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He’s Hot and Nice and My Son Set Us Up

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He’s Hot and Nice and My Son Set Us Up

Logan Howlett X Reader

Written by: Hannah

Prompt(s): Prompt for Logan X Reader. Reader is a woman in her mid-late twenties who is human but a single mother to an off-looking mutant seven year old boy. She takes him to the school, hoping he’ll have a place there, and the first person she meets is Logan. She seems attracted to him, and is very curious about him in general, but she doesn’t think he could ever like someone whose life is such a mess. But her son is DETERMINED to set them up…

Notes: Ok so I know I don’t say it much but I’ve always loved Logan??? SO HAVE SOME LOGAN! Also, for everyone else reading, I tried to keep it a little more vague so they felt included.

Warning(s): Light use of language.

Being a single mother was one of the hardest things that (y/n) had ever done. Is still doing, to be exact. It’s even harder when you’re a human with a young mutant child whose powers let themselves be known early in the physical manner. He had been kicked out of his school due to it. Very stressful, very stressful indeed.

Xaviers Institute was one of the best things (y/n) had heard of. Yes, it was going to be hard to leave their young son in the hands of others, but those others were more than capable to handle him. Far more than (y/n) was, anyways. The good part, at least, was that their son was excited, jumping about and gathering the last of his things that morning. He was excited to see and meet new people and environments. (y/n) was sad to see him go.


They were a little early, about ten minutes. (y/n)’s son stood still, practically crackling with nervous yet excited energy. He held their hand, squirming slightly when all the kids passed by to get to their next class. A bigger man, burly, with hair on his arms, stopped talking to a white haired woman and looked over at (y/n). He gave a smile and walked over.

“Are you Miss (l/n)?” He asked, hands on his hips. (y/n) nodded. Damn. To be honest, this guy was hot. Like. Hot. Their son noticed and giggled, going to stand in front of his mother.

“Ah, yes, I am. My name is (y/n) (l/n) and this is my son, Jackson. I’m… I talked to Professor Xavier over the phone, so I’m guessing you’re not him?” They asked gently. Logan shook his head.

“Nah, I’m not. My name’s Logan. Chuck is teaching a class right now. Actually, he’s done but probably talking to any students who stayed after. You are a little early, but that isn’t bad. He’ll be here in a few minutes if you need to talk to him.”

“I do have a few questions but I can wait to ask him.” (y/n) answered. Logan was extremely attractive. Also, (y/n) couldn’t help but be interested in what the man’s power might be. But there was no way on Earth that he would be interested in them, especially being a single parent who’s about to leave their son at the Institute. Said son giggled and took a step forward.

“I’m Jackson. I think mom likes you.” He grinned, bright pearly teeth, even though one of his front teeth was missing. (y/n) flushed a deep red and laughed softly, pulling their son back.

“Sorry, he’s always like this. It’s nothing really-”

“Nah it’s alright. I like you too, lady. How about I give you and your son the tour of the campus. Lunch is straight afterwards so you’ll be able to see the professor then. Sound good?” Logan asked as he turned towards the door out of the foyer. (y/n), still flushed a deep red, nodded bashfully and let their son drag them out the door. Logan and (y/n) walked closely throughout the campus.

(y/n) never got to ask the professor their question.


It wasn’t uncommon for parents to visit their children. Well, actually it was a little uncommon, but the parents who did care often visited on weekends where nothing was going on. (y/n) sat in the backyard, a tree overhead them and their son as they chatted over a picnic. Also, Logan was there, but he was happy and silent.

It had been a few years since Jackson had first stepped foot into Xavier’s Institute. Over the years he never failed to set up his mother and Logan, who always went along with his schemes and bonded over them, even if their talk was small. They slowly sat closer and closer together. Which would explain how they were now, practically in each other’s lap.

Logan shifted and wrapped his arms around (y/n)’s waist and pulled them closer. ___ had run off in a promise to be back in a few minutes as he went to chat with one of his friends over some important young teenage business. Logan took this time to nuzzle himself all over (y/n), who laughed.

“Logan what are you doing?” They giggled.

“Loving you, what else?”

“I don’t know. Just thought there was a thing against too much PDA for the younger kids.” (y/n) sighed. Logan scoffed and pulled (y/n) impossibly closer.

“Fuck that. Xavier can kiss my ass.”

“I HEARD THAT!” Charles shouted from his open office window just across the yard. Logan rolled his eyes as (y/n) promptly burst into a crackling giggling fit, causing Logan to grip them harder.

“I love you.” Logan grumbled with a happy smile. (y/n) calmed down with a sigh, “I love you too, Logan. Now come on, let’s separate before Professor Xavier wheels down here and does it himself.” Logan mumbled another fuck that before scooting over, Charles at the top of the ramp leading down to the yard.  (y/n) and Logan held hands for the rest of the evening, talking and playing with Jackson as though they had an eternity.

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i was wondering if either of you could do headcanons for how the chocobros would react to their s/o (fem, if that's okay) breaking down in the middle of their first time making love with the chocobros because they have faded stretch marks, head to toe, and they don't feel they're beautiful enough for the boys? maybe smut follows afterwards if you guys are comfortable. if not, totally okay. i've just been feeling insecure lately with my own body and needed some love. love you guys! xoxo.

