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Experiment 13067 (Bucky Barnes)

Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word count: 2457

Summary: The Avengers go on a mission to take down another Hydra base when they find their new, latest experiment.

Author’s note: This is my first Bucky fic being posted on this blog, I’m so excited. I hope you enjoy and please leave feedback!

Warnings: fighting, enhanced!reader

Tags: @sebstanwassup, @stay-wokke

Part 1, Part 2, Part 3

“What is so urgent that I had to be interrupted from my shower, Tony?” Natasha asked, her voice veiled thick with annoyance as the tips of her wet hair dripped water on the floor.

Tony Stark didn’t react much to her tone, as he was used to the quips of the sassy assassin when things didn’t go her way. Though she was the only one who asked, it wasn’t hard to tell how everyone at the long table felt the same as the fiery redhead.

“Fury has just informed me of a new discovery from our friends at Hydra of one of their largest bases yet; one of our undercover S.H.E.I.L.D agents just got transferred to a Hydra base in Northern Russia,” Tony explained, showing the team a series of photos and maps and documents projected by a few simple swipes on Tony’s wrist piece. Bucky’s jaw clenched at the mention of Hydra and the photographs of their faces, causing Steve’s hand to land on his shoulder sympathetically. Tony, meanwhile, continued debriefing the others.

“I’ll explain more on the quinjet, but we leave in twenty minutes. Our agents have some more discoveries that are sort of unsettling.” Tony squashed the hologram and with that, excused the meeting. Everyone stood quickly and rushed to their rooms to get dressed as Steve stopped Bucky outside the meeting room.


“Steve.” They said at almost the same time. Bucky continued. “You’ve said it yourself: the best revenge on Hydra is shutting it down. I’m going on this mission.”

Steve pursed his lips in a thin line, searching his friend’s eyes for any hesitance. He found none. Captain America took a deep breath and nodded, telling the Winter Soldier to make sure to tell him if he wasn’t comfortable with anything. An exasperated Yes, Steve sent the blonde super soldier on his way to get ready.

On the jet approximately fifteen minutes later, Bucky was the last person to arrive. Already sat and buckled were Steve, Natasha, Clint, Sam, and Wanda. Tony stood in the center with his arms crossed, causing Bucky to seat himself quickly beside Wanda, the youngest of the Avengers.

“Jarvis, commence autopilot. Pull us up as quickly as possible,” Tony instructed, grabbing onto a bar instinctively as Jarvis began flying the Quinjet, the door to the jet shutting simultaneously.

“Now that everyone is here, we can continue with the briefing,” Tony said with a deep breath, appearing more stressed than usual. As silence took over the jet, Tony pulled up more holograms, this time being an x-ray of someone.

“This is Experiment 13076. Female, aged twenty-something, but no one really knows. They’ve had her for quite a few years now, trying new experiments on her until one worked about a year and a half ago. Since then, they’ve been training her and creating new serums to enhance her even more. If you look at her right arm, along her forearm is this thin wire. This wire is controlled by her mind, coming out at will at the base of her palm as a whip. Even with only a year of training she also has been abducted by Hydra for the majority of her life, which means she most likely has more combat training than we can imagine.”

At the mention of this girl’s past being trained as a weapon, both Natasha and Bucky blinked, trying to keep their faces composed.

“Our mission is to extract Experiment 13076, in addition to destroying the base and taking a few of their serums and documents. Just grab anything that looks like scientific research. And, if I forgot to mention,” Tony added, “No survivors.”

Against the furthest wall of a pitch black room, lay a woman dressed in thin clothes that did next to nothing to protect her from the bone-chilling temperature of the room. The fact that the entire room was made of metal (excluding the raggedy mattress that she laid on) did nothing but worsen the coldness. At times the serums injected in her every few weeks would cause her to not feel it, a side effect that she wished hadn’t faded a few days ago. She found that when the serum’s side effects stopped working, sleeping was the best thing to do to distract herself.

