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remember when they let spongebobs spatula stay in the hospital over night but when squidward broke every bone in his body they just gave him a cast and sent him home and he became one of those weird zoo creatures

yes omg 

Tokyo ghoul re spoilers but

I still can’t get over how perfect Juuzou was in the auction raid

how he walked right back into the fucked up place that almost broke him, met with his darkest and most personal demons alone and just smiled and threw knives at them

he told big madam he doesn’t hold a grudge and like… back in the first series, he clearly held a grudge against TWO RANDOM STUDENTS he didn’t even KNOW very well from his academy days, just because they’d always LOOK AT HIM WEIRD.  He told Mr. Shinohara one time he basically kinda wanted to kill everyone he’d ever met.  And just three-ish years later he meets the person who, some would argue, completely ruined him, and certainly severely fucked with the trajectory of his life, and all he has to say is that he only remembers scars but he doesn’t hold a grudge.

and he doesn’t accomplish this great victory as some pure untouched shining knight who magically shook off every trace of past abuse and is “all better now”… he ruins them as everything they raised him to be.  A delicate figure in a dress showing violence with no remorse.  They thought everything they did to him was the equivalent of breaking him for sure.  They thought that if you do all of that to a person well you’ve already won, that person can’t possibly be threatening anymore, right?  But Juuzou didn’t have to deny what happened to him to come back and conquer them.  At some point he learned to look at himself, all of himself, every good quality and every horrific scar, in the mirror and decide “all of this is me; all of this is who I am; I am worthy and acceptable."  He showed up at the auction like.  Hey.  All of this?  All the stuff you did to me?  It’s mine now.  And here I am.

(and I don’t mean to imply dress wearing/femininity = bad/weak/negative/etc., I’m talking about an abuse victim reacting to and coming to terms with things other people forced into his identity against his will)

and then like.  He was completely ready to stand up and face big madam as the victim-turned-conqueror, and he started to; that’s how the story is supposed to work, right?  but then she started talking shit and HIS FRIENDS, or coworkers who respect him and care about him at least, stepped in and finished her off.  Because he’s not alone anymore, and he doesn’t have to be.  They didn’t care how the revenge story is supposed to go, they saw that she was going to say hurtful things to Juuzou and they were like uh no sorry we can’t have this here bye.

It’s hard as HELL to even begin to know how to react to abuse, I don’t think you could point to any one example of somebody, real or fictional, reacting to it and say "this is the only way to do it/ this is the best way to do it/ this is what everybody has to be working towards/ this is possible for everybody."  I’m talking about a comic book but real people are more important, and this story doesn’t have to be important or realistic or relatable to everybody who’s experienced abuse.  …But for me personally it’s so beautiful and I am dead.

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ADAM PARRISH (for the ask thing)

I’m doing this on mobile so I’m just gonna put my selections in brackets
character: hate them | don’t really care | like them | [LOVE them | THEY ARE MY PRECIOUS]
(depends which book trb and bllb he was precious but tdt he wasn’t around a ton and when he was he was acting weird so I just loved him)

ship with: ronan, that one gay Irish farmer, street racer with the full back tattoo, chainsaw’s dad, that one resident of Monmouth with the buzz cut and bad attitude

general opinions: I think over the course of the series he’s grown up a lot and matured especially when it comes to friendships and caring about people in general. Now that he’s away from his father he sees the difference between caring and pity and just overall I think he’s become more empathetic (he was pretty empathetic when the series started he just seemed to pick and chose those moments) and aware of the people around him. Out of all five characters I would say he has grown the most through their journey and I’m very proud of the boy who drives the hondayota.

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calum taking you to the aquarium to see the dolphin show and you get super wet so he buys you one of those weird tshirts with the lame quotes and when you finish changing he has a big dolphin in his arms and gives it too you but says "fair warning, dinner will be on you tonight." and you squel and hug the stupid dolphin and call it you guys love child and spend the whole drive to McDonalds coming up with name, and he just says stupid ones and you eventually just name it Dolphin.

you’re so rude, how dare you send me this BEAUTIFUL STORY :’)

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when i was in preschool there was this 6th grader i liked and it was really weird. he told me he liked my shirt one day and i just ran to the sandbox.

aw i dont remember anything from preschool :^0

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I honestly love Osric Chau so fucking much. He is just such a beautiful person deep down. He doesn’t get enough credit or love. 


Future generations will scarce remember those who perish tonight, and history will acclaim the greatness of Tutankhamun for saving the lives of so many.