Before jumping into this, I would just like to preface by saying thank you for being so raw and honest. Admitting when you need a little love isn’t only okay, it’s perfectly healthy. It means a lot that you came to us to help you out in feeling more secure.

Secondly, as somebody who was stretch marks themself, I completely get it. They can be a real nuissance, especially due to the fact that it feels impossible to get them to fade (I’ve tried every remedy in the book to no avail). With that said, I think its important to be more kind and gentle with yourself: stretch marks are out of our control, 100% natural, and a function of the human body when put under changes.

They in no way detract from the radiant beauty you exude - I have no doubts you’re an absolute goddess. It’s time to start treating yourself like one ♡
I hope this headcannon is what you were looking for…

{ P.S. Due to the fact that I’m not confident I can write well in the style of NSFW/smut, I opted for a lighter style that focuses on the emotions and feeling shared between each chocobro and their s/o }

NOTE: As always, musical recommendations are included for each individual story to help set the tone for each given situation - I think that especially in the case of these, music would be a lovely addition to add depth and feeling. I chose all instrumental pieces to achieve the proper bittersweet atmosphere


Song: “I” (String Version) by Yiruma

  • The night Gladio and his s/o decided they were to take their relationship to the next level was the evening of the annual Royal Ambassador’s Ball held at the Citadel

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—fluff because this is the happy ending
— what if i told you he didn’t enter the cafe with someone else? The bell emitted a soft pleasant noise that attracted your attention. And sure enough, your eyes widened because of the astounding entrance the male did. Dressed in clothes that made him look bubbly and small, he was very attractive. You returned your gaze back to the book that you had in your grasp and let out a sigh, leaving the fetching sight no more. “Dear,” You heard someone cooed, and for some reason your gaze reverted back to the old woman who was making gestures at you. A smile brought up on your lips as she smiled warmly at you, then she spoke up. “Your necklace is glowing, dear.” You thought you almost snapped your neck by the way you promptly gazed down at your necklace and gaped at it. “It looks like his necklace is glowing too.” The woman pointed to the familiar male that was in front of the cashier, a look of adoration in his face as he gazed down at his own then he slightly turned his head to his side, looking for his significant other. You shrunk down on your seat and gave the woman an alarmed look; she merely let out a soft laugh at your expression. “It’s okay, I was like that when I first met my husband. You will get the hang of it, I assure you.” The woman’s reassurance made you less tense in your seat and nodded at her, sending her a grateful smile. “Hey soulmate.” The woman turned around to mind her business, leaving you alone to mend your own situation. You reluctantly looked up and your heart almost melted because there, standing, was your soulmate, the person you’ll be spending your whole life with. “Hi.” You swallowed your nervousness as he gestured to the sit across you. “Can I?” In which you nodded in reply. As soon as he positioned himself across you, he brought up his chin to rest on his palm as he tipped his head slightly to the side and gave you a huge smile. You avoided his gaze and stared down at your book as you bit the insides of your cheek in total nervousness. “Ah, I didn’t know I would have a beautiful soulmate.”

Bruce Wayne cheating on you

-bruce had met the woman at a meeting and he was immediately attracted to her

-you and bruce had been married for about six years and the marriage was slowly failing in his opinion

-you were very happy even though you knew you two had been drifting apart

-the reason you had been distant is that you were pregnant, something you and Bruce didn’t think could happen

-you went to WE one day to find him not in his office so you asked one of his assistants and they hesitated

-you raised and eyebrow at the employee and they reluctantly pointed towards an old conference room

-when you walked into the room Bruce had a woman up against the wall with her legs wrapped around his waist

-you gasped and covered your mouth, tears instantly filled your eyes and you ran out of the room and back home

-you walked into the manor with tears streaming down your face which made Damian, who knew why he was home, follow you to your room

-“What’s wrong mother”

-this made you cry even harder while you cradled the boys face

-“Your father is an ass hole honey, now leave me be for a little i will see you before dinner”

-Bruce came into the room about ten minutes after you and immediately started trying to cover for his sorry ass

-“Bruce stop, i just want you to know while you were screwing that woman i found out that I was pregnant”

-he stopped talking and immediately started to cry

-“I’m going to tell Damian bye and we’ll talk about this later, goodbye”

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But how would the RFA + V react if they see pictures of old lady MC when she was younger and finding out that she was "the bomb" of her time? Like very charming and pretty but she eventually became the nice and warm woman she is now as she aged? (I hope i explained this right, it literally came to my mind as i read your last post 😅)

Continuing the old lady MC au!

