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These mf Tinder Daddies

There’s two ways to play tinder. 

Game 1: Regular SB route

You tell him you want him to spoil you, he says no or yes, you move off text and start arranging a meet, he meets you and wants to take you home, you decline and decide to ask about allowance. He says yadda yadda per month/week/date and you say yes or no and then you start the arrangement if you’re both happy. hopefully its high, probably mid range, and everyone is happy.

Game 2: High Life SB

You do ask him about spoiling you and if he responds accordingly, you then proceed to get as much info on him as you can. You find out that he’s the CFO of some company and makes 1.2mil a year in salary, owns 2 homes, yadda yadda. You decide to play the long game and make him chase you JUST A LITTLE let him wine and dine you for a date or two witha few kisses and suggestive touching but nothing more. You then bring up that school is around the corner and you need tuition, or your car payment, or your rent and make him pay for whatever you need. then after that purchase you make him buy you a superficial item, just to see how he responds then by now you’ve sucked him in and soon he’ll be paying for everything, while the money you make in your full-time job goes straight into savings.

The point here is to do your research, learn the actual potential of your POT.

If he doesn’t earn much he can’t offer much. and you should go the regular SB route and negotiate a per date allowance or whatever. But if he earns a nice amount of money, don’t be afraid to wing it and get him to actually be committed to you turn him into a sponsor. The issue is, if you ever tried to negotiate a per meet allowance with the guy from Game 2, 8/10 times you’ll turn him off, and you’ll lose him cause you come off like a gold digger. Losing the 1.2mil guy vs the 200k guy is a big potential earnings loss. If the 200k guy calls you a gold digger, he probably didn’t have much to offer or he actually looked at his bank account and realized he couldn’t afford you. 

Game 2 is for girls with time to spare, which is why you have to do so much research into finding out if he’s actually rich, so you don’t waste time on a poser who took pics in a Bentley at a car show.

Also be aware of when the guy from Game 2: no matter how much money he has, has no intentions of sharing much or any of it with you. Bail. Its not worth it. he’s been stingy all his life and will always be stingy. 

Get that money,




a/n: This is a quick idea I had and needed to get out of my system, there will be a second part so dont worry too much

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Warnings: Just Boomer getting a little too handsy, basically he goes to a dinner party and flirts with Luce, a girl he probably shouldn’t be flirting with…

Digger “Captain Boomerang” Harkness X OFC // Suicide Squad

word count: 2,163

1. The Party

“Finally,” Anita sighed as Luce pushed through the screen door, her arms full with a bag of groceries.

“I bought all the spaghetti they had at the store,” Luce stated as she set the shopping bag on the table. She reached into the brown paper, pulling out a large can of Guinness and crossed to the living room, handing it off to her uncle who occupied the recliner in the corner, his old hound dog curled up at his feet. He was a bitter old man but the one thing that made him smile without fail, was a cold beer.

“You’re a God send,” he stated, cracking the seal and taking a drink.

“No problem, Manny,” Luce replied with a smile. Though she referred to the man as her uncle they were not technically related. “Guess who I ran into on the way back,” she began, returning to the kitchen to empty the rest of the shopping bag’s contents.

“Big Foot,” Her sister-in-law replied. It was obvious by Anita’s tone that she had no patience for Luce, preoccupied with slicing tomatoes.

“Remember last week, Eddie was talking about meeting that guy from Australia at the bar?” Luce leaned against the counter as she spoke, “I met them on my way home.”

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The Light: Ch. 5

As you step into his room, you’re not surprised at how messy it is. The bed is a pile of crumbled blankets, there are clothes on the floor, the nightstand and even over the lamp, and… are those… chips? Ewww. This place is almost as disgusting as the strip club’s dressing room.

Which, now that you come to think of, it’s probably somewhere you’re never going back, not even if this ends well, and though you hated that place and how it made you feel like shit, realizing you can’t go back there gives you this hopeless and angst sensation.

Because you have nowhere else to go. No girl who works with you would let you crash at her place if you’re being hunted by Puma’s people, your half-brother? Ha, that asshole who set you up in this whole shit… he’s a dead man if you have a chance to meet him again. No, he’s not a dead man, you… you would never kill someone! Not on purpose…  poor Digger, he was no better than any of the guys you’ve met daily in that club, but being shot in the dick doesn’t seem like something he deserved it…

You sigh, shaking these thoughts away. You need to stay calm and figure your next move out now that you actually possess information that no one else does. You were considering the possibility of just handing the flash drive to the cops and get yourself a deal, but… seeing how many people are after this, you wonder how much they would pay for it. What would be best for you now? Being broken, but clean with the justice or having money to escape the country and giving a big ‘fuck off’ to everything? The answer is clear to you.

So you know what to do, but… not for tonight. You’re half-naked, your lingerie has some thick stains of blood on it, you’re exhausted and… your stomach growls lowly, the chips the ginger guy gave you didn’t satisfy your hunger you’re in no condition to find a way out of this weird house, so… you’ll play it cool, at least for tonight.

You hear knocks in the door, and you wouldn’t bother to attempt covering yourself if this was Luciel, but it’s the other guy. Vanderwood… or something like this.

