he's a nice guy tho


SHINE FOREVER dance practice
↪ Shownu focus

  • Noodle: hey remember when my hair was blue lol
  • 2D: *glaring*

okay sO bradley jaden and alice fearn in wicked are sOmething ELSE 🙌🙌🙌

a giggly finn

I still firmly against involving in any of all that clown discourse mess but all that people drawing 90′s Pennywise like a complete killjoy tired oldman hit me outta frigging nowhere, liek what the hell???? why he is the one being portrait that way??? he was the one roasting everybody basically 24/7 and you take him and make him the generic irritate cigar smoking apathetic archetype?! get the hell out with that stuff, MAKE HIM A FUN CLOWN!!

colorado gothic
  • the mountains in the distance will never change their size on the horizon until you are in them and they are around you
  • always bring an umbrella and sunscreen, do not trust the news, they do not trust you
  • some people own farms in the city. bring them bread when you can. never tell them your name. never go inside their house
  • you will sometimes see foxes in the early morning when walking. they will greet you. do not return the greeting, but nod slightly, and do not keep walking until you can no longer see them
  • a distant friend or relative will tell you of an encounter they’ve had with a mountain lion. never speak to them again, mountain lions do not exist.
  • learn to do bird calls if you live outside of denver. do them every time you are walking outside before 6am. this will keep you safe.
  • marijuana dispensaries are common but you will never see someone enter them from the front, and if you do, it is not a real dispensary. avoid them at all costs.
  • there will always be someone wearing shorts while it is snowing. they know things that you do not.
  • however, if they are wearing shorts in the rain, avoid them. they are not to be trusted.
  • sometimes it will rain when you cannot see many clouds. take deep breaths and stay calm. do not forget your name.
  • if you are west of denver and east of the mountains, use the city to know which direction east is. do not use the mountains to tell which direction west is. only use the city.
  • colfax does not and has never existed, never believe anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. never drive on a street calling itself colfax.
  • there’s a guy on 16th street who has an afro and dresses like a robot. you can trust him. you can not know his name.
  • never take anything from the ground when you are on lookout mountain. even if the stones are pretty, they can not belong to you.
  • the garden of the gods is a cursed area and all who enter are doomed to discover who The True Gods are
  • there is a cave near one of the parking lots at Red Rocks. if you enter it, when you leave, you will not be in the world you started in. even if it appears the same.
  • colorado is not the shape the map tells you it is. it ends in the mountains for miles before returning. if someone tells you they live in the mountains never ask them to specify. only go to their house if they invite you specifically. bring your own drinks. come alone.

Spent half of today in urgent care.  The first thing I said to the doctor was “I’ve had bronchitis for over a month and I think it’s turning into pneumonia”.

After a strep test (negative) and an x-ray (nothing new), they tried talking me into an EKG.  What follows is an actual conversation I had with a medical professional:

Doc: I’d like to do an EKG.

Me: ….um…why?

Doc: Because you have chest pain.

Me: Yeah, because my LUNGS HURT *follows statement with gasping cough*

Doc: Well, I heard fluid in your lungs so that makes sense.

I just stared at him like “wtf my guy”.  And he was all “yeah, lemme go get you meds for that pneumonia you’re getting”.

After two and a half hours.  I was the only patient in the office the entire time we were there.

Non-Kpop fans react to Kpop

So, this morning I found out that I did not pass the test to enter University. There were 400 seats(?) and I was number 409. But I’m not too grumpy about it, because being number 409 out of 1703 is pretty good.

Anyway, to distract myself for a bit I’ve decided to start a series of posts I hope you will like.

Non-Kpop fans’ first impressions of K-pop songs

I asked some friends of mine (non-Kpop fans) to watch some videos and performances of K-pop idols and groups and to tell me their first impressions, because I love to hear the opinions of non-k-pop fans. How am I going to proceed? I’m going to translate my friends messages and put them here. Simple.


This series will start with my dear friend Angelica, the one who actually directed me towards K-pop 5 years ago. She was a k-pop fan back then so she is familiar with the genre, but isn’t in the fandom anymore.