(Also, this is after you have all gotten to know each other better)


  • He was definitely intrigued when you told him that
  • “I used to be popular as well when I was as young and attractive as you”
  • He raised his eyebrows, and tried to contain the teasing question lingering on his tongue 
  • As attractive as me?!
  • He just smiled though, and told you that with your charm and kindness it wasn’t hard to imagine
  • You kept up a pleasant conversation about your past, and he was curious of how the guys from your time confessed their love for you (’cause hey, free dating advise) and you ended up showing him some photos from your old album
  • He told you that if he was alive and your age back then, he would want to be with you too ;)


  • You two were looking though some old photos, and you had gone to get him some tea when you heard him make a sound from the living room 
  • “Is something wrong, dear?” You asked him
  • As you walked back with the tea you saw him looking at a specific picture
  • Without thinking, he told you that you were really pretty back then before he started to blush and panic
  • “I mean…!!! Not that you are not pretty now! Uh…”
  • You just laughed and accepted the compliment 
  • You were glad he thought so, you said, before telling him stories about how there were guys who did a much worse job of trying to compliment her, which kind of made him feel better about himself


  • He found out through his father, actually
  • It turns out, you used to be his middle-school assistant teacher
  • His father told him that you were quite the catch, and all the boys in his class used to fawn over you
  • He had to blush over the thought of this sweet old lady he had befriended being “quite a catch”
  • He had later asked you about this, and you said that you had indeed helped the teachers at that specific school at that specific time
  • He didn’t want to talk to you about your popularity, as he fount it embarrassing, but you were one step ahead of him
  • “I used to be pretty popular back then, you know. The boys fawned over me. They thought I didn’t know but oh ho I did
  • *cue Jumin awkwardly smiling and listening*


  • He saw it when he did that background check on you, since he found some old photos your friends and family had shared online
  • He obviously didn’t say anything about that though, because that would be kind of disrespectful and all
  • You had gotten used to his funny and joking nature, and you two were discussing how you could kidnap Elly
  • “If only I still had my stunning good looks, I could have distracted him”
  • He knew you were joking, because you were definitely not one to be arrogant and full of yourself, but he couldn’t help but smile at the thought 
  • He just “hmmm~” -ed and smiled, but he knew you had all rights to be confident


  • You were modelling for him, since he wanted some pictures of you
  • He claimed that “Anyone who lays eyes on such a charming old lady would be stunned”
  • You simply smiled and told him that you can hardly remember the last time someone took photos of you like this
  • You told him that when you were young, cameras were pretty expensive and rare
  • He listed idly to your stories of how you knew a photographer who always wanted to take photos of you for his project, while still focusing on taking pictures himself
  • “Well I’m sure you were very popular with your kindness and charm :)”

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I hope it's not too late for your top 5! But top 5 Steve head canons :)

(took me a long time to answer this cos it made me really think! I made it parallel with my five Tony headcanons.)

1) Steve loves the Present. He also loves trolling the Avengers and exaggerating his “old man” ways, but he actually picks up on technology pretty well and has slowly but surely learned to adjust to the modern world (Tony and Sam have been very helpful. Tony with the tech, and Sam with a lot of social and historical developments). He likes listening to a wide range of “new” music from Marvin Gaye to Radiohead, occasionally binge-watches Netflix shows, and appreciates that there are more diverse food choices (he doesn’t approve of the culture of food excess, however). He remembers being in awe during the Stark Expo, fantasizing about the future.

Steve misses what he’s left behind of course, feels the loss of his mother and his comrades like a gaping wound, misses the camaraderie of fellow soldiers… but he doesn’t really “miss” the time period he lived in. He doesn’t miss the way blacks, jews, immigrants, and women were treated. (Not to mention the LGBTQ–Clint just recently explained to him what the acronym means). He doesn’t miss the way movements against segregation and colonization were disregarded. Certainly there is no room for romanticising the Depression and the War, and it wasn’t going to start with him. Steve thought he was pretty open-minded for a man of his time, but eventually realized that he still had a lot of privilege and ingrained biases that he never knew he had. But he’s always willing to learn.

It bothers Steve that some “leaders’ use Captain America as a symbol to glorify a conservative past with idealized lenses. There is still much to be done, rights to fight for, but Steve hopes that humanity will get there soon. And he will fight for a better future ‘till the end.

2) When Steve wants something or has made up his mind on a decision, he wants it done immediately. He is very stubborn. This is also one of his negative traits. Bucky used to say he was a stubborn, loose cannon–a tiny one, always fighting back against abusive bullies and authorities. Nat agrees that Steve can be very bull-headed, which can be both endearing and irritating. Sometimes he doesn’t listen (he’s trying). He can be…impatient, too. When Steve proposed to Tony after a grueling battle, in a not-so-romantic setting, Tony was so annoyed, but Steve couldn’t wait. He’s already made up his mind. (Tony said yes. That’s what’s important.)

3) Steve is attracted to intelligence. People seem to forget that he is a strategist. A thinker. And a huge dork. Steve fell in love with Peggy Carter for that reason: Peggy was not only a confident woman in a profession that discriminated against her gender and ignored her abilities, she was also very intelligent and always thought ahead. 

4) Steve is not a virgin. People always thought that the 30s and 40s were a more “innocent” time, but that was only what old people wanted you to believe. People have been screwing in many different ways since time immemorial, and his time period was no different. In truth, Steve lost his virginity during his USO tour, with a more experienced girl. He dated a few SHIELD agents after waking from the ice, and then dated Sharon for quite some time (it was Sharon who broke it off, but they laughed and mutually agreed that their relationship was just too weird). Tony was very delighted when Steve proved to be very forward in bed (”you horny old pervert”, Tony would say fondly), but admittedly he also googles some stuff sometimes, and likes discovering things with Tony. He apparently has a lot of “kinks” when it comes to Tony. Huh.

4) Steve Rogers IS Captain America. Sometimes people would ask him in interviews, “Who is the REAL Captain America? Who is the man behind the shield and the costume?” And some of his friends would ask him, “Are you with Tony Stark because only he knows who you really are?”

