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everyone loves this moment and I do to.  It’s perfectly delivered, perfectly set up and its a perfect conclusion to this whole jailbreak.  Lance gets his chance to shine and save the day.  So - can talk about the fact that - Shiro lets him.

I’ve already talked about how, if shit suddenly hits the fan, Shiro’s first response is action.  Someone else talked in their post about how he tends to leap in ahead of the others, even when one of the others might be more suited, simply because he has a meat-shield complex.  This is a split second moment.  They’ve got a chance for one attempt and one alone and if it fails, they’re going to have to go back in and do this the very, very hard way.  Shiro sees what’s happening.  He has a jet pack.  He’s capable of reacting and throwing himself into things and its his nature to.  But.

But Lance says he’s got this - and Shiro stays put.  Let’s talk about the level of trust in Lance, the level of faith in Lance’s competency, the fact that Shiro listens to Lance and accepts his assessment that this moment holds.  They’ve got one chance to do this right - and Shiro trusts Lance enough to let him take that chance.  He does it without a seconds hesitation.  He doesn’t say ‘are you sure?’, he doesn’t head back in in case Lance misses.  He stays put and let’s Lance do his thing, no backup plan or safety net in place.  No matter how Lance may see himself, Shiro very obviously proves here that he sees Lance as a competent and important part of the team and trusts him and his judgement in a time of crisis without hesitation.  Can we please put to rest the fanon interpretation that Shiro ignores or belittles Lance’s place as a member of Team Voltron.  Shiro listened to Lances judgement call and trusted him to make it.

Voltron Swears

·        Pidge and Keith probably have the biggest potty mouths

Like Pidge has very colourful language, and uses a variety of curses at random

It freaks out the rest of the team because she’s so small, and the language she uses can be so vulgare at times

Lance and Hunk laugh whenever she swears around the team; Shiro is appalled.

  Like how could one so smol and innocent be able to curse like a sailor!

·    Keith doesn’t really care either way   His own foul language is mostly composed of the word ‘fuck’, which he uses frequently in different tones depending on the situation

Like when his lion gets hit, or he loses a round in training, it’s a short and angry ‘Fuck’

When he’s pissed off at someone it’s a loud burst ‘FUCK off!’ or ‘Fuck you!’ that makes the rest team jump in alarm

When he’s annoyed it’s a drawn out ‘fuuuckk’

And when it’s Lance nuzzling at his neck it’s a soft, mumbled ‘fuck’

He also flips people/aliens off a lot, and will often end a conversation by holding up two middle fingers and walking backwards out of a room

·        Shiro doesn’t really swear, out loud anyways.

He curses a lot in his head though, but has a really good poker face, so no one ever knows what he’s thinking

Besides “patience yields focus”

He almost lost it a few times with Slav though

·        Hunk tends to swear only when he’s in really stressful situations, but they aren’t actual swears

They’re more like utterances of ‘darn’ and ‘crap’

It’s hilarious and Lance will nearly piss himself laughing whenever he “curses”

Hunk once dropped a plate of space goo and muttered ‘oh for craps sake’ and Shiro, absolutely straight faced, said “Language Hunk.”

Everyone went silent, and Hunk looked ready to die of embarrassment not knowing if Shiro was being serious or not

But then Keith, of all people, began to chuckle, and the gig was up

Now whenever Hunk curses they all go “Language Hunk,” and Shiro mumbles something about a ‘swear jar’

·        Lance also tends not to swear, seeing as he came from a large family with smaller children

He tends to use playful expressions like ‘what the cheese’ and things like that

There are times, however, when he’ll switch to Spanish, which is like, level two anger for Lance

He can string long Spanish curses together and go on a rant whenever he feels the need, and it’s entertaining to watch, seeing as he’s very expressive with his hands, but also a bit intimidating, since none of them know what he’s saying

Sometimes he’ll just spout a bunch of random words to make his rant a little more impressive

He’ll also murmur Spanish curses whenever he and Keith go at it, which Keith loves, since it means Lance is in an entirely different world of pleasure

Level three swears for Lance are scary.

Like, he is pissed off.

When Lance uses actual swear words you know you done fucked up

·        Allura and Coran swear as well, but in Altean, so the others don’t really know what they’re saying (like with Lance)

Coran uses his curses efficiently, sticking them into conversation wherever he feels they’re needed

Allura, on the other hand, is much like Pidge, and has an impressive vocabulary when it comes to curse words

Coran is used to it for the most part, but there are times when she gets really mad and he has to remind himself that, yes, she is a princess, and not some ruffian raised in a bar

The others pick up certain words as well, and use them randomly, which is all very comical, until Lance accidently called an important diplomat a word he heard Allura use once, and said diplomat happened to know the Altean language.

Needless to say Allura had to do some extensive ass-kissing to make up for that one

Coran decided to teach tell them what the words meant after that, and the team had never seen Lance go so red

Keith still makes fun of him for it

I honestly feel for Lance when it comes to him disliking Keith, especially in the beginning of the show

Here he’s told that he wouldn’t even be a fighter pilot if it wasn’t for Keith dropping out

I can’t even imagine how bad that must’ve made him feel, almost like he didn’t have a purpose there at all because of Keith. If you think about it, Keith being better than him in the Galaxy Garrison probably made him feel inferior and unimportant, which is why he developed a grudge against him in the first place. 

This feeling of inferiority and being put down before Keith is why he always feels as if he was one-upping him. 

Then there’s the fact of Shiro who he looks up to a lot and has literally called him his hero, and it has probably already been made aware to Lance how close he is to Keith. This also put him at a disadvantage when it comes to being noticed by him.

This is most likely why he blew up at Shiro that time when he chose Keith over him to come on the mission. He probably felt that Shiro was favouring Keith just because of their closeness, even though he has practically the same potential as him, and even more if anything. 

Then there’s Allura

Lance is always flirting with her and trying to make moves, but she never seems interested or cares in the slightest. 

Then she happens to become involved with Keith and it’s really no surprise why Lance would be jealous

He’s trying so hard with her and then he gets the impression that she may be more interested in Keith, someone who is literally always stealing the spotlight from him. I can’t even imagine how low that made him feel too.

