he's a little piece of shit and a little ray of sunshine at the same time why

That’s How Easy Love Can Be

Summary: An alphabetical journey of Phil’s 26 favourite things about Dan–along with a special surprise at the end–may just make Dan’s 26th birthday his best one yet.

Word Count: 6.3k

Genre: Fluff

Warnings: existential crisis (but it’s super tiny), swearing

A/N: HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAN!!! I hope he’s having the best day with lots of food and plenty of love from Phil, he truly deserves it. I think 26 will bring some really great things for him and I honestly can’t wait to see what this next year will bring. I hope you enjoy!!

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A (bread)piece of Your Heart

Pairing: Peter Parker x reader

Fandom: Spider-Man: Homecoming

Wordcount: 2191

Warnings: None

Summary: You are working part time at Delmar’s Deli and developed a crush on Peter Parker who’s a regular customer. Mr. Delmar thinks it’s finally time that you stepped up your game and ask him out.

Notes: Okay, i have to confess something here. This story was on a different tumblr blog of mine, but only because I thought people would be annoyed if i posted something different then Uncharted or other video-games. So, now that I see that my last fanfic has so many notes (150+ in one day HOLY SHIT) I present to you my other one :-). Enjoy!

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Ride With Me (Part 4)

PAIRING: readerxbucky au


WARNINGS: swearing. 

*Things get tense when (Y/N) meets three members of the Red Skull*

So, considering that two of these characters have yet to made an appearance in the MCU. I am taking slight artistic licence as to what I think they looked like for this AU. Shout out to @assembletheimagines​ for helping me try and pick a face for Hela thanks boo x (I know that Cate Blanchett is going to portray her in Thor 3 but I kinda leaned towards the comic version of her for this AU)  

Part 3


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“Come on you piece of shit work” you growled dangerously. You sat perched at the bar, a new lukewarm cup of tea sat beside to you barely touched as you glared viciously at the laptop screen. You had been risking your life in that motel room for long enough and it was high time to find a place of your own. Or someone to share it with at least.

“Don’t you look like a ray of sunshine this morning” you resisted the urge to glare at the three arrivals.

“Careful Sam, she’d been yelling at that thing all morning” Wanda teased as she stood behind the bar drying pint glasses.

“Roommate search? Looking for a new place?” Natasha asked peering over your shoulder reading the website open on the laptop.

“Living out of my suitcase is getting a little old” you mumble into your mug, you winced after swallowing. The cool temperature didn’t sit well with you.  

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WAIT THERE, I have some reflections and theories to share (2/2)

So I’m back with the longest essay I’ve ever made. If shipping gays would be an acceptable topic to make an essay of in my Spanish class (South American gal, yeah) I think this would have been shown in my school’s news board.

Here comes the ship- *inhales*

In a little less than the half of the book, Jasper insists on knowing who does Call like, but he gets really awkward. Jasper actually asks about all the girls he knows Call is close with, but nothing. That gives a miserable hope that there’s space for his blonde best friend in his heart. At the library as well, since he gave him all those lovey-dovey related books (I sincerely have the headcanon that Jasper knows all the tension between those two and he is just like “for fuck’s sake just kiss already”)

When Call learned to breathe underwater, he was very happy and Aaron noticed this, saying that “he ruled”. That made Tamara protest and say “Hello, we all rule here” since she was there like a third wheel. (I honestly laughed at these two dorks in my fangirling mode but I have to keep stern in this post-)

Even Anastasia noticed all of this, and Call is so oblivious that he answered “Yeah?” Like he didn’t know why on hell was she pointing out that they were pretty close and they cared for each other. He was that confused that he also included Tamara in his answer. Friendzone…
Oh and don’t forget when Aaron was blaming Celia all along when she was just trying to go out with Call, and he kept on it even if Tamara or Call were insisting on her innocence. I could sense a tint of jealousy in his actions, to be honest.

And, when Call thinks that “Maybe Aaron wasn’t actually his friend” that left me confused. He constantly friendzones himself and then he says that. Then what is he? Hm? This gets weirder when they magically take lessons without Tamara (great timing) on seeing souls.
(Taken from the book, chapter eleven:) “He flicked a glance up at Aaron’s eyes and found Aaron looking at him. They both grinned, without being able to help it.”