QUICK DISCLAIMER (I don’t know if it is needed, but I’ll write it anyway). Everyone has its taste and everyone’s tastes must be respected. So don’t feel attacked if the person who watched the videos did not like a song you love. I love all these songs and artists, so.

Triple H ~ “365 Fresh”
• “The rhythm is really catchy, the girl is hot af and I guess all three of their names start with H, which makes their group name pretty cute. Surely the videos changed a lot since when I was in the fandom LoL. The fact that I do not understand the language kinda weirds me out, but it seems to me that the song doesn’t really get along with the meaning of the video… well, I don’t really know HAHAHAH. Plus, the blond one with the black shirt [she’s talking about E’Dawn] looks like Light Yagami (from Death Note) aw, hot patootie.”

CL ~ “Lifted”
• “Okay. American style and it shows. She’s really cute, but I feel like she’s trying to be a Korean Nicki Minaj and idk, it looses something because it doesn’t seem like her style. I WANT THAT GUN HAIR CLIP. I don’t really like the song, it sound too repetitive for my taste.”

DEAN ft. Zico ~ “Pour Up”
• “UH I LIKE THIS ONE. Nice suit + shoes [She’s referring to DEAN]. Nice start, even tho he switches from hot guy on the plane to Taylor Swift on Blank Space’s stairs LOL. The girl with the black and white dress reminds me of a deodorant commercial LMFAO. BTW the red suit is sooo nice, I really like it. I just noticed that this guy [always DEAN] makes me think about Malec’s son LMFAO [she’s talking about Shadowhunters], but the black hat does not suit him at all. I really like the song, I don’t understand the words obviously, but t’s really nice on the ears”

K.A.R.D ~ “Hola Hola”
• “They couldn’t have done a video more American than this one. OMG THOSE GIRLS OMG THEY ARE SO BEAUTIFUL. I love the pairings Boy/Girl, but PLS we know you are all GAYFOREACHOTHER. The song is nice, but not one of those that make me say OMG I have to listen to it again. More like “meh, I’ll put it on my Ipod and if I listen to it it will be okay.
P.S. Why do everyone look like Light Yagami?! [She was talking about J.Seph if I remember correctly]”

Heize ~ “Don’t know you”
• “About this video I have to say that I’m against violence on teddy bears, because I’d love to stuff my bedroom of teddy bears. I don’t really like her, the way she speaks/raps makes me think about Manuel Agnelli [an Italian alternative rock musician] rapping and singing in Korean with autotune to have his voice more feminine. About the rest… I LOVE THE PINK OUTFIT.”

Jay Park ~ “Aquaman” [Let’s be real, I had her listen to this song because it makes me laugh so much]
• "OMG the title already is cracking me up, more because you told me about the content of the song. Koreans speaking English remind me a lot of Spanish people speaking French lol. I too want the car with the pool. So comfy during Summer. I don’t know if the singer wants to be himself or a mix of Derulo, Pitbull and Bruno Mars (because of the height, he looks like a smurf near those super tall models). The girls are all so hot, but I don’t like the song. Sorry, but it’s not my genre.”

BIGBANG ~ “Fxxk It”
She knew them already, she was a big fan back then, but hadn’t heard this song.
• “OMG BABIES! WHAT HAPPENED?! This song was released in 2016, mh, I feel old [she’s a ‘97 liner like me]. GD I LOVE YOU. I’m so loving this song. I love BIGBANG, my beautiful babies. OMG TOP’S VOICE (and the pink hair, I loove it). I really really like it! Definitely the song I liked the best till now. And also, I love those outfits *^*”

EXO ~ “Power”
• "The intro is so funny it makes me laugh, but the moment the song started I found myself bouncing my head. I love that Koreans never grow old, so lovely. But they’re super cute and the special effects make me laugh, this video brightened my mood. HOORAY FOR EXO.”

BLACKPINK ~ “Boombayah”
• "I’m love. But why do I even tell you. These girls are sooooo hot. This song too is super catchy and the outfits are 100% on point. L O V E I T. And probably the chorus won’t leave my head for the next hundred of years LMFAO.”


This is all for today, I hope you appreciated it!

I had my friends pick most of the videos they reacted to, BUT I had all of them react to “365 Fresh” by Triple H because I soooo love the video.