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Behind Closed Doors (M) // Im Jaebum

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Pairing: Jaebum x Reader (Ft. Jackson, Youngjae + Mark)

Genre: Heavily suggestive, Smut-Comedy

Summary//Request: Wanting to have a little sexy time alone with your boyfriend at GOT7′s dorms turns out to be a disaster with Jackson, Youngjae and Mark accidentally eavesdropping.

This scenario is rated M for Mature as it contains suggestive content and slight smut.

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Diedrik Lustgarden

October 13, 1977 (40) (Libra)

5′9″ 150 Lb


-Skin/eye/hair color
White, sun tanned skin, black hair, hazel eyes

Head surgeon at Health portal hospital

-Residence/ origin /ethnicity
Simplicity, American, Austrian/Greek
Lives in a penthouse suite at the hospital.

-Mental and physical health
Mental: He’s kind of a narcissist. His parents were neglectful and it had some repercussions, he’s deeply insecure but masks it with arrogance.
Physical: He’s pretty obsessed with his health and appearance, and takes extremely good care of himself. No drugs, only a social drinker.

-Family and love life
As a kid he had everything he wanted, but his parents were really famous and they only had him because it was good publicity, not because they wanted kids. He was mostly raised by their maids and boarding school. His life was controlled by the expectations of medical society and this made him defiant. His mother died when he was a teen and his father married many more times. Their relationship is tense.

Romance-wise, it’s hard to form attachments. He gets bored easily and has some commitment issues. He was known to cheat on his partners and had mostly short term relationships and sexual flings before finding true love with Kyrie and a soulmate in Tristan.

-Interests, dislikes, fears and phobias
Likes: Praise, luxury, himself
Dislikes: Incompetence, having to respond to a higher authority, wearing formal attire, himself
Fears: Failure, humiliation, having a bad reputation.

-Clothing and appearance
At work he wears mostly vintage medical uniforms and distinctions so people know that he’s important, red cross arm bands and badges.

Outside of work he dresses like a preppy rich kid, polo shirts, moccasins, designer stuff and that kind of thing.

-Personality and habits
He’s a manufactured beauty in every sense, he tries very hard to seem like a beautiful person on the surface. He has had a lot of plastic surgery and has an extensive morning routine. Before high school he was chubby and plain looking, and after puberty he was lanky and plain looking, then he actually started working out and tried to be conventionally attractive.

He also pretends to be beautiful on the inside but he’s the kind of person who likes being a doctor not because he wants to help people but because of the fortune and prestige. He can be very self centered but deep down he has a pure and noble heart, he just doesn’t know it.

He can be a serious businessman one moment and wildly irresponsible the next. His life revolves around his work and he enjoys it but doesn’t like to be held accountable and would rather do things his own way. He can be clever and flirtatious but also very graceless and anxious in social situations.

He doesn’t know he is trying to be someone he isn’t. He’s not the kind of person who is naturally smart and charming and feels at home in an important leadership position but that is what life expects him to be. He wishes he was that fake version of himself. Only tristan and kyrie have seen through his facade.

-Dreams and aspirations.
Becoming top scientist
Earning the respect of his father and the Aesculapian medical society on his own merits.

theabridgedkuriboh  asked:

I don't know if I'm doing this right since I'm on mobile, but for the Domestic Meme thing, maybe Tamakyo. I'm curious.

Yep, totally right! And yaaaay, Tamakyo is probably my fav Ouran pairing, to be perfectly honest.

Shit, this ended up being super long. I’m so sorry-I promise the others will be shorter, I just have a lot of Tamakyo feelings… 

And I’m answering these questions in the context of an aged up Tamaki and Kyoya who live together and are adults in a serious relationship, otherwise a lot of these wouldn’t really make sense.

who cooks normally?:

Um, obviously Kyoya because Tamaki has an amazing tendency to royally fuck things up whenever he gets too excited, especially when fire’s involved. That’s not to say that he’s a bad cook, it’s just that he cares too much about cooking well for his boyfriend and ends up burning something or setting off the smoke alarm.

So Kyoya cooks normal meals and is pretty good at it because he’s good at anything he can learn how to do, but he’s not like, a mindblowing chef. On special occasions he lets Tamaki cook under his or maybe Haruhi’s supervision and sometimes they cook together (but not often because honestly that’s just a headache/minor fight/temper tantrum waiting to happen), and that’s when they eat the best because Tamaki puts ~love~ into his cooking and also cooks rich French food and it’s awesome.

