met in college,” he continues. “It’s not like I wouldn’t have married her sooner, but it didn’t feel like there was much of a rush. We weren’t ready to get married. But if I met her when you met Monty, I probably would have proposed already.”

“So I’m not going too fast, I’m going too slow?” Nate asks. “Great, thanks. Glad I asked you. Really helpful.”

“Sorry I love Clarke more than you love Monty,” Bellamy shoots back, grinning, and Nate grins back. “Seriously, if you don’t know if you’re ready to get married, just ask Monty. Clarke and I talked about when we wanted to get married all the time. It doesn’t have to be a surprise. It really shouldn’t be.”

“That’s part of why I’m worried,” Nate admits. “We talked about this stuff all the time before we got together, but as a joke. And now it’s still kind of a joke, like, think about all the kids with shitty names we’re going to have. But–” He exhales and lets himself say it. “I want kids.”

“Cool, you should. You’re going to be a good dad. Here, get some practice,” he adds, and hands Nate Diana without further warning.

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Creator: sterekfluffer
Type of Work:
Title: My In-Law Is An In Law: A Love Story 
Summary: O'Brien and Ashby star in a comedy cop movie as a father-son duo out to catch the infamous Mustache Killer (Hoechlin). But what happens when Stiles (O'Brien) falls in love with the cute bartender downtown and sleeps with him only to find out he’s the Mustache Killer??? (SPOILER ALERT: The Mustache Killer was being framed and is actually innocent and he marries Stiles and they live happily ever after). 


  • shawn and juliet are engaged and they’re still solving crime and kicking butt up in sanfran!!!
  • gus finally broke out of his mold and is probably doing jobs that he actually wants to do!!!
  • carlton is happily married with a cute lil baby daughter!!! and he’s chief of police which has been his dream job since he was a kid!!!!!
  • karen is still chief up north and she gets to build a department up from the ground instead of staying stagnant with an already established department!!!!
  • henry gets to teach other kids what he knows at a university and he’s finally learning how to get along on his own!!!!!!
  • hurray!!!! everyone is happy!!!!!!!!!
Do you ever stop and think about Sebastian?

In Twelfth Night, of course. I am not talking about the singing crab.

Just, when I think about that scene in Friends where Ross absolutely disintegrates at the idea that Rachel is not his sexual layaway, I also think about Sebastian.

Because look at your man. Now look at Sebastian. Your man can’t even.

Sebastian wanders into a story that’s halfway done and just accepts things as they happen. You have to assume this is partially due to having Ultimate Plotmaker Viola as a sister for his whole life. (I invite you all to contemplate babies Viola and Sebastian being called to account by their father for yet another mishap and Sebastian happily takes half the blame, would be offended at the idea that Viola deserves all the blame, when it was all Viola’s cunning plan. When the plans work, of course, he happily cedes her all the credit. Imagine teenaged Viola and Sebastian planning cunning plans about their neighbors and Sebastian ruining them by forgetting the plan and just going with the flow and how did you end up three towns away in a blacksmith’s forge and he just shrugs and is like he seemed nice!)

ANYWAY. Sebastian wanders into a plot halfway done and just sort of accepts everything. There is never a moment when he questions anyone on the class-appropriateness of their behavior. He apologizes for beating up Ultimate Bully Belch but points out that Ultimate Bully Belch is the absolute worst and thus clearly deserved it. Everyone agrees because Belch is the worst and he deserved much, much worse at that point.

He does have that moment when he thinks think-y thoughts for a hot minute after Olivia has had her wild way with him and his logic basically goes: “is she mad? no. am I mad? maybe. OK, let’s go with it. She should probably be the boss of me.”

AND THEN. THE PIECE DE RESISTANCE ON THE CAKE OF HOT DAMN SON. When it turns out the lady he has happily subbed his merry way into marrying was actually in love with his sister the whole time, what is his reaction? He says, “Fair enough. I should clearly be more like my sister all the time, I agree.”


I now invite you to imagine the crossdressing afternoon teas between the houses. Because Sebastian is not a complicated guy so when he says, “you have married a maid and a man” I assume he meant that he would be happy to blend gender boundaries because haven’t he and Viola been doing that all along? They’re identical fucking twins there is no way they haven’t been fooling people with dressing as each other since they could dress themselves. And Sebastian’s role is an archetypal female role, a passive role in the play. If Viola was a little quick to think up the “WAIT I HAVE A BRILLIANT IDEA I’LL BE A BOY” plan, Sebastian has absolutely no reason to suggest the reverse in the last scene.*

(*yes, I know it can be interpreted as a virginity/chastity claim in a Renaissance context but as language has decided to make a dumbass decision in this case, I elect to ignore it. Fury said so.)