he's a happy person ok

APH France more like actual living perfection.))


“As a leader, I do constantly think about where our fate will take us, and will I be good enough to lead them to it.”

dear jaebum,
it’s almost been 2 years since GOT7’s debut! and it’s your birthday! happy birthday! even though I know your story goes way further, even before you were all GOT7, when it was just JJ Project, and even years before, I would still like to say this: who you are to your group is very inspiring. i don’t believe i will ever learn everything about you and i’m under no illusion that i even know you that well right now, and that’s okay, it’s the way it should be. but the things i do know, about the type of person you are and can be sometimes, believe it or not, have helped me a lot. without you in my life, the past year would have been a lot more difficult, and i know that seems hard to believe, but it’s true. just by being who you are and doing what you do, you’ve helped me in ways i feel kind of silly describing, because no one would assume one person you’ve never met can have such a huge impact on you. having someone to look up to, someone who gets you, makes you think “i would do the same thing if i was in that situation”, someone who has so many burdens and responsibilities and still keeps going, it makes you really feel understood. and you are that person to me, in every way. even if i can never be there and know exactly how you feel, please know you’re loved and well-thought of. you’re very important, not just to me but also to your team, to your family, to everyone that knows you and knows how great you are. so, happy birthday, i’m immensely grateful that such a happy occasion starts off the year and i wish you all the luck and happiness in the world.  i want you to achieve happiness… and i hope you feel less burdened in the future.

160106 - #HappyJaebumDay #SexyLeaderJBDay


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Athos has done so much healing, and so can I: 1/?

OK so its 1AM here and we just arrived at the Hotel. Kcon was honestly amazing! All the groups were hyped but the crowd just went CRAZY when bangtan came out with fire!! (Me too; i lost my voice) then namjoons solo then dope then save me then INU and then heungtan boys and i\we all just lost it like the whole arena was on their feet jumping and screaming. It was … Amazing. Really.

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If you could say anything at all to five different people, what would it be? Don't list names! Let the readers guess!

Er…This won’t be very interesting. He tends to speak his mind when he has something to say, which isn’t very often, anyway.

  • Please trust me..
  • "I’m going to kill you.
  • Would you like to see my mask?
  • That’s what you deserve for not minding your own business.
  • Just.. stay away from me.