Even though I feel like their relationship is slowly improving, because we got to see in season two how Lance actually cares about Keith

I think this issue of him being put below and feeling inferior to him will be very serious in season three now that Shiro’s gone

Who did Shiro put his faith in to lead the team if anything happened to him? Oh yeah, Keith. Then there’s also the fact that Lance felt like a seventh wheel

During this scene he made Shiro proud of him, which is why it was such an important moment. Shiro praised him, making him feel valuable and like an important part of the team. 

Then he disappears, and the news is going to be broken that he wants Keith to lead instead of Lance? Leading Voltron is a big deal, and if Lance finds out that Shiro has no faith in him to lead, that’s going to kill him guys I can just feel it. 

Keith and Lance, especially Lance, are going to have to overcome their differences if they want to move forward in Voltron and eventually find Shiro. Lance needs to face his inferiority problems with Keith, only then can they work properly together without any issues. Except if that doesn’t happen, there’s going to be a lot of conflict this season with them and no progress in their relationship. 

And that’s exactly what we don’t want, considering I’m almost 99.9% sure Keith doesn’t even hate or dislike Lance, he only has to feel that way because of how Lance acts towards him. 

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Can we talk parallels with shieth and allurance? Pretty pls?


In A New Defender, everyone is obviously concerned when the magic strikes Allura. But–just before we see anyone else’s face, we get a purposeful closeup on Lance, and he looks absolutely terrified. And as soon as Allura goes down? Lance is the first one running to help her up. 

You know what this reminds me of? Remember Keith’s trial–how Shiro sprinted after him as soon as he saw he was in danger, how visibly distraught he was as he immediately grabbed Keith and cradled him close? Yeah, both of these read as scenes typically reserved for a character’s love interest to me. Like, Lance and Shiro even have the same look on their face, and we know Lance cares for Allura romantically, so–this isn’t even subtle. 

There’s how Keith and Shiro are always so supportive, and now we’re seeing Lance and Allura start to repeat that very same pattern. Where Keith and Shiro always looked to each other for strength, we’re starting to see clear parallels of that in allurance as well. Most notably 1) when Allurance looks to Lance for help in season 3 and Allura in turn assures him he’s a natural 2) when Lance fears he might no longer have a place on the team and Allura reaffirms just how important he is, and 3) when Lance encourages Allura at the end of season 4. “You’re the heart of Voltron,” is such a touching line, as is the exchange–“Thank you, Lance,” “That was all you.” They’re so sweet, and the evolving dynamic is very reminiscent of sheith. 

There’s also this very specific, interesting parallel in that Allura lets her walls down and reveals a part of her tragic past to Keith. Similarly, through the BOM trial, Shiro sees Keith’s past. And yeah, both of those scenes involve unveiling information about the respect characters’ lost fathers, which is interesting. On Allura’s end, it shows she openly trusts Lance enough to share this information voluntarily. And as for Keith, though the memories were projected against his will, Shiro is still the only person this information is ever divulged to. I doubt Keith would trust those memories with anyone else. 

The last thing I’m going to touch on is how the lion exchange between Keith and Shiro is incredibly similar to Lance and Allura’s. And yes, in the case of the latter it was a two way exchange, because it wasn’t Keith who handed of Red to Lance. No, that honor goes to Allura. And just like how Allura encourages Lance to take up the mantle of the Red lion, Lance in turn tells Allura she was  meant to pilot Blue. “If I had to lose Blue to anyone, I’m glad it was you.” “The Blue lion chose you for a reason.” The situation is a clear parallel to how Keith and Shiro keep insisting the other is the true black paladin, and each tries to comfort the other with that fact. “The Black lion has chosen you. I’m proud of you, Keith.” “It was always meant to be yours.” 

so yeah, I think these two ships are endgame   

This scene in general,,,,

Keith was literally about to sacrifice him self by a suicide. Yes, I know that seems like the BOM way, but self sacrifice is an extremely serious topic, something you have to think about and be prepared for. It can’t be some spontanious thought, you have fully agnowlage and accept you death. When Ulaz has sacrificed himself, he was obviously contented and understood that was what needed to be done. But Keith, his expression looks pained. 

This moment, Keith had nearly willingly died, and Matt, Coran, and All of the paladins couldn’t have stopped him. He didn’t even know how worried everyone was. This scene is very important to Keith’s development. 

(sorry for bad caption, I just screenshotted off of YT)

In his vlog, Keith openly stated that he pushed people away so he doesn’t get hurt when they reject him. In the beggining of s4, Keith had already begun to shift over to the BOM team. When Shiro then asked Keith why, and he said part of the reason is because he doesn’t feel like he is a fit leader. Keith obviously doesn’t feel worthy to lead Voltron, and that fear could be spreading to the thought that he isn’t good enough to be a paladin. We all know he has intense trust issues, but you know what probably doesn’t help those issues? 

A look like this. Keith most likely considers team Voltron to be his family. So a look of dissaproval like this? That has to be mentally deteriorating, and making him want to even further push himself, so he won’t dissapoint them like that again. I mean, even look at Keith’s reaction to seeing them. 

He is so visibly hurt, but Keith isn’t one to wear his feelings on his sleeve. The only time we see him being totally upfront about his feelings besides anger or frustration is literally in his vlog. Keith is once again beginning to distance himself, but I think this is different than the way he has before. It is safe to assume he (and  most likely all of the paladins) has mental health problems. Keith so quickly accepted the thought that he needed to sacrifice himself for the team. For the greater good. How he had been nearly so ready to give up his life? This will most likely be a big part in seasons to come. When he was flying towards that battleship? He didn’t even know how much The others feared for him, and in his mind he may have even thought this was the only was for them to be no longer disappointed in him. Pidge and Allura were even crying in this scene. 

He has a rocky character development, making it even harder to understand what the main source of the problem could have been. But we do know one thing. Keith is extremely unstable. This could be the reason he lashed out, even in suicidal ways, because he doesn’t fully understand what is going through his mind, and what he needs to do. But this could also be a small little redemption in Keith’s mind, to make up for the trouble he had caused.   

Please don’t let his mental health go unnoticed. 

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Dean Ambrose/Roman Reigns/OC- Reader’s shower stops working and needs to use Roman and Deans. Things get a little carried away.

