he's a great dad :'d

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I'm crying at the thought of Danny and a baby because fucking hell he'd be a great dad and all children are just happy and feel safe around him and it's the cutest thing ever.

Aww Molly this made me melt <333

Haha. I don’t know much about Danny. But Aaron would make the softest, sweetest dad for sure. No kid of Aaron’s would ever feel like this: 

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And that would mean the world to Robert. <3

[Werewolf AU] Having 5-6 Kids With Them (BTS)

Requested by a lovely anon <3

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Author: Taebaby

NAMJOON: He;d be such a great dad I bet. Since he’d the alpha, he’d be more than able to keep the crazy kids in line while also being a loving father

YOONGI: Even though he originally wanted around 2 kids, he’d love all his kids so much. Even when he’s trying to nap and theres 5 pairs of feet jumping up and down on his back

HOSEOK:  It would be a dream for him. He loved you, his mate, very much, so having a big family with you would be all he needs in life

SEOKJIN: He’d be such a warm dad, taking the time to really connect with each of his children. He’d of course love to crawl into bed with you at the end of every day 

JIMIN: Though he’s very bubbly and basically a child himself, but I think as soon as he’d become a father, he’d get serious (at least a little). His first priority would be the safety and health of you and his children

TAEHYUNG: Shit, I bet he’d try having more. Sometimes when people have a lot of kids, their affection might be stretched too much and uneven, not Taehyung. He could have twenty kids and would love each one as if they were all individually the sun in his universe 

JUNGKOOK: I think even though he is kinda young, being a werewolf, he’d be pretty good dad. Having a lot of kids is stressful, no doubt, but no matter how hard it could get, he would never stop loving his family

That last reblog about Kimi suggesting to Nishiki about having kids is filling my head with all the possibilities if that were to really happen! Nishiki being a dad…it makes my heart melt. I know he’d be such a great dad, even though I think it would scare him.

I want Nishiki to be happy! #LetNishikiBeHappyIshida

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Soft Savage would be a great dad imo and would let his kids climb all over him and grab his horns

you mentioned soft savage and thus can have my hand in marriage

gawd yes, he’s definitely a dad that lets his kids treat him like a jungle gym. swinging from his arms, putting flower rings on his horns, sleeping on his plushy tummy.. not to mention he’d be a great dad in general because of his experience raising little nightbrothers

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That ask game looks fun! PETYR

omg I love you for doing it! 

P - How do they handle money? does this even need to be answered? he’s hands down the best at money. can literally make it appear and disappear at a whim. how? no one really knows.

E - How are they with children? okayish? I feel like petyr’s the type to really only like his own kids. even then, if we’re going with pxs here, sansa connects way easier though I doubt it would be a serious point of contention. but imho, he’d be a hands-off-unless-necessary but great dad. 

T - Where are they ticklish? his sides. it’s a fact. 

Y - What is one question they’ve always wanted an answer to? (it’s about to get deep) I think petyr’s constantly asking the question ‘what would satisfy me? what end game would make me happy and safe?’ I mean, that’s a huge part of his ambition - wanting to get to a place where he can no longer be hurt, and he has a huge inferiority complex, and so that place for him is the highest position in the kingdom he can think of. I think there are moments he has with sansa that give him a fleeting feeling that she could satisfy him, but by the time he’s fully in love with her, he’s in too deep. he was always meant to burn out, to never satisfactorily answer that question. 

R - What are their hands like? easily one of his best features. strong, with piano-like fingers. show signs of his age but, like, in an attractive way? 

send me a character and I’ll give you headcanons! 

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Seeing Josh excitedly talking about geeking out to science and space and the cosmos is the sexiest thing I’ve seen in a long time. ❤️

I’m really fascinated by his WWII obsession now. He’d get along with my dad great.

Just saying. 😏🤓😎

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Since we're all fangirling about Charioce this morning I'd like to add to your list: he's the perfect boyfriend. Sweet, respectful, dominate but not domineering (to Nina at least lmao), kind (again, only to Nina but that's all that matters tbh), smart, he's the mate for life type (you'd never have to worry about other women) he'd be a great dad??? AND HES GORGEOUS?? I feel like I'm getting off track here but yeah dating wise Charioce is perfect. No wonder Nina didn't wanna let him go lmao

TRUE he is perfect boyfriend/husband type of guy. He’d commit to a relationship/marriage just how he commits to his duties and goals.

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(dad anon) luckily I'm not afraid of him anymore cause that'd suck, and I'm glad that I'm not. I love my dad and he's a great man. He'd never do that. Since he works with kids my age even less.

