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Happy Birthday Alec Guinness 2nd April 1914 - 5th August 2000

An actor is usually no more than an assortment of odds and ends which barely add up to a whole person. An actor is an interpreter of other men’s words, often a soul which wishes to reveal itself to the world but dare not, a craftsman, a bag of tricks, a vanity bag, a cool observer of mankind, a child, and at his best a kind of unfrocked priest who, for an hour or two, can call on heaven and hell to mesmerise a group of innocents. 

- Alec Guinness: Blessings In Disguise, 1985

  • what she says: i'm fine
  • what she really means: listen I have so much to say about shaolin fantastic like when he is first introduced he is this absolutely idealised streed-god and the kids think he’s a great fighter and extremely rich and everyone aspires to be like him and he combines the profound art that dizzee loves with the superhero mystique and kick-ass that boo-boo wants and then we meet him and he is this lonely, dirt-poor orphan boy. he doesn’t live in warlord territory because he’s brave, he does it because he has no other place to go, he loses absolutely every material thing he owns in the fire just when he thinks things will get better for him, the only person that has ever been a parent to him is grandmaster flash and he loses faith in shao!!! and don’t get me started how he continuously has to humiliate and prostitute himself for annie and when you pay attention you can see him do all these kung fu moves and spins even when he is all alone and he calls himself the ladykilling romantic seconds after saying that he thinks love is a terrible thing and i think it all just goes to show that shao has absolutely nothing to hold onto in life and that’s why he takes the myth that was created around him and lives in it because it gives him security like jfc nobody even knows his real name, the only identity this kid has is the one constructed by his comic- and kung fu-infused brain and marvelling strangers, please somebody help shaolin fantastic
The Scars Make the Man (IzuOcha One-Shot)

Summary: It is hard for Deku to wrap his mind around the fact that he is dating Ochako Uraraka, the best girl he has ever met. For an awkward guy like him, navigating romance was a monumental challenge. One that would lead him to try to hide the ugliest part of himself — his scars.

Some days Izuku wondered whether falling in love would be the death of him.

The idea of even being in love was something he hardly ever fathomed as a child, isolated and unpopular as he was. Nobody was interested in associating with a quirkless loser like him, even as a friend, let alone a crush. He hardly even interacted with girls; they tended not to acknowledge him and he was far too shy to try to change that. His childhood had left him with zero experience when it came to romance, and for a long time, he was fine with that.

But now he cursed his social ineptitude and fortunes with all his might for leaving him wholly unprepared for the lovely, horrifying world of dating.

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Hi hi! Could you please do headcannons on Dazai for a S/O who is a writer? Thank you! :)

Dazai Osamu

  • Protect your notebooks with your life, because with Dazai around, nothing is safe. Often, he snatches them when your back is turned. When you’re not looking, he pulls out a pen and gets to work. By the time your notebook finds its way back on your desk, at least two pages are littered with Dazai’s handiwork. In most of the margins he’s penciled in ‘Dazai ♡’s ____’s ass’, horribly drawn cartoons (your favorite is the one of him battling a giant, rabid dog; he defeats the beast with his ‘stunning good looks’. Of course the tale ends in romantic double suicide), and, if you’re very lucky, steamy poems describing just how badly he wants to bend you over your writing desk and work you until you’re seeing stars.
  • If Dazai sees a notebook or some nice pens he knows you’ll like, he can’t help but buy it. After scrawling a sweet little love note on the first page, he presents the gift to you, brown eyes shining as he presses a tiny kiss against your lips.
  • Even if you insist your work’s private, Dazai always bugs you until you let him take a quick peek at your writing. "_____“, he whines, throwing his arms around your shoulders, “keeping secrets will make our relationship crumble!”. He constantly assaults you with a barrage of puppy eyes, tears, and promises that he’ll do anything you want (preferably if it’s something kinky) until you give in.
  • If he’s not the first person to read over your newest creation, Dazai throws a fit. He’s supported you all the way, he sobs, and this is his reward? Being shoved in second place? Is this what he means to you? In true Dazai fashion, he keeps up his heartbroken weeping until your arms are wrapped around him in a comforting hug. As soon as you reassure him he’s still, and always will be, your number one (even if he’s not your go-to proofreader) he lets out one final sniffle and reverts to his normal, cheerful self.
  • Surprising Dazai is nigh unto impossible. Like in real life, he sees right through your characters’ motivations and senses plot twists a mile away. If he’s feeling generous, he’ll feign shock, but don’t be surprised if his jaw’s not on the floor when he discovers the latest plot twist.
  • If you base a character on Dazai, he senses it immediately. Naturally, he instantly begins to tease you about it. “Oho, take a look at this handsome ladykiller,” he comments as he’s flipping through the pages. “I bet our dear author’s got a bit of a crush on him.” Day in and day out, he slips subtle remarks about the character into almost every conversation. A sure way to stop this teasing is to kill off the character; but be warned that Dazai might never recover from those emotional scars.
  • Whenever you’re completely focused on your writing, Dazai morphs into a whiny toddler. He insists that he needs to be paid attention to immediately. If you continue to ignore him even after he starts poking you, teary-eyed, he drapes himself over the couch, ‘sobbing’. “Falling in love with such a lofty mind,” he moans, covering his eyes with his forearm (probably so that you won’t notice his tears are fake). “Is such a burden for this simple, un-poetic soul!” Dazai continues fussing until either he gets bored or your focus is completely shattered; the latter’s more likely.
  • Dazai rarely pushes you, but if you want to eventually publish a book, he’s on your case until you’re tying up your final draft. If you ask him why he’s so concerned about this, an impossibly lonely melancholy flashes through his eyes. “You never know when your time to do it may be cut short,” he points out, tugging you in for a kiss. When he pulls back, though, Dazai’s reverted to his regular, cheerful self.
  •  If you ever publish a book, Dazai won’t rest until you give him a signed copy. He makes a huge deal about it, too; he needs to be there when you pen your autograph inside the front cover, and you absolutely must use blue ink from his favorite pen or the whole ordeal’s just not ‘special’ enough. Writing him a sweet message is also probably a good idea, if you want your relationship to stay strong. Jot down a few loving words and he immediately throws himself into your arms, spotting kisses over your face as he proclaims you’re his absolute favorite celebrity. 
  • Even if you give him at least five signed copies, Dazai still shows up to any book signings you have. Naturally, he brings a fresh book, ready for your signature, and he won’t leave until he gets it (although he might manipulate his way up the line so he doesn’t have to wait so long). Once he gets up to you he gives you a huge, cheesy grin, plopping the book down in front of you. “Could you make it out to ‘Best boyfriend ever’, please?” Dazai requests. “Oh, and sign it with a big heart!” If he really feels like embarrassing you, he leans in and not-so-subtly whispers a naughty message for you to jot down in the front cover.

