he's a model but idk who


i’m gonna hire jimin as my main model for my future brand, expect it around 2018

Just on another note, i actually love how diverse The Good Place is. And it isn’t just tokenistic like the one black guy who fits the diversity expectations but these characters are defying the social stereotypes placed on them by Hollywood and the western world.

- Chidi is an intelligent black professor of ethics and moral. Not some deliquent as the media portrays black males to be

- Tahani is a successful Pakistani Muslim woman who has raised billions of dollars and was even a model. She’s not whitewashed or deemed less beautiful than the other characters just because her skin tone. She isn’t some “Cheap Indian” who’s a tightass but instead raises money. And most importantly she isn’t pinned as a terrorist, but a kind and welcoming woman

- Jason is an aspiring Fillipino DJ and enjoys EDM music. He isn’t immediately stereotyped as some smart Asian with only Law or Medicine as his career options. He’s breaking stereotypes that Asians only care about one thing, which is study

Idk if its only me but cudos to The Good Place for creating such a diverse show that breaks racial stereotypes!

Batfam At Hallow Eves

- Dick went as a very well put together Kid Flash outfit, emblem and everything, he spent the whole night running around and drank the same amount of coffee to stay active (even though he did water it down a bit more).

- Jason doesn’t really care much for Halloween, so he let the girls do his makeup and he becomes a Zombi, for the 4th time.

- Babs goes as Hermonie because who doesn’t want to pretend to be a witch? She curled her hair and even made her own wand.

- Tim goes as Wonger Girl much to Bart and Kon’s disappointment, but hey, he dressed up as them for the past 2 years. Cassie lent him one of her old outfits for the ensemble.

- Stephanie goes as a pun outfit because, you know, it was punny, it probably had something to do with waffles but honestly who knows? Dick was very happy and Jason dis-owned her as an honorary member of the family.

- Cass went as The Black Swan, last year she went as Babs, and the year before that Bruce, so now she came as another one of her role models. It was very beautiful, she did a routine and everything.

- Duke went as a movie character, I can’t really narrow it down other than he looked better than the character in question.

- Dami went as the ever so infamous Batman, a mini version, but still Batman. Half the way through the night Steph forces him into a different outfit and they become a pair of something. (Idk Socks? Who knows, its Steph).

- Alfred went as James Bond. It was amazing.

- Claire went as Luna after Babs introduced her to the Harry Potter Books.

- Harper went as a decked out Batwoman, Kate loved it.

- Kate went as a Police Officer and pretended to arrest kids all night.

- Selina went as Wonder Woman, she added some more sparkle to the store bought outfit and looked extravagant.

- Bruce… Oh, Bruce…. to everyone’s surprise, he went as the Big Blue Boy Scout, when he went to the Watch Towers party everyone was in shock, Clark cried, there are photos, it was beautiful.

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do you have any fancasts for jason?

Not really. Ultimately I am forever searching for the living version of this

And it’s very difficult to find the body type + racial ambiguity that embodies how I envision Jason. I typically lean towards Eurasians, esp south east asians because of reasons. Like so

But picking a fancast is tough when some actors/models only fit from certain angles, lmao. Plus the dudes available are often super ripped and I think Jason has at least a little healthy chub on him. I think he’s good looking, but in real-person kind of way? Which is hard to come by.

Profile Analysis - Taeil

Taeil  -  Mark

A/N: This may sound dumb, but I really love studying people and their psychology and personality, so I decided to make this analysis of who I think they are as people. There will eventually be one for each member with time, but please give me time.
These are just my thoughts/opinions/views based on what I’ve seen of the member in their interactions with fellow members, fans, their deeper confessions to fans and their messages to their families, etc…
- Admin Finn