“I’m sorry, I thought you would be dressed by now.” He speaks bluntly, not even phased by your figure. “Here’s some food.”

He places a bowl with some steaming content on it. It’s soup. Oh… this is actually perfect, you were starting to feel cold now that the adrenaline rushed out of our body.

“Thank you.” You mutter, not really to be polite.

“Not a problem. Let me know if you need anything.” He nods, still avoiding your gaze, which makes you think he’s actually shy.

But considering what you witnessed in the living room, you realize he’s just… uncomfortable, because he’s not here by choice either. And though the situation makes you relate with him, you’re not relieved by his presence, he’s… scary. Someone you shouldn’t piss off, not like Luciel did a few moments ago.

You wonder if this guy would help you get away from here if you talked to him about the money he could make if he helped you, but… no, you should not trust anyone at this point. You’re on your own, don’t forget that.

Although… trying to gain his trust could be useful…

“Vanderwood, right?”

He nods again.

“I’m Kitty. Just thought we should know each other’s names since we’re like, roomies, for this week.”


“And uhm…” you wring your hands before tugging a locket of your hair behind your ear. “I hope you know I don’t blame you for what’s happening in here, you’re just… as lost as I am…”

He looks at you, frowning, clearly wondering when will you get to the point so he can get away of this shithole of a bedroom.

“So… just know I’ll do my best not to be a burden to you.”

There’s silence as he clears his throat and adjusts his posture, oh… did you make him flustered? You wouldn’t take this tall intimidating guy as one to get worked up this easily…

“So give him what he wants so we can get this over with, miss.” He lowers his gaze. “And eat this before it gets cold.”

And with that, he leaves the room. You cross your arms, trying not to groan in frustration for not gaining the reaction you’re used to.

Vanderwood closes his eyes, letting a small sigh as he walks to Seven’s office, where the young hacker types mindlessly in one of his computers.

“You’re not asking me how it went because you were watching it, weren’t you?”

“Yep.” Seven turns in his chair, smiling teasingly.

“She’s pretty sneaky, isn’t she?”

“Yes, you see now what I’ve been dealing with for the next few hours?”

“Nothing that bad for you to create such a fuss. She’s sneaky, but easy to handle if you ignore the flirty attempts.”

“And the fact that she can aim your crotch if she gets a gun, so watch out, Mary…”

“I’m not reckless like you, Agent. Now get to work, the boss was kind enough to give you a week and not finish you like a cockroach, so be grateful and start working.”

“I will, no need to say it twice.” He beams, stretching  his arms and getting up from his chair.

“Where do you think you’re going?”

“I can’t work if my guest isn’t comfortable in my quarters. Be right back!”

Seven exhales before knocking in the door of his room. He knows he won’t get anything from you tonight, he just wanted to get away from Vanderwood and his infinite judgment and questions. He knows he screwed this up big time, but there is a way to fix this, and it’s impossible to make it work with all these questions and nagging.

“How do you sleep in this rat hole?” you ask as soon as he enters.

“I find comfort in the chaos, you wouldn’t get it.” He grins. “How’s the soup?”

“Better than starving.”

“Ahh, don’t be so mean, Mary made you this the best way she could.”

“Who the hell is Mary?”

“Vanderwood’s real name, of course.” He feels like chuckling at your frowning expression, but all he does is shaking his head and walking towards the closet, humming as he picks some clothes and throws them in your direction. “You can take a shower and wear those after you done eating.”

You carefully grab the shirt, analyzing it.

“I can’t wait to see your girlfriend beating your ass for lending her clothes to a stripper just like that.” You scoff.

“My… girlfriend?” he asks in legitimate puzzlement, then he gets it. “Oh… no, my girlfriend won’t mind, she’s too busy… not existing.”

“So… you keep our ex’s clothes around? That’s sad.”

“Well, it’s sadder that you have so little imagination, Kitty. Didn’t you consider that these clothes could be mine?”

He smiles, your face is priceless, but he hopes Vanderwood isn’t watching this, he’ll definitely scold him for making direct interaction with you if it isn’t to get information on the mission.

“Don’t worry, I’m sure they’ll look fairly better on you, anyway… so feel free to take a shower, and make yourself comfortable here, I mean, you kinda have no choice.”

You glare at him. Seven realizes it’s the first time he’s fully seeing your face, all he saw was half enlightened by the club’s disco lights or the dimming illumination of the street. The smudged mascara and lipstick make you look messily attractive, he wonders how Vanderwood managed to avoid looking at you. Like, it’s okay that this is a mission, and you’re a target, but… a little glance won’t kill, will it?

“What are you staring at?”

“Me? Nothing, just… you weren’t wearing this necklace before, were you?”

“Of course I was. You were too busy kidnapping me to notice.”

Hum… a lot of things did happen, some details probably stayed unnoticed, but… you weren’t wearing this cross necklace when you met him for a lap dance… and you didn’t struck him as someone religious by any means, so…

“It… belonged to my mother…” you lower your head and grip the pendant tightly.

Oh… yeah, he recalled your whole life to convince you he was on your side, but… he almost forgot how tragic everything was, especially considering your mom was an innocent woman who got killed for basically no reason.