One exception is that Tamaki cooks breakfast. He sticks to simple things that he learned from his mom back when he lived with her in France, because that means there won’t be a cooking emergency. And Kyoya lets him because hell if he’s getting up any earlier than he has to to make breakfast for either of them, but even though he would just skip breakfast on his own, he’s totally gotten spoiled by Tamaki cooking for him.

how often do they fight?:

Ummm, all the time, but not seriously. You know how sometimes couples who are really into each other bicker constantly but obviously don’t mean it? That’s basically their relationship dynamic most of the time, except it’s a little different than most couples because Kyoya is a little more cutting in his remarks than most people, but luckily Tamaki is more dense and forgiving than most, so they complement each other perfectly.

They rarely fight seriously and when they do it’s usually because Kyoya has never quite gotten used to showing the level of emotion that Tamaki is accustomed to, so he either comes off as more callous and hurtful than he intends to and winds up actually hurting Tamaki’s feelings, or he ends up internalizing his insecurities instead of talking it out, which is made worse by the fact that it takes Tamaki a little longer than the average person to figure out when something’s wrong (plus Kyoya’s got an amazing poker face because of the family environment he grew up in).

But whenever something’s seriously wrong, as soon as the person who didn’t notice the other one’s hurting figures it out, they feel awful and try to resolve it pretty immediately, and luckily they’re both pretty forgiving (Tamaki to everyone, and Kyoya to Tamaki, at least).

what do they do when they’re away from each other?:

Kyoya takes advantage of the quiet time that he rarely ever gets-he uses it to get some alone time and relax, usually by doing something like reading a book or getting ahead on his work, which Tamaki insists doesn’t count as relaxing but Kyoya ignores him.

Tamaki, on the other hand, bounces off the walls without constant social stimulation, so he calls up all of his friends until someone will come play with him. If he can’t get someone to hang out with him, he’ll either go out to a public place and people watch (and maybe talk to strangers) or watch an inordinate amount of children’s tv. 

nicknames for each other?:

Kyoya is totally not the pet name type, so the closest he gets is calling Tamaki mild insults like idiot, moron, imbecile, in a fond way. 

Tamaki, on the other hand, looooooves pet names and cycles through them on a weekly basis. He really likes to try out pet names from different cultures, the sappier the better, so he’ll go from mon amour one day to babe the next to some weird Russian endearment that he found on the internet. Kyoya seems to find this amusing, so he figures he’s doing something right.

Once he tried out calling Kyoya princess, and that really didn’t end well for him. But honestly, a lot of the time they just use the other’s name, although they’ve kept up the habit from host club days of calling each other Mommy and Daddy.

who is more likely to pay for dinner?:

They’re both filthy rich, so it honestly doesn’t matter in the end financially. But Tamaki insists on being a gentleman and paying for everything, and Kyoya lets him because after being together for a while they merged their personal assets anyway and let Kyoya manage them, so even though it’s Tamaki who pulls out the credit card, he’s basically paying with both of their money, although Kyoya doesn’t usually remind him of this because he gets sulky and embarrassed. 

who steals the covers at night?:

KYOYA. Kyoya’s so orderly in all of his waking life but he’s a pain in the ass to share a bed with. He sleeps like the dead, is grumpy in the morning, sprawls out and takes most of the space, sometimes kicks or elbows Tamaki in his sleep when Tamaki’s trying to cuddle, AND steals the covers. Luckily Tamaki’s pretty easy-going when it comes to sleep habits, although he does get disappointed sometimes that Kyoya’s so hard to cuddle with.

what would they get each other for gifts?:

Oooh, this is a hard one. Well, Tamaki likes trinkets and sentimental stuff so Kyoya tries to find the dumbest and most useless things possible when he goes on business trips and buys them for Tamaki, which means they have a lot of children’s toys, souvenir spoons, and other random junk, but Tamaki loves it.