Originally posted by nctaezen

honestly, his personality is that of an average young korean man i would say

  • taeil is very polite with strangers and those he does not know well
  • he’s a tad awkward
  • he can carry a polite conversation about the weather or whatnot, but once the topic has been discussed he feels awkward about starting another conversation, mostly because he 1; doesn’t know what to talk about and 2; doesn’t want to be bothersome to the other person if they have no intention of starting a new conversation
  • he’s not one to initiate conversations often with strangers, but he’s fine with speaking to them if they initiate one with him, he’s an adult
  • he’s the type to be a bit more submissive with strangers than with friends and family, remaining polite and courteous
  • he’s able to make friends relatively easily, most of his friends more outspoken than him
  • he finds it very easy to talk to those younger than himself, since he has leverage being the older one
  • he’s a tad awkward in initiating friendship with females tho
  • as the oldest in NCT, his interactions with a younger demographic of friends show him to be very outspoken and adamant
  • since he is the oldest he really feels there is nothing stopping him, no one to judge him
  • he’s playful and quirky, silly and odd; that’s his true self
  • he’s observant and enjoys watching the interactions between members

Originally posted by neoculturedaily

  • he’s an introvert as well, thinking before he speaks often
  • he enjoys laughter and smiles and believes it is medicine for the mind
  • his humor is quirky, relying on his actions to make those around him laugh, his silly expressions, and witty remarks
  • he can be clueless as well, which adds to his humor; he fails to pick certain signals
  • he has times where he’s hyperactive, high from laughter and his heart swelling with affection

Originally posted by nctaezen

  • even tho he is quite a jest to his friends, he’s also responsible
  • he enjoys listening to others and often offers advice since he’s the oldest, therefore most experienced at life
  • he’s thoughtful, knowing his members’ strength and weaknesses, likes and dislikes, etc…
  • he does little things that go unnoticed by his fellow members, picking up after them, consoling them, etc…

Originally posted by 96sline

  • he scolds those close to him a lot, he points out their mistakes, nagging them on occasion
  • it takes a bit for him to get upset, only when he feels something was done out of malice or jealousy washes over him does he get upset
  • he’s a very jealous person and doesn’t like to feel excluded from those close to him
  • he’d smother those close to him if he could, but they already call him annoying on occasion so he tries not to
  • he’s humble as well, unable to take direct compliments, even if they are genuine from friends or family, he denies their praises
  • tho he does teasingly act cocky to his friends, he’s only half-joking
  • he’s very competitive with his friends which stems from acting cocky

Originally posted by yutaf

  • regarding emotions; taeil has a strong reign over his emotions
  • he’s able to control them often and isn’t easily swayed
  • he has empathy, able to understand others’ situations, but that does not always mean he has sympathy for said person
  • he is sympathetic to his friends and families, able to feel their burden by seeing them upset
  • however, with strangers or those he is not close with he doesn’t see their issues as his own and therefore draws a line in the sand, not letting their emotions effect his own
  • his emotions do get the better of him on occasion, more so than he would like

Originally posted by neo-moontaeil

  • he doesn’t want others to see him cry, especially those who are younger and look up to him; he feels it’s his duty to be their role-model and therefore doesn’t want to seem weak or unstable
  • for the most part, he does put others before himself, only being selfish when he knows it won’t harm anyone or when his dreams are within reach

A/N: idk how to end this, I just really wanted to share my thoughts on Tae

About Harry at the VS show

So there’s been a lot of talk about harry possibly performing at the vsfs later this year and people are asking my opinion, but here’s the thing…

1. I don’t think harry would put himself in that position. When he was younger, he really had no qualms about answering questions about pretty girls. He never hesitated or avoided questions about celeb crushs or anything like that. But now, when he’s asked about things like that, he literally always avoides those questions (I think it’s because he doesn’t want to be labeled as a womanizer and also it’s just going to start shit.) and singing at a fashion show with beautiful women in underwear is obviously going to open that can of worms. There’s only so much avoiding questions he can do unless he’s literally not going to say anything at all in an interview. Even about the Camille thing, nick commented on her appearance (he said she looked nice) and harry responded with “im sure she’s a wonderful person.” So I think he knows how the aftermath is going to go down and harry, at least I don’t think, would knowingly do that to himself.

