he's a nice guy tho

I asked Michael to draw me a heart to get tattooed on my wrist and his response was…

“I mean I can draw you a heart babe I can’t promise it’ll be any good though because I’m shit at drawing, like I can’t draw hearts and now I feel bad but omg no! That’s so bad now omg please don’t use this for your tattoo anymore😩😂”

Why I love Michael Clifford 🙈💓

🎀 toudou’s delivery service

I watched kiki’s delivery service with my friend and it inspired me to

I was just in lecture and my friend brought up the topic of marriage and I tried to be casual when saying I didn’t plan on getting married and that my plan was to live with a friend or friends and animals and she was just like oh no that’s terrible!! You’re going to fall in love one day and yeah……