he's a nice guy tho

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Keith's piv would be cool and please don't kill my blue son

Me: *looks at the rough draft on my drive*

“No.” Keith whispers horrified as he watches Lance’s eyes blink tiredly, “No, no, no, no, no, my love, no.”

Lance’s eyes close, his mouth is hanging open in a breathless sigh and Keith snaps.


This can’t be happening. Keith thinks as his fist pound at the glass that block his way to get to his boyfriend, This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening. This can’t be happening.

“Please, please, please, break, break goddamnit, BREAK!” He shouts, standing up on his shaky legs and activating his bayard, not hesitating a tick before he’s lashing and stabbing the glass, “Break, break, BREAK ALREADY!”

Me: ……he sleeping *walks away while whistling* 

joshua in very nice era

“jisoo, say something to the international fans!” 

“hey guys.” 

“something longer…” ©

I asked Michael to draw me a heart to get tattooed on my wrist and his response was…

“I mean I can draw you a heart babe I can’t promise it’ll be any good though because I’m shit at drawing, like I can’t draw hearts and now I feel bad but omg no! That’s so bad now omg please don’t use this for your tattoo anymore😩😂”

Why I love Michael Clifford 🙈💓

🎀 toudou’s delivery service

I watched kiki’s delivery service with my friend and it inspired me to

I went out with my friends last night, we went to a bar where I was told by a guy that my ‘preference’ is my choice, but you can’t replace a guy and a just looked him dead in the eyes and said 'well I’m a lesbian, I don’t really give a shit about guys’ to which he replied 'maybe you just need a good fucking’.

Then we went to the club which was overrun with straight guys, none of whom understood that me elbowing them in the stomach meant fuck off I don’t want to dance with you. I elbowed one guy so hard I’m pretty sure I winded him which felt amazing tbh.

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Omg people thinking someone like Camila would have their first time with some band boy she knew for idk several months? He had terrible reputation of having new girl every week back then (tho i think he is nice guy) She seems smarter than this, honestly, plus she was really young, awkward and guarded. And remember hack of her closest friend's twitter that was actually legit? She was asking about him and C replied with"concert was ok but I don't have interest in him whatsoever" and changed theme


I have this hc of Hana going full Concerned Adult™ when she finds out about Jack and Gabriel

like she looks at Jack as if she caught him sneaking in after curfew

Yeah, so I heard about you two. 

He can’t tank at all, Dad. He just vanishes into thin air with some cheesy line made for a Halo OC. 

Is this the person you’d feel safe shooting bad guys with? Oh, I mean, other bad guys with?

(He has a nice butt, tho.)

OKayokayokay back on point.

You better keep the safeties on

on your guns.

You know.

*Turns to Reaper*

And as for you, nice butt or not, if you leave my soldier dad alone in the middle of a fight, or a restaurant or something, I’ll know about it

and I’ll make your corpse look like an art project.

I’ll call it, “Once a Jerk, Twice a Dead Man.”

Get me? Good.

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Hi! I'm just a bit curious about something. Why do you (or anyone for that matter) make mako a/the bad guy in fanfiction? Like for example, Why make him of all people homophobic ? It just seems very ooc to me. Is it just because the story needed someone to be an asshole or because of a dislike of the character? Sure he made mistakes in both his relationships (ain't even mad tho, korrasami all the way lol) but he isn't a bad guy. Anyway.. just curious..

I just really do not like Mako tbh xD
And he’s very easy to turn into a bad guy.
Unlike, for example, Bolin. Mako also had the physical strength unlike, for example, Tahno. (I hope I spelled his name correct)
But yeah, I know its very OOC for Mako to be like that :) but its just easy to hate him xD
Poor guy… in my next drabble he is nice tho!
I promise!

To be fair, Connie’s right; a polite “no” is the polite response.  I can tell this episode isn’t going to have him leave it there, though, so let me add for those waiting in the wings for me to go “bluh he’s such a nice guy tho” that that’s all that’s polite.  Garnet doesn’t have to tolerate any of Jamie’s attentions if she doesn’t want to, which she doesn’t.