Kyoya has pretty much no desire for things that aren’t useful to him, so when they were first together Tamaki spent a lot of money on things that Kyoya only liked because they were from Tamaki. Eventually he took pity on Tamaki and told him what things he needed (new suits, household appliances, more pillows or blankets), even though Tamaki said that was boring and unromantic. Eventually Tamaki stopped buying him things and started to write/perform songs for him on the piano and to give him framed pictures of the two of them and their friends, because that’s the kind of thing that Kyoya might not think about doing. These gifts go over much better.

who remembers things?:

Oh, no question, Kyoya. Tamaki remembers random junk like the anniversary of when they started the host club and when every host joined, the voice actor in that one movie he watched two years ago, and whether every girl who ever patronized the host club prefers tea or coffee, but Kyoya remembers everything else more reliably. Neither of them ever forgets an anniversary, birthday, or romantic holiday though.

who cusses more?:

Also Kyoya, although he avoids doing it in public because he is a serious businessman. In private he curses a moderate amount, while Tamaki is more likely to gesticulate, whine, be overdramatic and talk too much when he’s annoyed. Sometimes he’ll use the kind of insults or exclamations that children do because they’re not allowed to curse, which would sound ridiculous if it were anyone else (it still sounds ridiculous but it’s totally in character to him).

what would they do if the other one was hurt?:

This is probably one of the only things that could freak Kyoya out enough that he’d lose his cool, but he’d pretty quickly get it under control and call up his private doctor.

On the other hand, if Kyoya was seriously hurt Tamaki would get scarily serious and call an ambulance/doctor ASAP and in the meantime would make sure Kyoya was comfortable as possible and would try to ramble on about something to pretend that he’s not worried so Kyoya doesn’t freak out.

who kissed who first?:

Kyoya, because he’d been aware of his feelings for Tamaki long before Tamaki was, but was not gonna act on them pretty much ever because of his family’s expectations and because Tamaki’s super oblivious and also seemed kinda in love with Haruhi for a while.

But then at some point after Tamaki had realized that he kinda only felt platonic feelings for Haruhi, they were spending the night at one of their houses and Kyoya was tired and stressed out about his family stuff and his future and Tamaki was being incredibly comforting and supportive in the best way he could, and Kyoya kinda just kisses him (just once, quickly) without thinking about it.

who made the first move?:

If you count the kiss, Kyoya, but then afterwards they were both kinda shocked and Tamaki froze and so Kyoya just starting talking about host club profits until Tamaki seemed to forget about it. Then he said that he was tired and pretended to go to sleep when he was really trying to calculate how likely this was to mess up their friendship, but then he felt Tamaki reach over and hold his hand. But they didn’t really talk about it the next morning. So kind of both of them?

who started the relationship?:

Ahh, well even though Kyoya kissed Tamaki first, Tamaki was the one who started the relationship. Because after that time where they kissed, Kyoya came up with a long list of reasons why they needed to ignore that it ever happened, but Tamaki kept asking Kyoya to be his boyfriend because he realized that he likes Kyoya and also likes Kyoya and Kyoya would be such a good boyfriend and isn’t he pretty enough for Kyoya? And the whining and begging kept going on until Kyoya agreed (partially because he was won over, partially because if he didn’t do something it was going to affect host club profits) under the conditions that they’d take things slowly and be discreet for the sake of the host club and their futures.

In the beginning it was hard to find time to actually go out or anything and Kyoya felt super awkward about the whole dating thing and both of them were super clueless about the physical aspect of their relationship, but Tamaki was enthusiastic and caring enough that it became comfortable really quickly because they’d been best friends for years and realized that this wasn’t too terribly different because they’d always been weirdly close for best friends.

Batman v Superman Costume Analysis: Lex Luthor

Lex just keeps getting better with each viewing, I’m kind of obsessed with him at the moment. Anyway, here’s a costume analysis:

Lex’s look in the film is very casual and modern, which is perfect for a millennial CEO of Synder’s real world setting. His look is also partly inspired by young Lex in Superman Birthright (the stringy hair and trench coats) and overall his costumes serve to distract from his true motives, emphasize his feelings of powerlessness, and differentiate him from the other male characters. Let us begin:

Mad Scientist, Evil Genius…Satan?