I really hope these are real hints of something further than friendship and counterweight stuff, because I am honestly disappointed of JKR when they made The Cursed Child (because come on it had all the homo but no, they would rescue each other from the dark and be awkward and all and them bam no homo) and I reaaallyyy don’t want to see that ever again, specially in here. Think about MaLec, aunt Cass. You did this once, why not again? Because it’s pretty sly from them to make them not only best mates, but also counterweights of each other. That can easily camouflage basic romantic quotes as “I can’t live without him” or “We need each other” because that’s what literally happens since both are Makars.

It’s clearly seen that Aaron is deeply in love with Call. Pretty fucking much. Since the moment they met, he was the first one in giving him a cheerful smile. To make it gayer, I just counted the times Aaron clasped his hand on Call’s shoulders. Three, okay? Three fucking times, and those times, even if they are just a few, were tense as hell. (I also have the headcanon that Aaron touching his shoulder calms him down even if he is getting consumed by the Void-) look. Just. Look.

“Aaron put his hand on Call’s shoulder. “Remember,” he said. “If you need to do any chaos magic, don’t try to do it all on your own. I’m your counterweight. I’ll be just outside with the others. Draw on me, on my chaos energy, like you’d draw on air if you were underwater.”
-Chapter 7

In here, the gang was about to see who was the spy in Magisterium, using Call as bait, remember? And Aaron just told him that. Like, practically he told him to cling with his life onto him. I’m swooning on how damn cute this ray of sunshine is. (Tbh they remind me of solangelo a bit too much) He knows Call likes to do things on his own, so he doesn’t doubt in telling him those words. If I was in Call’s place, I’d hug him right away, just saying.

“Be careful,” Aaron told him, clapping Call on the shoulder. His green eyes were reassuring.”
-Chapter 13

Before that creepy fire maze, he does the same thing he did to make him feel good. I’m pretty sure that with his eyes, he was saying the same words he said six chapters before. Want some more? Down below.

“Call felt Aaron’s hand on his shoulder, and a moment later he’d been guided out of the room and was back in the corridor.”
-Chapter 14

Call was freaking out because of that accidental soul commanding he did with Jennifer’s soul leftovers. Then Aaron strikes again, gives him a small motivational speech, squeezes his shoulder and lets go. He just can’t take the fact that his crush is stabbing himself with self-hate, huh?

And yes, it really looks like as if Aaron is madly in love with Call who friendzones him, sadly (don’t make me count the times he says Aaron wouldn’t hurt him, since he is his /best friend./ They are countless.) BUT!!
In a pinch, when he made the chaos-ridden obey him, he employed all of the Void magic he could afford, he went dizzy, and reached for Aaron; but he couldn’t do it since the blond’s magic was dim, so it almost consumed him. It’s even said that he felt desperate because of the fact that he was without him. That could make him reflex a little more, I think. It was necessary.

“He was alone in the dark without Aaron. In despair, he let himself fall backward into nothingness.”
-Chapter 13

He practically was giving up since there wasn’t his other half ready to help him and put his feet back to earth.

But what gives me the chills and gives me a furious outrage impulse is the fact that even at the verge of death, in the tensest pinch of their lives now, they still want to protect each other no. matter. what. Just remember those lines where they were all “No, kill me, don’t hurt him” “Just don’t hurt Aaron” “Get away from Call” etcetera etcetera. Those lines through all of the book are also countless, if we also count the “I wouldn’t hurt Call” and “He wouldn’t hurt me!” Lines.

Is when even at all the lost hope, when they already accepted the fact that their powers would be absorbed, is the moment when Call, out of a sudden, grabbed Aaron’s hand. God fucking dammit. I swear I’d cry a river if they had put a confession right there. That would have broken me into pieces and a two-week depression. That would have been too much.

And that sunny optimistic little shit |returns the grip|, and says THIS:

““At least we’re going to die together,” Aaron said. Then, unbelievably, he smiled at Call.”
-Chapter 15

He smiled at him, even if they were about to die. This was practically the most romantic moment between these two (even if at the shoulder moments I was like “take his fucking hand now” this hit me hard), and at the most defining moment of their lives. Aaron is sadly happy that at least, he would die with the person he liked as more as a friend. Oh god. (I personally was frustrated af since in the last minute he approached for not making the first move, well done, Stewart. What’s next? Waiting for a kiss when you’re revived?) this gives me the feeling that Aaron knew that he was being friendzoned (damn obliviousness) and he was showing his affection in small portions, since it would be bad for him (his feelings) and for Call (since he was going through many bad stuff) to go and confess his feelings right away, or just go and peck him on the lips.

