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Marauder’s Headcannon #20

Sirius Black headcanon:

Sirius draws on himself when he’s nervous. Little doodles, rainbows, anything and everything. It gets worse when test time comes up, and it isn’t uncommon to see him covered in a rainbow of colours around finals. When offered a quill in Azkaban, he continues this, until he can’t take it anymore and the quill breaks. Once out of Azkaban and living in Grimmauld Place, he surprises the entire Order when he walks into a meeting looking like a pair of children had gotten into paint and just covered him with it.

(Submitted by @technicallyhopefulkingdom )


One day
In the morning
Black water covered his knees
The boy was slowly drowning
And begging “help please”

He was consumed by the flame
Sadness and blame
anxiety and shame
And after a long time
After the rain
He saw a Rainbow
And became insane
He tried to ignore
Its beauty
But it shined even more

“You look so sad
My dear
And I feel bad
for you
What’s the matter ?”
Asked the Rainbow

“I’m tired of my self-destruction
and it’s like my mind doesn’t function
Please make my sorrow end
because I’m confused
when my feelings blend
Ghosts are whispering in my ear
please make them disappear
They say I’m a coward and worthless
also dark and hopeless
I’ve lost my mind.”
He said.

“Sorry my dear
but I can’t heal
your wounds
or make you feel
because if I help you
I’ll become dark too.”
That was the last thing
the Rainbow said before leaving
So the boy stopped breathing.        

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Some Ink relationship headcannons please??

((*Pours some ink*))

-Everything he owns is Bedazzled, Bejeweled, and in other various states of Be-somethinged.

-He leaves positive, rainbow colored messages all over Error’s bleak void.

And bleach, apparently, doesn’t work on magic ink. Just ask Error.

-He LOVES Dai de los Muertos. Him and his s/o spend half the year deciding on how to paint his skull, and the final design takes over 8 hours to finish.

He always leaves flowers on the unknown graves, and makes sure to tell each one that his thinking of them. If in a bad state, he cleans them up and makes them look very pretty and festive.

-He hates seeing his friends unhappy, so finding random happy doodles in their homes is a very common thing.

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So does this mean Harry owns both boots and loafers of the same design? Wow he sure damn loves them rainbows doesn't he? I wouldn't want to be a het harrie at this wonderful time of life.



Loki and I searched out some super bright murals to take photos in front of while he was wearing his super bright rain/winter coat. Gawd. He goes from handsome to adorable in the span of two photos, I swear. Next photo outing I’m going to try to find more pastel walls. <3