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my dad has the weirdest hobbies like its so strange he is this super serious conservative businessman who occasionally enjoys smoking raw meat and growing his own cucumbers to make pickles on the weekends. that’s all he ever does. except sometimes he looks at the sky for awhile and tries to predict thunderstorms but he’s always wrong. yep that’s about it

Company Policies - Harry Styles

Company Policy Part Two || Here’s Part One

Word Count - 2936

A.N. Honestly - I feel this is good enough it doesn’t need any gifs… I’m a bit proud of it… Now let me go and write y’all more long ass short stories (;


I removed his belt, hanging it over the chair and letting him slide his hands under my ass. He was stronger than I expected, his muscles were a lot bigger than I expected. Harry lifted me into his arms, letting me pull his hair together and comb it back as if there were a headband in his hair. His hair smelled of lemons and his skin of lavender. When a man dresses so well there’s no doubt in my mind anymore that they smell of fucking heaven. I ran my natural long, painted baby blue fingernails along his v-line.

I began to inch his dress pants off after he took a two steps back - each step removing a shoe. He still held me up - carried me around the dark living room that was illuminated by a single candle I couldn’t smell. I pulled his hair back so he would lean his head back far enough so I could pull myself up and kiss him deeply. Harry started to slide my long skirt that zipped and let if fall into a pool. I felt a bit of a pinch on the creasing part of my ass, it was his rings - I bet you could ask him what kind of rings he was wearing and he wouldn’t recall without taking a look.

“We shouldn’t.” He rammed his back against the wall and groaned, his eyes fluttering at me as the words drowned him. I dropped my legs down and wiggled out of his grasp. As I turned, pulling him with me by the hand he sighed - annoyance coating his tone.

He pulled himself into my back, turning me around till he was pulling my chin up to mashing our lips together. “You can’t,” more kissing and he was starting to clutch my ass roughly. “That it?” Harry crouched in front of me, moving my hips towards him so my hips and his shoulders were aligned.

The phone began to ring and Harry grasped the couch to take his phone and raise it to his ear. “Hello?” He clutched both of my ass cheeks as I held myself steady with his hard shoulders. “I’ll be by to see it tomorrow. I know the line is just being brought up - I’ll pull a few reps by tomorrow afternoon when the meeting is… Thank you.” He hung up the phone and set it back on the couch.

“Now back to you.” I could see his facial expressions luckily. He held a smirk that could mean a thousand words. “Are you afraid of me? If you’re -”

“I’m not, I promise.” I wiped my thumb over his chin and leaned down to kiss him. “Can’t a girl get a bit nervous?”

“I think you’ve got it wrong,” Harry paused, yanking my underwear down quickly, his rings whipping against my shaven legs. “You’re a woman, darling.”

My breath got caught in my throat as he pulled me as close to his face as he could. Another note - or maybe it’s a question… If a business man dresses well and smells divine, is it safe to assume he’s the biggest sex bomb ever encountered?

His hand made his way between my legs just below my pussy. He made enough space for his huge hand between my legs. I stood in my knee high, white socks that coordinated with my black boots and orange skirt which were both on the floor elsewhere. He cocked his head to the side as I looked down with such intent I believed my eyes could burn a damn hole through his head. Harry slid his tongue against my lips and curled his tongue around the cilt and dipped into my pussy here and there.

I had no idea what to think. I was the kind of - woman - who only had sex, nothing extra. I’d never had this sort of thing which was a tad hard to believe I hadn’t before. I leaned my back over but he only straightened me up again - time after time for what had to of been forty-five minutes. I had to of orgasmed twice, Harry pulling me into his face over and over again relentlessly. “If you keep pulling away from me I don’t know if you want me to stop or keep going.” His laugh was deep and a mix between a chuckle and a disarmed roar with a hoarse tone.

“Kneel on the couch.” I hesitated but went with it. I kneeled on the couch and he harshly dragged his thumb from the top of my spinal cord to my lower-back. Kisses were soaked and hot as they went one by one on my ass and then on my pussy lips. Harry rubbed his hands up and down my calves that were still clothed with my knee highs.

I couldn’t take another orgasm at the moment so I tried to take my power and turn onto my back despite how much of a hold he had on only my calves. When he went to dip his head back up and get more comfortable with his own position I turned. pulling my knees up towards the ceiling and leaning against six pillows he had on the area of his couch. Harry only smirked, the smirk turning into quite the grin. “Can’t take it?” Is it also true businessmen can read anyone’s mind based on their actions and facial expressions?

“Shouldn’t I be saving all this power?” Correction what on earth do I think I’m doing? I leaned back on my forearms as he crawled over me slowly. His hair was fucking wild compared to how it looked when he first opened the door. His boxers were the blackest black and everything about him sent electric waves through me (I’m just glad I wasn’t literal with that one).  I nipped at his lower lip, rubbing my clothed feet against his legs.