The loud screech of the old metal door working against the rusted hinges brought her out of her light slumber. The woman rolled off her side and sat on the edge of the bare bed smoothly, squinting her eyes at the harsh light being let in. The Hydra agent reached his hand for something outside the door outside of her room and the woman closed her eyes to brace for the light. A single light source from the tall ceiling illuminated her room in white light as the agent shut the heavy door. When he turned back around and quickly walked towards her, she noticed the thick needle filled with a light green liquid in his hand. Instinctively, she smoothed down her hair and moved it to one side of her neck, where countless injections had entered the skin where her neck and shoulder met.

Be quiet, Soldier,” the agent instructed in a Russian whisper. She kept still and clenched her jaw to prevent herself from making a noise as the large needle entered her neck. She felt the serum run through her veins slowly, burning her body beneath her skin. It felt like ants were crawling inside her, her skin setting ablaze as the serum worked almost immediately.

Soldier,” the man said again.

Ready to comply,” the girl said in fluent Russian, sitting before the Hydra agent. His eyebrows furrowed together in worry, contrary to the girl’s stone cold expression.

This serum prevents you from feeling pain. The Enemy has found us. Kill them. Do not let them take you. Hail Hydra,” the man said, grinning as his tongue pulled a tooth from the front of his mouth and chewed it, cyanide from the fake bone killing him fairly quickly.

The woman watched the agent fall to the floor and foam drip out of his mouth emotionlessly. She stared into the cold brown eyes of the dead man before she stepped over him, leisurely making her way to the door and swinging open the heavy metal with much less struggle than the dead man on the floor had had.

The woman looked around herself and saw the alarm lights on, a quiet hum of the alarm bell ringing in time with the lights flashing on and off. The orange lights turned the tan walls a different color, the halls’ normal blinding white light much dimmer due to the emergency situation.

The Enemy has found us, she pondered. Had it been over ten years ago when she was abducted, she would have thought Hydra to be the enemy; now, brainwashed with the words Hail Hydra, she knew it was anyone and everyone against Hydra that was her enemy.

With these thoughts in mind, Experiment 13076 felt her hands open slightly, ready to bare her whip when she found the Enemy. She wondered if she would finally come face to face with one of Hydra’s most notorious enemies, Captain America. The second she would come face to face with that man she would toss her whip right across his face, destroying his pompous smirk. America’s Golden Boy would return to the States as an ugly corpse, just as the rest of his Avengers team. At the mere thought of honoring her Creators so greatly, her hands burned in anticipation.

Captain America and the Winter Soldier knew they were getting close. The further into the heart of the maze-like building they went, the more agents they encountered. Agent Romanoff and Clint had already found their serums in a lab and were in the process of getting all of them to the jet as carefully as possible; Steve and Bucky, on the other hand, were on the hunt for a tortured and dangerous woman.

As they went deeper into the halls, they peered into each metal door they passed. Small rectangular windows with bright, nearly blinding lights illuminated empty rooms and dead bodies of Hydra agents. They stopped when they found a door larger, more suspicious than the rest.

This door was open, much more dimly lit on the inside. Steve noticed there was no window on the door, and the room was much smaller and vacant. Bucky’s eyes were trained on the dead Hydra soldier on the floor, still drooling foam and spit as if he had had a seizure. Steve, however, knew better. He had killed himself, but for why?

“This was probably her room,” Steve told Bucky. “One bed, dim lights, lights from the outside; Hydra wouldn’t treat its agents like that. Their experiments, however… She must be close, he just recently died.”

“This is spooky, Steve,” Bucky commented, feeling chills on the back of his neck. Small hairs rose in time with the alarm bell ringing dully, his ears not picking up on the light footsteps down the hall from him and around the corner. What he and Steve did hear was the cracking sound of a whip come down on Bucky’s leg.