But that’s the thing. He understands now why Tony chose not to have a secret identity. He knows that Captain America is more than just a patriotic symbol– he has a responsibility for his actions and decisions. Captain America is a part of him, and he is not ashamed of it. It is not a mask. It is not ALL of him, sure, because Steve likes to think that he has many facets, but it is still an important part of who he is. He is proud to be a superhero. He is proud to co-lead the Avengers. It took him a long time to reconcile with the idea, if he “didn’t deserve to be Captain America” or if he was “more than Captain America”, but now he knows. He IS Captain America.

Tony understands the complexity of having a many identities, all an integral part of who he is. Steve loves him even more for it.

Alone In the World Was A Little CatDog

     I didn’t wear my good panties on this date. I was glad of it as he had decided not to wear the face he had in the photos he’d sent me.
     He was one of those men. You know the ones. We’ve all rolled our eyes at their profiles so often I’m surprised we haven’t sprained an eyelid yet. The “I look great for my age” men. The ones that talk about how numerical age isn’t a factor in determining attractiveness or stamina while searching for a woman 20 years younger. He was one of those men and he was old enough that even if he did look good for his age-he still didn’t look good. His profile made him seem intimidating, so I messaged him. He wasn’t easy prey and he was old. He probably wasn’t getting that many messages.
    I was right. He responded almost immediately. We went through the basic online messaging. He was very upfront with his budget and his expectations. I was thrilled. His budget was on the lower end but met my requirements of covering 2 months of living expenses. We made plans to meet. He stressed conservative dress several times. I ignored his concern. We were going to garner stares no matter what I wore. He also sent over several pictures and I admitted that I was wrong. He did look very good for his age and had a fairly decent body. Apparently his obsession with running marathons had paid off for him. There was however a problem. I had a problem.
     I’ve always been a highly suspicious person. I think it has something to do with having Scorpio as a rising sign. I only live in places that have a secured entry. I check the locks more times than necessary before going to bed. I think deeply about the horrors of being kidnapped. I see the danger in everything and every one. This has sometimes been detrimental to my sugaring success. Where some women are able to easily let a man into their lives, I cannot be. What if he’s a rapist, a serial killer, a panty thief?
     This particular man gave me pause. I’d watched so much CSI: Miami, House of Cards, and The Blacklist that the idea of dating any man that worked for the government, held public office, or worked in public service made me nervous. You say you head up a division of the Social Security Administration but you could be torturing people in a broom closet. I’ve seen the movies. I know how this works.
     I also knew this man’s full name, occupation, and yearly salary. His name was easy to find once I had his phone number. I plugged it into true caller and there it was. His occupation took a little more time but once I found it his exact salary was easy. Finding the salary of any man employed by the federal or state government is easy if you know where to look. And I know where to look.
     As I walked in to the restaurant where I’d be having dinner with him, I felt I should instead be looking over my shoulder as I walked back to the uber and went home. I didn’t date high ranking government employees. All of my Netflix bingeing had taught me that they knew they were above the law and acted that way. But I was sugaring full time now and still didn’t have an SD to replace my last one. This man was offering an allowance that met my requirements. I was going to have dinner with him.
     He had picked the restaurant and I had to give him credit. It was a cute little place. It was also probably a place he visited often. The hostess was leading me to his table before I’d finished saying his name. It was a good thing I had her to lead me to his table. If I had to find him on my own, I would have embarrassed him with how easily my eyes moved over and past him.
     I fondly call what he had done to me cat-dogging. Do you all remember that cartoon CatDog? It was about a cat and a dog that shared a body. There was a cat at one end of the body and a dog at the other. You could say the animal was a cat and you wouldn’t be lying. You could say the animal was a dog and you wouldn’t be lying. Would you be telling the complete truth? No. But you wouldn’t be lying. And that’s what mattered most to those that participated in this type of deception.
     He was certainly the same man from the pictures. That couldn’t be denied. But those pictures had been taken years before. Or he’d recently gone through a traumatic experience that aged him greatly. Either way, he wasn’t the man I was expecting to meet. If I were looking for Prince Charming or happily ever after, I suppose that would have upset me. But this was business and his money was green.
     We had a surprisingly pleasant dinner. The surprise was completely on his end. My eyebrows and I had decided in advance that no matter what we were going to be well fed and happy. He was surprised by my grasp of current events and history, by how well read I was, and my independence. He gave me life suggestions that were supposed to be compliments but instead showed he knew nothing about my life. He asked before dinner had ended if I wanted to move forward with him. I told him I did. He told me to take the time to figure out what I was looking for and to let him know.   He gave me money to cover my uber ride home and we parted ways amicably.
     When I emailed him a proposal of our arrangement, it became clear that we had a problem. The budget that he’d originally presented was gone. In it’s place was an allowance that was 50% less. 50 % less wasn’t going to work and I wasn’t afraid to lose him. He’d cat dogged me. I’d be damned if I bent over backwards to keep him. I sent him a kind but firm email. Perhaps he didn’t remember but I still had the messages where he’d offered a much higher allowance. What had changed between the time he’d sent that message and now? He responded quickly that nothing had changed. He just must have forgot and what I was asking for was a lot. He’d have to net x amount of dollars per year to be able to provide it. But he was willing to do it. If he hadn’t cat dogged me, if I didn’t know his yearly salary, maybe this would have evoked some sympathy in me. Instead I just rolled my eyes. Cat-dogs don’t deserve sympathy.