2. It’s not like performing is going to advance his career. Year after year, the ratings of the show have gotten lower and lower. Even with high publicity models (Kendall Gigi Bella *but apparently they aren’t walking this year) and high publicity singers (Bruno mars, Selena Gomez and the weekend) the ratings are going down. Honestly, as good and entertaining as H is, I don’t think he’s going to drastically change that. It’s every MODLES dream to be at VS not every singer. It’s never made or broken anyone’s musical career. Also, at least in Harry situation, it’s going to bring the wrong kind of attention- which brings me to my next point-

3. Jeff already does an excellent job at trying to make harry seem like a womanizing douche who can’t keep is cock in his pants. (Idk what it is but Jeff just seems like the worlds shittiest manager when it comes to PR) it’s going to be no question that girls he’s been with will be in the show, which will only dig up the list of VS models that everyone thinks he’s fucked (the list is QUITE long). He knows a how much shit it starts when he’s seen within 3 feet of ANY woman and he seems to be not here for all the drama. Can you imagine the shit it would stir? Not to mention all the attention won’t be on how great his performance was, but how he was surrounded by all his beautiful “ex girlfriends” and that’s the shit that really pisses me off and I KNOW it’s pisses harry off. So I don’t think he’s going to do that to himself either.

So in conclusion: I think harry is WAY too smart to make this move. I really hope Jeffery doesn’t think this is a good idea and tries to talk harry into it, because Harry’s to smart to not see the shit this would cause.

if anyone thinks the Doctor and his companions have always been good little pacifists beans they could not be more wrong

like, man, first storyline ever the Doctor wants to kill a dude by bashing his head in with a rock (which, funnily enough, is how an audio decades later would dictate he actually did murder someone when he was only a kid) and is stopped by the guy he just essentially kidnapped

a while later the new fifteen year old companion straight up tries to murder Nero and nonchalantly shrugs about it when she tells the Doctor about switching the cups around

I’m not saying One and Vicki are casual murder friends but then again I have always said they’re immensely similar people/kindred spirits despite one being a Time Lord and another being a human teenager so maybe that is exactly what I’m saying

and then you have Leela. who just. straight up murders multiple people. and the Doctor treats this like a pesky quirk like “oh you, stop that” most of the time

so basically what I’m saying is 

that just because Ten is a hypocritical, self-righteous little shit, don’t hold Eleven or Twelve or anyone who writes them to some ridiculous pacifist standard that RTD should not have established (or possibly did not mean to establish, he might have meant it to be interpreted differently)

the Doctor is not a role model of pacifism okay

Got7: Dating BamBam

• How does he ask you out? Idk. Probably a card with “Will you be my meme queen?” On it.
• Jk jk he’d probably be like the shy middle schooler who doesn’t look you in the eye to ask you out
• Him being big spoon bc “I’m manly.”
• Make out session in inappropriate places
• (At least, until JB comes and hits BamBam over the back of the head)
• Dabbing but together
• Having him modeling your clothes tbh
• Calling him DabDab
• Becoming friends with Yugyeom
• Being the most stylish couple around
• Having bottle flipping competitions every other day
• Him pouting or calling for a rematch when he doesn’t win
• Also becoming friends with Jackson
• Him teaching you Thai
• Laying in his lap
• Him asking you to do his make up
• You asking HIM to do YOUR make up
• Being affectionate in public like too much

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can i just say i love the lil slant you give bucky's eyebrow(s) when he's kissing it makes him look so sweet and so into it and i love it and i love your art


(and below i present exhibits 1 through 6 of the “Smoochie Bucky” face for your reference and viewing pleasure)


the dads in this game are very cute but if im being honest i mostly got it so i could make a very gay trans dad u feel me

so here’s ahab (i literally only played like 10 minutes so idk how much room the game gives you for backstory beyond the late spouse stuff lmao) he’s a former model and currently owns a thrift store. he has bad memory problems and is also not very….smart…………..he’s got amanda’s bday tattooed on his arm so he never ever forgets it (its just kind of an arbitrary number cuz idk if she has a canon one) also in his post-modeling life he really values being able to look like an unattractive garbage can

idk who he’s gonna kiss i dont really have a preference lol (idek if im gonna draw more than this we’ll see)

