he's a model but idk who

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1) you are a treasure and a gift and #goals and thank you for writing for this fandom!!! 2) idk if you're still taking prompts? I was thinking... we've all read nude model!bellamy for clarke's art class, but what if *she's* modeling for his beginners class or smth? Extra points if he gets flustered/tries to get her to cover up & she gets offended. (feel free to keep or ditch any of this. if you write it, it'll rock!)

A|N: Yikes kacka I’m so SORRY! This took forever to write (because college is Terrible) but I really hope you like it!


The irony of the entire situation is that Bellamy doesn’t mean to see Clarke Griffin naked. It happens because she asks him to.

As it turns out, figure drawing isn’t one of his required modules— but he needs to fulfill his art credits and Clarke assures him that it’s a guaranteed easy A, so he takes it anyway. Her presence is an added bonus, of course, but he doesn’t tell her that. (She’ll just get all smug and insufferable, and his crush on her is painfully transparent as it is.)

So he’s expecting her to be waiting- easel ready and pencils in hand- when he strides into class five minutes late; fumbling with his bag strap as he sweeps a glance over the room. There’s no sign of her, and he’s about half a second away from relenting and finding a seat instead when he sees a familiar flash of blonde—

Gaping, he scrambles to grab at the coffee cup that nearly tumbles out of his grip and onto the floor, wincing at the rush of heat that races up his fingers.

Because Clarke isn’t seated behind an easel— she’s by the front of the room, plopped on a stool and donning a bathrobe that really doesn’t leave much to imagination.

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Gender is unknown, but it is hinted to be a girl by MJ when he asked DDOCA to call him “Oppa”, a term for a female to call their older brothers.

DDOCA is someone who is always following ASTRO and helping the boys film themselves playing around, sneak peaks at what they are doing or simple things like life behind the scenes/official camera.

AROHAs wishes they were DDOCA who is always with ASTRO and playing around with them.

cr to @moon-hyuks for DDOCA’s model (??? idk)

Bitty and Beyoncé

Ok so head canon that Jack met Beyoncé and didn’t know who she was. So during his recovery year after his OD, Alicia throws a party at their house and invites a bunch of her model friends and Beyoncé winds up coming. Jack isn’t comfortable with a large amount of people yet, so he hangs out in his room watching history documentaries. Anyways, one of Alicia’s friends tells Beyoncé the bathroom is upstairs and is the first door on the left, but it’s actually the first door on the right. So she goes in to Jack’s room and they both kind of stare at each other. So Jack, my awkward son, raises his hand is like “I’m Jack” and they start talking and Beyoncé knows nothing about hockey and Jack knows nothing about anything current so they both know nothing about each other. So Beyoncé tells Jack her name is Giselle because she likes this sort of anonymity. So they become really good friends and then Jack goes to Samwell and meets Bitty. AND HE CAN’T UNDERSTAND WHY BITTY IS OBSESSED WITH THIS BEYONCÉ PERSON. So (for some reason I haven’t thought of) Jack never saw Bitty’s posters of her, although he got a thorough lesson on everything Beyoncé. After a couple of years of dating, Beyoncé happens to be in Massachusetts performing at Gillette stadium, and she asks Jack if she can stay at his place to avoid the paparazzi. And Jack texts Bitty, who’s at his bakery, and asks if he’s ok with his friend staying over a few nights and Bitty agrees. So Beyoncé and Jack are in the apartment when Bitty gets home. And Jack goes to introduce ‘Giselle’ to Bitty only for Bitty to let out a unearthly screech a then slap his hand over his mouth. He quickly composes himself and ask Jack completely calmly in a very uncalm way why Jack neglected to tell him his friend is Beyoncé. And that’s how Bitty got to meet his idol Queen B.

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I literally can't figure out who to fancast as azriel I mean potential models are Lucas valerdi Diego barrueco and Leo mangieri (TBH Leo would be awesome but I feel like he could also be Rhys?? Idk)

Leo for Rhys hands down. And Lucas is pretty good for Az, tbh. Not spot on but very very close.

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Out of nowhere but I'm curious : Who do you like the most in Woobin infamously famous gang of models-actors friends (minus Woobin) ?? And who do you like the least? For me I really love Sung Joon, in real life he's like a sweet baby but weirdo in the same time lol XD and i love them all but I probably like Jonghyun ..... a little less then the others.. I mean i like him ( !!)but he creeps me out so much lol idk why :O

oh it’s Soohyuk. 

Sometimes I like him over Woobin. I mean, I’d definitely bang Soohyuk over Woobin and I’d have no regrets. I’d probably marry him over Woobin too but I imagine we’d fight a lot. Lololololl that’s cuz I think we might be wired a bit the same way. He’s probably my second bias all time (Kim Jae Wook & Sehun probably round out the top four, at least for males anyway), and the rest of the models aren’t really close to the top of my lists.

tho I do have deep affection for Hong Jong Hyun because he’s Vampire Idol family, but I haven’t really seen in him in anything in awhile. I like Sung Joon too, but likewise I haven’t seen anything of his in a long time, however I have a special fondness for that one time he and Soohyuk sandwiched Jiwon. I visit that video a couple times a year and it makes me ridiculously happy. X”D


Hello pals, Cameron’s the name and sinning is my game. I use he/him pronouns, I’m eighteen and currently live in EST.