As a woman who has read marvel for years I always admired the fact that they had Peter and MJ wed. As I’ve grown older, I’ve dropped some of my favorite titles from childhood simply because they started to seem very juvenile, without much there for an adult woman to read. I gravitate toward things like Sandman, and other Virtigo titles because those books were about PEOPLE. Real relationships, and problems that spoke to me as an adult. Still, I have a deep love for superheroes, and it seemed to me with some of their tittles, Marvel got the idea. X-men delves into prejudice and personal relationships, and of course the mother of them all: MJ and Peter. A married couple, one whom happens to be a superhero. With the same problems and triumphs of any married couple, only made bigger and more mythical with the superhero dressing.

Then they pulled One more Day and I stopped reading. Dropped the book like a hot potato. For me, a 32 year old woman, the idea that a superhero is less attractive because he is in a committed loving marriage that echoes my own relationship is insulting. Manga is read by an overwhelmingly female group in the USA, and the comic books companies keep asking why girls don’t buy superhero comics (We do actually, but in lesser numbers.) and I point to this as a prime example why. Adults (particularly woman) need more than BIFF BAM POW and a splashy costume to make a story. Its fine when you’re 13, very lame when you’re 23. Manga has heroes (and Heroines) that are married, have lives that echo our own even when they are dressed up in fantasy or sci fi clothes.

I was sad to see the great Stan Lee justify this crap. He of all people ought to know that great storytelling hinges on making a character real, making them able to get us to suspend disbelief. And a character needs to grow. Reconning the marriage (Especially in the way they did it.) betrayed the spirit of these characters, and only returned the book to its childhood state. Growing is not going backwards.

—  Sarahtdl
Scott McCall Imagine

I’m really happy with how this one turned out! Enjoy! xx

Request: Hello love can you do an imagine where the reader is dating Scott and there making out in her room when her protective alpha brother’s catch them in action.

Submit requests HERE but ***NOTE: I do not write personal imagines***


Warning: some sexual content

Pairing: Scott x Reader

WC: 1146

There was a new pack in Beacon Hills. To be honest it wasn’t really much of a pack. It was really just you and your brother. There had been 8 of you at one point but that number began to dwindle when an evil creature in the woods of Washington came after you. You and your brother heard about the True Alpha in Beacon Hills and went to see if he’d help you track down whatever creature killed your pack. You’d been in Beacon Hills for almost two months now.

You found out his name was Scott McCall, and to be honest he was very attractive. He made your stomach do flips and your cheeks blush. You thought it was quite disgusting since you considered yourself an independent woman. You didn’t want him having any affect over you.

You glance over at Scott who is currently sitting at his desk with a very concentrated look on his face flipping through a really old book. You’d been sitting in his room watching him stare at this book for almost 3 hours now and you were getting quite bored. And watching Scott stare at that book in such concentration almost turned you on. You wanted him to look at you like that.

You stood up and made your way towards his. Your hands rested on his shoulders, making him jump. He looks up at you and you give him a sly grin. He turns back to the book and you let you a sigh. You wrap your arms around his neck, leaning your head on his shoulder.

“Come on, Scott, we’ve been looking at this book for hours.” you say, your lips pressed against his ear. His breathing quickens and you heard his heartbeat speed up. “Let’s take a break.”

“What did you have in mind?” Scott asks with a smirk. You turn the chair to face you and climb into Scott’s lap, straddling him. You mouth immediately attaches to his neck and he lets out a loud groan.

His large hands catch your face and pull your lips to his in a hungry kiss. His hands start to roam your body, dipping under your shirt and dancing across your bare skin. He mades his way up to your bra, pushing aside the material and playing with each of your nipples with his fingers, making you let out a moan. You grind your hips into his and then it’s his turn to moan.

You climb off his lap, pulling Scott up with you and quickly pull off his shirt, revealing his chiseled stomach. You run a hand over the muscles as Scott smirks down at you. You push him down on the bed, climbing on top of him again with a leg on either side of his waist. You pull your shirt over your head leaving your torso clad in just a lacy black bra.

“Damn, Y/N, you’re gorgeous,” Scott mumbles but it turns into a moan as your lips press against his neck once again. You work your way down to his collarbone and then down his toned chest and stomach until you’re just above his jeans. You pull them down just a centimeter, leaving another kiss, earning another moan from Scott.

Scott grabs your arms, pulling you back up and then flips you over so he is on top. He starts to kiss down your neck and over your breasts. His right hand begins to play with your breasts before sliding downwards and into your jeans. He dips a finger inside you without warning and you let out a deep moan. He begins to thrust in and you as you feel pressure building in your stomach.

“Scott, faster,” you mumble. He adds another finger and begins thrusting harder. You scream as you release and you work to regain your breathing. Scott removes his hand from your jeans, your juices covering his fingers. He sucks them both clean.

“Y/N, baby, you taste so good.”

You smirk. “It’s your turn Scott.”

You flip him over again and unbutton his jeans, pushing them down his legs until they’re at a pool at the end of the bed. You begin to palm him through his boxers. Scott throws his head back and arches his back in pleasure.