That’s a good dad. My dad just made sure I could protect myself and…that’s pretty much it. My mom took care of the rest of the work.

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Felix and Demetri's relationship on screen is everything. #FRIENDSHIPGOALS They are totally bros for life or should I say for eternity!!! But then I started wondering if Demetri would end up being a dad would their relationship change somewhat? Weirdly enough I think he would most definitely tease Demetri constantly about settling down and having a family of his own. Felix's new motto for Demetri would probably be; 'No more Casanova life for you. Now run along. Your woman and child are waiting.'

Haha they’re the best of homies! I believe if Demetri end up being a dad, he’d probably realise he should grow up and become a lot more mature than he was. I think he’d make a great dad for the kids - in a sense that he could relate and play with them in their levels and their relationship would be very much like friendship. This means, unfortunately for Jessica, there’s an adult baby in the house + actual babies which to her would be a nightmare! 

But even if Demetri were to become a dad, his relationship with Felix would be just as strong - if not stronger - although his time spent with him won’t be as much nor only with each other as when Demetri was a bachelor. It’d be a mix of play date with kid and occasional mate’s night out. You can bet Felix will make fun of Demetri’s single life graduation with ‘What happened to never settling down motto?’ 

ANGER 900000000

Okay i know it is a fucking joke n shit but joseph is such a good character and im so tired of seeing him as a cultist like jfc it was put up as a j o k e like he is so pure and good I want more pictures of how he is a great fucking dad and how he is so g o o d like even if he was in a cult it’d be Mary’s fault because she is a gross harlet heathen who will burn in hell i am so fucking pissed right now i can fucking stab a chair like i try to find my good boi and get gross daniel shit like jfc stop this before I MAKE HIM A CULT AND SACRIFICE EVERY FUCKING SHITLORD I AM SO PISSED OH MY G O S H I CAN SCREAM I AM ABOUT TO S M A S H SOMEONE OH MY FUCKUNG FUCK FUCK FUCK FUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCKFUCK CALL MY PURE CHILD A CULTIST AGAIN AMD YOU WILL BE MURDERED AND BAKED INTO BROWNIES AND SOLD AT THE CHURCH BAKESALE LOOK AT THIS PURE SMILE I LOVE HIM

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But asriel don't you have the green soul which is associated with cooking?

“He loves gardening, cooking, and helping others, just like his mother! I’ve heard he is quite good at nose nuzzling as well, but only a good competition can prove it!!! He is a great prince and will make a great k-”

“D-dad… Can you please stop…”

“Oh. I am rambling again, aren’t I?”


“Sorry. Carry on.”

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Can you do a blurb about what it would be like living with 5sos and tag it under 5sos blurbs please? And your account is flawless btw😍

thank youu

Luke- I feel like it would be really nice to live with Luke because he seems like a really clean(ish) & fun person to live with. He has really good taste in music so I feel like he’d be the type to has nice chill music going around the house & have a lil indie apartment and he would always want to cuddle and watch tv. Showers together would probably be a total must.He would be such a good helper when it comes to food / reaching for stuff / etc. He would be so nice to be with.

Calum- He’d be so down to do anything with you but be reallyyy lazy. Like if it were his free day or whatever, he would totally just laze out all day and make the whole house a mess. Also if you guys got in a fight and you would tell him you hate him he would carry you to your shared bed and just sit and hold you, repeating the same words : ” you don’t hate me you love me ” & if you don’t say you loved him he would just straight out tickle you and kiss you so much omg 

Ashton- Ashton would be such a dream to live with. He would always keep everything clean and smelling good bc god knows he loves his candles. & he would so go to bath & body works or wherever u go and buy hand soaps and candles and stuff for your house and just hang it up himself. Plus when you guys move everything in, he would insist on carrying everything inside but you wouldn’t allow him to do it alone and he would just build everything. AND OMG WHEN YOU GUYS HAVE KIDS HE WOULD BE SUCH A GREAT DAD AW :D

Michael- Michael seems v lazy. Like everyone sees him as a lazy video gamer but i honestly think that he would be a good person to be around. He’s such a happy kitten he would always make sure you’re happy and if you’re ok with everything and ugh he would actually be very protective i feel. But i honestly feel like living with him would consist of lots of pizza boxes and pepsi bottles everywhere. But somehow the house would always be clean and fresh??? But you would most likely have to do all the laundry all the time  and wash the dishes too but who knows??? he might feel bad and do it himself while you’re stressed. but in all honesty, mikey would totally make the bed all the time, he would be such a chill person to be around

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