FACECLAIM: Who are your favorite faceclaims to play / to play against?
My current favorites to play as are Willy Cartier, Caleb Landry Jones, Samuel Larsen, Lee Hyun Jae ( are you all sensing a pattern here??? ), Chanel Iman, and Soo Joo Park. I’m a big sucker for model faceclaims not gonna lie? As to play against… anyone pretty??? I know, I’m shallow.
MUSE: Who is your favorite muse you’ve ever played?
My first little baby, Morgan Lorenz!! They’re a Chay Suede faceclaim who’s like a total hipster film nerd trying to make his own independent films. He’s super angry and angsty for his art like he doesn’t even have tragic backstory. He’s also kind of an asshole for the sake of being one and tbh I love that.
CHARACTER: Who is your favorite literary/show/film character of all time?
Zane Donovan from Eureka. Dougles Fargo from Eureka. All the characters from Eureka like I’m not gonna lie I fucking loved that show. But I also really like Gary Bell from Alphas, Margo Hanson from The Magicians, Eli from Let the Right One In… I could go on for like seven years.
LITERATURE/FILM: What is your favorite book? What is your favorite movie?
Shit… for books either The Once and Future King by T.H. White or the Shannara Chronicles by Terry Brooks. As for movies… it changes all the time I’m a film nerd. Right now I’ve been re-watching Hail, Ceaser! a lot so let’s go with that one.


I almost flunked junior year english for not turning in any of my homework.
I plan to go to school for a computer science degree.
I’m really big into canoeing and camping trips and I’ve done three or four week long exertions.


Coffee or Tea? 
Pancakes or Waffles?
Kittens or Puppies?
Netflix or Hulu?
Libraries or Museums?


Which skeleton(s) have caught your eye? How did you hear about PI?

Errr… I have an app for VENATOREM almost completed but… I think I’m going to wait until ALIQUAM, FLAVUM, and PURPURAM drop before deciding. Since they also look good??? I heard about PI because I saw it on my dash actually… and I’m a sucker for skeleton rp’s lemme tell you.

  • You: *see me pass you on the streets of Florence and ask me to explain a passage from Dante in order to entrap me and make me look a fool in front of a crowd of 15th century nobles*
  • Me: No, explain it yourself, horse-modeller that you are, who, unable to cast a statue in bronze, were forced to give up the attempt in shame.

personal ageswap ideas i wanna draw but need to write down so i don’t forget bc i have to do my dam homework:
- Shigeo and Teru (married/life partners) and ending up parents of smal Keiji Mogami (troubled orphan who’s already getting in too deep with spirits. bc he’s much older in canon she’s probably 6 or 7 (??) when he arrives under their care)
- Ritsu and Shou are on and off dating. Shou isn’t in the city much so they’re just kinda ;^/ at each other while he’s out of town
- Shou and smal angry son Toichiro
- Teru is a makeup artist idc EDIT: TERU IS A MODEL IDC
- He also prob helps talk to/help train young espers??? like the Awakening Lab but more casual???? idk abt that as much
- Ritsu babysitting smal-Mogami
- Ritsu babysitting smal-Toichiro
- Keiji learning to take care of and love animals when Shigeo and Teru get a cat
- Shigeo is the favored parent, helps Keiji sleep (comfort when he wakes up from nightmares, helps deal w spirits while the kid is trying to fall asleep), won’t fight or threaten Keiji when he lashes out. Keiji feels more understood by Shigeo.
- Teru is supportive af of his son but a lil bummed out that Shigeo is favored. i think Keiji warms up to both of them eventually tho. (Teru initially inclined to pamper/but things for Keiji but the kid just wants to feel understood and safe. Teru learns that and eventually they bond)
- Keiji starting middle school after living w Shigeo and Teru. Parents so happy and proud of their son :“)
- Reigen being SuPER curious abt Mob and Teru’s kid when Keiji first arrives under their care.
Reigen is still Shigeo’s apprentice in this i just haven’t thought abt that as much, seems nyall have that covered.
I’m just rlly invested in adopted-son-Mogami.

idk what this is. ive been practicing drawing poses that im not used to. and who’s a better model to practice with than kuramochi wha whaaat.