“Y/N?” you hear a voice call from outside the door. You gasp and scramble up from the bed as your brother barges into the room. He looks around and then his eyes change to a blood red.

He grabs Scott and throws him against the wall. He picks Scott up by his neck and holds him against the back of the door, his feet dangling just above the floor.

“I thought you were studying the bestiary, not my sister.” he roars at Scott. “I’m going to fucking kill you McCall.”

“Y/B/N, stop.” you yell. He turns to you, his eyes still bright red. “I’m only a year younger than you I’m not a baby. I appreciate you trying to protect me from evil creatures and people trying to kill me but you don’t need to protect me from Scott.”

Your brother’s eyes go back to their normal color. He drops Scott on the ground and he slumps over, trying to regain his breathing. “You hurt her McCall and I’ll kill you.” you brother warns before leaving the room.

“Let me know if you guys find anything otherwise I don’t think I’ll be dropping over for anymore impromptu visits.” your brother calls as he makes his way towards the front door.

You quickly rush over to Scott to make sure he’s alright. “I’m okay.” he assures you. Leaning his head against the wall and closing his eyes, concentrating on his breathing.

You sit next to him with your back against the wall, your shoulders touching. “I’m really sorry.” you say quietly.

Scott looks over at you. “For what?”

“For the way my brother freaked out at you. You shouldn’t have to deal with that.”

Scott smirks. “It’s not your fault. Plus I’ll gladly take your brother freaking out at me if we get to do that more often. It’s well worth it.”

You let out a laugh. “For real?”

“Yeah, to be honest, Y/N, I’ve kinda had a little thing for you since you showed up here in Beacon Hills. All strong and independent and can fend for herself. It’s a huge turn on. Plus I found out you’re a pretty good kisser.” Scott leans towards you, your lips dangerously close.

“You’re not so bad yourself, McCall. And I might have liked you since I got here too.”

“Alright, so how about next time we hang out I take you on an actual date instead of sitting in my room reading books of supernatural creatures in archaic latin.”

“It’s a deal.” you say as Scott’s lips meet yours.

These Jessick/Supercuts people need to stop. It’s like they were watching a completely different show than I was.

From the time Rick found out that Lori died and that Carl stopped her change, he was broken. His fragmentation was compounded when he found the walker that ate her.

From that period on Rick was very close to the edge of a cliff. He had times when it seemed that he was healing and he may have, eventually. Unfortunately, on the heels of that he had to deal with the governor and his murder of Andrea. Then, thinking the problem resolved he found himself and his family under attack, Hershel decapitated and the whole group homeless and scattered.

Then of course he, Michonne and Carl are attacked by the Claimers who threaten rape and murder. Rick takes another step towards the cliff with the vicious killing of Joe.

Soon after, they get to Terminus where Rick finds most of his family while being held hostage by cannibals. With the help of Carol, they battle their way out and within days Rick takes one more step towards the precipice by the death of Bob and the of killing Gareth.

Almost immediately after Rick, Daryl and a few others witness the murder of Beth.

The group starts their trip to Virginia. Food and water are scarce. While scavenging Noah’s neighborhood Tyrese is bitten and once again Rick, Michonne, Glenn and Noah witness his death.

They arrive in Alexandria, but Rick is very close to the edge. He is suspicious, untrusting and paranoid. This place has been virtually untouched by the devastation outside its walls. It must have felt like a dream and a nightmare. They finally found a place to be safe but it also dragged up all of his unresolved issues with Lori. That’s where Jessie came in. To Rick, she (and Alexandria) embodied everything
that he wanted for Lori and Carl before the world went to hell in a hand basket. Add to that the fact that she was being beaten by Pete and it brought Ricks natural protective instincts to the forefront. Was he attracted to her? Probably on some level. Mostly his attraction to her stemmed from his old life and had very little to do with her as a person (they’d only known each other briefly before she died).

I think that Pete, the inability of Deanna to deal with him and the general obliviousness of the Alexandrians sent him over the edge.

How, after watching these situations unfold can these people possibly believe the Rick was in the right frame of mind to be in love with a woman he just met and knew nearly nothing about?

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sooo i know you aren't writing calzona anymore (though i would love it if you did ;) ) but is there any way you can tell us headcanons you have about the stories you've already finished? Like maybe what happens in the future for the stories you've written? pretty please

I suppose I could dish on that. Keep in mind that I may or may not have spoken on this matter before regarding certain stories, buuuut I don’t remember what I may have said about them because it was definitely over 1.5 years ago. So, this is hereby the official future for all of my Callies and Arizonas - 

Best Laid Plans/Best Laid Plans: Expect the Unexpected:

Where we left off in the epilogue, Callie was pregnant with a baby, to be named Sofia Leigh Torres-Robbins. The two of them left their apartment (the one they moved into together in BLP, and continued to reside in through BLP2) and bought a house on Beacon Hill about a year prior to Sofia’s birth. 

Arizona continued to work at Boston Children’s Hospital, while Callie worked at Mass Gen (and continued in a softball league where they would eventually become the captains of their respective teams). When Sofia was 3, they had another baby, this time a boy named Ethan Timothy Torres-Robbins. Callie carried again, though this time they used Arizona’s egg. And Sofia and Ethan would alternate which mother they cheered for during said softball games. 

