he's a serious businessman

Dating Percival Graves includes:

finally got to write some Graves head canons, since they were requested so much! ~ *:・゚✧

warnings: NSFW

activities/small moments:

-Graves loves to invite you to dinner and he takes you out every Saturday. He doesn’t care how busy he is with work; Saturday is your day.

-He has a lot of well-educated and highly regarded friends, so you felt a bit anxious when Graves arranged a dinner party to meet them. But that feeling vanished in a matter of second because they were all so welcoming and only speak glowingly of you since day one.

-Graves is not to fond of PDA since he has to keep his imagine as the serious businessman up in public. However, when he sees another guy talking a tad bit too nice with you he knows how to show them that you are his.

-As much of a stern man he is from the outside, you know Graves fluffy side. He will excitedly talk about his favourite books and music with you, hours on end.

-Percival never lets a chance fly by without complementing you. ‘God, you look so good!’ and ‘You are the most gorgeous human being I’ve ever seen!’ are probably the most common sentences you hear from him. However, he doesn’t only complement you on your good looks. He can be really sweet and tells you how smart you are and how he doesn’t deserve you.

all thingy touchy:

-You would have never thought that Graves is such a cuddler when you two first started dating. He always wants to touch you in some sort of way. He even demands that you sit on his lap, whenever he has to do stuff for work.

-Like mentioned before, Graves doesn’t show a lot of public affection but he always puts his hand around your waist, whenever you two are out.

-You’ve literally never kissed him without it turning into a heated make out session and his favourite thing to do is biting your lips.

-LOTS AND LOTS OF SEX! ALL KINDS OF SEX! From casual to bondage, he doesn’t care! Your boyfriend loves to be in control so he always throws a bit spanking in there. If he’s in a good mood or if you behaved bratty that day, he doesn’t hesitate to get his ropes out.
However, he also loves to treat his little one right and let’s just say; he is the best at eating out!

-A lot of aftercare after rougher sessions! Lots of blankets, hot chocolate and butterfly kisses, of course!

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