And when he apparently dies (I’m not confirming this, for my crashed, mashed and broken shipper heart’s sake and because of the reasons in the early post) Call realizes who had lost. Not only a best friend, but his soulmate. He dreams with him after all that stuff, he was smiling and telling things about the Gallery, as it was said in the books. He realizes that he was taking their bond for granted, that he didn’t think a single time that such a thing would ever happen. Oh well, lessons are everywhere.

I personally think that I could make essays justifying why do I ship certain ship and this is not the exception, since for me, they are so fucking otp. And that’s why I’m trying to squint and find every rational trace of romance implied between them. Rational, okay? I am not using every time he acknowledges Call’s presence. He always cares for him in a friendly way, but see these things and tell me if some of those ways are way much closer than Tamara has ever been with Call. Sure, he is awkward toward girls because he doesn’t know how to deal with them, since he has lived only with his father, and because of the contrast between Tamara’s direct personality and Call’s introverted and distant one. But he tries his best on not to focus so much in these things. I still think that Aaron has a sweet personality filled with gentleness that blend perfectly with Call.

These two dorks are my otp, fight me. I will sink into fanfictions until the next book is out, thanks for reading until here. I will upload some fanarts of this saga because it deserves them.

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two sebastian stan appreciation mixes


tracklist: 01. howlin’ for you - the black keys 02. i’m a slave 4 you - britney spears 03. habits of my heart (sufjan stevens remix) - jaymes yound 04. just a little bit - kids of 88 05. hot mess - cobra starship 06. animal - neon trees 07. tonight (best you ever had) - john legend feat. ludacris 08. are you gonna be my girl - jet 09. gorilla - bruno mars 10. a little death - the neighbourhood

YOU’RE TOXIC [listen here]

tracklist: 01. harder to breathe - maroon 5 02. hella good - no doubt 03. it won’t stop - sevyn streeter 04. whatever you like - anya marina 05. hands all over - maroon 5 06. sex - the 1975 07. do i wanna know? - arctic monkeys 08. wicked games - the weeknd 09. closer - nine inch nails 10. ride - somo 11. tessellate (alt-j cover) - ellie goulding 12. toxic (cover) - britney spears

Negan - Foul-Mouthed - Part 2

Part two of my Negan series Foul-Mouthed. You can find part one on my Foul-Mouthed Master List.

Summary: Negan comes to Alexandria with his men to take half your stuff, just like he promised Rick he would do. While there, he meets you, someone who wasn’t in the line-up. He takes an immediate interest in you when he hears you swearing just as much as he does. You know you should hate him, so why can’t you?

Negan x Fem!Reader

Warnings: Swearing, a little bit of angst, mention of a car accident

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anonymous asked:

please please do a long ramble about the baking video, I want to hear all your opinions!!

Sorry this took so long! I’m crap at writing these things up on time. But yes of course, I definitely needed to do one for baking. Because damn…what a video. To quote my earlier post, it was beautiful strange domestic-y sexual goodness. Truly the epitome of Dan and Phil. And I enjoyed every last second of it.

As I discussed in that post I was quite shocked to see it on DINOF. You can read my immediate reaction (here) and my questioning of what that could possibly mean for their channels. I’ll probably still be over-analyzing that for a while.  

I had a few people message to say that they liked how he was showing a different side to himself on DINOF. And I have to agree, I am really enjoying this change. The persona has been slowly fading in the last year. A little less danisnotonfire and a lot more Dan Howell. As I’ve talked about in the past, I do believe DINOF and Dan are one and the same except just way hyper-focused on specific traits of his personality (the sarcasm, self-deprecation, existentialism, etc). That is very clearly the defining aspect of his channel. However, like many others, I’ve also been hoping for him to branch out and show a bit more of himself. Those who do not closely follow his live shows, social media, DAPG, or see his presence on Phil’s channel know such a narrow view of him. It's actually almost strange to imagine the somewhat skewed impression the causal audience must have. They don’t get to experience some of the very best parts of who he is in my opinion. But now perhaps that is slowly changing. Especially considering the last 3 main channel videos. If I didn’t know otherwise I would automatically assume they were on AmazingPhil. It’s kind of weird to look at (this) post of mine from last March and see that Dan does seem to have relaxed a little bit from then. The difference in content on each channel is starting to seem far less clear-cut and defined. But the change is still such a new thing and may also be due to the current focus on the book/tour, so I am very very interested to see if the trend will continue.

