he's a real baby

  • *Going to a Haunted House*
  • Jackson: If you get scared, you can hold my hand
  • Mark: O-okay
  • *Enters House*
  • Jackson: *Clings to Mark* D-don't w-worry, none of this is real.
  • Mark: ...
  • Mark: I'm not scared.
  • Jackson: well, I wasn't talking to you.
The Gang Before the Book

-The first time Darry got drunk, Pony helped sneak him back in
-Pony’s a bro
-Steve would wait outside Soda and Pony’s window
-Soda would sneak out
-They’d go to the drags
-Soda was upset when Pony was born
-He wanted a baby sister
-He changed his tune real quick when Pony’s first word was “Oda” (Soda)
-Darry bribed both Soda and Pony into walking with cookies
-Soda’s first word WAS cookie
-Cute little brat
-Pony had glasses as a kid
-Steve teased him relentlessly
-So he doesn’t wear them
-And doesn’t get along with Steve
-He and Johnny thought Dally was badass
-So they started smoking
-Darry about blew a gasket
-Pony found out he was fast as fuck when Soda started chasing him
-He was trying to tickle him
-“Soda no!”
-If Soda wasn’t there, Pony was totally okay cuddling with Two-Bit
-Two was totally okay with it too
-He was used to cuddling with his sister
-Mr. Curtis gave Pony a teddy bear to help him with his nightmares
-He still has it


Johnny please let Doyoung love his baby ♥♥


J E A N  M O R E A U .

There’s no surrender
And there’s no escape
This is a wild game of survival. 

anonymous asked:

Could you please write something with Cassian taking care of lots of little baby Illyrians. (There is a serious lack of Cassian with babies fics in the world.) Pretty please! -Chloe

awwwwww the thought of Cassian with babies just warms my cold dead heart like no other!!

But, I think I am more suited to the headcanon thing. My attempts at fic writing are just me pretending I can write. Trust me. So here’s some headcanons for you Chloe

-Cassian is the baby whisperer. He’s one of those guys that everyone hates because all the babies want him. When he is walking through the camps or in Velaris the babies instantly hold out their arms like “I WANT THE TALL ONE GIVE ME TO HIM”. And while he is so good at making them smile, the real skills are in how he calms them down. Babies fall asleep on him instantly. It is not uncommon to see Cassian walking around the Illyrian camp with a baby on his chest, supported in one massive hand. He just goes about his business and the moms don’t care because “Thank the Mother, she kept me awake the entire night screaming”

-Once those babies turn into toddlers, he chases them around and throws them up in the air to heights that would be alarming if it weren’t for the fact that everyone knows he will catch them. Every time someone is trying to talk to their Commander™ he is also partially playing chase or hide and seek while saying “Continue with your report General, I’m listening!”

-The flying is the best though. Tiny Illyrians will line up for a chance to soar with him. He takes them up and holds them out below him by the waist so they can let their tiny wings spread while he gives them directions. “Okay now we are going to turn right, you need to help me! Lower your right wing!”… “I’m barely holding on anymore! how are you already so good at this! Look at you go!”

KURO WEEK - DAY 2: Identity

“And I cannot help but wonder,

where does ‘he’ end

and where do ‘I’ begin?”

Even after their escape, Kuro still felt the cold pressure on his back – the ever watching eyes of the Druids. Always waiting, always anticipating his next move to be a failure. Always looking for a reason to get to him. To hurt him and tell him how he needed to become the Champion – Shiro. Over and over again. Until he would believe it. Until he would embrace the idea of losing himself to the arena, and become their greatest weapon.

He could still hear them comparing him to his original sometimes. He knew he was an individual personality. He had to be. And still, after all this time, Kuro was at a loss.

He still wondered, what was real, and what not. What was him and what was Shiro? Which traits, which quirks, which likes and dislikes were exclusively Kuro? And which ones were copied from the original? Which facets of his personality were his? Which ones were only a mere shadow of a man he loathed and loved at the same time?

He was at a loss.

After all this time, Kuro still wondered, where Shiro ended

and where he began.


Okay, so my poor baby sometimes wonders if he’s a real, individual person or if his mind, too, is nothing but a copy. Second entry for the @kuroweek 2017 :3

Keith: [just got out of surgery, high off his ass from anesthesia, drowsily staring at Shiro] Man, you are eye candy… whoa… Are you a model?
Shiro: [laughs] No.
Keith: Who.. are you?  What’s your name?
Shiro: My name’s Takashi.  I’m your husband.
Keith: WHOA.  You’re MY husband?  Holy shit… I hit the jackpot!
Shiro: (⌒_⌒;)

Based on this video, heh