he's a narwhal

I think the whole “entertainment spell” thing works really well for Spider with a Top Hat as a potential trans allegory.

How when SwaTH tried to show the Narwhal he could be a fighting spell too, the Narwhal just laughed at it… and he wasn’t even trying to be mean; he really thought it was a joke. But that didn’t make it feel any better.

Basically whenever SWaTH tried to do anything for himself, anything genuine, it was seen as a joke by everyone around him & that is symbolized in the idea drilled into him that the entire purpose of his existence is to be a joke to others.

Which is not unlike the treatment of trans people in a lot of media and especially cartoons.

  • my sense of humour in 2010: justin bieber (or more like justine beaver amirite xD xD xD) is so shit he sounds like a narwhal shagging a walrus lolzor! get it it's funny because they're totally random animals! lol randomness! SPAGHETTI hahaha XD
  • my sense of humour in 2016: "why does [mild inconvenience] happen do me" "capitalism" / *sees piece of paper on the floor* "same" / *singing about my own suicidal tendencies to an overly joyful tune*
Closed Prompt

He walked around idly by the docks, savoring the long walk after being cooped up on his ship for a while. It wasn’t so much as he disliked the Screaming Narwhal, in fact he viewed as his physical home, it was just that after several weeks being stuck on it he got a little stir crazy.

Glancing at the various ships, he spotted one in particular that he recognized.

“Couldn’t hurt to say hi.” Guybrush smiled making his way towards the ship, noting the plank was open for him to walk on. As soon as he boarded the ship he looked around.

“Hello? Panda?” Guybrush called out.