he's a sparkly pirate~


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Fluffy- Killian’s new wardrobe you say well, a jacket is a must?

Killian walked into the sheriff station with a cardboard cup holder, a brown paper bag, handles rocking on his hook and a surprise for a certain blonde. He put his back up against the door handle and walked in from the brisk chill; into the warm station.

Killian walked around the corner to see Emma tapping a pen against her lip in an intense staring contest with a piece of paper.
Hook snuck up to the glass window of the office and knocked on the door frame there.

“Hey love.” He gave a large smile and Emma looked up quickly.

“Hey!” She smiled back taking in his presence and then his apparel. “Hey…” Emma shook her head as if to clear out a hallucination, but sure enough her eyes did not deceive.

In front if her stood THE Captain Hook in a pair of black jeans and a dark gray v- neck that hugged his form and outlined his washboard abdomine. He threw his arms out to the side as if to present himself.
“Like what you see, Swan?” He swiveled a little at the hips, side to side, tilting his head to the side as well.

Emma gave her open mouthed smile, her tounge resting on her top set of teeth.

“Not bad. Where’d you get the new clothes?” She stood dropping her pen and working her way around the desk to lean on the front of it.

“Well,” Hook slipped the bag on the desktop along with the cup holder and tugged Emma’s hot chocolate out of the container handing it to her. “David had a few of his old garbs and handed them off to me. He figured I been in the leathers long enough and honestly I don’t mind the change.” Hook pulled out his own cup from the holder and leaned on the arm of the chair behind him.

“ I tend to agree with him. Thank you.” Emma raised her cup in a thankful gesture and took a sip giving a him of pleasure. “Mmm…Did you put cinnamon in this?” She gave him a smile knowing the answer.

Killian looked over the rim of his cup and raised his eyebrows. His lips formed a line as he swallowed. “Mm- Henry had me try it the other day and I fancied it. Hope you don’t mind, love.” He said standing to shuffle through the bakery bag on the desk.

“Not at all. Look it you all assimilated.”

“ I wouldn’t know about that I think I have a lot to learn. Cars, telephones, remote controls and such, yes I still have much to learn.”

“Well luckily, you have Henry and I to help you.”

“Indeed, but really love what do you think of these rags?” He stepped back to present himself again.

Emma put her cup down on the desk and went to embrace him she placed her hand on his chest where the V of his t shirt exposed his chest hairs. She took to fiddling with the familiar chains around his neck he decided to keep and glanced down at the gleaming metal of his hook. She smirked at the few remnants of pirate in this modernized Captain Hook.
” I like it, a lot.” She nodded looking into his eyes as he wrapped his arms around her waist and kissed her forehead. She ran her hands up his hard chest and back behind his shoulders training her fingers down his arms, feeling the exposed hairs there. “Aren’t you freezing though?” She tried to rub some heat into his cold skin.

“It is rather brisk outside. So, I’ll admit I miss my coat I think I’m going to run back to my room at Granny’s and grab it, but there some interesting pastries I thought you might enjoy in the ba-.”

“Hold that thought. Wait here.” Emma pushed Killian back and ran into the other room. She walked into a storage room marked ‘Evidence’ and opened the door with a key on her belt. Upon opening the door she walked to a third shelf almost out of habit and slid a box off of it. She glanced inside at the familiar contents and tromped back out of the room.

Killian watched her come back in the room his eyes never leaving her. She walked back in the office and placed the box on the desk. She looked Killian in the eye and he raised his eyebrow. She smiled a sad smile and pulled out a black leather jacket with brown street wash lining.
” This uhh….” Emma looked at the jacket then at the spot on the floor where… he’d fallen. She stood in silence for a moment. Remembering. “This used to belong to a good friend. He um he isn’t around anymore, but” She walked over to Killian and looked into his blue eyes as she held out the jacket motioning for him to turn around. He put his hands on hers where she held the jacket and pushed away the gesture.
“Swan, I can’t accep-“
” I want you to have it.”

The stared at each other for several moments before he turned around. She slid the jacket over his around his hook to his shoulders. He turned around to face her again.

“There,” Emma said smiling. “ and now the constellation prize. Only if you want it though.” Emma held up the deputy sheriffs badge.

“You want me to be deputy sheriff.”

“If you don’t want it you don’t have to-”
“No no, I do I’m just curious as to what prompted this.” he gestured to the badge.

“Frankly, I’m tried of you getting in trouble with the law so I figure a good way to keep you out of trouble is to have you enforcing it instead.”
“Ah” he smiled a large smile and rolled his eyes. She snuck closer to embrace him and tucking the badge on his belt loop.

She stepped back and took him in as he spun. “Perfect.”

“Modern day knight in shining armor ey love?”

“No a pirate in a pair of sparkly new vans.”

He laughed a little and tugged her close and kissed her long, passionate and slow. Tasting cinnamon on her lips.