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Review - 13x24

Hey guys, @jordan202 here. This is going to be a quicker one. Since it’s the last installment of the season, let’s wrap it up assessing the entire episode, but keeping the focus on Omelia of course.

I have to say that, compared to 13x23, this episode didn’t excite me as much. Sure, we got amazing moments, especially for Omelia, but I think this whole thing probably would have worked out better as a two hour season finale. In all honesty, I thought 13x23 was a bit more exciting. I could be biased by the fact that we had a huge Omelia turning point from ep 22 to 23 and a much smoother transition to 24, but I think the pace of last week’s episode was more intense.

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Hides Away The Sun (Soulmate!Luke)

Another Soulmate!AU… because you can never have too many.

In which you swap bodies Freaky Friday style with your soulmate on an unknown day in your life (whenever you’re both ‘ready’ for your soulmate) and it could be any day. You don’t know in advanced.


(Y/n) woke up earlier than usual that morning. She’d gone to sleep really early in preparation for having to get up at this time. Usually, she liked to sleep in on her days off, but her best friend, Megan, had decided that that just wouldn’t be the case today. Instead, she’d decided to set her up on a blind date.

Megan was avidly in favor of the idea of (Y/n) dating, whether (Y/n) agreed with it or not. She’d set (Y/n) up on three dates in the last month. The first two had not gone well, but Megan insisted that this guy was the one, or as close as it gets where soulmates aren’t involved. Megan wasn’t a huge fan of the idea of soulmates, and she was more than happy to date around till she found hers, but (Y/n) wasn’t set on the idea of love in general, which is why she was so against this lunch date.

Sitting up in her bed, (Y/n) rubbed tiredly at her eyes to shake away the sleep.

“Luke, you’re up early.”

“What?” Her eyes shot open at the distinctly masculine voice.

This was definitely not her bedroom.

The room was deep and rectangular, laid out with generic furniture, a small flat screen, and the ugliest shade of green walls she’d ever seen. Clearly she was in a hotel, whether she recognized how she’d gotten here or not.

“I said you’re up early.”

Her eyes shot across the room to the second bed pressed up by the window. A tall, dark-haired boy with dark, tanned skin littered in tattoos was stretched out on the bed scrolling through his phone absentmindedly, occasionally glancing up to some ridiculous crime show on the tv.

Oh God. She hadn’t… No, not today. Any day but today. Oh God. Oh God. Oh God. This was not happening!

“Hey, Luke, you okay man?” The other boy sat up with a concerned expression and looked over at her.

“No, I’m not.” She mumbled out; her eyes darting down to look at her body… Only it wasn’t her body today. Today she was in someone else’s. Her soulmate’s.

“Yeah, man I know what you mean,” The other boy chuckled. “It was a late night last night. Those girls were…”

“No,” She cut him off, not knowing where this line of conversation was going… not really wanting to know. “I mean, I’m not Luke.”

“Wake up (Y/n)! You’re gonna be late!”

In the distance, Luke heard a pounding on the door and groaned out loud. It was way too early to be getting up. He felt like he’d only gone to sleep a few minutes ago. How could he be needed up already? The boys didn’t have anything to do till at least noon.

“(Y/n) your date is in an hour! If you don’t get up now, you won’t be ready!”

Did they just say (Y/n)? That voice definitely wasn’t familiar to him. Maybe someone had the wrong hotel room…


“(Y/n)! I will break down this fucking door if you don’t get up! You have no idea what I went through to get you this date, and you’re damn well going!”

Luke groaned and sat up, preparing to shoo away whoever it was. As he sat up, he froze. This was not his hotel room. This was a bedroom. A woman’s bedroom. He was in some woman’s bedroom.

“No, no, no.” Luke knew what this meant. He scrambled out of the bed and dove towards a mirror across the room. The eyes staring back at him were not his own. This body belonged to someone else. He wasn’t himself today. “Fucking hell,” He groaned. Today was definitely not a good day for this. He had a show tonight.