Warnings: I don’t know why this is so long but it is, also there aren’t any except for pure smut.

I don’t know where this idea came from but I’m damn glad that its here now : @alexispoo @the-geekgoddes @vebner37 @sierrarukia @ambrosegirlforever

I smirked as my heels clicked on the concrete in the halls of the arena. Seeing that I wasn’t scheduled to fight tonight but instead I had a promo with Dean and Roman, my outfit had to be perfect. My heels made me feel a little bit more superior than my fellow wrestlers and the whistle that just left Finn’s mouth made me giggle in delight.

As I stood in the gorilla waiting for my cue, I checked my reflection once more and smiled as I saw how well my dress hugged every curve on my body. My music pulled my attention away from the mirror and I walked out the curtain to an audience chanting my name.

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  • Is a super kind person
  • Is literally a very chill person until provoked
  • Has a short temper but is not a generally angry person
  • Is quite conscious about the fate of the universe and the importance of their mission
  • Has a decent degree of emotional intelligence because he is able to react well to Shiro’s PTSD and is constantly on the lookout for his episodes
  • is a team player and works really well with his team members
  • Generally only attacks Lance when Lance is being irresponsible with his part of Voltron
  • Is reckless but usually does it with good intentions
  • Is reactive to Lance and generally doesn’t start shit himself (episode 9 being the only exception)
  • cares VERY deeply for his friends
  • Can be very cool-headed when needed
  • Laughs and has never sulked on screen
  • Tolerates Lance’s quips at him a lot in the beginning and only starts getting angry once Lance proves that he’s not gonna stop
  • Can look at the bigger picture and make selfless decisions
  • Is cautious with his friends’ safety but not his own
  • Is a good, mature, kind person
  • Is standoffish but not socially inept
  • smiles a lot

Keith is more than just the team emo p l       s 

slight Voltron spoilers

It is very, very interesting to me that Keith talks about Shiro the way that he does. Not necessarily in a ship type way, but also the ramifications that that has for Keith’s character as a whole.

Because Shiro is indisputably and unarguably Keith’s rock. And if you are someone who suffers from some type of anxiety and depression, your rock is something you depend on utterly to help you keep things together. Your rock is the one you turn to when your world is falling apart; and if they are taken away from you, your world falls apart without them.

It’s funny, because to me, Keith is definitely a character that at the very least has some severe anxiety, especially socially. I know that fandom doesn’t really talk about it much, but it’s true. Some aspects that have lead me to think so are:

  • The way that he generally separates (protects) himself from other people through his body language, especially at first.
  • The way that he tends to try to be near Shiro, who is the only person we see him really allowing himself to rely on.
  • The way that he tries to pick up his social cues from Shiro.
  • The way that he isn’t typically rude (unless falling apart), but also doesn’t typically tend to add to the conversation unless he has something important to say when meeting new people.
  • The way that there are times when he still has a tendency to self isolate, even from the team. (Such as by standing/sitting away from them and sometimes preferring to be alone rather than with the others.)
  • The way that he has a very hard time trusting that other people like or care about him.

The last two are especially important, because I think they are at the heart of Keith’s character. And as someone with severe social anxiety, I recognize them as things I do often.

Here’s the thing: people will say that Keith trying to break away from the team or acting like no one but Shiro cares is selfish. That he cares only about what happens to himself.

Here’s what I feel is the truth: at least a part of Keith genuinely believes that, besides Shiro, the rest of the team won’t care. He doesn’t truly feel that they care about him, because up until Shiro Keith’s life has been a series of people leaving or not caring about him. He never knew his mother. His father is gone. He probably never had a supportive foster family, and canon indicates there was none that actually treated him like he was their family. The Garrison just throws him away like trash because he doesn’t handle Shiro’s disappearance well. Even with Voltron, his relationship with Lance isn’t the best at first.

So Keith definitely has reason to have issues when it comes to trusting that people are going to care enough to want him around. Hell, being in the foster care system alone can give you those types of issues. And as someone with severe social anxiety, I can tell you a fact: people can tell me that they care about me a thousand times over and I will have a hard time believing it. Not because I don’t trust those people, or because I think that they are dishonest. Not because I don’t care about those people, because I genuinely do. But because I don’t trust their ability to care about myself. Because I don’t think I deserve for them to care about me, and because people have left me before.

I think that Keith is the same way. He cares about this team deeply, perhaps even loves them. But he can’t really see how they care about him because

A. Part of him thinks that he doesn’t deserve to be cared about, especially by people that he respects.

B. Believing that they care, and then later finding out that they don’t care, or don’t care about him as much as he would like them to is terrifying to him.

C. It is therefore likely much easier for him to care about someone with no expectations, then expecting them to care and being gutted when/if they don’t.

D. It is probably very hard for him to believe that he can have more people than Shiro care about him; he doubtlessly feels very lucky to have gotten Shiro’s affection, and asking for more may seem like an impossible dream to him.

None of these are particularly the team’s fault, but are Keith’s own insecurities. Insecurities that are going to cause him to react in ways that may seem ‘selfish’ or rude sometimes. Insecurities that are going to cause him to do things like considering leaving the team until Shiro points out they need him for Voltron. Insecurities that are going to mean that he will lash out when thinking that he’s lost the only person who will ever care enough to try to find him if he is lost.

At the end of the day, Keith is just a broken boy who is doing the best that he can.

Think of that a bit before you call him 'selfish’ for his reaction.

“You aren’t even part of the team” || Keith Kogane x reader

Anon asked: “Ooh a new blog!! Can I get Keith and his s/o getting into a really really bad argument and have him apologize to her after? I live for angtsy fluff. Good luck with the blog!”

 A/N: Same here, friend. Thank youu! I hope you like it! (If you want me to change something just tell me and I’ll gladly do it)

E/C- eye color

So many things had changed since the blue lion had been discovered. Your life turned completely upside down but not everything was bad. Sure you missed your family and friends but you had new ones, including aliens (which was awesome to you). You started to develop relationships with the paladins pretty quickly, especially because you were with them at the Garrison (even though you had never spoken before). 

You still remembered the times before Keith had been booted: you had always admired him, his piloting skills were amazing so you looked up to him, since that was what you wanted to be as well, a pilot. You developed a crush on him and when you went to space you finally got together.

