he's a nice guy tho

hhhh I feel like the reason why Im not that attracted to guys is bc I’m just a “man hating feminist”? it’s hard to explain but I feel like that I don’t find myself attracted towards guys bc I’ve always hated them? and ik that’s not the case but in the back of my mind I’m like “you just haven’t grown out of that phase yet”

okay i had to leave tinder guy’s apartment because he kept inching closer and closer to me and i was brought back to the last time i watched a movie with someone and they did that which was Bad and then he got up to go to the bathroom and i ordered a lyft and when he got back i was like gotta go lol byeeeeeeee and i feel kind of bad but also i can’t deal with physical intimacy so bye

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how's talking to frank? i mean, i admire you & your friends so much because i couldn't handle it, i'll be in front of him making dying walrus noises and trying not to pass out. he seems a nice and sweet guy tho and i'm so happy for you!

I honestly think having a group of us there just having a conversation with him made it easier and less stressful. the first time I met him I was so nervous and like I still was but i think having friends there in a setting that was like more laid back definitely helped