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SHINE FOREVER dance practice
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  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*
colorado gothic
  • the mountains in the distance will never change their size on the horizon until you are in them and they are around you
  • always bring an umbrella and sunscreen, do not trust the news, they do not trust you
  • some people own farms in the city. bring them bread when you can. never tell them your name. never go inside their house
  • you will sometimes see foxes in the early morning when walking. they will greet you. do not return the greeting, but nod slightly, and do not keep walking until you can no longer see them
  • a distant friend or relative will tell you of an encounter they’ve had with a mountain lion. never speak to them again, mountain lions do not exist.
  • learn to do bird calls if you live outside of denver. do them every time you are walking outside before 6am. this will keep you safe.
  • marijuana dispensaries are common but you will never see someone enter them from the front, and if you do, it is not a real dispensary. avoid them at all costs.
  • there will always be someone wearing shorts while it is snowing. they know things that you do not.
  • however, if they are wearing shorts in the rain, avoid them. they are not to be trusted.
  • sometimes it will rain when you cannot see many clouds. take deep breaths and stay calm. do not forget your name.
  • if you are west of denver and east of the mountains, use the city to know which direction east is. do not use the mountains to tell which direction west is. only use the city.
  • colfax does not and has never existed, never believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. never drive on a street calling itself colfax.
  • there’s a guy on 16th street who has an afro and dresses like a robot. you can trust him. you can not know his name.
  • never take anything from the ground when you are on lookout mountain. even if the stones are pretty, they can not belong to you.
  • the garden of the gods is a cursed area and all who enter are doomed to discover who The True Gods are
  • there is a cave near one of the parking lots at Red Rocks. if you enter it, when you leave, you will not be in the world you started in. even if it appears the same.
  • colorado is not the shape the map tells you it is. it ends in the mountains for miles before returning. if someone tells you they live in the mountains never ask them to specify. only go to their house if they invite you specifically. bring your own drinks. come alone.

hajarsahir  asked:

'We are not acquainted at all. It's just that you always smell of tobacco and powder after seeing him. And I'm sure you don't smoke.'

“…Is that so? Yet it is somehow your knowledge the fact he has a rather prominent beard. You need not to lie. As for what you say, I wonder why is such a thing worth asking about? When you stay close to a person who smokes, it is only natural having the smell stick around…”


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name: bee

pronouns: she / her / hers

sexuality: uh … am i supposed to know ? i guess i’m pretty pan, because i legit just love everyone and anyone. 

zodiac sign: gemini

taken/single: in love with tom holland ? 


⭐. one of my many claims to fame is that i auditioned for adrian r'mante ( the guy who plays esteban on suite life of zack and cody – you know that guy ) the day after my senior prom. the monologue was about guitar hero ( lol ) and i honestly had the time of my life because they played the high school musical soundtrack in the waiting room ? didn’t end up doing the program because, well, my parents, but… i got a picture with esteban, so everything’s a - okay.  

⭐. i love rice ? i mean, that’s no surprise because i’m filipino, but… rice based desserts, like biko and puto bumbong and mango sticky rice and that sort of thing… those are my most favorite things on the planet. i could eat them forever and ever and be perfectly satisfied – too bad that they’re so hard to come by in my neighborhood in new york !

⭐. explaining where i come from is really hard ? i was born and raised in hong kong for eighteen years, but my parents are both from the philippines too, and now i live ( and am very settled ) in new york, and i’ve spent a lot of time in northern california too… so, i kind of belong to all four places ? i’m a true third - culture kid. 


how long: oh, god, like… seven years now

platforms used: tumblr only. i know, wow

best experience: writing with amazing people ! and meeting really great friends. i actually met one of my best friends, kaela, right here on tumblr ! so, you never knowi’m honestly really happy that i’ve found so many wonderful friends on tumblr. 


female or male (or otherwise): I enjoy playing both, but in the past year or so, mj has been my main muse. i have played several males, though, especially in the broadway community ! 

multi or single: single, for suremy mind is too much of a mess to keep up with a multimuse blog, to be honest. 


fluff, angst or smut: fluff and angst !! i mean, i like all three, for sure, but i don’t have as much experience with smut ‘cause i’m a real awkward turtle… but mj wants that lovin’, y'know.  

plots or memes: i honestly love both ! plotting and yelling about headcanons is my favorite thing in the world, but i also just love getting lots of memes ? plus, memes are super fun 

long/short term replies: long replies, for sure ! i’m all about writing a shitton. i mean, short replies are great too, and they definitely take less time, but… i kind of just tend to write… a lot.  

best time to write: whenever i have a moment to myself, honestly, usually with my headphones on and blaring either some random documentary or some broadway cast recordings, because… inspiration.   

are you like your muse(s): mj and i are similar in many ways – i mean, we’re both super into musical theatre, we’re both ( at least, in my interpretation of mj ) filipina - american and very proud of it, we’re both pretty feisty, we both have a lot to say. but, mj’s definitely far more confident than me… she’s willing to take more risks ;; she’s unapologetically herself. she’s a lot more daring. we’ve had very different lives and upbringings, too. so, it’s interesting to play mj, because even though we have some similarities, because mj has a lot of qualities that i don’t personally have, and that’s kind of fascinating. 

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🎀 toudou’s delivery service

I watched kiki’s delivery service with my friend and it inspired me to