he's a hunky hunk hunk

vld characters meet the sorting hat
  • pidge: the hat hasn't even touched her head before shouting "slytherin!" her hufflepuff brother claps and cheers from his table, happy to see his little sister in a place where she can follow her dreams.
  • keith: much like pidge, the hat almost immediately decides he's a gryffindor. lance watches jealously as he's loudly accepted by his new housemates.
  • hunk: another very quick decision, this time for hufflepuff. he goes to sit by matt and waves at pidge and keith, on opposite ends of the room. lance is cheering the loudest for him.
  • shiro: the hat takes its time with him. "you could go far with slytherin," it says. "no thanks," he replies, thinking of keith. "gryffindor," he silently prays, figuring someone needs to be there to keep keith in check. "interesting," the hat says. "ravenclaw!" it announces finally, much to everyone's surprise. keith, matt, pidge, lance, and hunk give him a standing ovation. shiro is confused, but not disappointed. he takes his seat, smiling graciously at the people who greet him.
  • lance: the hat is silent for a long time. "gryffindor, gryffindor, gryffindor," lance whispers to himself. "why?" the hat asks. "it's the best," he answers. "hmm," says the hat. "why not slytherin? your ambition could take you far." lance scoffs. "no. no way. that's the lame house. sorry pidge," he adds, though she can't hear him. the hat is silent for several moments. "then i suppose you'll have to be... RAVENCLAW!" this surprises everyone, but shiro, pidge, matt, and hunk all applaud for him. he goes to sit by shiro at the ravenclaw table. he wonders if he's really good enough to be in ravenclaw, let alone the same house as his hero. but as time goes on, he settles in and proves himself to be a true ravenclaw.