Dating Keith could be a real challenge sometimes because of his temper, but Shiro was always a helping hand. When Shiro disappeared, his anger took a whole nother level since it had been the second time already. Keith was now the new black paladin and leader of Voltron so he was constantly stressed and anxious. Every time you went on a mission he would end up getting distracted from the actual goal and, regardless of the consequences, would risk the team’s safety by pushing it to its limits. He was desperate to find Shiro and you didn’t blame him, you understood how important he was to him, but Keith needed to calm down and you probably shouldn’t have told him that.

“Calm down?” he asked incredulously “How do you want me to calm down when Shiro is missing? Again?!” it had been a complicated mission. Lotor made you believe you were close to finding Shiro, he led you to think he was on an abandoned planet as a prisoner, which wasn’t the case at all. He had given all of you hope, he had given Keith hope – and now he was devastated.

“Keith” you called gently, trying not to annoy him “I understand but-“

“That’s your problem, (Y/N), you don’t understand.” He interrupted you, his cold eyes piercing your skin. “How could you possibly understand?” he threw the question to the air, emphasizing the “you”.

“And what do you mean with that?” you crossed your arms starting to get annoyed as well. “Why wouldn’t I?

“I am the black paladin, I am the leader of Voltron-“

“So what? Does that come with some extra privilege to feel things?”

“I am the one who gives the orders, I am the one who has to choose what to do and deal with its consequences!” he rose his tone getting closer to you.

“But the consequences affect us too! And if it wasn’t for your reckless leadership and desperate desire to find Shiro maybe there wouldn’t be any.” You rose yours too, your face turning slightly red.

He stopped for a moment, trying to collect words that could describe how angry he was “Why are you even giving your opinion?” he was now screaming at you “You aren’t even a paladin!” he pointed out “You aren’t even part of the team!” those words echoed in room and you could swear that Allura, who was on the other side of the castle, had heard it.

You stared at him, hurt crossing your face. You never thought he would say that to you, not him. You always had your doubts on being useful to the team, you didn’t have a lion, your fighting skills had improved a lot, sure, but not enough to make you a good fighter, you understood some things about tech… But there was always someone better than you. You tried to push away those thoughts every day by telling yourself “I’m enough.” but you weren’t so sure of that anymore.

You turned and left without saying a word and you didn’t look back, not even when your boyfriend called for you. You ran to your room, locking the door and letting your body slide until you hit the floor. You stared at nowhere in particular and you cried, your sobs muffled against the soft skin of your hands.

You weren’t sure what time it was or for how long you’d been sitting there but you heard calm footsteps that stopped outside your door. You tried to be quiet so that whoever was outside didn’t think you were there but soon enough you heard a few knocks on your door.

“(Y/N), I know you’re in there” Keith sighed when you didn’t answer “Please… let me in.”

You shook your head, refusing to open the door and you stared at the ceiling, more tears streaming down your face.

“I-I didn’t mean what I said..” he started “Shiro… Shiro is like a big brother to me, he-he helped me in my darkest times. At the Garrison, he was always there if I needed anything and I don’t think I would be half the pilot and person I am today if it wasn’t for him. It frustrates me that I can’t do the same for him, that I couldn’t do anything to help him when he was held captive by the galra, that I can’t help him now because I don’t even know where he is or.. if he’s even alive.” He whispered this last part, afraid that if he said it too loudly it would become reality.

“You are right. I have been so blind with finding him that it’s all I think about. I’m being selfish, I’m not thinking about the team.. I’m not thinking about you..” he stared blankly at the floor before continuing “You are part of the team, whether you have a lion or not and I’m sorry if I made you think otherwise. Even the mice are part of the team “ he chuckled “You are very important to me, (Y/N) and I… I hope you know that.” He waited for your answer but when he realized you weren’t giving him any, he got up and started to slowly walk away.

“Keith” he turned around and saw you staring at him, eyes red and cheeks still very wet. He ran to you and without hesitation held you in his arms. You placed your arms around his torso and wept against his chest while he caressed your hair.

“I am so sorry for what I said.” He whispered, inhaling the sweet scent of your hair. He smoothly cupped your cheeks and stared at your (E/C) eyes “I would never do or say anything to hurt you. I know I’m difficult sometimes-“

“Sometimes?” you scoffed, a ghost of a smile on your lips.

“A lot of times” he rolled his eyes playfully “But I love you and just want to do my best to be a good leader and a good boyfriend”

“You are a good boyfriend, Keith. You just need to calm down a little and let others help you.” His gaze started to drift from you but you lifted his chin forcing him to look at you “No one, I repeat, no one can do this on their own. We are human, we all have limits. We just want the best for you.” He smiled cleaning the tears that rested on your cheeks.

You leaned closer to him and united your lips. It was a slow, tender kiss and after all these months of dating, you still felt the butterflies on your stomach as if you were reliving your first kiss with him all over again. You loved him and now you were surer than ever.

what you need

allura rejecting lance and pidge comforting him.


“You are important to me, Lance. Maybe not in a romantic way but as a good friend, as family. I hope that’s enough.”

Sadly, no, it’s not. The red paladin thought, sitting in the lounge, as Allura’s words repeated over and over in his mind.

Lance finally got rejected.

It wasn’t like he was expecting it, he just knew in the back of his mind that there was no more than a 10% chance that the princess of Altea would be interested in him. Yet it was hard to admit this to himself so he just ignored the thought and continued to try and flirt with her every two seconds.

Yes, she wasn’t the first girl who rejected him, but this was Allura. Someone who knew him well as he knew her. Someone who he bonded with and really liked. Getting rejected by Allura, for Lance, meant that even though she knew him well enough to know that he wasn’t just the goofball who flirted with every human shaped creature he sees, she still couldn’t like him back, no matter how hard he tried. Was he not likable? It wasn’t even just about Allura anymore. It was about how this rejection contributed to his already low self esteem.


His thoughts was interrupted by a familiar voice. By now he knew his teammates and their voices very well that he didn’t even need to turn around to know it was her.

“I uh… heard what happened.” Pidge said.

“And you’re to here to tease me, aren’t you?”

