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a writing prompt: the kirkwall crew + purple mage hawke teasing cullen about being forced to work with hawke again during the inquisition. extra bonus if you could incorporate his infamous "mages are not people" line lol

What’s that, sweet anon? Did you say WRITING PROMPT WEDNESDAY???? (I am so excited you submitted this, here we go team)

Cullen has already issued so many orders across this makeshift plank of a desk in Skyhold’s courtyard that the inside of his head feels like a whirlwind of logistics. There hasn’t been much time to rest since their arrival at Skyhold. Guard rotations to establish, defenses to set up, injuries to tend to, beds for refugees – and now Varric is bringing some guest in to help with Corypheus before they’ve even managed to clear all the junk from the main hall…

Cullen takes a moment’s pause, shutting his eyes, attempting to rub the weariness from them. His head is pounding, as usual, but he tells himself to endure. They must be ready. Maker knows what else they might have to face here…

And then, just behind him, a woman clears her throat.

Cullen wills himself to weather this headache, then turns about. “Yes? Can I help–”

Piercing blue eyes, red streak lashing across her nose, and a shit-eating grin that strikes a familiar terror deep into Cullen’s heart.

“Hi there, Curly-Wurly,” says Marian Hawke. “My, what a fetching coat you’re wearing!”

Oh, no.

In a flash it all comes back to him. All those years of trauma and disaster. Surronded by fire and blood magic. Hawke’s grinning face waltzing through a ceaseless storm of destruction…

“Ooh, it is rather lovely, isn’t it?” says a sweet little voice – Hawke’s Dalish friend, what was her name again? She is peeping out from behind Hawke, green eyes wide and shining. “Such a nice furry collar! Do you ever run about the battlements and pretend that you’re a griffon?”

“With a majestic coat like that?” comes another familiar voice. Cullen turns and realizes he’s surrounded by these horrible people: on his other side stands Isabela – now there’s a name he can’t forget. She’s leaning casually, hip cocked, one elbow propped on the shoulder of that stern elf with the white tattoos, as though he’s a useful piece of furniture. (The elf has his arms folded and doesn’t appear to be reacting to this. Perhaps he can’t feel it through his armour?)

Isabela winks at Cullen, then goes on: “A thing like that is fit for no less than a Speed Griffon.”

“There is no such thing as a Speed Griffon,” says the stern elf.

“Now, Fenris, you don’t know that,” Hawke says. “What if the term just refers to a very fast griffon?”

Fenris appears to be unimpressed. “Would that then make me a ‘speed elf’?”

“Yes, but only when you’re running, I think,” the little Dalish one says seriously. Then she looks at Cullen again. “Do you ever run very fast when you’re wearing that lovely coat?”

Cullen says the first word he has managed to say to this group, which is, brilliantly, “Um.”

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Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
’Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

The scene in which Shepard finds Mordin’s datapad is one of the most painful in the series. It always gives me a sharp jolt of realization that her friends have died to defeat the reapers and so much rides on her shoulders..

The last character(with the tied up hair) is an oc of mine, the man who took Miora in for a while before dying. He gave her a home and taught her to read. A good man, whose backstory I’ve yet to develop.

I don’t mean to always make Miora so sad in every artwork.. but it just happens.. Next one will be a happy one, I swear! 

Burned: Arrow 5x15 Review (Fighting Fire with Fire)

So sorry my friends! I have slept. I am medicated. Thus I can write.

Oh Episode 15. You have become the season nemesis. The pebble in our proverbial audience shoe. The yucky chocolate filling in the otherwise yummy chocolate box.

Arrow has begun a tradition over the past three seasons. The 15th episode is filled with a whole lot of suck. I’m excluding 1x15 and 2x15 because I happened to really enjoy those episodes, but 5x15 can go sit in the corner with 3x15 and 4x15. Now, is it Felicity banging Palmer level? 

Or Felicity breaking up with Oliver level? 

Eh. Depends on your perspective. Those were very low lows. Maybe I’ll just leave 5x15 on par with those episodes.

The good news is, 3x15 and 4x15 were a bottoming out of sorts. We said to ourselves, “Arrow can’t get much crappier that this!” and, for the most part, we were right. There was an upswing as Arrow headed into the back half of the season.

Why is it like this? I don’t know. Arrow hits this wall around the 11-15 range almost every single season. There’s a lull and we run into a series of episodes we could seriously do without. 

I don’t think Arrow intends to write a crappy episode. I think they try very hard to make excellent TV every week. The problem is the 23 episode season, and maybe this is why I’m a big “smeh.” I fully expect a third crap, a third good, and a third excellent every season. Typically, that’s what I get. So, I toss this episode into my one third crap pile, grab another bag of chips and write the review.