Apparently yesterday in 2012 was the final performance of The Ladykillers with the original cast so what better way to mark that than with a partial reconstruction of Professor Marcus’s first scene with the doughty Mrs Wilberforce. 

I say a partial reconstruction because of course there is only limited footage available from this (otherwise) theatrical stage production. What’s kind of weird though, is the limited footage shows up in a surprisingly numerous number of sources (four and counting so far) and the different footage – even when it’s of the same scene – will show  definite variations in lighting and angles:

(Of which the vampire shadow hands is just one of many examples)

To the Four of Us (Part Eighteen)

premise: modern AU chronicling the squad as they make their way through college and deal with general life things.

soundtrack song: How to Save a Life - The Fray

full soundtrack: x

words: 3,116 (wow the longest one yet!)

warnings: alcohol abuse, swearing

a/n: idk i really like this chapter!! PLS let me know what you think, my asks have been so quiet lately about TTFOU

all chapters: x

tags: @heythereitsloey @anitheunicorn @newyorkyoucanbeanew @lafbagxette @justafangirlwithanavy @iamgrayfox @ordinaryornate @schuylerjoon @angelica-peggy-eliza @trashyperson101 @crazydragon15 @but-if-you-had-to-choose @geespilots @marvelous-hamilfan @5p00kygh05t @panda-powers @and-maria @lafeyettegunsandships @schokoobananaa @allthegoodurlshavebeentaken @aphboi @hell-yes-puns-and-ships @aham-threw-his-shot-away @hesitantcat @nonstopspook @hamrevolution

dedication: @prettybrightbubbly for the rad TTFOU art!!!!!

John took a cab home from the airport. He hadn’t bothered to tell his father when his flight landed, not wanting to put him out (and trying to avoid a drunk driving confrontation before the holidays even started). When the cab pulled into the driveway, John noticed a car that he had not seen in ages—his brother’s.

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I’m So Sorry - Josh Washington x Reader

Originally posted by thedirectiongaming

{Credit to gif creator} 

Fandom- Until Dawn 

Character- Josh Washington 

Word Counter- 2896 Words {Wow} 

Persona- Female 

Warnings- SPOILERS AHEAD! Language. Distress. Things get a little ‘fucked’ up. 

Request- Hi! 👋 I literally just found this blog so I don’t know if requests are open or not?? But if they are could you please please please do another Josh one where (spoilers XD) when he reveals himself to be the masked maniac you say that you were looking after him while he was passed out drunk that night and had nothing to do with it and he feels horrifically guilty for hurting you because you broke up after his sisters went missing? I know it’s detailed but it’s been stuck in my head for ages 😘💞


You were feeling Josh’s head for his temperature when Beth jumped back from the window. 

“Beth…You okay?” You asked her as she turned to face you. 

“There’s someone outside…” She whispers and you watch her walk round the kitchen counter and shake Josh’s shoulders. 

“Holy shit Josh…” She says, picking up the bottle of alcohol on the counter. 

Theres a few shouts and Beth looks at you with a nervous expression. 

“Josh get up!” Beth says and you look at her nervously.

“For god’s sake stay here with these two,” Beth says and you nod, getting up and watching her run out the kitchen. 

You shake Josh, attempting to wake your boyfriend and he just waves his hand at you. 

“God damn it, Josh,” You mumble and you pull him into a stand. 

“C’mon, lets get you to bed,” You say and he just grumbles as you attempt to make him walk. 

“G-get o-off m-m-me,” Josh shoves you back, and you catch the kitchen counter. 

You sigh and sit down on the stool beside his as he collapses back onto the seat, his body slumping onto the counter top. 

You get up and walk round to Chris, attempting to shake him awake. 

“Chris for fucks sake,” You huff and you walk back round to Josh and place a hand on his back. 