The green paladin then sat beside him as she simply answered. “Nope.”

“Well then, since you’re here, do you mind answering a few questions? I want you to be really honest.” Not that she wasn’t brutally honest already anyway.

“Okay?” She raised an eyebrow.

“Why do you think Allura doesn’t like me?–”

“Because you’re annoying–”

“Let me finish. As I was saying, am I not likable? Is it because I have the loverboy aura? I mean I may flirt with a lot of people but trust me all I ever wanted was Allura. I thought we were soulmates.”

There was that familiar pain in her chest again.

The room was filled with nothing but silence after that. Pidge might be the most straightforward and honest person in the castle but she wasn’t the best at giving advice.

Especially when she herself was experiencing rejection in the most indirect yet painful way. Seeing the person she liked so broken because of the person he liked was torture.

But it wasn’t about her. It was about him, Lance.

She must had been quiet for longer than she should for concern was obvious in his tone when he called. “Pidge?”

She took a deep breath before speaking. “Whenever me and Matt would ask for something silly, our mom would always tell us, sometimes what you want isn’t exactly what you need.” She finally looked at him, her eyes meeting his blue ones. “Don’t you think that applies to soulmates and all that romance stuff too?”

Lance only blinked at her, a somehow invitation for her to elaborate.

“To put it simply, as much as you want her to be, maybe Allura just isn’t the one or your soulmate? or whatever you wanna call it. I don’t know much about soulmates but I do know that they’re supposed to be your other half. Meaning, they’re the one who’s going to complete you. They have everything you lack and everything you need. Someday you’re gonna meet them and they will fall in love with you, cause I hate to admit this but you’re not unlikable, Lance.”

Lance’s mouth hanged open in disbelief. It was like the world turned upside down. Pidge was giving him actual advice, a pretty good one too. It took a moment for him to finally close it and spoke. “You… you really think that?”

The soft look on his face made everything sink in. Oh my, she actually said that. He wasn’t unlikable? What was she thinking? It was basically an indirect confession! She felt her face heating up, making her nervous for she knew her face was a blushing mess.

“Y-Yeah. You may be annoying as heck but you’re also very fun to be with. You’re kind, selfless, you always know what to say, even if sometimes you would say something completely random, it’d still be helpful. You’re a great sharpshooter and a very important part of this team. You know how to cheer people up, I know because you were the only one who could make me laugh when we were at the Garrison, when I was at my lowest. You’re very much likable and I’m probably rambling now aren’t I?”

“You are.” Lance chuckled and smiled fondly, his heart racing at her words. “But thanks, Pidge.”

I sure hope you guys like meta about Dad Kogane because I keep seeing fanon and meta based on him being a bad person and this is where I’m venting about it. 

I come back to the fact that: the only reason we saw Dad Kogane in s2e8 is because he’s precious to Keith. Whatever went down between them, Keith thinks of him fondly. He’s someone that Keith wants back. Hence the suit, fishing for people who will tug on Keith’s heartstrings- people who mean the world to Keith- it produced his father.

Keith’s dad is someone that he continues to remember softly, who he’d want to stand there and listen to even with pressing, terrifying things happening outside. And that image of him, while manipulative, because both of the holograms were- is soft, and reassuring, and worried about him. This seems like someone who put Keith first in many regards. In contrast to Holo Shiro who accuses Keith of being selfish- rather harshly- Holo Dad never once actually talks about his own feelings or missing Keith. He even hedges his own presence on asking if Keith wants him there.

And that gave me a very worrying thought.

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Alexander Ovechkin “going to the olympics no matter what” is great, absolutely, and it’s fun to cheer him on as thumbing our noses at the league - just please do remember that his situation is unique in that:

  • Russia literally considers their Olympic/National Ice Hockey team to be a sociopolitical factor of profound importance - it used to be playing for hockey was akin to military service and games were actually considered part of cold war events. It’s not that extreme anymore but still… it’s VERY different culturally than other national teams.
  • He’s likely to be expected by Russia to captain for Russia again and as such could be in potential trouble if he didn’t find a way to go. Not like “we won’t ask you back next time” trouble like other players might but like… actual life problems potential trouble.
  • Putin has his personal fucking phone number and calls him sometimes to talk hockey. How much of a choice do you really think he has about answering those calls?
  • He already had the explicit public blessing of his team’s owner (who probably knows all this and is too smart to put his captain in this terrible position), without which he (and any player) would be in violation of his contract by just leaving and could end up in serious legal and/or financial and/or career trouble. There’s not many guys in the league who could even pretend to try and just “decide” to go.
Last Game Seiyuu Greetings Report

As mentioned in my summary post there was a short talk show at the end featuring all the seiyuus (Kuroko, Kagami, GoM, Nash and Silver) so here are some highlights about that. They said it’ll most likely be in the DVD/Blu-Ray as well so don’t worry we’ll be able to eventually see it. For this I really couldn’t remember everything but I’ll try to remember what I can. 

Will be under the cut becuase they reference some spoilers

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At the very least

Written for @shancefluffweek day 1!

Also on ao3!

1,268 Words

Team Voltron had just finished another training session, Coran praising them from the booth for their performance before sending them all off to the showers.

Keith and Shiro went to stand over Hunk, Lance, and Pidge, who had all collapsed in a celebratory dog-pile on Hunk after he took out the last gladiator with a shot from his bayard.

“Alright everyone, up and hit the showers,” Shiro said, trying to keep a chuckle out of his voice. Keith rolled his eyes at the others but leaned in to help them disentangle themselves.

Pidge rolled off of the two boys and onto the floor, and Keith helped her up. Shiro went over and offered Lance a hand as he slid off of Hunk’s stomach and rolled onto the floor.

“Thanks, Shiro,” he said as he took the older paladin’s hand. But, as Shiro pulled Lance to his feet, he noticed that Lance’s movements seemed ginger.

“You alright, Lance?” Shiro asked, placing a hand on the other boy’s shoulder?

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Why I worry for Lance

The main reason I worry for Lance is probably because I’ve realized that on some subtle note, I relate to him. Not in the fact that he’s out-going and flirty, but on the fact that he’s always trying to out do himself. He’s the self-proclaimed sharp-shooter of the team (and he really is) but he’s always trying to level up in a way and be better.