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I just got real emo for a sec. I rewatched American hustle life and they performed no more dream on their first ever American stage and it got me so emo when he sang the big house big car big rings thing bc I thought about how he sang the same line today while on stage with Seo Taji who he looks up to very much... and the CONTRAST.... He's come so far despite having experienced tough times and I'm so proud of him.... idk it's so specific but I'm so emo lmao 😂♥️😭

Aww no, I really understand that. 
I also get feelings like that, I literally get goosebumps when I realize how big they have gotten. I’ve watched them since their first stage and seeing how far they came now.. it’s unimaginable. I’m so proud of all of them for coming this far and for being able to meet their ultimate role models ♥


Gender is unknown, but it is hinted to be a girl by MJ when he asked DDOCA to call him “Oppa”, a term for a female to call their older brothers.

DDOCA is someone who is always following ASTRO and helping the boys film themselves playing around, sneak peaks at what they are doing or simple things like life behind the scenes/official camera.

AROHAs wishes they were DDOCA who is always with ASTRO and playing around with them.

cr to @moon-hyuks for DDOCA’s model (??? idk)

things you may have forgotten about austin & ally

• nelson
• “that’s so panda”
• austin literally brought a framed photo of ally to his first awards show
• the cloud watching club
• crime & judgement
• “nice scream, ally”
• “jimmyyyyyy!”
• ally’s baskets are “unbeweaveable”
• dez is related to dwayne wade
• “ew, is that guy really wearing a thong?”
• that time they all got arrested for robbing an ice cream store
• the helen show
• the wanda watson show
• miami h8ter girl
• the butterfly song
• megan simms
• austin collects teddy bears
• pickles the goose
• trish’s full name is patricia maria de la rosa
• “holy unlimited texting, he is so cute!”
• ally wears elbow pads when she makes a salad and goggles when she brushes her teeth
• mimi moon used to be a hand model
• the ally way
• claws dun dun dun
• austin’s fear of umbrellas
• “don’t touch my book!”
• dallas
• cassidy
• billl with three llls
• “guess who got a job at _____!”
• austin and dez both cry at chick flicks
• ally chews her hair when she’s nervous
• “call a pioneer ranger!”
• sonic boom

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Okay well, obviously the relationships are a lot different for the most part and I kinda…combined??? Characters. Like. Idk how to describe it. Also I wasn’t the one who proposed the au in the first place ofc, but here’s how I imagine it:

Keith: Is Christina but with Mer’s relationships. Dating Dr. Lance McDreamyClain. Brother is Dr. Shirogane the head of Trauma and who got him the internship in the first place. Owns a trailer like Shepherd tho. Goes on to become head of Cardio after internship

Lance: A weird fusion of Shepherd and Izzy. Payed his way into med school with modelling and moved to Seattle for an internship. Met Keith without knowing he was an intern first, kissed him, then found out they were in the same internship and declared him as a rival ;) They still date :))))))))) Rooms with Pidge and Hunk. Goes on to become head of Neuro after internship

Pidge: DR. BAILEY. She’s just. 110% She’s way younger than everyone else but she’s still in charge. Once she made a kid cry so hard he ended up having a panic attack and died in their OR.

Hunk: A fusion of George and Dr. Torres (Idk. he just IS). Comes from a big family and loves Orthopedics (goes on to become head of Ortho after internship). Has done an open heart surgery by himself as an intern and lived to tell the tale.

Allura: Meredith’s character but as the chief and Addison. Her father Alfor has Alzheimer’s and was the top surgeon at the hospital. Top Neonatal surgeon in the country and then becomes the chief.

Shiro: Dr. Hunt. He just is. I don’t…really need to explain anymore…

Coran: Tbh I don’t know, I just know he’s there and IMPORTANT. maybe like the chief’s character but with… Dr. Burke’s job? Idk. If y’all got any better ideas for Coran, please lmk lol