“It’ll all be okay,” You whisper, half to yourself, half to Josh. 

“It’ll all be okay,” You repeat and you lean over, close to Josh’s face and you press a gentle kiss on his forehead before returning to your seat and waiting. 

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I was planning on posting something completely different, but I guess the internet wanted to give me a birthday present, because I just found another The Ladykillers video with different footage and different interview clips* – three with Peter! – than the ones I’ve previously posted about

What I find most interesting is the exact same scenes show up in all three videos, but sometimes the shots are from much different angles.  For example, the last gif here has a very obvious edit from the close-in shot to the distant shot that can be matched to footage in one of the other videos also showing the professor’s cello correction and welcoming arm flourish, but from a completely different angle.  If my math is correct, that means at least three different cameras were recording the performance, which I hope means there’s a fully edited version out there somewhere. 

*The other interview clips are with Sean Foley, Graham Linehan, Marica Warren – who is adorable – and Ben Miller and his beard.



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Can you do GOM + Kagami kiss their crush the first time? PLEASE 😍

Kise would have each moment down to the tiniest detail drawn out in his head, knowing exactly what day of what season beside which flowers he would kiss you for the first time. Unfortunately, things never went as planned, especially for him, and he ends up giving into temptation early. Pressing his warm lips against yours, he sighs sweetly and pulls away. A few seconds pass before he realizes what he’s just done and he turns on the waterworks. “I didn’t want it to be like this!” he wails and hugs you close, elaborating the super romantic scenario he had failed to carry out. 

Akashi manages to go through with the scenario that Kise could only ever attempt. Taking you out for a romantic dinner and walk through the botanical garden, Akashi would do his best to impress you. He would name the flowers that caught your eye, explaining the meaning of their names as well as what they symbolized. At the end of the walk, he’d present to you a single, perfect white camellia. Leaning in close, he’d whisper the meaning across your lips before kissing you tenderly. “You are lovely and I adore you.”

“I’d like to kiss you,” Kuroko says bluntly, his aquamarine eyes holding all the seriousness of a man on trial. A faint blush blooms across his pale skin as you stare at him in surprise. He wasn’t much for planning romance, believing that the best moments weren’t the ones that had been scheduled ahead of time. But as you had sat across from him in the library, your head bent over a book and a small smile gracing your lips, the urge to meet them with his own had struck him. When you finally give a shy mumble of consent, Kuroko presses his lips gently on yours, wanting to share his wonder with you.

 It’s a cold winter day and you’re wrapped up in Murasakibara’s warm arms. One is draped around your waist as the other happily holds up a bar of chocolate for him to much on. The sugary confection smears a short distance from his lips and an unbidden mantle of courage bids you to kiss it away. You immediately start to blush, as the two of you had only cuddled and held hands up to now, ready to apologize for being so forward when your giant boyfriend speaks up. “_____-chin, you missed the spot,” he drawled before bending down to kiss you quickly on the lips. A pink tinge flushes his cheek as he pulls away. “Next time, ask me to bend down a little so you don’t miss me.”

It’s not every day Kagami kisses a beautiful woman. At least not anymore, as it had been quite some time since he saw Alex on a daily basis. He’s unsure how to initiate contact with you, wishing for the first time that he could be as shameless as his mentor. It’s only when his adrenaline is rushing does he have the strength to overcome his awkwardness. He had once again beaten his opponents, the match being incredibly close throughout, and his body was still buzzing when he saw you. Your words of congratulation were swallowed up by his eager mouth as he swept you up in his adrenaline fueled haze. Kagami is obviously blushing when he finally pulls back for air but there’s a triumpant grin on his face. “Two victories in one day! Hell yeah!”

Being rather impulsive, and without Momoi around to act as his common sense, Aomine kisses you exactly three days after you start going out with him. It’s a dry peck, his lips sealed against yours. Of course, he eventually wants to get to the hot and heavy stuff, but for now he figures he ought to take it slow. Partly because he doesn’t want you to get the wrong idea about him. Partly because he’s not quite the ladykiller he likes to think he is. Maybe it’s just your imagination, but when he finally pulls away there’s a faint tinge of red on his dark cheeks that hadn’t been there before.

If it were up to Midorima, the two of you wouldn’t kiss for at least the first four months. Or years. Luckily, you weren’t a saint, nor did you have the patience of one, and asked him bluntly if he was ever going to get around to kissing you. The two of you had been going out for a good two months and hadn’t gotten anywhere past holding hands. Actually now you were actually able to entwine your fingers without him running away from you. That was an improvement. Maybe. When you ask him if he’s ever gonna lay one on you, Midorima blushes and immediately turns on his irritated facade. “I-I will someday! Don’t be rude! I’m just being patient because our fortunes haven’t been good and  don’t want to shock you or-”  You quickly plant your lips onto his, shutting his rant in its tracks.

