he's a nice guy tho

Dry Lips

Jimin Imagine(as you can see Jimin is my bias but if you want any other member I can write one for you. Just request)

The lecture ended and you wanted to rush to home but you have to do some stuffs.After that you had a meal at the cafe.

You bumped into Jimin while heading back to your apartment. Yes, you live in an apartment you brought, it’s a small one with no room. You decided to live alone for starting from college. Anyways, He was already in his homewear.
You promised to study with him today. Well, you forgot

Jimin, well, he’s not that good looking but he is a nice guy. Not a nerd tho, even tho his buddy is a nerd. You two happen to live in the same block but you guys aren’t really close but still talked to each other and exhanged phone numbers. He’s kinda short considering hes a guy and you are only 5cm shorter.

Anyways, you looked at him and he said.

“We are suppose to study right?”

“Yeah sorry, food is more important and who cares about that.”

“Yeah right.”

“Did you came out to find me?”

“Oh uh no, I wanted to buy some food home for dinner.”

“I see, so you have no intention to study either.”


“Well, see you!”

“See you.”

Jimin actually did went to find you, he knew that you would be eating. He likes you.

The day after, you were crying alone at home because of anime. Then Jimin called.

“Y/N Can you help with today’s lecture? I didn’t quite understand.”

“Yeah sure, you know where’s my apartment right?”


5 minutes later your bell rang. You wiped your tears and open the door.


“Oh shit does my eyes look red? Sorry, I was watching anime.”

“Phew I tot something happened.”

Throughout the whole time, you were picking on your lips as they were dry. Jimin noticed.

“Hey, are your lips okay?”

“Yeah, just kinda dry. I mean, its almost winter so yeah.”

Jimin searched through this pencil case and took out a lip balm.

“Try this, it works for me.”

“You kept it in your pencil case?”

“Yeah, my lips are pretty dry nowadays too so I kept it in somewhere I often reach for.”


Jimin looked at his notes. You opened up the tin and smoothed your finger on the balm then applied onto your lips. You licked your lips a bit.

“Tastes sweet.” You mummured to yourself.

You looked at Jimin’s lips. They’re so plum and smooth and fluffy. You reached out to touch his lips. He got shocked and jumped a little.

“Is this why your lips are so nice? Woahhh”

You said as you poked his lips.

“Oh uh sorry”

You realized what you were doing and stopped yourself.

You two went back to study.

That night, you texted Jimin.

You: Hey! Your lip balm is great! My lips are much better now.

Jimin: Glad that I helped!

You guys then procceeded to chat until you got tired and fell asleep. From that day onwards, you got closer to him. You always sat next to him during lectures, ate together, studied together and even worked part time. Jimin’s feeling for you got deeper and you started to admire him more.

One day after work, you invited Jimin over to have dinner. You cooked a simple meal. It’s winter and obviously your lips are cracking like mad but the lip balm maintained it a little. Surprisingly Jimin’s lips still looked amazing. You had the urge to kiss him.

Jimin decided that today is the chance to confess to you. You guys went to the school’s cafe after dinner.


“Yes?” You finished your coffee.

“I have something to tell you.”

“Go ahead.”

“I don’t know how to say-”

“It’s freezing, let’s go back.”

“A-ah sure.”

On the way back,

“Hey Jimin, your lips are so nice even at this weather. Why? I’m so jealous, it looks so kissable.”

“I don’t know.”

He grabbed your shoulders and turned you around.

“Your lips are cracking.”


You reached into your pocket and search for the lip balm. But you were stopped by Jimin.


He pressed his fluffy lips onto your sandpaper-like lips. He kissed you sweetly and gently. It felt like cotton candy on your lips. Then he pulled away.


“Y/N, I really really like you. Sorry if that shocked you.”


You hugged him tight.

“I love you.”

You cant see his face but you can sense that he was smiling like crazy.

“I love you too.”

You then pulled away and touch your lips. It got softer.

“Now you have to kiss me often so my lips wont be dry anymore.”

“It’s my honour.”

He pulled you in for another kiss.

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They all have these cool-sounding names like Alternis and Mephelia and Agnés and shit, then there's just Daniel Goodman

what’s wrong with daniel goodman tho

he sounds like a nice guy

so i got home at like 8:20 but i just got back on tumblr now soo. work was terrifying, also hell for my sensory issues but it could’ve been worse? the people are very nice and helpful but I hate my actual job which is dishwashing, which is shitty bc of the smell and other stuff. they also totally didn;t train me which was the scary part?? but yeah it was only 3 hours and my regular shifts are only supposed to be around 5 hours I think? I get 1 free meal and unlimited drinks which is nice so that’s something. at any rate im v tired and i hope i don’t have to work much till after San Diego.

Dude. Dude do u rm magicians quest. Ok I went into a GameStop and I’m like hey bro where’s magicians quest the closest one look it up for me (just for conversation , I knew the closest ones like in Maryland ) he’s like oh.. In fair fax they got one . About 15 mins away . I tell the guy I’ve been looking for this shit for two years! He’s like no ones told you about the ship to store future we have? Then I’ll be half of my company I’m so sorry. What a nice guy! !!i feel tearful.. My pal agreed to drive .. The guy was so nice. He wrote down directions even tho ik where it is.i feel Ike a life goal has been accomplished. I’m. So happy!!!!!!

And what’s worse I just accidentally found my old tech teacher’s daughter on tumblr and that’s really fucking weird like get back in my school days and stay there until I’ve forgotten you

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*drops name in here* owo

hot dad hot hot dad dad so hot u fry an egg

(purely aesthetic appreciation of looks)

(how close a friend they consider them)

(wanting to have sex with them)

(hoping for a romantic relationship)