Lance obviously deals with some heavy self-esteem issues, and except for that one scene with Keith and Lance in season 3 (and one other one where Shiro compliments Lance on being their sharp-shooter), no one helps Lance out and no one ordinarily compliments him on the amazing skills he does have.

In the scene where Lance approaches Keith and tells him that he’s willing to step down as a paladin because “Shiro”’s back, Keith tells him that he is needed and he is important on the team. Everyone’s been mushing over this scene, but I don’t think anyone’s taken into account how Lance leaves Keith’s room. He doesn’t have any restored confidence, he’s not even really smiling. He leaves kinda slouched and not in any better of shape than when he entered the scene. The only way I can describe this is actions speak louder than words. Now, we’ve all heard the old saying, and by now your parents have probably said it SO many times that you just find it cliche and annoying, but it’s true and holds a lot of meaning.

Despite Keith telling Lance that he is needed on the team, most of the times when Lance’s skills come into conversation at all it’s mostly the team making fun of him- and we see this quite a few times in season 3. Even Hunk, Lance’s best friend picks on him about this along with everyone else, and they all probably mean it as a joke more or less, but I have a feeling it’s all going to come back and bite them in the long run.

Other people have pointed out how, as the sniper of their team, Lance’s role is more behind the scenes, but it is still VERY important and I don’t think the team really realizes how much Lance contributes. Going back to the main point though. I deal with self-esteem issues myself and I’ll tell you one thing that is very important. Words can do a lot, but simply telling someone they’re important does squat when their self-esteem is already pretty low. Lance’s self-esteem is already low to the point that he’s not even entirely sure he’s even meant to be a paladin even though he obviously is. Keith simply saying that he’s a crucial part of the team doesn’t do anything if him and the rest of the team don’t follow through with that statement. They may mean their jokes as simply that, jokes, but whether it’s meant to be funny or not, Lance never once laughs or cracks a smile at them. He’s obviously affected in a very negative way.

My worry is that by the time someone actually puts this all together (I’m thinking it’ll be Allura or Shiro) and sits down and talks with the rest of the team, it might be too late. Because, even if the team are all Lance’s friends and even a family to him, this kind of stuff doesn’t ever really go away especially if they keep pointing fun at him- it’s extremely hard to build a sound structure that’ll last on land that has a lot of earthquakes.


Let me talk about just how special this scene is.

(As if the change to softer music didn’t clue you in already.)

It seems to emphasize how valuable and central Adam Banks is to the Ducks, contrary to what people say that he is a Hawk and can never be a true Duck.

Coach Bombay picked Jesse, Guy, Dwayne, Fulton and Adam for the arduous task of taking the penalty shootout for the team to win the gold. PSO situations are always nervy and highly stressful affairs so you have to make sure you pick the most skilled and experienced players on your team who can handle the pressure. According to research, the team’s best player is always the fifth shooter. They are the ones who take the most nerve-wracking shot in the order which also happens to win (or lose) the game. This is the privilege that the Coach has bestowed on Adam, he trusts him that much to pull through for him and the team. And Banks delivers in spectacular fashion, with a move that I to this day find so badass impressive.

It’s not enough for teams to get by through fun and heart alone, you have to have that reliable standout guy to make sure you get there. People argue that Charlie Conway is the team’s heart and soul and he is all the team needs to get somewhere, but I’d say they need Adam Banks too. D3 proves that Charlie couldn’t do it alone, he needed Adam for the Ducks to fly.


Before Adam glides away to take the game-winning shot, he looks at his bench and we are shown three people who are supposed to be very important in his life offering him encouragement like a hero seeking acknowledgment: Charlie, Miss McKay and Coach Bombay. Charlie we understand immediately because he’s the only teammate who has openly accepted him to the Ducks’ fold and could quite possibly be his closest friend on the team. Bombay is his coach who has recognized his talent right away and perhaps because of that saved him from the rotten system of Reilly’s Hawks. But I was always confused and slightly annoyed that McKay was even part of the picture, until a recent revelation has revealed that she in fact had a significant part to play in his life. It turns out that in the books, McKay and Banks had a heart to heart conversation concerning his father and from the looks of it Adam gained something from it. So there you have it.

anonymous asked:

What do you think shawn would be like if you were hanging out with his family while he was on tour? Like hanging out with Aaliyah without him and stuff?

Brace yourself, another long one is coming. 

I think it is actually very important for Shawn, that you get along well with his family. Clearly they have a very strong bond and Shawn would want you to be a part of that. He would want you to be a part of the family, like he surely would want to be a part of yours.

I think you and Aaliyah would become partners in crime, she would become like your own little sister and sometimes, because of his touring, you’d hang out more with her than Shawn. You and Aaliyah would for sure team up against Shawn, mocking and teasing him and having the best time doing so. You’d have your own little secret language going on that Shawn wouldn’t be able to understand. Whenever Shawn was touring, you would crash their house when you missed him a lot and just chill with Aaliyah. You guys would be sending him snapchats of hanging out or going places together and Shawn would send one back, whining about how much he wanted to be there and how jealous he was of Aaliyah. You would facetime him and Aaliyah would suddenly burst into the room, scarring the shit out of both you and Shawn. You would be there for Aaliyah when she fought with her friends, when she met the “boy of her dreams” and when he broke her heart again and Aaliyah would tell Shawn how you were always just a call away. Shawn would be so grateful that Aaliyah got to have you in her life as well and we would just sit there thinking, “I, without a doubt, have the best girlfriend in the world”.

I also think you and Karen would be going to lunch, like every now and then and just talk about all these random things (including Shawn of course). The two of you would laugh and chat and just have a good time. And every time you’d been out for lunch, Karen would upload a photo on Facebook/Instagram with the caption: Having lunch with my other daughter or lunch time with my daughter in low <3. Shawn would be the very first to like the picture and he’d write back some cheesy comment, because Shawn is Shawn.