Ladykiller (Suho Smut)

I have this thing for Suho being a CEO that kills me! I hope you like this request made by anon! Also thanks to C, [ms-strugglebug] that gave me some good ideas for this! (love you twin) Xoxo, Admin A~

There’s something about secrets that I really hate. Whenever I know that something will be dangerous to say, I get the impulse of telling it to the first person I see. I don’t do it because there are things you can’t just let people to know but the burden on my chest kills me every time. I fell in love with him the first day I came to work. It was wrong and also impossible because he was my boss, the CEO, and I was another employee, a nobody. Even after knowing that nothing would ever happen between us, I couldn’t stop daydreaming and wishing I was in his arms. Kim Junmyeon was not only handsome, but smart, talented and kind to everyone. He was the perfect boy every girl dreams of marrying to. But what could I do? Seduce him? No way, I never had a real boyfriend and flirting was definitely not my thing. And of course I wasn’t the only one; there were other girls at the office who had their eyes on him. It was really hard. He was a ladykiller. 

Every time I had to go to his office I feet like dying. My pulse accelerates, I start to pant for no reason and sweat like crazy. My hands tremble so much and I can’t stare at him for more than five seconds. I was weak and I’m sure he knew. The last Friday of the month, I went to his office to leave the papers he asked earlier me to hand him, but he wasn’t there, he had a last time meeting. I left them on his desk and looked through the wall-window for a moment. The city lights looked majestic. When I turned to leave, he was there, standing in front of the door looking at me. “It’s a nice view isn’t it?” I nodded as he walked towards me. His eyes were scanning me, from head to shoes. I immediately blushed and tried to hide my face with my hair while I looked to the ground. He smirked and held my face in his hands removing the hair from my eyes. “You don’t need to hide. I will find you no matter what" 