Harry pulled his lip from my teeth and I noticed the small bruise on the bridge of his lips. His lips scoured my bony collarbone, holding himself - hovering over my abdomen. My legs were holding onto him and I occasionally rubbed my feet against his calves.

“You didn’t respond to me.” I whispered, combing his hair to one side so I could rest my lips right up against his left ear. The candle began flickering and burned out as I rubbed my hands up and down his sides from just below his under arms and to his hips and… v-line.

“What - what was the question?” He moved back up on his knees and let my grasp drift off of him as he grabbed my thigh and began to kiss the round of my joint that connected my hip to my leg. He sucked hard, leaving a huge love bite and then another that lead to a purple-blue trail up to my hip bone. I hovered my long nails around his boxers elastic edge. The way I looked up at him through my eyelashes made him move closer to me.

“I asked - shouldn’t I have been saving all that power I used on orgasms for something a bit bigger?”

“Hm.” He looked up at the wall behind me. Then Harry lifted me so he could move me back to the very back of the couch and left my head against the wall since I had a longer torso and my head exceeded the height of the back of the couch. I could only smile, spreading my legs a little more as he then yanked me down so I laid flat on the couch as he placed his hands on either side of my head. It all went so slowly letting me smooth my hands over his shoulders then makeout with him again. The obvious in his boxers was edging me on to just rip them off. “All this power can be useful so why don’t we just use it up?”

“What do you have in mind, Harry?” I moaned saying his name in the process - blushing down my chest. My nipples hardened and he only moved his chest back and forth against me.

“I’m not one of those businessmen who have these twisted kinks. I just think I might be horny enough to take all that power.” I took the label oh his underwear from the back and inched to tug the boxers off his ass.

I only squeezed his ass, needing to feel him but only inching towards it. “Am I possibly making you horny?”

“Do I have to say it or can I take all this strength of yours and then cover you in kisses and explain to you how fucking gorgeous you are.” I stopped him as the lovely words floated out of his lips. “I shouldn’t -”

“Will this go anywhere? I work for you.”

“I don’t want this to sound too, uh,” Harry rested his hand under my ass and squeezed. “Stalkish - but I fumble around you. I know this is cliche and stupid - expected. I don’t know how to do relationships I thought if -”

“If you pleased me it would make it easier for you to be more comfortable with me?” I took a minute as he just nodded slowly but stared at me as if he had just screwed this up entirely. “Are you afraid of people?”

Harry only ignored the statement and sucked on my lips. He’d never done this sort of thing - not the sex thing but this kind of seriousness. Sure there was business seriousness but… I pulled his boxers down and he pulled them off throwing them god knows where. His cock was swollen against my abdomen and the blush on his face was the last thing I ever expected to see on him. Such a strong and serious businessman that doesn’t understand because he was probably pushed into the business before he knew he could say no.

I kept kissing him, his hand moving my hair so he could hold the side of my face to makeout with me. I pulled Harry’s cock to my dripping pussy, rubbed his head against my wetness. He pushed into me all on his own, easing into me with a huff.  “Humph.” Harry sounded doubtful but he didn’t look doubtful. I spread my fingers and slid them down his back as I sucked on his lips.

After all of the sex I’ve had over the years it’s all just been sex. I couldn’t pick a single night out where I felt special or different from the next. All I could hope was that Harry would make this that one time that differed. Both of our hips were pretty hard against the other, knocking into each other repeatedly. I would have groaned in pain but the repeated knocking of hips was sending other signals to my brain. My hair was bunched up in his fist as his scorching lips connected to every inch of my face - nearly. My lips, my neck, behind my ears and then, underneath my boobs. He slid his tongue under each nipple, then closing his lips around the whole red nub.

I hit my head against the back of the couch roughly and it hurt like a bitch but I kept squeezing his ass and pulled him closer as he fucked me harder. I looked up away from him for two seconds to see the sheer curtains covering the huge windows. The city lights were giving off enough light for me to see the shadows of objects in his high rise living room - to see his shadow. The image of seeing him - his shadow fucking me caused a shaky breath to escape my swollen and bruised lips.

