he's actually a prince




he’s so cute i’m going to dieee


yknow what will be really fucking awesome? if there’s an episode in season 3 where the paladins are fighting but someone has got to sacrifice themselves to do this one thing that could save them and amidst all the debate and fighting, lance just rushes forwards and does it and when the rest do realise it’s too late. then the convo goes like ‘laNCE wHAT ARE YOU DOING’ ‘shiro you’re the leader, keith you’re our best pilot, pidge and hunk you’re our engineers…and i…i’m just a boy from cuba’ (tHE LINE THAT JEREMY WAS TALKING ABOUT) and then lance just smiles wistfully aND HE’S GONE
then while the paladins mourn his loss and all, it’s revealed that mY BOY LANCE is actuALLY ALIVE!!! and that sOMEHOW HE’S WITH MTFKING PRINCE LOTOR AND THAT’S HOW HE’S INTRODUCED BAAM


Salutations, the first part of A Study of Letters is finally out!

Mari’s older sister–heir to the throne and one-half of a crucial political engagement–disappears during a ceremonial trip.

Having no choice but to seek help in finding her from the neighboring kingdom she distrusted, Mari writes to long-time penpal, Chat, betting on her hunch that he is actually more than an assistant to the neighboring kingdom’s crown prince. But then Chat turns out to be more than Mari bargains for and now her plans—her roles?!—are changing…

Thank you @lilmikomiko and @peonydee for the commission!


drew some emperor penguins based of Penguin-san from Shirokuma Cafe, all voiced by the amazing seiyuu Hiroshi Kamiya \o/ 

Loved him as Penguin-san and since then I just keep finding him everywhere.

also trying new brushes o)-<


♡ korean language teacher hoseok ♡

Beautiful things in episode seven that people forgot the moment they kissed

-Viktor collapsing on him and falling asleep
-Yuuri wiggling his butt while leaning against the wall
-Leo’s confidence in himself, even after getting a low score
-Guanghong’s theme??? Is so good????
-Also Leo appeared in Guanghong’s story
-Speaking of Chris he did it again
-Perfect son Phichit is an actual disney prince
-“I don’t know how to make you stop crying should I just kiss you???? Idk”
-The intensity with which Viktor ran to him
-Plisetsky’s poor fork
-Yuuri can’t pronounce Russian and neither can I
-“With love from Russia~~ ;)”

People are like “ew lancelot is abusive and gross, fuck you if you ship it”

Like bruh. Lotor isn’t even in the show yet. VLD isnt the exact replica of the old show, clearly they’ve made a lot of changes. What if Lotor is a good guy in this version? What if Lotor wants to destroy his father’s empire but Haggar & Zarkon have yet to know? If i recall, Lotor hates his dad in the original show anyway, why not turn him into a rebel?

In any case, Lotor hasn’t even gotten a second of screen time so like ??? How are you making these assumptions ??? Chill.


day 2: favourite male character  ✧ julian bashir