Bucky screamed as he was pulled from under himself and dragged, his right ankle burning and pulsing all the way up his leg. The rough cement floor burned against his exposed forearms and palms as he was dragged, clawing onto the floor to get some type of leverage.

“Bucky!” Steve called out, running back into the hall to watch his friend get dragged roughly. His eyes followed the whip wrapped around his friend’s leg up to a small hand at the end of the hallway. Steve angled his shield and focused on aiming, tossing it like a frisbee through the air and hitting the person’s wrist. The whip retreated back into the hand, leaving Steve wide-eyed at the end of the hallway. He caught his shield and watched the person reveal themselves. Bucky sprinted back to Steve and ignored the sharp pain in his ankle, staring at the person at the end of the hall.

“Guess this Experiment 13076,” Steve said in shock. Bucky’s lips parted, mirroring the Captain’s expression.

The woman at the end of the hall recognized her name and tilted her head creepily. She stared down the pair, laughing dryly.

“I will have much fun playing with you two,” she teased. Slowly, she took four steps forward, doing little to close the space between the three.

“The rogue traitor,” she hissed the last word towards Bucky, “and America’s Golden Boy. Captain. Soldat.”

She pretended to grab the ends of a dress and bowed. She stood back up straight and her eyes glowed bright green, a color identical to the serum in her veins. She smirked, showing off her imperfect teeth.

“If only my weak Creators could see me slay you. But, I will be just as satisfied with or without an audience.” She spoke in perfect English, despite her thick Russian accent.

She licked her lips and smirked again, her arms bending towards her body before flicking back out again, thick metal wires exiting her skin at the bottom of her palms. Experiment 13076 lost her evil smirk and her head tilted down as her eyes focused solely on the two super soldiers standing only feet away from her.

“I cannot express how long I’ve dreamed of this,” she said quietly, barely audible under the constant hum of the alarm tone.

“Did you dream of this?” Bucky said abruptly, “or did they put it into your head that you needed to?”

The woman’s fingers wrapped around her whips. “They saved me,” she said, almost sounding like she was trying to convince herself.

“No.” Bucky shook his head. “They killed you.”

The Experiment’s lip twitched in anger before the soldiers charged at her. She threw her whips out with both arms, hitting Bucky’s human bicep but being deflected by Captain America’s shield before it could hit Steve himself. Steve wrapped his hand around your metal whip and yanked it forward, half expecting her to cry out in pain but she only reacted by pulling back to keep upright. In an effort to pull her left arm’s whip out of the blonde’s grip, she pulled a few inches of her whip back inside her arms and spin around, out of reach and too quick for both of her enemies to catch her.

As she finished spinning on her heels, she threw her right arm out and hit Bucky’s shins, causing him to collapse under himself. He grunted in surprise while the Experiment wrapped her whips around both of Captain America’s legs and pulled him forward until he was on the ground in front of her. She dropped to her knees over his body, straddling the much larger man. She grunted as she threw her body into her punches to make them stronger; after about six punches the serum caused her to fail to notice her knuckles breaking after hitting the man repeatedly. As she raised her left hand for another punch, she was tackled off Captain America and pinned down by the one she hated most.

Bucky Barnes’ knees held down the girl’s wrists, causing her whips to fall limply to the floor before retracting back into her palms. She grunted and yelled at the ex-assassin to get off her but her attempts were futile. Under her screaming, Bucky and Captain spoke into their comms and told the team they had Experiment 13067. Natasha, already with the rest of the team on the quinjet, read a few notable things off the Experiment’s file, including her real name. In the midst of her screaming, Bucky looked down at the girl he had pinned under his legs and looked at her calmly.

“Y/N?” Bucky asked. Upon hearing the name, the girl pinned beneath him froze.

“What did you just call me?” she asked.

“Y/N. Is that your name?” Bucky repeated. He watched as her whips slowly eased out of her skin. As her arms wiggled more, Bucky leaned down and held her hands in his, immediately feeling her whips wrap around his wrists.

