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Ok - picture this: Jaime is the only Lannister to survive.He and Brienne remake the Night's Watch into a ranger patrol to keep the North, Vale, and Riverlands in contact with each other during the Winter. They get married. They eventually have seven kids, roughly half of them spend their childhood in Winterfell. Headcanon the childhood of at least one the three oldest?

Their eldest is Duncan. He has his father’s golden hair and his mother’s bright blue eyes, so they nickname him Summer. He grew up close to King Jon and Queen Sansa’s eldest boy, Prince Robb- they were practically raised as brothers. They would train in the yard with Arya, learn with Maester Tarly, go hunting and ranging with Tormund and Old Dolorous Edd.

The boy is close to his mother, eagerly hearing her tales of fighting in tourneys and the Great War, how she and his father kept a running joke going about who killed more White Walkers. (It was Brienne, of course.) He’s also close to his father, who taught him to read and to ride and begrudgingly allowed King Jon to take the boy as a squire.

Duncan is beloved by all because he is gentle and kind, but sarcastic and cheeky as well (not helped by Arya, who is frequently admonished by Gendry.) For his sixteenth name-day, Gendry gifted a sword to the boy, Sapphire, named for his mother’s birthplace, the Sapphire Isle. Jaime had a good laugh about it, and the Hound griped that people shouldn’t bloody name their swords.

When his little sister Sansa was born, Duncan was thrilled. He was five, and delighted in her. He and little Prince Robb would tease her as she got older, but woe betide anyone who threatened her safety in front of them. She could be found frequently flanked by the two boys and Ghost, who was trailed by a litter of direwolf puppies. King Jon was thrilled when Ghost returned to the castle with a mate, who he immediately named Lady, which brought Queen Sansa to tears.


Horror Favorites Meme: [1/6] Franchises - Halloween, 1978-2002

“It was a movie where the main character, the guy in the mask, really isn’t altogether human. He has no characteristics. He’s, uh, almost like a machine. He was just pure evil. That was what I intended to do. It’s evil out of nothing, evil from no background, which completely creeps me out as a human being, that evil could arrive at my doorstep without a purpose, without a past, without an origin. So that’s the idea behind it. It was put together to scare you. That’s all.” - John Carpenter

Reasons to Love Zhang Yixing

He has the most beautiful voice

He gives the most inspirational and amazing speeches

He’s the most kindhearted person on this planet

But he can be quite the tease, too

He looks fantabulous in sunglasses 

He’s super friendly and lovable

He can play the piano

and the guitar

He actually reads the fan-letters that are given to him during his free time

But he doesn’t just read the fan-letters, no, he writes back to the fans as well

He can compose, write, arrange, and produce his own songs (and has done so with over 100 songs, 99 of which he lost cuz of a USB incident :( )

Which eventually led to the release of his very amazing solo album, “Lose Control”

He’s also a very wonderful

and loving son 

And he was the most adorable little kid

But now that he’s a little older, he’s even more adorable with kids

Seriously he’s great with kids

He also loves his members so much and never forgets to mention them

He’s also extremely charitable

And considerate towards his fans

And super thoughtful and respectful of everyone

He’s record-breakingly incredible even when the odds are against him

And his laugh is the most precious sound a person’s ears can be blessed with

He’s also very amusing and silly

And has the most interesting reactions

Apparently he also can’t control his face

Which makes him great variety show material

But it also brings out his strange butt-grabbing tendencies

And his questionable need to play the role of a t-rex

And his even more concerning infatuation with killers (and the need to play the role of one)

But overall he’s an amazing actor

He can also be slightly forgetful at times

But he never forgets to thank his fans

He always expresses how grateful he is

And all of that plus more is what makes Zhang Yixing the wonderful, amazing, incredible, loyal and precious person that he is

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