Callie eventually built a closer relationship with her mother, though nothing was as close as their relationship with Arizona’s parents, who moved to Boston to be closer to the family after Daniel retired (shortly before Ethan was born).

Fractured: this doesn’t differ all too much from canon, as it was written with canon events

Callie and Arizona would have stayed in the house they bought at the end of the story, when they had rebuilt their relationship. They would have had a second baby that Arizona carried to term, another girl, named Isabella Danielle. Callie would have remained the head of her department, and Arizona would have maintained her role as the head of pediatric surgery, though not fetal surgery, as my headcanon timeline does not fit in with that storyline. 

They lived happily ever after, together, in Seattle, raising their family and being boss ass bitches at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital.

It Happened One Summer:

Callie and Arizona lived together in the apartment that Callie’s parents bought for her to attend Stanford. They both graduated from Stanford, and completed their residencies at Stanford Hospital. 

As Callie remained close to her parents, and Arizona was very close to both Tim and Alex even after she moved, they made the decision to move back to Florida once Arizona had completed her residency. Every once in a while, during a blue moon (and a night off from the hospital), Arizona could be found bartending at the Just Cause. For memories sake. 

Arizona was the first one to propose having a baby, a few years after their move back to Florida, and she carried their IVF twins. Who happened to both be boys, named Daniel Alexander (middle name after Callie’s grandfather, though Alex will always say it’s for him) and Benjamin Tomas Robbins-Torres. 

Tim had a baby with a woman who was a one-night stand, and ended up having full custody of little baby Alicia, so she lived in Arizona’s old room in the house he shared with Alex. He and Alex realized quickly that single women were very much attracted to either of them with her. So Alicia unintentionally helped her dad and Alex attract women, and alternatively, got them mistaken for a really cute gay couple, doing a lovely job raising their daughter. 

Fates Collide

As stated in the finals paragraphs of the last chapter, Arizona became a successful lawyer, specializing in family law. She became the youngest partner at a big name firm in New York City. Though she did eventually leave to become a judge, in her mid-fifties. Her relationship with her parents remained estranged, but she was okay with that. 

Callie continued on Broadway, winning 4 Tony awards (one of which as best featured actress in a Spamalot revival ;) ). She retired from the stage in her early 40′s, but worked in workshops with young, up and coming actors until she was older. She and Addison remained close, and she built a new relationship with her sister, though never with her parents. 

In their early thirties, Callie and Arizona ventured into having a baby. They’d been together for nine years prior, and had thoroughly debated whether or not to even have a child. Both of them were very busy with their careers and were unsure of being parents, due to their own less-than-ideal relationships with their respective parents. 

Their daughter, Lyla Madison Robbins-Torres was born, and she remained their only child. She was raised in the apartment over the bookstore, much to the chagrin of the crochety owner. 

Along For the Ride:

After graduating from Johns Hopkins, Callie and Arizona moved to California to complete their residencies together. This was when they first moved in together, as well, as Arizona continued to live with Alex and Callie continued to live next door with Elise throughout their remaining two years in med school.

They lived in LA throughout residency, Arizona working at Cedars-Senai Medical Center, and Callie at UCLA Medical Center. Following the completion of their residency, they made the joint decision to go to Africa and practice medicine/surgery there (as Callie never had the Botswana Peace Corps experience in this story, she wanted to have the experience). 

After several years, they returned back to the states and traveled for a few months, and in that time, they got married. It was a small ceremony, with only their family members, Alex, Addison, and Elise attending. 

They then relocated to Seattle Grace Hospital, where they spent the rest of their careers, happily traveling together whenever they had the time. (this is the only universe where they do not have any kids! but instead are glamorous, doting, successful aunts to their families’ offspring)

Time After Time:

Callie and Arizona remained at Grey Sloan Memorial Hospital throughout the rest of their careers. They never broke up again, neither cheated or had any other shitty relationships, as they were devoted to one another following their second marriage. 

They raised Sofia together, and supported her hopes and dreams (though when she decided that she wanted to be an artist, they were both kind of worried, but still). 

They danced together at her wedding, and as Unchained Melody played in the background, they were both so incredibly happy that they ended up together. Because there really wasn’t ever anyone else. 

inexperienced!tony fic where tony gets a reputation as a playboy because paparazzi take photos of him going to lunches and dinners with investors who just happen to be very attractive women and the tabloids continue to write about tony’s ~womanizing ways except the joke’s on them because tony’s actually only attracted to men… also he’s a 30 year old virgin, but that’s something he prefers they don’t find out about him… and then captain america is found, and the avengers are formed and they save new york, and afterwards, tony invites them all to live in the tower, and tony and steve become really great friends and fall in love, and steve tries to get the nerve to ask tony out because he’s almost positive that tony is at least bi, but he still doesn’t know if he should because tony has a ~reputation and how could someone like tony who could get anyone he wants want someone as old-fashioned as steve?


Voice headcanons for DCM nerds kids:

  • Near ( both JP and ENG) voice actor from Death Note. Pencil Skirt in general just sounds like an old woman even though she’s only 15.
  • Orihara Izaya ( ENG dub) voice actor from Durarara. He has a… very… attractive voice okay…. Very fitting for Chaleco.
  • Michonne from TWD bc its low and cool enough for Sweatband.

