he's actually a bad guy and not everything he does in the movie is consensual

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"if Kylo raped Rey then Rey raped him back when she got into his mind" Thank you, I'm so fucking tired of that bullshit, everyone saying that scene was a rape and then forgetting that Rey does it too. It's like because they hate Kylo and love Rey they consider the actions of one disgusting but the ones of the other not. I'm not a reylo shipper (though you're kinda turning me into one) but the whole reylo hate makes me really angry, it's fiction, for god shake

Yeah, I mean, obviously Rey mind-assaulting Kylo back is not on the same level since she’s his prisoner and he’s the one who attacked her first, but suddenly equating Force-relating mind-assault to rape just to provide a clear-cut, moralistic excuse to hate on a ship is dumb as fuck.

Because 1) once again, in TFA Kylo doesn’t owe Rey *shit*. They’re enemies. Yes, he hurts her - the she hurts him back; but not a single shipper is pretending like they’re anything but two people on different sides. Neither of them has an obligation to each other.

2) Stop! Trivializing! RAPE! Stop throwing that word around. I am aware that ‘mind rape’ is the acknowledged name of the trope, and there’s non-consensual mind-violation going on which isn’t supposed to be interpreted as anything but painful; but comparing magic tricks in a Disney movie to actual rape - a real thing that happens to real people - just to demonize a ship you don’t like? That’s so fucking tasteless and crass. (*)

It’s like because they hate Kylo and love Rey they consider the actions of one disgusting but the ones of the other not.

BTW, it’s not exactly that antis dislike Kylo; I know of plenty who actually like him just fine - as a villain. The thing is that SW at first look it’s a ‘verse with a very sharp, very definite Light vs. Dark narrative, so it’s quite easy to say which one are the heroes and which the bad guys and that they shouldn’t mix. This is of course bullshit - Star Wars is, as any true fan know, at its core a story of redemption, and you can’t arbitrarily set apart the perfect cinnamon roll bad good guys from the irredeemable villains.

But it makes sense that a portion of the new fans haven’t realized that yet, and tumblr is a site which kind of encourages to see things in black and white with all the ~problematic~ discourse, so I can kind of - understand the tendency a sizeable portion of the TFA fandom has shown to consider Rey this perfect angel of sunshine who can do no wrong and shouldn’t be tainted by any trace of Problematic Evil (conveniently ignoring the signs that Rey has been kind of set up for dabbling a bit with the Dark Side, but that’s another story). I personally find this point of view boring and needlessly trivializing - like all the headcanons about Finn being a pure child who knows nothing of Real Life because was brainwashed since birth so now obviously needs to be taught everything; are you serious? - but then again, I’m a villain hoe and like my characters morally grey; black and white never sat well with me.

I’m not a reylo shipper (though you’re kinda turning me into one)

*pumps fists in the air in victory*

THAT’S HOW IT STARTS, anon. I mean, I first heard of Reylo because everyone was hating on the shippers and I wondered what the fuck was up, but then I really got into it because someone I follow was reblogging a shitton of meta and I was interested in the character dynamic, even beyond anything potentially romantic. I just wanted them to interact, you know? Then I actually read the book/watched TFA and wanted them to make out, but. That’s how it starts. Just saying.

TBH it’s not the antis hating on the ship I dislike - it’s their godgiven right - what I dislike is the *viciousness* of it. The way it’s coated over in moralistic self-righteousness. The way that now it’s the cool thing to do so it’s incredibly widespread, and people don’t realize how harmful they’re being, because more often than not it bleeds over to hating on the *shippers* - who are real people, and more important than fictional characters, but are getting called ‘horrible people’ and ‘trash’ and ‘rape apologists’ and all this crap.

It’s so intense and suffocating and pretty much straight online bullying, and the wider TFA fandom that’s not involved with one side or the other just looks on and lets it happen, even though it’s happening on a website where people are so enamoured with the idea of calling out harmful behaviour. It’s such an odd fandom phenomenon. Why is everyone so angry all the time. I came out to have a good time etc, etc.

(*) Yes, I know there’s a quote going around by JJ Abrams that explicitely used the word ‘mind-rape’ for the scene, but the source is a second-hand story shared on a FB post and we have no way to know if that’s the actually wording he used - and even if he had, no one else at Lucasfilm used the word ‘rape’ (which they never will. They’re selling Kylo toys to children. They’re not selling us that scene as ‘mind *rape*’, sorry antis) and also I find it odd how the very same people who trashed JJ for the sexism in NuTrek are now acting like every word he says is gospel. Gimme a break.

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