As far as his dad goes, the two of you would be bonding over cooking. From the day, you started dating Shawn, you won his dad over, when he realized you loved cooking (and that you were way better than Shawn and he actually didn’t have to worry about you burning the house down or anything) and the kitchen had been the two of you’s territory ever since. They would invite you over for dinner whenever it’s been a while, and Shawn’s dad and you would be jamming out in the kitchen to old songs from his teenage years. You would talk about football and hockey and just laugh from the bottom of your heart, because Shawn in so many ways, reminded you of his did. Also, you’d be able to sneak some good and rather embarrassing stories about Shawn out of him. Useful stories you could always use against him.

Then whenever Shawn came back and you hung out with his family together, he’d tell his family things about your life, they already knew. Actually, Shawn’s entire family would be more up to date with your life than Shawn would sometimes. But he would love it, he would love to see you getting along with his family that well. He would love seeing all the people he cares for and loves deeply, get along so well, when he wasn’t home.

anonymous asked:

sunny idk if its just me but like the screen cap with the Angry Disappointed team, like, shiro's body language seems a lot harsher? like pidge and lance are turned to the side, while hunk, coran and allura are facing him. however, i cant help but feel just... bad??? worried? about shiro's posture. he has his back to keith. i can't fully word why this stresses me out but, like, considering their relationship, him having his back to keith is worrying;; (i mean they hugged but that.. felt distant?)

OKAY BUT. AFTER WRITING THAT S+K LEADERSHIP STUFF IN THE LAST META I KIND OF HAD AN EXCITING REVELATION!!!! im literally in the process of yelling about it on discord right now. so i can already tell you this won’t be my most coherent analysis bc im genuinely so excited to think about this LMAO. you’re getting my Live Reaction to this angle of interpretation. 

Their previous encounter is important to recall here, Keith definitely would have every reason to believe that Shiro is Angry and Disappointed at him, so that’s how Shiro looks. Just hear me out for a second because that probably sounds strange. I’m not saying Shiro isn’t those things, but. I think there’s a cool ‘but’ here. Let’s find out what that is! 

so the mindscape parallels are really cool in 4x01 and I honestly think this is deliberate mirroring. But. But there’s more! Look at where the eyes are placed in this shot you’re talking about and describing to me. Look at how you’ve just described how it made you feel, and look at the perspective here. Especially look at Shiro’s and Pidge’s eyeline: 

Yeah. From this distance, it looks like Shiro is almost looking directly at us. A zoom-in proves that it’s not completely centre:

But god MY GOD. HECKANSDOH. it’s pretty damn close when you look from this distance

We just…. it really can be felt. The way this is positioned, it hits us. Just like it hits Keith. 

Now i’m stepping away and looking more from a perspective of audience rather than just Keith, I’m pretty sure we’re supposed to be in Keith’s place here. We’re meant to see this from where he is standing. I think that’s one of the reasons why it has made so many people feel so strongly (note: one. there’s a lot going on here). 

If we are supposed to be there with Keith and seeing it with him, it could potentially explain why this particular shot looks this way. Everyone really does look so harsh. Granted, there is frustration and anger here. but it really does seem SO GOD DAMN INTENSE. bECAUSE TO KEITH IT DEFINITELY WOULD BE RIGHT NOW. FOR MANY REASONS. 

Keith can be pretty good at judging character but he is not so good at determining how OTHER PEOPLE judge HIS character. He is great at being objective in terms of the mission and making a decision for the greater good, but he is not objective in terms of how he thinks and believes other people see him. How he sees things regarding his relationships w the team or how they see him is not the Objective Truth (and vice versa). 

Also note, all of the shots of Keith in comparison are much closer to him. No close-ups of the team. It tends to pan sideways, Keith’s pans in towards him. And I don’t think it’s any coincidence that starts once he starts delivering his speech to the team about Shiro finding the black lion: 


You can see we’ve gotten closer to Keith as he’s talking. Also look at that parallel!!! Keith’s eyes look like they’re close to the centre of the screen too. Just like Shiro’s did before. Not quite on us but we still feel close. 


Long answer is Long so more under the cut:

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nbcblindspot: I’m signing off with this. I have to spotlight someone very important to my experience on Blindspot and that’s this guy, Richie. He’s a part of the wonderful Transportation Team and he’s usually the first and last face I see everyday. We sing at stop lights. We tell stories. We laugh. We cry (Let’s be real, I cry and he just lends an ear) Basically, Richie gives me the greatest life advice and makes it worth getting up at 4:30 in the morning. Kudos to you, Sir and the whole transpo team.
ALSO, a HUUUUUUGE thank you to the crew of Blindspot. I would fill this entire feed of pictures of all of you, if they would let me. I love you all, tremendously.

And to you the fans, thank you for watching and know you’re so important to us. Your kind words and pictures and art, inspire us everyday. Until next time, Ashley.

Jeremy Shada’s interview

How do you feel Lance has developed over the last two seasons of Voltron?

The cool thing is when you have Shiro not there at the beginning of season three the team has to figure out how to deal with him being gone. Lance really ends up being a really great supporting character and really helps brings people together. Lance really steps up and I love seeing the maturity of him. He’s usually a funny guy and likes being in the spotlight but he’s a really great team player.

The writers do a great job of making these characters be so fleshed out and have these awesome back stories that get into their personalities. Lance is this teenage kid that’s been thrown into this world. In the earlier seasons he was very much the fun good times ladies man who thinks highly of himself at times. He’s a really sweet kid who knows his strengths and needs these people. It’s really cool to see him mature. In these (more recent) seasons we’ve seen the softer more serious side of him.


When Lance first met Allura he instantly tried to flirt with her but do you feel like his crush is morphing more into respect?

I think a lot of it is equally both. No matter what he finds her attractive. Obviously he has a crush on her for sure. They’ve really bonded as friends as well and a lot of that is just a huge amount of respect for her.

When you’re with someone for that amount of time and you’re in these crazy intense situations I think he sees her strength and leadership and he definitely completely respects her for that. It’s great just seeing them bond as these great friends. He still definitely has a crush on her but I think you see that respect for her has grown over time.


What was Lance’s mindset when he saw Matt flirting with Allura?

Lance is probably the jealous type. I think Lance in the back of head still thinks he has a shot with her and would probably like that to be a relationship. He sees this other guy coming in and being all suave and cool, so there’s an element of that jealous aspect for sure. He likes being the center of attention.


Do you think that Keith and Lance, while starting as rivals, have started to gain more respect for one another?