Now onto the fun stuff– favorite moments below:

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House of Cards (IV)

Characters: Yoongi and Reader

Genre: love, falling in love, romance

Series: Intro, Chapter 1, Chapter 2, Chapter 3, Chapter 4 , Chapter 5, Chapter 6, Chapter 7, Chapter 8, Chapter 9, Chapter 10, Chapter 11, Chapter 12,Chapter 13, Chapter 14 , Chapter 15 (finale)

Summary: You fell in love with Yoongi when you least expected to. He was like a breath of fresh air that you greatly needed after an awful break up. You first thought that the two to you would just have some harmless fun. You didn’t realize that you two would build such a strong feeling for one another. Slowly it came to your attention that your relationship with Yoongi was like a house of cards. You have to be careful while slowly building your relationship with him because with one wrong move, everything will fall into pieces leaving you with nothing more than shattered memories.

Hello Hello! I am back again with Chapter 4 :) I do hope that you have liked this chapter and will continue to support the chapters in the future. It feels so nice to hear that some of you are really enjoying the story. :) Chapter 5 will be up tomorrow. As always, remember to like, reblog and share!

(credits to the photo goes back to the owner) 

You reached for Yoongi’s front door and hesitated while holding the door knob. I want to go back. Wait. No. I don’t. I need to leave. No. Wait. I don’t know. You constantly contemplated with yourself as to what you were going to do. No. Y/N, you are going to leave this man alone. He deserves better, not someone like you who can’t commit. With your decision made, you heavy heartedly turned the door knob and left. With tears now streaming down your face, you slowly walked to your best friend’s dorm. Although it was only about a 10 minute walk, you felt that the trip back seemed so much longer than it was last night. It seemed like an eternity before you finally reached for your best friend’s door and knocked.

“Y/N! What the Fuc-“ She said as she swung the door open before she stopped when she saw your tearstained face.

Without another word, your best friend just held you and led you into her room. She seated you onto her bed as she proceeded to ask,

“Y/N… what happened? I was so worried about you. You said that you would text me but you never did, and when I called you I realized that you left your cell phone in my room. Did that handsome asshole hurt you?”

You let out a little chuckle. Handsome? Yeah.. he was handsome.

“But on another note, you really do look like a hot mess right now. What did he do to your lips girlfriend? Daamn.” She said pointing to your lips.

You couldn’t help but let out a laugh. Your best friend is someone who even during your darkest times in life is always your ray of sunshine. Slowly you stopped your tears and then you sighed and said,

“We had sex. Good sex. But then I woke up and left him but now I regret it all.”

“Why did you leave if you regret it?” She asked.

“He deserves someone who will unconditionally love him, and I can’t. I’m not over Alfred. I may act like I am, but I’m really not. I’m still hurt, and I have trust issues. I don’t think I can let anyone new into my life right now. I also don’t want to be selfish and ask him to wait for me because what if his “the one” is there waiting for him but he’s wasting his time with me?” You frustratingly said.

Crystal sighed and started wiping your now even more smudged makeup and said,

“Y/N, if you think that’s what seems right right now, then so be it. But just so you know, you deserve to be happy too, and if you’re really not ready to meet someone new that’s okay too. I’m always here for you okay?”

You nodded, and tightly hugged your best friend for a really long time. Breaking the silence, your best friend teasingly said,

“You know… I told you to have fun, but I didn’t think that you would have this much fun.”

Nudging Crystal, you just stared at her and laughed. And just like that, your best friend was once again your little ray of sunshine that shone through your darkest days.