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Jared VS. Jensen
  • They didn’t know each other before the series, but thanks to Supernatural Jared Padalecki and Jensen Ackles not only became colleagues but also close and (what their own words describe as simply) best friends.
  • These two Texas natives now vacation together with their new wives, got married almost literally together, as planned and apart from all that they seem closer than the Winchesters. (Actual brothers on the show if you’re not keeping up.)
  • Sat down and talked with these two tv-brothers and real life best friends, I asked them to make some hard choices so we can finally decide who we like best!
  • Interviewer: Alright. First question. Tough guy or Softy?
  • Jared: Which one of us?
  • Interviewer: Both.
  • Jared: Well, because of our characters in Supernatural, Dean is the macho man, Sam is more of a softy usually, people often expect me to be the gentle one of the two of us.
  • Jensen: That’s not just suspected, it’s also true.
  • Jared: Yeah I admit, I can be a pretty big softy.
  • Jensen: Did you or did you not cry at Toy Story 3?
  • Jared: Yes, but at least I’m man enough to admit it. You still believe in that old fashioned ‘men don’t cry’ principle.
  • Jensen: Those old values are worth upholding.
  • Jared: You know something else he does? He gets over things real easily. It’s so insane that it’s almost pathetic. I once watched in amazement how he was scolded by a producer like, he literally ripped him a new ass and then Jensen just simply smiled at him and said: ‘Are you done? Let’s go get a beer now. You obviously need to cool off.’ I am much more of a thinker and really have to take things in and deal with what is said to me.
  • Jensen: But on the other hand you can be like that too. You are modest and relaxed and also avoid fights. You’re very sarcastic and can make almost anything funny and into a joke. It can be a serious life or death situation and Jared will still have everyone in the room in stitches. And you’re one of those guys who wants to be left alone to do his own thing at times. So I guess you’re not that much of a softy.
  • Jared: Thank you?
  • Jensen: Any time.
  • Interviewer: In real life: Friendship or Brothers??
  • Jensen: That’s almost impossible to explain. Nine months a year we’re stuck with each other literally twenty four hours a day seven days a week because we’re working on the show. Even doing stuff for ourselves in between isn’t possible. We’re constantly together. And even when we’re not actually working together during that nine months, or the other three months out of the year for that matter, we always find ourselves choosing to hang out and be together.
  • Jared: We even lived with each other!
  • Jensen: We did.
  • Jared: We were in each other’s weddings!
  • Jensen: We were.
  • Jared: And when we leave Canada for break we’re combining our family’s to do Christmas together in Texas this year!
  • Jensen: We will. But what I’m saying is, if you compare our relationship with Dean and Sam’s relationship on the show, there is a huge difference. Jared never drives me up the wall.
  • Jared: I wouldn’t say never.
  • Jensen: Not like, you’re actually driving me up the wall. We can talk to each other about and doing anything with each other and I guess that’s pretty unique for two guys our age especially when we never really get into it.
  • Jared: Yeah. And whenever we’ve fought it’s been for each other! Like, I’ll do or say something and he will to and the other one might not like it but in the end we’re doing it to help or protect them or something and it’s never against him.
  • Jensen: I think we do have that loyalty and I can honestly say you know, I’d trust my life with this guy and I guess in relevance to Dean for Sam, I would jump in front of a bullet for him any day and never think twice.
  • Jared: And the best part about Jensen and my relationship is it’s gonna be that way when we’re on the show and not. I mean, unfortunately for him he’s stuck with me for life now and that’s important. But look, brothers and sisters for that matter sometimes fight. Or worse; they can’t get along at all. Between Jensen and me there have never been any issues and I think that’s rather special.
  • Jensen: We’re best friends, period. He’s my best friend for life. I don’t think it’s that remarkable, but it’s definitely special.
  • Interviewer: Optimist or pessimist?
  • Jensen: I’m very much an optimist and usually try to see the good in other people. I’m open-minded, but not necessarily an extravert. I’m known as someone who works hard, is realistic and doesn’t like complications. I prefer to keep away from the red carpet world of Hollywood and avoid the paparazzi. I’d much rather focus on whats real to me and my career.
  • Jared: Yeah, I recognize myself in that. I have nothing to add! I’m as optimistic as both Winchester brothers put together!
  • Jensen: Dude, isn’t that a bit too much?
  • Jared: Dude, no.
  • Interviewer: Vain or nonchalant?
  • Jared: You go first!
  • Jensen: Oh right, thanks, again. I used to be a model. Because of that I’m trained to care about the way I look. Or better put; to be aware of what I look like to other people. I love good suits once in a while and, yes, my hair needs to be cool before I leave the house. That’s it. I’m not the kind of person that goes to a beauty salon or anything. And I don’t get like, five hundred dollar haircuts. I just like to be me and me is a Texas boy. I like being clean cut and I’m not really into tattoos or piercings or crap like that. I guess some people think of that as being a preppy boy or whatever but.
  • Jared: Jensen thinks he’s a cowboy.
  • Jensen: I’m not going out and buying a ranch or anything.
  • Jared: You still think you’re a cowboy at heart though.
  • Jensen: I guess.
  • Jared: For me like, when it comes to clothes I’m not that vain, really. I wear what I like and usually that’s whatever I find in the morning when I look around my bedroom. Like today: I’m wearing a beany because of an incredibly bad hairday that I don’t feel like fixing and I’m not wearing anything special, am I?
  • Jensen: Just flannel like you and Sam always are.
  • Jared: Yeah. Cause your clothes are always so stylish.
  • Jensen: They are.
  • Jared: But I do make a big deal about my body. My biggest fear is to become really fat.
  • Jensen: Cause there’s so many fat 7’5 people in the world. He whines so much and just by virtue of his height alone he never has to worry about any of that like the rest of us do. And he proves it too. He eats like it’s the last supper every meal.
  • Jared: It could always be the last supper, you never know!
  • Jensen: We actually specially stock our house for when Jared visits. And when we lived together I didn’t even bother doing the grocery shopping because what I eat in five or six meals Jared eats in a snack.
  • Jared: I didn’t know that’s why you never went grocery shopping! I just thought you thought I was better at it!
  • Jensen: At grocery shopping?
  • Jared: Yeah!
  • Jensen: Anyways, I remember he once had a scene where he had to dig in the graveyard without a shirt on. Man, I laughed so hard. He was whining about the scene for weeks and he’d been working out a lot. To be fair, it was with good results. But the moment we were taping the scene we were only on like the first or second take and he wanted to start digging. But he was goofing around and he ripped his pants. And the best part was that the camera was right behind him filming us messing around! I think I laid on the ground laughing for at least a half an hour. And even after that, we had to call cut because neither of us could pull it together enough to be serious and film the scene. And he just made it worse when he dully said: “Damn, did I train that hard just to rip out of my pants?!”
  • Jared: You couldn’t look me in the eyes and take me seriously for weeks after that.
  • Jensen: Oh, I still can’t! I never have.
  • Jared: I’m really thinking hard about an embarrassing story to tell about you right now, but I can’t think of any that wouldn’t get me in so much trouble that you’d never speak to me again.
  • Jensen: Those stories don’t exist.
  • Jared: You know what’s gross though? I’ve always wanted to say this to you. You often eat with your mouth stuffed and try to talk at the same time and it’s disgusting. Also, that your pants hang halfway off your ass most of the time isn’t flattering considering I’ve never heard your hip-hop album before and it definitely doesn’t fall under ‘vanity’…
  • Interviewer: Level-headed or superstitious?
  • Jensen: I wouldn’t call myself superstitious, but I do suspect there’s more between heaven and earth. Even hell. I’m open for spiritual experiences, although I haven’t needed any salt yet to ward off evil spirits from my home.
  • Jared: I firmly believe that things happen for a reason. That may sound melodramatic, but I don’t believe coincidence exists. And I also believe we’re not the only living creatures in this universe. And we both totally sleep with salt guns under our beds. He lies.