“That’s it I’m coming in!” The door behind him was thrown open and an angry brunette stood in the door with her arms crossed and a scowl on her face.

“Before you say anything!” He raised a hand defensively to stop her. “I’m not who you think I am.”

“This complicates things,” Ashton sighed rubbed his jaw as he tried to think of a solution. “I don’t know if we can play a show without Luke.”

“I can figure out something with the guitar, but I don’t know about singing his parts,” Michael informed the other two.

Calum groaned and pushed himself up from the table, “Yeah, but the fans, guys. We’re not a band without Luke. They came to see all of us.”

“They’ll understand the situation,” Michael countered.

(Y/n) sat still and silent on the bed as the band discussed what to do. She was still trying to come to terms with the fact that A) her soulmate was a rockstar, B) she was sitting in a room with all of 5 Seconds of Summer, C) she was stuck for 24 hours in the body of Luke Hemmings, and oh yeah, D) her soulmate WAS A ROCKSTAR!

“I um..” She shuffled to her feet, catching the attention of the other three occupants in the room. “I think I need some air…”

Ashton nodded his understanding and condolence. “You can’t go out front. There’s fans who’ll want to meet Luke,” he jumped to his feet and walked you to the door. “Around that corner,” He opened it and pointed to the left, “there’s an elevator. Should be a guard at the door. Ask his help, and he’ll take you out back of the hotel.”

“Thanks,” she murmured and took off down the hall immediately, putting as much space between her and them as possible.

This all felt like a sick twisted joke. Soulmates were wild and crazy enough, but a famous soulmate who was halfway around the world on a tour right now? That was ridiculous. Someone was pulling her leg, and she really wished she could just wake up and pretend this was all a dream.

“I’m really sorry about the whole dating thing,” Megan passed a cup of coffee across the table to Luke. “If I’d known you weren’t her or that she was going to get her soulmate so soon I wouldn’t have…”

“It’s okay,” Luke waved off her concern. “I get it, really I do. I was about to give up on finding her myself.” Luke bent his head to take a sip of coffee but spluttered it back up, “What is this?”

“Oh sorry!” Megan scooped up the cup and went over to the sink. “That’s how (Y/n) takes her coffee.” Megan started washing out the cup and giggled. “You look like her, sooo…”

Luke chuckled and shook his head, a little disoriented by the sound of the higher pitched laughter. “It’s fine. Don’t worry about it.” He jumped to his feet. “I’ll just get some water.”

“Probably best,” Megan agreed and sat back at the table.

Luke pulled a water bottle from the fridge and said, “Tell me about her?” as he chugged a gulp of water. He was in her head right now, but he didn’t have any of her memories. He’d slept in her room, but there was a certain organization to it that made the place feel quite formal. This was a house, not a home.

Megan sighed heavily and sat back in her chair, “Well, (Y/n) moved to town a year and a half ago to get away from her situation at home. Her parents went most of their lives not knowing their soulmates, but when she was seventeen her mom woke up one day switched with her soulmate. It tore her family apart, and she’s not cared for the idea of one ever since.”

“So she doesn’t want a soulmate?” Luke sat heavily in his seat with a sad expression. He’d not been out searching for his soulmate per say, but he’d certainly wanted to meet her. He’d never even considered that she might not like him.

“It’s not that!” Megan backtracked. “It’s not she doesn’t like the idea. She just doesn’t think it’ll work out for her ya know? She’s got it in her head that because her parents ended badly she’s gonna be the same or worse.”

Luke hummed his understanding and gulped down some more water. “So, it’s gonna be some work, but I’m not totally shut out then?”

Megan nodded, “Yeah, it’s gonna be some work.”

