he's a sharks fan!

They are running for their ice creams

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Merry Christmas! For Chris “Chowder” Chow, my fave Wellie, prince of babs, fictional goalie of my heart, a gift of holiday-appropriate SJ Sharks apparel (◡‿◡✿) 3 guesses which Samwell men’s hockey team upperclassman gifted him that (Bitty, it’s Bitty)

for those heretofore unacquainted, a gift from me to you: Check, Please! treat yourself and go read it, merry xmas, you’re welcome

on loving sharks

Chris can’t remember not loving sharks. His parents aren’t totally certain where his first stuffed shark came from—none of his relatives remember buying it, and his parents, being graduate students with a newborn, weren’t exactly getting enough sleep to make clear memories at the time—but Sharkie is in all his baby pictures, and his grandparents (who were getting enough sleep) claim she was his favorite from the beginning. She remained his favorite for a long time, even as he acquired books about sharks, and nature videos about sharks, and what seemed to his parents like half a million shark toys. 

If he’s being completely honest, Chris doesn’t really remember becoming a Sharks fan, either, but he does know the story.  Shortly after he’d turned three, the Graduate Parents of Samwell had rented out Faber for the afternoon for an end-of-semester parent-and-toddler skating session. Pretty much all of the grad student parents who’d finished their grading (and a few who hadn’t, quite) were there, and Chris’s parents took the opportunity to invite several of them to a (somewhat belated) party in honor of Chris’s third birthday.  A Canadian PhD candidate in mathematics (who had two kids and looked like he hadn’t slept in a month) asked Chris’s mom what kind of stuff Chris liked these days. She’d tried to tell him not to bother getting a present, but the mathematician had insisted, and Chris’s mom eventually said something along the lines of “well, he’s really into sharks…” 

Two weeks later, half the Graduate Parents of Samwell (along with associated spouses and children) showed up to Chris’s birthday party bearing gifts of San José Sharks merchandise.   

A couple of months after that, the same mathematician friend invited all three Chows over for a grading-and-babysitting party, and put on a hockey game for background noise.  Chris was, according to his parents, utterly enthralled by all the people skating around the TV screen “wearing my Sharkie shirt!” And that was that. 

Falling in love with playing hockey, however, is something Chris remembers very well indeed. 


I would like to start off by apologizing for my rant. I know this isn’t a well written piece. I was sort of disappointed that the ONE tag I followed finally had drama in it. *sigh*

So about that Back Stage story that is going around about Till being a complete fucking creeper. I honestly am finding a very hard time believing Till acting that way. Or, more accurately, I see that his actions are being misinterpreted. 

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i may have just met my future husband

he was in front of me in line at the grocery store and he noticed my tb lightning shirt so he asked me about stamkos

he played division II hockey in boston but got hurt and decided to focus on school instead

but he’s a sharks fan and i told him i work for them and he went into full fangirl mode

as i was walking away to another register his friend was like “another hockey fan huh?” and i heard him say “that’s my dream girl right there”


aka pls ship my rarepair so I’m not alone (but I have u @saviorsammy ily)

I wrote so much and I still have so much more to say

  • Chowder is a little thrown by Tango asking him about his favorite team when they first meet, but he assumes it was a joke. He sounded serious, but it had to be a joke, right? His room is 98% Sharks stuff.
  • But Tango just keeps asking questions like that.
  • One day at team breakfast he asks Chowder “Why do you like the Sharks best?”
  • And no one’s ever asked him that either?? They always just infer Californian = Sharks fan. Chowder is surprised and thrilled because he spends the next two hours detailing his favorite things about every single player and the Shark Tank and eventually devolves into gushing about real sharks for an hour too.
  • Through all of it, Tango sits there, listening, engaged, occasionally asking even more clarifying questions, encouraging Chowder to babble instead of telling him he talks too much.
  • As patient as they are, a lot of the other team members get exasperated with Tango after a while. Eventually they start giving him terse answers or saying “I don’t know, just google it.”
  • Chowder, though, he’s always up for Tango’s questions, even those he can’t answer he responds to with “I don’t know!! Let’s find out!!”
  • Tango starts gravitating to him more and more, asking him all sorts of things.

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Friends first. Mick Fanning & Julian Wilson share a moment of relief safely back on the beach. Seconds after Mick Fanning was attacked by a shark, he and Julian Wilson were picked up by safety boats and removed from the water. Neither surfer was physically harmed. Once again we want to express our gratitude to the Water Safety Team.

Photo | wslofficial

Bay Area Chowder Things

by me, a lifelong Bay Area citizen

• chowder definitely lives in San Jose (fight me on this)

• drinks A TON of boba tea. Like all the time.

• at some point he’s put in his Instagram bio that he lives in the “bae area.” He thinks it’s a super cute play on words

• owns five million apple products. Like iPad, iPhone, iWatch, iPod, the mini iPad, you name it

• one time he saw Mark Zuckerberg’s car in the parking lot of a Whole Foods. He took a picture for posterity

• SAYS “HECKA” LITERALLY EVERY OTHER WORD. He’s too pure for “hella”

• (honestly he uses hecka way too much, to the point where it doesn’t make sense grammatically. Like at the rate of my cousin’s boyfriend, who once uttered the memorable phrase (to my grandma, nonetheless) “yeah my mom’s got hella friends”)

• refers to San Francisco solely as “the city”

• but honestly never day trips up to San Francisco even though it’s less than an hour away

• visits Tahoe in the summer and winter. He snowboards but isn’t very good at it since hockey is his thing and he’s only there in the winter once a year

• went to Happy Hollow all the time as a kid. Like once every week. He loved all the animals but was perpetually disappointed over the lack of sharks

• grew up at sharks ice. He’s been skating there since he was five. He played for the junior team. Chowder has been breathing teal since the moment he took his first breath

• doesn’t get angry over anything but will fight you over the correct pronunciation of Silicon Valley (he says siLIcon, hates it when people say siliCON)


• doesn’t even care about football but will defend the raiders with his dying breath

• (don’t tell anyone but he likes the forty niners too)

• happy to support the Warriors, the Giants, and every other sports team from the bay that’s doing well

• basically chowder is really proud and happy to be from the bay :)


Our guests are Rikki Lindhome, Jason Ritter, and Michael Ian Black!


Ashley Madison website was hacked! Divorce attorneys are already adding a new level to their house. (Via Twitter


Shark Attacks Mick Fanning at J-Bay Open! He asked for it dressed like that. THIS IS A JOKE. (Via YouTube)


We celebrate the anniversary of Buzz Aldrin punching that dude in the face! Straight to the moon! (Via YouTube