  • Interviewer: Nerds or ladykillers?
  • Jensen: Nerd! The word alone is funny.
  • Jared: Also nerd! Although, people used to say I looked like Matt Damon, nowadays, sometimes people say I look like Brad Pitt.
  • Jensen: Right. Keep telling yourself that. I’ve never heard anyone refer to you as either of those much more talented actors.
  • Jared: But it is a bit of a tough choice. Who says about himself that he’s a nerd? Or a ladykiller? If that’s the case, you should take your pee to the doctor immediately.
  • Jensen: Of course we notice the hardcore group of female fans who follow us. It’s extremely flattering, but not something that we concern ourselves with. Just as we don’t wonder which one of us is the most popular. In the first place, the success of Supernatural lies in the story. We know that all of these women and fans are in love with Dean and Sam and not Jensen and Jared. That doesn’t take away the fact that Jared’s uglier than me and can’t act as well, of course. He can’t help it.
  • Jared: When he starts to make these kind of comments, I usually pull out the candy and start crying.
  • Jensen: Do you have any?
  • Jared: No! I just bought a big bag and Misha stole it!
  • Jensen: Jerk.
  • Jared: Tell me about it. Hold on, I’ll text him.
  • Jensen: To answer this question seriously: of course we realize Supernatural gets shown all over the world. And it would be weird if there wasn’t one woman between all of those viewers who didn’t like one of us. But we don’t have time to concern ourselves with that. We work sixteen hour days for months on end. You’re not going to look at how your image is doing in the remaining few hours.
  • Jared: You’re not?
  • Jensen: No.
  • Jared: Well I am. Working sixteen hour days does sound a bit nerdy, by the way.
  • Interviewer: After Supernatural: TV or Movie career?
  • Jared: They both have their advantages and disadvantages, but it would be a luxury to be able to combine them. Working on a tv-series is like a steady job: you’re working on one spot and you’re guaranteed you have work and a paycheck. In addition to that, I experience it as an extra luxury to be allowed to play in a series with my best friend. We agreed together that Supernatural comes first over any films or anything we get offered, just like Jensen and I sat down and agreed back in season two that we would get paid equally every single episode no matter who had more screen time. But it should be possible to film a movie next to that. Like how Jensen was in My Bloody Valentine and I was in Friday the 13th. But again, until Supernatural ends, we always make those decisions together and in accordance to what we think is best for the show and our rolls on it as well as our families and time spent outside of the show.
  • Jensen: Those movies just happened to fit exactly in our working schedule, and it was incredibly fun to do! Look, we don’t begrudge each other these kinds of projects. Even though we call each other often to tell how relaxed and luxurious we actually have it on the set of Supernatural. And yeah, sometimes we also tell each other that we’ll hopefully be able to work together again soon.
  • Jared: In other words: soon you might also be able to book us as a duo!
  • Jensen: Yeah. When the show ends we’ll just keep doing stuff together.
  • Jared: We’ll be like, this generations Jack Lemmon and Walter Matthau.
  • Jensen: It’ll be great. We can go on tour as the Smothers Brothers.
  • Interviewer: Lightning round questions. You guys ready?
  • Jared: Bring it on!
  • Jensen Booya!
  • Interviewer: Nickname?
  • Jensen: Yousy
  • Jared: Sasquatch
  • Jensen: Beavis
  • Jared: Butthead. Wait, are we doing this for each other or ourselves?
  • Jensen Keep going!
  • Jared Okay! Umm ‘hey, freakishly tall guy, can you move?’
  • Jensen ‘Hey, I didn’t know you were like a normal-dude, height. On tv you totally look like a tiny man, guy .. can you move?’
  • Jared: The better Dean.
  • Jensen: Okay. I think we should be finished with this now.
  • Interviewer: Favorite City?
  • Jensen: Los Angeles.
  • Jared: Really?
  • Jensen: Well, for work.
  • Jared: Dallas.
  • Jensen: You’re a d*ck.
  • Interviewer: Hair color?
  • Jensen: I think I’m naturally like a dark blondeish.
  • Jared: Okay Ken. Brown.
  • Interviewer: The other persons best qualities?
  • Jared: Great ass!
  • Jensen: Gorgeous laugh and smile!
  • Jared: Umm Jensen’s a great friend, a great guy, a good listener and he’s ungodly faithful.
  • Jensen: Okay. I guess I have to say good traits about you then, huh? Umm he’s funny, caring and content with who he is.
  • Interviewer: The other persons worst qualities?
  • Jensen: Oh God, here we go.
  • Jared: He is such a control freak! And a neat freak. And you have no idea how quickly those can become the two most annoying traits on the planet.
  • Jensen: When he farts, you can smell it on other planets! And he farts a lot.
  • Interviewer: Your own best qualities?
  • Jensen: Oh, I’m gorgeous!
  • Jared: I’m so pretty!
  • Interviewer: Your own worst qualities?
  • Jensen: I don’t think I tend to take a crtiscism very well.
  • Jared: Really? I’m surprised you think that. I think I can be really impatient. And I like to worry.
  • Jensen: Yeah. He’d never survive as a Winchester. You get a paper cut and he thinks you’re dying.
  • Interviewer: Favorite food?
  • Jensen: Penne with bolognese.
  • Jared: That’s disgusting. Cheeseburger with mustard sauce and lots of lettuce and tomato.
  • Jensen: That’ disgusting.
  • Jared: No it’s not. It’s good. You’re disgusting.
  • Jensen: Who puts lots of mustard on a cheeseburger?
  • Jared: Jared does.
  • Interviewer: Favorite book?
  • Jensen: Lullaby.
  • Jared: The Great Gatsby.
  • Jensen: You’re such a girl.
  • Interviewer: Favorite movie?
  • Jensen: 3:10 to Yuma. Or Gran Torino
  • Jared: He’s really in love with Clint Eastwood. He thinks they’re going to fall in love and get married someday.
  • Jensen: He’s the best!
  • Jared: Good Will Hunting.
  • Interviewer: Favorite music?
  • Jensen: Garth Brooks. Best concert of my life. My dad, brother and I went. Never forget it. I own every single one of that guys albums. Umm I love the king of pop, r.i.p. Marc Broussard, Marty Robbins, Stevie Ray Vaughan.
  • Jared: And country.
  • Jensen: Yes, country.
  • Jared: I like country, but Jensen loves country.
  • Jensen: Yeah.
  • Jared: There nothing like being woken up in your trailer at four o’clock in the morning to Taylor Swift blasting from the trailer next to yours.
  • Jensen: Whatever.
  • Jared: What? You love Taylor Swift!
  • Jensen: I know I do.
  • Jared: You seriously just admitted that in public. And here I was calling you a manly-man earlier.
  • Jensen: She’s a good little songwriter!
  • Jared: Umm I’ve really been getting back into Pearl Jam lately. I’ve been on an everything Pearl Jam kick.
  • Jensen: Yeah. Cause there’s nothing like waking up to ‘Jeremy’ blasting from the trailer next to yours at four o’clock in the morning for the like, thousandth time.
  • Jared: Hey! Jeremy is a good, complicated, emotional song! It helps me get in Sams head.
  • Jensen: And it helps Dean get closer with a gun.
  • Jared: But no, I like country. And I actually think I like classic rock more than he does. I’m more of the Dean in the music world and Jensen listens to .. Taylor Swift.
  • Jensen: Let it go, man.
  • Jared: Even Sam would never admit it if he listened to Taylor Swift.
  • Jensen: Sam has no soul!
  • Jared: Dude, trust me, it doesn’t matter.
  • Interviewer: Last question – What’s your main ambition for yourselves and each other?
  • Jensen: I just want to be as good of an actor and as good to my fans as I can possibly be, keep my private and family life private, put up with this one over here and umm actually, I would like to play in a western someday. I’ve always thought that would be kind of cool.
  • Jared: Yeah. I want to explore everything I possibly can in the area of television and film. And when that pays off, I want to be very thankful and appreciative of that and never let any of it get up in my head.
  • Jensen: You won’t. I’ll keep you grounded. You get c*cky with me and I’ll take you out.
  • Jared: I know. So I’ll always have that to fall back and rely on. And you know what I’ve always wanted to do! Be in like, a video game! I don’t think I’ll ever be famous enough to get to play like, myself in one and have them actually make an animated little person of me, but I want to at least do like a voice or something.
  • Jensen: You can play me in the video game.
  • Jared: Cause you’ll get famous enough and I won’t?
  • Jensen: Of course. I already am.
  • Jared: My ambitions for him is that I want him to become a better person and stop picking on the taller man.
  • Jensen: The taller man?
  • Jared: It’s just not smart when you look at the food chain of life, man.
  • Jensen: You sound like an extenze commercial. Like you’re the ‘larger’ man.
  • Jared: Well if you want to put it that way ..
  • [Worth reading.. Hope you enjoy (via somewhere on the internet.. I'm sorry) ♡]