Luke thought it over for a minute. He wasn’t overly thrilled with the idea of being told who to love, but he couldn’t say he hated soulmates. He was actually kind of excited at the prospect of it, at times. The universe had pointed him in the direction of the one person who would be perfect for him. He wasn’t going to just toss that aside because it would require a little work. He wanted to try, if not for himself than at least for her. She deserved to be happy, and he wanted to give that to her. “I’m ready for that.”

Megan smiled at him. She was glad to see that her friend had a soulmate who actually cared. She had been worried for (Y/n) that she would end up with a soulmate exactly like herself, one who didn’t believe in love. Luke seemed ready and willing to put in time. “So Luke, I’ve told you (Y/n)’s story, now tell me about you. I need to know your worthy of my best friend.”

“Well,” Luke chuckled to himself as Megan sipped her coffee. “My name is Luke Hemmings, and …”

Megan spewed her drink across the wood table, “WHAT!”

Before she could say anything else the house phone on the counter began to ring.

(Y/n) sighed and stared up at the cloudy sky, praying for rain. She felt like shit. She was stuck in an employee parking lot behind a hotel with a security guard loitering over her shoulder. She was halfway around the world in an unfamiliar place with unfamiliar people.

Unfamiliar people who didn’t seem to care how she was feeling right now. If she closed her eyes she could see Megan excitedly pouring over Luke, telling him everything he needed to know.

Here, she’d been pushed aside as an inconvenience. She’d been told in one sentence who and where she was before the rest of her soulmate’s band ignored her to try and fix the problem she’d ‘created’. They’d told her to stay out of sight, to fake sick for management, and to avoid fans. No one cared the extreme terror she was feeling right now, the pain and confusion she was experiencing.

“You know,” (Y/n)’s head shot up at the voice. Michael was standing at the top of the stairs leading out the back of the hotel kitchen. His eyes were trained on the sky, but he was clearly talking to (Y/n). The guard had disappeared, no doubt shooed away by Michael. “I always hated the rain.”

“I like it,” She mused, eyes going back up. “It’s peaceful, calming.”

“It’s cold,” Michael trotted down the steps and sat down next to her. “And it hides away the sun.”

“Figure out how to fix your show tonight?” She changed the subject.

Michael shrugged, “We have a few ideas… But don’t worry. We always find a way to screw things up on our own.” He smiled and nudged you with his elbow, trying to get a reaction. “Come on. Let’s get you back inside, so we can all chat.” He jumped to his feet and held out a hand for her.

She smiled politely at him and shook her head, “I’d rather sit out here for a while, if you don’t mind. I need to clear my head.”

Michael paused for a moment then sat back down, “Okay, that’s fine. We don’t have to talk if you’re not ready.”

(Y/n) paused for a minute, thinking it over. She really didn’t want to talk about herself, and there really wasn’t much to talk to the boys about without Luke there mentally himself. She didn’t need a biography lesson; she needed a psychology lesson, what he thought about all this. His friends couldn’t answer that for her, not completely anyway. “What does Luke think about all this?”

“Soulmates?” She nodded. Michael sighed, “Honestly, he’s never really had the time for an actual relationship, but he’s always been open to emotions and stuff… I think, with you being his soulmate it’ll be different; he’ll be willing to put in a lot more effort. You’re perfect for him, literally. He won’t force you into this life if you don’t want it, but he’s definitely going to want to try this, at least.”

(Y/n) nodded and looked back up at the sky. “How do you think he’ll feel about me?”

“Let’s ask him,” Michael whipped out his phone and handed it to you. “What’s your number?”

“Who is it?” Luke asked, as Megan looked at the caller I.D.

She shrugged, “I don’t know. Random number, never seen it before.”

He got up and crossed the room to look at it, “Hey… That’s Michael.”

“M-Michael Clifford?” Megan willingly handed over the phone in her confusion and worry.

“Yeah.” Luke walked away and answered the phone. “Michael?”

“Um… No,” His own voice echoed back to him in an dissettling way. “This is (Y/n).”