The remaining days of spring break felt like a blur. You went back to visit your parents, but did nothing more than sleep and barely eat. You couldn’t get your mind off Yoongi. You wondered what he was doing. You wondered what he reaction was when he woke up to find you were gone. You wondered if he went out to more parties and picked up other girls the same way he did with you. No. You couldn’t bring yourself to think about him with anyone else, because if you did, all you could do was cry. This is stupid. It’s not like he left me. I left him. Get your shit together Y/N. And just like that, it was finally the last day of spring break.

“Y/N? Are you sure everything is okay? You look so tired all the time, and you barely ate anything.” Your mom worriedly said.

“I’m fine mom. Crystal is waiting outside, I have to go.” You hurriedly said.

As you left, you gave your mom and dad a big hug and left. You hated yourself for making your mom worry, but you just couldn’t tell her what happened. You sighed, and quickly shoved your bags into the back seat of your best friend’s car. The moment you got into the passenger seat, Crystal glared at you and said,

“Your eye bags.. they’re huge. Did you even sleep and eat for the past few days?”

“Couldn’t sleep and I wasn’t hungry. He was all I could think about. ” You said.

Your best friend placed her hand on your knee and as she squeezed she said,

“It’ll all get better. I promise. Okay?”

At moments like this, you especially loved your best friend. You loved how she was always there for you when you needed someone the most. You turned the radio on to let it drown your thoughts as Crystal started the car and was now heading back to your school. It was about two hours later when you two finally reached the entrance to your residence hall. You dragged your bags outside the car and before your best friend left she said,

“Stay safe. I’ll come visit you tomorrow. Eat some food. Sleep some more. Don’t get pregnant. I don’t want any babies okay?”

You laughed at her and waved goodbye. Once you reached your room, you dumped all your bags on the floor and plopped onto your bed. Now I really am alone. You shook your head to try and get your negative thoughts out. For the first time in the last couple of days, you finally took out your laptop and started doing something productive by preparing for your lectures tomorrow.

After one morning lecture and one tutorial in the afternoon, you were drained out before your best friend even came to pick you up to go eat. Waiting for Crystal, you plopped onto your bed with your back pressed against the bed frame, and realized that you didn’t think about Yoongi at all when you were busy. Amazed as to how you finally found a way to push him out of your mind, you came up with the idea to find a job so that even when you don’t have school, you could have a job that would keep your busy. Once your best friend arrived to your dorm, the two of you decided to go to your favourite cafe which served the best sandwiches and coffees. When the two of you arrived at the cafe, you ordered a sandwich with an iced americano as your best friend ordered a chicken noodle soup with an iced green tea latte. As you were waiting for your orders, you told Crystal why you were looking for a job.

“Wouldn’t that tire you out though? You have school to deal with and now also work?”  She worriedly asked.

“I think I’ll be okay. I mean it can help me forget about him and earn some money.” You answered.

Once your orders arrived, you chose a seat that was close to the windows so you could admire at the glorious sunset. There goes another day without him. Stoping your trial of thoughts, you heard someone call out your name and said,

“Hello Y/N! I haven’t seen you in a while.”

You turned your head around and saw that it was the owner of the cafe, Amy, standing right in front of you.

“Oh. Hi Amy! Yeah spring break just ended, so I wasn’t in town. I don’t think I can go a day without thinking about your coffee and sandwiches.” You smiled and said.

“Our sandwiches are the best! Oh and I heard from one of my employees that you were looking for a job.” Amy said.

“Oh.. Yeah I am looking for a job.” You shockingly said.

Who overhead us talking? Were we talking that loud? As if Amy heard your thoughts, she pointed to the guy at the cashier and said,

“My employee over here, Jungkook, heard that you were looking for a job. We have a position open, and you seem to be the best candidate. You’ve been here so often that I think you can already memorize everything on our menu.”

As you gave a quick glance at Jungkook, who was now blushing because he was caught red handed for eavesdropping on your conversation, you turned back to Amy and said that you would take the job. Have I seen him somewhere before? I feel like I know him.. but I don’t.. Before you could continue with your thoughts, Amy said,

“Great! We’re really in need for extra help, so if you’re not too busy can you start tomorrow?”

The faster the better so I can quickly forget about him.

“Sure. Tomorrow sounds great.” You quickly reassured.

Before leaving you and your best friend, Amy hurriedly told you when to be at the cafe tomorrow and left to serve the newly arrived customers. Excited that you finally found a job, you felt happy for the first time in a very long time.