“I’ll be Leia,” Skye decides, pulling the pewter piece from the box.

Grant nods astutely.  “I’ll be Han,” he says. 

John looks in the box.  “They don’t have Han, kiddo,” John says.  “They have Luke!”  He holds up the piece, and Grant gives the most disgusted face an eight-year-old can muster.

“I have to be Han,” Grant says.

“What’s wrong with Luke?” John asks.  “You like Luke!”

Grant looks at Skye, who is playing happily with her figurine on the board.  “But he’s not Han.”

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The Storm

The wind blew violently taking my long hair in its path, dragging and pulling on me as I made my way up the street to my town house. A clap of thunder erupted as I finally saw my bright orange door welcoming me home, it was the end of October and a hurricane was hitting my side of the country—destroying everything in its path. I quickened my pace as much as the prevailing wind would let me and finally got to the steps running to them desperately and holding my body to the door, I opened my purse trying to find my keys and using my back to shield myself to the wind. I breathed heavily as I fumbled through my purse looking for the small device that would allow me comfort. Finally through the white wind I could see the small silver lining of the key at the bottom of my purse, I reached for it and jammed it into the keyhole turning it quickly and unlocking the door. I threw the door open and along with it threw myself inside, stumbling forward as I tried pushing the door closed.

I pressed my body on the hard wood against the wind until I heard the latch click; I let out a deep breath and slowly slid myself to the ground breathing in the warm welcome of my beautiful town house. I lifted my heavy arms from the ground and tiredly slid my scarves from my neck revealing my moist skin that somehow managed to sweat through the arctic cold. I piled them one by one beside me and slowly began to take off my jacket leaving the heavy gray sweater I was wearing underneath; I took in a deep breath welcoming my nostrils with the scent of the beautiful pumpkin cinnamon air—it was the perfect time for a cup of tea, inside in the warmth away from the harsh weather, maybe a few candles lit and wrapped in a warm blanket watching movies on the television. Yeah, that sounded like a plan.

I ran up to my bedroom and undid my hair and took off my makeup leaving my skin looking dewy and completely natural, my curly brown hair untamed as it flowed vehemently down the length of my back, bouncing dramatically with every single step I took. My light brown eyes brightened by the lack of eyeliner and mascara, naturally looking like that of a cats, and my lips soft and pink , completely moist from the consistent lip biting I had been doing as I walked home. I leaned against the side of the bed using it as support as I put on my slippers, the last step in feeling every ounce of comfort the world had to offer.

As I began to exit my bedroom, from downstairs I could hear the rhythmic pounding from the wind on the heavy wooden door. As I marched down the steps the pounding seemed to become more frantic and less organized, I ran down the remaining steps and looked through the keyhole to see a man with his face wrapped in a scarf standing in front of my door being attacked by the heavy wind.