“I see…” he nods quietly.

“Do you have underwear too? I… I can’t keep wearing these.”

“Oh, so now you aren’t freaked out by my wardrobe that much?”

“I am, for sure. But… there are blood stains on my bra.”

He notices that the blood bothers you, but not because your underwear is dirty. He can imagine how this reminds you of what you did and how disturbed you got when you realized you actually shot the guy. Seven remembered the first time he had to pull a trigger in one of his missions, it was a last resource, something he really didn’t want to do, now it’s something as natural as brushing his teeth, but… the impact of his first shooting would never leave him.

“Hey… you did what you had to do.”


“It was you or Digger.”

You widen your eyes and push the empty bowl towards him, crossing your arms. Seven knows you probably won’t take anything he says in consideration, but he’s relieved in seeing you loosening your expression a little, knowing that what he said is true.

“So rest. I’ll start interrogating you tomorrow, okay?”

“I won’t tell you a thing.”

“We’ll see about that.” He winks before leaving the room.

Seven really hopes Vanderwood isn’t watching this, he knows exactly what he will say if he is. “She is sneaky and you’re being imprudent. Get yourself together, Agent.” Well, he can be sneaky too… and you’re not the only one who knows to charm your way to get things. So yes, it’s imprudent, but it will work, he knows that.


You wake up, flinching for a moment when noticing this is an unfamiliar room. Oh right… none of this was a nightmare… Baldie is still dad, you are still on the run from a bunch of thugs who probably think you’re working with some… intelligence agency or something like this. And a weird redhead really took you to his place…yes, that’s his bed, you’re still in his weird house.

Count from one to ten in arabic, please.” You hear the muffled robotic voice coming from the hallway. What the fuck is this?

Getting up, you leave the bedroom and walk down the hallway, only to find Luciel at the door.

“Ahhh come on, Seveeeeen, please let me borrow one of your keyboards!” you listen to this whiny young voice coming from outside.

“Be patient, little Yoosung… You can have it by the end of the week…” and his voice sounds completely different from the deep threatening tone he’s been using with you…

“A week!? Ah come on, Seven! I can’t wait that loooong! My guild is counting on me, I can’t be away from a week just because my keyboard is broken! Pleeeease!”

“Fine, fine, stop whining so loud… you know if you keep doing this, I’ll have to make things really hard for Superman Yoosung, right? Just… wait here.”

And as he turns, your eyes lock with his. Just a few seconds, but it’s time enough to the guy he was talking to peek his head through the door gap and see you too.

“Oh… h-hi, hello.” You see a blond guy with widen eyes and flushed cheeks, probably because the sleepwear this freak gave you is almost as revealing as your own clothes.

But as flustered as the blond guy looks, it’s nothing compared to the redhead’s tense expression.

Ch 4


A/N: Request from anon. There’s no pun intended in the following imagine. Or maybe there is. Haha, enjoy, guys!

Words: 731
Warnings: alcohol consumption

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Tom was totally stoked on getting his action figure made, and he worked with Digger and the guys to get it just right. He had just been filming for hours in this dark - we watched it, it was a grind to say the least - and his character is brooding and hardcore. But when he came into the truck, he was so into it that he just lit up and was totally cool and happy to be part of it. 

- Art Asylum’s (who made the figures) Adam Unger talking about making the action figure for Shinzon in Star Trek Nemesis and how happy Tom Hardy was about it. 

anonymous asked:

hi! I'm from Colombia! I am obssesed with you guys! I wanted to ask, if you hadn't enlisted for the marines, what would you ended up doing?

Ty: I would like to think I’d have wound up playing football in college and getting a degree in something. But I’m pretty sure I’d still be in Bluefield.

Kelly: I probably would have wound up right where i am. I like working with kids and I like being outside, and I love making a difference in people’s lives.

Owen: I was looking at business. It just didn’t strike me as exciting enough, so I figured what the hell, I’d try the Marines and get that need for adventure out of my system. Turns out, it never gets out of your system, it just gets deeper and darker.

Digger: I’d have been on a shrimp trawler, probably. Not much in the way of prospects where I come from.

Nick: I’d have wound up dead in a gutter in Boston. Or worse, I’d have survived and made a name for myself.

Kelly: You are the worst at answering these questions. You’d have been a teacher, and a damn good one. Or one of those crazy alien conspiracy theory guys.

Owen: How is that different from what he is now?

Digger: Now he can say he’s got government clearance?

anonymous asked:

How many times has Ty been arrested in Canada?

Ty: It was just the one trip.

Nick: Yeah, but it was twice in that trip.

Kelly: He got deported faster than Justin Bieber will be.

Ty: No fucking wonder it took you guys so long to get me out, though! Nick was off fucking the arresting officer!

Nick: How do you think we got you out?

Ty: Wait … what did you tell the other guys you were doing?

Digger: He told us the arresting officer was gay and he took him out to dinner.

Ty: So … the truth.

Owen: We thought he sacrificed himself for you. Didn’t realize he fucking enjoyed it.

Nick: I wasn’t the only one.