“It’s nice to finally see you smiling again. Just remember to not forget about me while you have school and work to deal with.” Crystal pouted and said.

“Come visit me. I’ll make your green tea lattes for you.” You said then winked.

With that your evening was over and you were now looking forward to the days ahead.

The first few days at work were hectic because although you did know a lot of the items on the menu, you still needed time to learn how to use the cash register and how to make all the food and drinks. At first the job felt hard to handle because it was usually just you and Jungkook, but as time started to pass, you were feeling a lot more confident with your job. Also, you started to notice how you were becoming really good friends with Jungkook, who was always there to remind you when you made a mistake and told funny jokes to brighten your stressful days. Everything felt normal until one busy Friday evening, when you had to work as the cashier and the barista while Jungkook was  busy working in the kitchen. Ding. Ding. Ding. You heard the censor at the door ring each time a new customer came in. Trying to put on your best smile, you said,

“Hello! What can I-“

Before you could finish your sentence, you looked up at the customer and saw that it was Yoongi. The beautiful man whom you haven’t thought about in weeks was now right in front of you, and was staring straight into your eyes. Shit. How did he find me?

Who Do We Think We Are? - Chapter 1

Summary: When famous DJ/producer Beca Mitchell has a run-in with the law, she’s forced to perform community service at an after-school music program for at-risk youth, where she meets Chloe Beale, the teacher in charge of the program.

Pairing: Bechloe

Rating: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Words: 3009



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Sunlight and Shadows

Summary: “So you literally have no idea how long it lasts? The magic could wear off and he could just drop dead again at any moment?”

Gavin overhears something and can’t stop thinking about it.

(Spooky Scary AU, sequel to If You Love It, Bring It Back From The Dead and These Hungry Ghosts)

For @youre-my-bois​, happy birthday! <3


Sometimes, Gavin dreams of forests and darkness and teeth.

There was a long stretch, after he came back from the dead, where he didn’t sleep at all. He was scared he wouldn’t wake up. That seems a reasonable fear, doesn’t it? Sleep too close to death. Awake too close to dreaming - to the paranoid fear that none of this was ever real, is just some sort of hallucinated afterlife, and in reality he is gone, long deep in the ground, and the others mourn him.

That is all stupid, of course. It’s been a year, and he’s slept and woken more than enough times to know that it is safe.

But then come the dreams.

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DIRK: So Jack has… Lord English powers?
DAVE: yup
DIRK: Does that have anything to do with Jake?
DAVE: not according to my current understanding of a mostly nonsensical body of information


Oh my gOOOOOOD BOYS JUST. /flaps hands.

Dirk asks when Jack English might arrive.

DAVE: not soon enough is my best guess
DAVE: and i guess
DAVE: also my opinion?

OOOOOOUCH OH MY GOD. Where the fuck is Karkat to smack Dave upside the head. OH RIGHT KANAYA KNOCKED HIS FOOL ASS OUT. uuuugh /tugs at hair and cries

i’m fucking DYING right now, like Dave has suddenly gone from our dorky ray of sunshine that cannot stop his words from happening, to being really surly and upset, and Dirk is not good with people on his best days. Dirk points out that Dave doesn’t seem down for this shit, and Dave points out that…

DAVE: so
DAVE: you think im an important part of your life
DIRK: Yes?
DAVE: you dont actually know me though
DAVE: not this me
DAVE: and im pretty sure you didnt know the other guy either
DIRK: That’s true.
DAVE: what is it about me thats important then
DIRK: I’m…
DIRK: Not sure how to answer.
DAVE: why
DIRK: Because I’m getting the sense that you might disapprove of whatever I might say.

Dave cannot grok that Dirk idolized alt Dave, because like. Hussie has been very cards on the table with Dave being an abuse victim. He plays it remarkably straight, and it’s fucked up, so Dave logically knows that Dirk is like Kid Alt Bro who never hurt him, but the memory is still there.

DIRK: So, like…
DIRK: Things, between you and me, from your perspective, um,
DIRK: Are we like, not cool?
DAVE: ………………

Dave says he didn’t really like Bro much. Dirk asks why, and Dave brushes it off.

Four long panels of silence.

DAVE: ok actually maybe i will get into it

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