My 19 year old brother told my sister and I that he doesn’t see himself dating/marrying a black woman because he doesn’t find us attractive and he doesn’t want to deal with our “attitudes”. He said this and was surprised that his black sisters took offense to it. I assume that he compartmentalizes it, it doesn’t mean my sister and I, or our mother, he means “other angry ugly black women”. And he made a point to say that he would be insulted if other black men thought the same about us. It disappoints me because though he cares very little about my plight as a black women in this world, I’m entirely devoted to his and will continue to be for him and all the black men just like him.

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Oh, I have a prompt for you, my dear: Killian is back on his ship alone and decides to go through his safe (the safe we saw in Ursula's episode). There's some stuff from his past, maybe a few things of Milah's, a few things of Liam's - and then Emma comes and he shares stories with her.

He leaves her for the night.

He reckons the remainder of her family will want to hog her for a bit now that the darkness is no longer a fleeting issue in Storybrooke. The pain and concern still lingers, that part of his mind always in gear when it comes to Emma or any of her family’s safety. The simplicity of True Love’s kiss managing to destroy the darkness was not much of a surprise, even though he originally doubted himself because he attempted it back in New York.

It doesn’t work on memory loss - or someone who doesn’t feel the same deep down.

They spent weeks trying to figure out how to disperse the darkness inside of her, the forthcoming battle everyone has been noticing internally for the Savior. She never really did disappear from town, but she did avoid the public - the few times she ended up on his ship seeking comfort because things were getting too difficult for her to handle alone. That was a major change, the fact that she wasn’t going to keep herself secluded from him.

But now, for now he’s back on The Jolly Roger, descending the ladder to his trusty cabin. There’s nothing in particular he wants to address with her at the moment, but yes, they have a talk long due now that everything is once again safer. And in terms of safe, he remembers the safe that is stored in his cabin, the last time he touched it from retrieving Ursula’s voice.

He lights a dim candle in the room on his wooden table before turning to glance at the metal box. There’s a certain bit of weight he holds in there that regards with the weight in his heart, reminders of things he’d rather not remember anymore. Despite it being in his past, the same things still haunt him on an irregular basis, the memories all faint in his mind.

Removing his hook from the brace, he sticks it into the lock of the safe and turns it, the small door unlocking. Attaching his hook back on, he opens up the door with his hand, finding the few old items sitting in the back.

Killian is ready to face his past again, the pain long gone but the memory still numb and distant, still meaning something to him. He pulls out a piece of paper which is the drawing of Milah. Requiring to close his eyes for the memory, he no longer really remembers how she appears, even with the drawing depicting all her features clearly. The attempt to even conjure an imaginative figure in his mind of how his first love used to look really doesn’t prove successful. He stares at it for a moment longer, soaking it in before setting it aside on the table.

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Pleasure to meet you | Para 001

[It was one of those weird nights. The sky was dark, but still empty. The moon was hiding behind a hill, somewhere, lost in this lonely weather. The town was silent, but yet noisy. It was full of strangers, lacking of souls. It was one of those weird nights when Jared escaped from his large house to a smaller place, as if it helped him to feel better. To feel safer. Dressed in skinny black pants and a large white top worn with ankle boots and some shirt he grabbed from the floor, he left the hugeness of the building he was supposed to call home with his car keys in hands. He knew Los Angeles by heart, and no other shop, restaurants or basement compared to the one he was driving to. He knew the employes, he knew the people that hung around, he knew the dark and narrow streets. He just knew everything and that made him felt better. For a moment. The guilt for not paying attention enough to his hardworking fiancée ate his stomach out and made hum turn the radio even louder. He really did love Valery, and some parts of him were excited to tie the knot with her. He just couldn’t stand watching her strut in the middle of the living room to some very crappy and electronic tune and in a see through haute couture dress. She was gorgeous, no man could say otherwise, but he hated to share her with thousands of photographers, fashion bloggers and designers. It killed him to know that men were touching her, arranging her like a doll and that he could not even say his word. He knew this industry more than she could imagine, however, his knowledge was useless under their roof.]

“One shot, please. The usual.” [He raised his voice to be understood from the bartender as his butt met a comfortable bench, and his tattooed elbows leaned on the counter. His greenish hair were making it hard for him to get a cover, but yet, he just didn’t care at all. The road from his place to here had made him crave even more for the burning liquid that slid down his throat. Without a grimace, he asked for a second shot of that medecine. And he drowned deeper, willingly. The man couldn’t put the blame on anybody else than himself, and he knew that as well. Drinking and chatting with the good looking guy on the other side of the counter were still better options to calling out an old friend and having a puff or two in a lost parking of an abandoned factory. Some voice in his head begged for him to communicate with the woman he was about to marry, but the second shot of vodka shut it off and clearly stated the following sentence: she didn’t need to know. He was not lying or broking any promise he could have made to her, he was just enjoying the company of an old, lost side of his very own person. Just when he turned his face to order a third glass, someone cut him off and caught all the attention from the man playing with tempting and attractive bottles.] “I’ll pay.” [He raised his hand slightly, and let the bartender serve the woman by his sides. She looked so exhausted -and he liked to spend money when he was down.]