“For fucks sake, you smell fucking great.” I let the words spill out before I thought about how weird they sounded aloud. Harry moaned, dipping his head down and his shoulder blades popping, the lines of his back were moving and the way he was making them move turned me on more than words. I stretched my legs out so he could push into me deeper, get closer. Harry massaged my thighs till his body sort of twitched and he straightened up tall. His back cracked a few times as he looked like he was just getting off a massage table at the spa. Each little crack sent me a little further and a little more after that.

It sent me to some place I couldn’t explain. He rolled over to pull me on top of him, cum dripping out of me onto his chest and down my legs. I took my chance to get up off the couch, huffing a bit of heaving too - I stood in my knee highs looking at him. One of his legs was bent and the other was bent to where his left foot was placed on the floor. We both just stared at each other and a jolt went through me. I pulled him up off the couch with his help and pulled him into me. Harry moved his huge hands behind my head and into my hair to kiss me a few times which turned into about a thousand times. Wrapping my leg around his, I rubbed my leg up and down his.

“I feel like we haven’t done anything yet.” I said between another kiss.

Harry was taken back, “was that supposed to be an insult? I’m offended, I think.” Harry clutched my ass again and kept sucking on my lips.

“I’m trying to hint that you should do more to me.” I whispered, looking in the mirror behind him. Seeing some of his tattoos. He didn’t have much, one here or there. A piece of ivy going up his back and then a butterfly on his chest.

“Maybe you, should do more to me.” He moaned, leaving a teeth gnashing mark on my neck that anyone could see.

“Wait,” I removed my lips from his and sort of dodged his next kiss. “Who’s your rep for the new line opening?” I pressed my boobs against his chest.

“You hopefully? Haven’t thought that part out thoroughly. Why? Is this going to do something between us business wise?”

I laughed nodding my head no. “Look at me, you’ve bruised me to no extend. My lips are swollen and I have rub marks from these knee highs and better yet - we just had sex and it feels like we’ve been having sex for months. Plus, we shouldn’t be having this much sex, we barely know each other.” I went to find my bra on the couch but had trouble finding it even looking through all of the pillows.

“You weren’t wearing a bra.” Harry pulled me around and pushed me against the couch arm.

“Will this complicate things? Having sex?”

“Well I’m not giving up if you think that’s what this is.” Harry sighed, turning me around and pushing me without force over the couch arm. I squealed minimally but I was practically hanging my legs off the couch and leaning on my forearms where we were having sex a few minutes ago.

“Then we can complicate things -” Harry pushed into me from behind, “right now.” I don’t know where the confidence came from but everything kept turning me on more and more second by second. Harry rubbed his hands over and around my hips, digging his fingers into my hips and pulling my hips into his.

“Oh-uh.” Harry moaned and all I could see was his shadow again. I thought I might explode everything was so splendid. I wrapped my feet around each other and held them between his legs.

“{Y/N}.” Harry moaned, straightening his back again, clutching my ass as tight as he could.

“Louder.” I encouraged him.

“What?” Harry moved my hair away from my back and pressed his thumb against my spine again and I couldn’t control myself. Harry kept guiding him into me by my shoulder.

“Moan louder. I think,” I clutched the cushions seeing my fists turning white. “Harry!, moan my name!”

“Uh!” Harry whispered but his voice sounded gravely and scratchy. “{Y/N}, {Y/N}.” Harry yanked at my hips one more time and he came. His hands clutched onto my calves and then began to rub my legs.

My legs twitched, making me tighten my whole body every few seconds. He pulled out and I heard him pull his boxers back on. I stood, shaking terribly but sitting on the arm of the couch. He came along again, standing between my legs as I pulled him down to kiss me. “Let’s complicate things, I’ve only had complicated and I’m sure you can’t be that, complicated.” Harry murmured, letting me take over his mouth.

“Mhm. I can be just that.” Harry pushed me back onto the couch and crawled over me, running his hands over my whole body.

The phone began to ring again and I bit my lip trying to ignore it. Harry grabbed his phone and answered it anyways. “I know I said I’d get back to you - I know… I’ll be sending {Y/First & Last/N}. She’s perfect for the new line trust me.” Harry gazed down at me. “Indeed she does, no thank you. Have a good night.”

“I guess some things don’t have to be too complicated.” Harry whispered, his hand in my hair, curling it around his index finger.

“I guess so.” I pressed my lips together but the bruises hurt so bad, so I laughed.