“Don’t you ever call me that!” she roared, screaming out in pain as her whips tossed the heavy Winter Soldier in the air, Captain America’s fast reflexes letting him rush over to Bucky and catch him before he hit the ground. By the time the Winter Soldier and Captain America looked up, Experiment 13067, or Y/N as Natasha had told them over the comms from her files, was gone.

Save Me From Myself - Part 4

Summary: Y/N was the leading medic on the team catering to the Winter Soldier under the watchful eye of Hydra against her patriotic will. Now Captain America and the Falcon needs her help to track down her ‘patient’.

Pairing: Bucky Barnes/Winter Soldier x Reader (Eventually…)

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

The ride back home, which I of course took alone to avoid raising any suspicions in the master assassin’s mind, was tense. I was playing the potential scenario over and over, trying out different outcomes but whatever said and done, they all ended badly – badly for me. Who was I kidding? I am not cut out for things like this. Hell no! But in truth, it didn’t seem like I had another choice. I had to confront him. I couldn’t avoid him even if I tried, considering he was in my apartment like it was no big deal. At least now I had Captain America and the Falcon looking out for me. At least I wasn’t walking into this mess blind and unprepared…almost.

Riding the elevator up to my floor, I tried to calm myself. It wouldn’t do any good to let him know I was nervous. I didn’t want to give him more reason to suspect anything or basically go into an unwarranted fit of rage and assassination-mode of some sort. I didn’t know what to expect from this guy! Breathe, Y/N. Just breathe, I reminded myself as I let myself into the apartment.

I tried to be as calm as possible. I laid down my keys in the little bowl I always keep them and walked to the kitchen. There was something I needed to get before I faced the Winter Soldier. I pulled out the drawer and reached for what I was looking for only to find that it wasn’t there.

“It’s on the table,” a voice informed me gruffly making my glance up in a gasp. He was standing in the far dark corner of my living room, facing the window looking at the New York skyline. The gun I kept for emergencies was on my coffee table in the center of the living room, and the bullets were carefully laid out neatly in a row. He turned to face me. His long hair covered his face but his blue eyes were intense. “You knew I was here.” It wasn’t a question, but a statement.

“This is my house. I know when I’m not alone,” I said as evenly as possible. I stared right back at him, trying be brave when I was feeling as anything but. “How did you find me?” I asked him. He simply stared at me, silent. Maybe that was a stupid question. He’s a master assassin trained to track people and hunt them down. If he wanted to find me, that’s exactly what he’d do. “I felt watched,” I said trying to understand. “Like I was followed. Was that you? That was you, wasn’t it? Were you watching me?”

Only silence followed, but this time, something flickered in his eyes, and if I hadn’t imagined it, it seemed a little bit like guilt. Then he started walking towards me, and all the calmness I was trying to maintain simply went to hell.

“Don’t! Stop!” I shrieked, covering my eyes and head with my arms, ducking for cover. “Please don’t kill me! Please don’t! Please!!” Then I waited for the blow or a gunshot that I knew would definitely come. Except, it didn’t.

I snuck a peak at him, only to see he had stopped in mid motion. He was staring at me, as alarmed by me as I was by him.

“Please, don’t kill me,” I whispered once more, straightening up.

The look of confusion on his face would have been adorable if we weren’t in the situation we were in right now. “If I wanted to kill you, you would have been dead the moment you stepped through the door,” he said simply.

I let out a breath I didn’t know I’d been holding. Since that was established, I thought it was safe to ask, “Okay? Then why are you here?”

“My arm is malfunctioning. You are going to fix it.”

I raised a brow at him. This was no time to be sassy with an assassin but he didn’t even ask. He didn’t ask if I would help him, he didn’t ask me if I’d be willing to – he didn’t even say please. How rude! Of course, I didn’t say any of that out loud. Instead I asked, “Why me?”

“Fix the arm before I change my mind.”