svt as kindergartners
  • s.coups: in charge of handing out spoons during lunch, makes sure no one is left out in games, went out for a doctor's appointment once and came back with chicken nuggets to share
  • jeonghan: always has glitter on him for some reason, carries a little blankie with him and falls asleep anywhere, don't tell him secrets or el- "mWorAGO????"
  • joshua: kindness award winner, can spell "salamander" backwards, never fails to remind others to use "please" and "thank you", colors inside the lines
  • jun: child model but doesn't let it go to his head, always wins at hide and seek, leads every game of mafia they can get away with playing, thinks he knows where babies come from
  • hoshi: wants to play DDR (is this still a thing? idk i'm old), sandboxes are his thing, the only one who can read analog clocks but every time it's always 10:10
  • wonwoo: can be found reading under the slide or on the swings when they're free, wore a newspaper hat for a week because the recycling lesson changed his life, sings in the bathroom
  • woozi: violent little tater tot, wants to play all the instruments, has a writing journal that is often just filled with vernon's scribbles but it enhances his creativity
  • dk: always has candy in his pocket, ate a bug and a piece of bark on a dare, brought a toy airplane to school but forgot to bring it home so now they all share it at playtime
  • mingyu: only one who knows where the first aid kit is, never sleeps at nap time and annoys wonwoo instead, "wonwoo, why are the lights off?" "sleep, mingyu" "i want water, wo-" "gO TO slE EP"
  • the8: he didn't choose the hug life hug life chose him, does random flips, got teased by kids from another class about his pronunciation but the crew stood up against this bullying
  • seungkwan: has little cute notes in his lunch from his mom, knows how to climb up trees but not back down, has a friend named "john" because the teacher walked in on him teaching the others "new" words once
  • vernon: breaks all the crayons in two pieces so he can color with a half in each hand, collects and names rock friends, mixes foods to make new creations
  • dino: no one dares to pick on him because he's friends with 12 hyungs, bathroom buddies system, never sits still and always dances to MJ songs

Imagine Akiteru convincing Kei to model for one of his friends who’s a photographer ( for an assignment or something idk ) which causes Kei to be late for volleyball practice. He then turns up in Karasuno in a suit ( I’m sorry I’m tuxedo tsukki trash k ) because he didn’t have enough time to change. Cue Karasuno standing in shock cuz woa since when was he so hot - I mean GO CHANGE.

Extra: Hinata sneakily takes a picture and sends it to Kenma, who then forwards it to Kuroo. Needless to say, Kuroo spent the next few days daydreaming about Tsukki in a suit.

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I am not sure but wasn't Sam blond?

Honestly???? Idk sam’s hair is a confirmed cryptid but I think he was described as dark haired in the book? The truth is out there

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it's super hard to know if an actor is like a completely good person but do you know who rami malek is?? he's great as far as i know and super cute and idk if you know what until dawn is but he plays (it's a video game but the character models are based off their vas) a main character in that :00

I love Until Dawn! :0 

Okay so I missed the fashion walk in my university cause it was so late but it gave me an idea for bokuaka although idk if anyone has done this before so I’m sorry if it’s already done

So imagine Model! Bokuto who is like famous for his really built body and piercing gold eyes. Then imagine Fashion designer! Akaashi.
Imagine these two working together
Imagine Akaashi taking Bokuto’s measurement himself because he needs his final closing model to look perfect to end the show on a good note. Imagine Bokuto inwardly freaking out cause ho(o)t damn Akaashi Keiji is so darn pretty and graceful
He always holds his breath when Akaashi looks up at him
Akaashi is also inwardly freaking out cause Bokuto Koutarou is very very attractive and his forearms are a blessing and he needs an excuse to touch them ahahahaha

The show is a success and it’s Akaashi who asks Bokuto out because why not let’s mix this up a bit cause I need flustered Bokuto okay okay

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2,3,6,7 🐍❤️🌹🌙✨🥑☁️

2.  What is the last song you played?
Dig, Lazarus, Dig!!!

3.  What is one character you feel particularly tied to?
Polly Shelby from Peaky Blinders!! polly makes me re-connect with my powerful take no shit tough girl act but also i’m a little bit of a softy on the inside. polly’s low key my role model and i love her to bits and pieces and i hope she’s okay!!

6. You’re in a bad mood. How do you choose to deal with it?
i listen to meet ze monstra by pj harvey bc i can never feel sad when listening to that song it makes me feel like the queen i am

7.  You can marry one fictional character. Who?
james potter. he seems like a real pain in the ass, but he seems like my kind of pain in the ass? idk. he’s a real sweetie deep down and he’s not an ass hole and that’s really all i can ask for.

thank u doll <3

once i dated an older guy who lived in hollywood while he was trying to be an actor (he actually had some commercial gigs in stuff which was kinda cool) and he said will arnett was an asshole. he didnt know him personally but he always saw him around with models in his cars and shit when he was still married to amy poehler. which really bummed me out but i was not surprised. he could have been lying but the stories weren’t super glamorous or anyhting so idk why hed lie about that. 

bts: a summary
  • Jungkook: looks like a sloth but is actually a 12 year old
  • Taehyung: looks like a meme, is actually a meme
  • Jimin: glows like an angel and probably smells like fresh baked cookies
  • Rapmon: idk man he looks like his soul is always leaving his body
  • J-hope: could be a runway model who doubles as an actor on a comedy show
  • Suga: smiles like a puppy who is awarded with treats and is 500% done with the rest of bts
  • Jin: looks like a prince, is actually a princess