The team has really become a lot more like a family at this point. They still have their bickering moments for sure but definitely have that closer bond as a family. I think that moment in season three where poor Lance is really doubting how he fits into the team with six paladins now.

He’s basically saying, “yeah, I’ll step down and let you guys do your thing.” That vulnerable moment is knowing himself and just wanting to help for the greater good even if that means he can’t do what he wants to do. That moment is great where Keith goes, “No, dude. You are super important to the team. You should stop thinking all that because we need you.”

I love their respect and friendship. It’s almost like they’re brothers to a certain extent. They obviously have their very different personalities and clash a lot but they definitely mature. You kinda go through that adolescent phase in high school where certain things seem to matter or are important but as they start to grow up and everything they’re dealing with is this crazy intergalactic war they’ve really started to mature. Some of the stupid things like jealously or whatever starts getting downplayed.

Lance sometimes displays a lack of self-confidence. Do you think some of that comes from his large family and how sometimes he’d defer to what someone else needed and he’s less concerned about his own needs in certain cases?

100%. I think that’s a huge part of his back-story. He has this huge family so I think in a lot of ways with his family, I don’t think it was always about him all of the time. There are a lot of people there so he didn’t always stand out or have that uniqueness or spotlight on him.

With this team, especially initially, he’s looking to be more important or stand out. As the series goes along he realizes there are other important people. It’s not about you all the time. He always has that battle of self-consciousness of “where do I fit” but he’s finally getting his stride and understanding how to be part of a team as well.


What was it acting/watching “The Voltron Show!” where the Voltron characters perform in stages shows?

That’s one of my favorite episodes. It’s so funny especially in a season or two where there’s a lot of very serious theme stuff happening. It’s great to have an episode like that to add a lot of levity and breather time. It was so much fun seeing me and the other cast trying to act badly for certain lines.

It’s also a totally meta episode because we’re just poking fun at ourselves. Poking fun at the character archetypes of each person. Like “Loverboy Lance”, Keith is emo, Pidge is smart, Hunk is kind of dopey and hilarious, and Shiro is the hero. It’s also great getting to see people playing those comic lines; even people that don’t usually get to do those.

Of course, Rhys Darby who plays Coran that episode. I think he was gone for that record so I didn’t get to hear the voice he was doing until the episode aired. Hearing this weird announcer almost carny voice he does I was dying laughing the whole time. It’s so much fun.


Lance calls himself “Loverboy Lance.” We’ve seen him flirt with everyone. Do you think he would go as far as making out with one of those Bi-Boh-Bi people?

I don’t know! I guess if he found one attractive it’s very possible. I’ve always said Lance is pretty much, you know, he kinda flirts with every lady that has two legs basically. I guess it’s not impossible. It’s not out of the realm of possibility. He’s obviously shown he has crushes on a lot of alien’s just as much as human women so it’s possible.


Do you think, even with all of Lance’s flirting, he’d even know what to do if someone actually reciprocated his feelings?

I think he’d have no idea what to do. He thinks he’s the kind of person who’s super suave and debonair and plays it off that way. He flirts with any woman out there but I think once he actually found one that did reciprocate he’d have absolutely no idea what to do with it. His confidence would be completely all over the place. He’d be super self conscious about how to actually pursue an actual relationship.


What was it like playing the Voltron VR game where Lance heavily features?

It’s really fun for me because hearing myself in my ear telling me that I’m doing something wrong is always hilarious.


When we talked to the developers of the Voltron VR game they specifically said they picked Lance as the main character because he had all the funny lines. How do you feel about that?

Whenever I’m in the booth a lot of my effort is making the other actors in the booth laugh. Basically once I get people smirking and cracking up and trying to not laugh through the take I know I’m doing my job right. Lance is such a fun character I love it.


This season we saw Lance is very adept at helping to make milkshakes, right?


So the question is, do Lance’s milkshakes bring all the boys and ladies to the yard?

Oh, 100%. Lance’s milkshakes bring errrbody to the yard I can say that much.


Where do you think Lance learned to milk cows?

I have absolutely no clue! I think it’s hilarious he has this hidden skill that he just knows how to do it. His family must have a cow back home or something. I would think they’re farmers, maybe, I don’t know!


This season we saw Lance was a really intense gamer. Are you an intense gamer like Lance?

Oh, 100% dude. That was an easy scene to identify with. I love Super Smash Bros., Legend of Zelda, Call of Duty, Star Wars Battlefront, Skyrim, all the Elder Scroll games, and a lot of other ones.


What other projects are you working on right now?

I have a show called Mr. Student Body President, which is a live action show that I’m the lead in. It’s on Verizon’s go90 app. We just finished shooting three more seasons of it. The first season is all on their app right now, you can stream it. I think our second season is supposed to start airing late November, which I’m pretty stoked about.

I have a band, actually, I do music. My band is Make Out Monday. We just finished recording our first full length album so hopefully we’ll be releasing that in the spring.


What do you do when you aren’t acting? Tell us about Jeremy Shada the person.

Honestly a lot of my work takes up a lot of my time. I love doing it though so it’s weird having your work also be your hobby. My favorite stuff is just to hang out with friends on the weekend. I play a lot of board games or video games with people. Catch a movie, have dinner with friends and stuff. Fun time hanging out with people at the beach or whatever else. I usually like spending time with my close friends. I’m very chill that way.


Voltron fandom has really exploded over the past two years. Tell us about what it’s like interacting with the fans.

It’s been amazing. I go to a lot of different comic cons across the country and the world. I started doing that for Adventure Time but it’s crazy seeing the more I go the more I see this Voltron fanbase just blow up. Every con I go to there are more and more people there wanting stuff from Voltron. They’re super rabid.

A lot of them are always cosplaying Lance, Keith, or Shiro or whoever else. It’s just been so awesome. The fans are so great and so dedicated. They’re very passionate. Sometimes they’re passionate because they’re like, “no! this needs to be like this” but most of the time it’s because they love the show. They’ve been awesome, dude.

It’s been so crazy seeing it blow up. You never really expect something to do that. You put a lot of work into these shows and you know they’re great but you never know if they’re going to take off or not. This has just taken off in such a way that we’re all so happy about..