“Change your mind about what?”

“On not killing you.”

He said it so casually, it took me a moment or two to let it sink in. I gulped. “Let’s not get hasty now, okay? I’ll fix it. I’ll fix it!” Then I just stood there, simply staring at him. I couldn’t walk towards him. Fear gripped me and stood me grounded where I was. But I couldn’t exactly fix his arm without getting closer to him, now could I?

Tentatively, I forced my feet to move. He watched me warily. Hesitantly, I laid a hand gently on the metal arm. “What exactly needs fixing?” I asked looking at the arm and avoiding his gaze. Maybe if I didn’t look at him, he wouldn’t see in my eyes that I was conspiring with Captain America to have him captured. Maybe!

“It’s malfunctioning. It stops sometimes. It must have short circuited when I fell into the water from the hellcarrier when…” There was a far away tone to the last part of it that made me look up at him. He was looking at me but I felt he was caught in a memory. There was a lost look in his eyes that made me almost feel sorry for him. Then he quickly shook it off and I saw him put on the mask of fearless assassin once more. “Can you fix it?” he asked sternly.

“I can,” I said with a nod, stepping away, trying to put some distance between up without making it too obvious. “It’ll take a while. You might have to stay the night.”

He narrowed his gaze at me, almost like he knew I was up to something. I was, but he couldn’t know that right? Right? “No. Fix it now.” He didn’t shout. He didn’t sound angry. He was so monotonous and emotionless that it was a whole new level of threatening. It was in his stance. It was in his presence. If Captain America radiated patriotism and freedom, the Winter Soldier radiated sheer sense of danger and menace. This was Captain America’s freaking best friend? What the actual fuck?

“I can’t do it in a second. I need to check the software, maybe re-upload. That’ll take more than just an hour or two,” I explained. Then I met his eyes. “If anyone’s going to be unhappy about it, it’s going to be me. I’m the one who doesn’t want to be here. You came to me,” I pointed out. “So are you going to let me do it right, or not?”

He stared at me for a few seconds, as if trying to gauge the truth of my words. For what it was worth, it actually was the truth. Finally he nodded his agreement, and I made him sit down on the sofa.

Soon, I was peaking into the arm’s mechanical wiring and tweaking it. It was going to be a long tense night ahead. A few hours in, I was nearing the last bit of the first part when I heard him say, “I didn’t mean what I said.”

I lifted my head to find him already watching me. He seemed to do that a lot – stare that is. It seemed like he was trying to make sense of the world around him and the people around him by observation. It was unnerving, and sad at the same time. “You didn’t mean what?”

“I wouldn’t change my mind. I wasn’t going to actually kill you.”

My eyebrows scrunched up on their own in confusion. “Oh. Okay. Thank you?” the words came out whiny at the end. I cleared my throat and repeated, “Thank you.”

“You’re welcome,” he said and I could have sworn I saw a brief smirk on his lips. Now it was me who was staring. His lips were so pink. So pink and plump. They were the kind of lips that I wouldn’t have minded kissing. I wouldn’t have minded at all! What the hell are you thinking, Y/N? I berated myself. This guy could rip me in half with his bare bionic arm.

“Are we done?” he asked, breaking me out of my reverie.

I nodded, getting up. “We are, for now. The system is reloading. I’ll take a look at it in the morning to fix up the rest.” I motioned to the sofa he sat, and told him, “You can sleep here. Would you like some blankets?”

He shook his head.

“Would you like something to eat? I mean, is that the sort of thing you do?”

Again, he shook his head.

I wasn’t hungry either. I just needed to sleep. I said as much and went into my bedroom. Leaning against the door, I heaved a sigh of relief. I got through this. I made it this far. I could do the rest too. I got ready for bed and got under the covers.

I was conspiring with Captain freaking America. There was an ex-Hydra assassin sleeping on my living room sofa. I am in way over my head. Again, I wondered, what in the world had I gotten myself into?

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