I cracked the door open and peeked out to get a better look, “hello! Can I help you!” I shouted, he turned toward me and look of relief spread across his face.

“I need shelter from the wind!” he shouted desperately, “ My car broke down and the roads are blocked! I have no way of getting back to my hotel!” I looked at him examining him before I decided to let him enter my home.

“How do I know you’re not going to kill me?” I asked childishly.

He reached toward his face and pulled down the scarf flashing me a charming smile, “ Do I look like a killer?” he asked sweetly. Ladykiller yes, I thought to myself.

I moved away from the door opening it to welcome him inside, he hurried inside and closed to door securely behind him, he turned to me and smiled once again, “Thank you so much!” he said joyously, I flashed him a wary smile and nodded.

“Of course.” He took a step back and examined the house.

“Wow, what a lovely home you have,” he said genuinely, I hadn’t noticed before—probably because of the screaming, but he had a very posh English accent, the kind you saw in movies.

“You’re English?” I asked discarding his compliment and feeling instantly warm with the idea of him inside my home, despite not knowing him.

He unwrapped his scarf from his neck balling it in his hands and began to un zip his jacket, “Um, yes Holmes Chapel—not very far from London—it’s not exciting, mostly pastures.”

I smiled as I reached out to offer to take his belongings, he handed his jacket to me along with his scarf “thank you very much for letting me inside—that storm is brutal.”

“its no problem,” I walked over to the coat closet beside the staircase and lifted his things place them on the rods, from where I stood I could smell the lingering scent of his Chanel perfume still clining to his burgundy jacket—along with the small bits of leaves on his scarf, “so what brings you to New York?” I asked trying to make conversation.

“Business,” he said hesitantly.

“Of?” I pressed on.

“I’m a singer,” he admitted.

I turned to him, “a singer?” He bit his lips as the word rolled off of my tongue, a certain amount of shyness over taking him as he smiled childishly. He fiddled with the long sleeve shirt he had been wearing and carefully rolled up his sleeves, exposing the small lingering tattoos on his arm. I nodded at him indicating that I wanted to hear him sing, he took a deep breath and closed his eyes.

“I won’t let these little things slip, out of my mouth—but if I do, its you, its you, its you, they add up to—I’m in love with you. And all these little things.” He opened his eyes just as he finished the hook and looked up at me, I placed my hands over my lips to hide my large smile. His voice was—amazing, sweet and rough—rugged, it shock through me…

“That was wow,” I said quietly,

He gave me another childish smile and pointed to me, “you sing?” he asked.

I lifted my hands and waved them, “not anymore, I think if I even tried after that I would just embarrass myself…”

His pink lips parted showing the glowing outline of his teeth, “thanks, I’m Harry by the way,” he reached his hand out toward me, i placed my hand onto his soft skin—taking my time to let our fingers touch, once I could feel him under the pads of my fingertips I look up to him and smiled.

“(Y/N” His thumb grazed softly across my hand feeling the soft texture of my skin, all the while his eyes never leaving mine; he had beautiful eyes, fish shaped with thick long eye lashes, and beautiful green iris’s. My breath skidded as I continued to look at him and holding his hand I felt a warm feeling running through me that was so beautiful that I wanted to throw myself off of a cliff with both hands tied behind my back so I couldn’t escape. I had never believed in chance encounters, but my god this seemed like one.

Our moment was interrupted as a clash of thunder landed only a few yards away from my house sending down a tree and cutting off the power, I screamed loudly as the room went black and my heart began to thump loudly, Harry tightened his grip on my hand and pulled me into his chest sheltering me from the unexpected noise. His free hand placed on my back holding me against him as I whimpered at the fear that something had fallen on my house. I opened my eyes and looked up at him my eyebrows furrowed as the remaining amounts of fear ran through me, my face slid across his chest as I tried to meet his eyes—once I found them somehow still sparkling in the darkness I smiled.

“Sorry,” he said quietly as he began to loosen his grip around me.

Too quickly I replied but never the less it didn’t matter, “no!” I gasped as I wrapped my arms around him, “don’t let go.” I said bravely, once again my heart began to beat rapidly out of the fear of rejection and misinterpretation.

He smiled and leaned down, his chin resting on my nose, he gently pressed a kiss onto my forehead, “okay, I won’t.” I let out a deep breath as I rested my body back into his, my head pressed against his chest so far that I could feel his heart beat beating in sync with mine, our chest rose and sank at the same time intertwining us like a knot in a string.

Another clash of thunder fell on the opposite side of the house, followed by the sound of heavy rain; I pulled Harry closer to me and took in a sharp breath as I squeezed my eyes shut, “I’m here,” he said quietly, “right here.”



Werner, he is:

- Naturally ladykiller.
- Real fucking smoother.
- Play jokes with deadly serious face and make you confused if he is truly jokes, or not.
- His teasing could give you a jaw drops sometime.
- Favorite drink is black coffee without sugar. (Oliver need 4 cubes of sugar )
- But he didn’t mind eat some sweet, as long as he is with you.
- Heavy smoker but no one really know this fact except you.
- Trying to quit it but still need some when Oliver skip his work too much.
- Special interest : GPS tracking systems.
- Older than Oliver about 5 years or so.(Oliver in Gree version is 32 years old)

If you know how Alberto is, Werner is more than a level up.

I can’t, he is the one I want amount of all the butlers orz