Cause we gots to talk about why "Fighting Fire with Fire” was a whole lotta suck. We shall address the suck with a copious amounts of gifs, because I’m in. I’m not changing the channel. I’m too invested. You jump I jump Arrow

So, when eps like these come along, I just have to laugh, vent, and have some fun with it. But never fear! I do see rainbows on the horizon. There’s yummy chocolate in this box somewhere. 

Let’s dig in…

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What are your thoughts on Talia?

Grant Morrison ruined a perfectly good character with a long history, reducing her to a prop for three male characters, and didn’t even have the decency to read the story he was ripping his stuff from to get his facts right. 

Thus began the character assassination of Talia and, eventually, a constant ping-pong match between DC writers who tried to salvage her later, and those who continue to use her as a prop for a love interest and her male relatives and put her in racist and sexist tropes. 

She’s been around far longer than Damian has and shouldn’t be reduced to one terrible storyline and a sacrifice for yet another male character’s development. 

Talia deserves better than what DC gives her. I say that for a lot of characters, but particularly her. She was one of the casualties of late Post-Crisis’s mess. 

Boruto: Naruto Next Generations

Okay, so, I’m probably going to be talking about this a lot since it’s like, super amazing. A lot of fans have been pondering and contemplating things, and these are my personal opinions on it all. I’m just doing this before this spectacular plot unfolds and reviewing it so far. I guess this is gonna be kind of long?? I’m not sure, anyway here’s a something some of the fans have been talking about it.

1. How long is it going to last? 

Since Naruto was out for a very good fifteen years, a lot of people expect the same from Boruto, but a lot of people (judging from the opening scene) believe that it’s going to be a pretty short series, some don’t even expect it to last a year. It’s not because the fans necessarily hate the show, actually from what I’ve seen we’ve been pretty supportive, it’s just that the opening scene for the series is this:

So this scene is basically between some guy (who kind of looks like Iwabe? I’m not sure if it’s him, I kind of have mixed feelings on that theory) and an adult Boruto. This is what has made some fans believe that Boruto is going to be some quick, abrupt, series that’s probably going to end in a short amount of time. Others believe that it’s going to be long because, well, look at Naruto:

(Damn, I shouldn’t have picked such an emotional picture) Personally, I don’t what the Next Gen series to be short, but I’m not exactly expecting 15 years. Although Shippuden admittedly did have a lot of filler/insignificant episodes, it still takes decent writing skills to be capable of writing that long. Rather it’s a book, anime or some movie with sequels, it still takes a lot of thinking and effort. 

I love the Next Gen series with all my heart and more, but that wasn’t exactly the best scene to start on. It kind of already disappoints fans because they think that it’s going to be rushed. Or at least it’s going to feel rushed.

 But no matter how long it ends up being, I’m still going to probably love it, as long as it has a decent ending and doesn’t feel rushed are anything, I’ll be fine Besides, if it ends up getting popular among the Western side of the community, then it may end up being very long, either way I’m supportive.

2. The characters

Can we just talk about how well written out the characters are? Like, it wasn’t even much of a bumpy start in my opinion, I think everything went pretty smoothly from the start and so on, obviously, that can change, we don’t know yet, but so far it’s been doing pretty good, at least to be 

Boruto Uzumaki 

Okay, there are lots of things to say about his character but lets just start with this:


But honestly, fans thought that they were going to see that mischievous, ignorant, (yet loveable) male protagonist that always ends up rising above what everyone initially thought he was going to remain. Naruto was the original guy, besides Goku, despite their stories being quite different. But then other anime writers decided to do it, thus, turning it into a cliche.Yet, we somehow end up loving these idiots, I guess it’s because despite them having similar personalities, it’s different stories that they have to tell and different messages they have to bring out. As nerve wrecking as this cliche may be, I couldn’t imagine any other protagonists for some of these anime’s.

Back to the core subject though, Boruto’s generation or Boruto himself may not or never Naruto Uzumaki, but he was the perfect guy to take on the the legacy. However, in the movie he appears to be some spoiled, cringy, selfish, good-for-nothing brat:

And even though he did redeem himself later on during the course of the movie, it still couldn’t help but leave a very bitter taste it our mouth’s, including my own. Even though I have to admit, it did manage to make me cry. But then again, that isn’t a hard thing to do. 

Then Kishimoto decided to release Gaiden, probably a pretty good move being how mad half of the Japanese and most of the Western fans were at him. But after the movie a lot of people nearly completely separated themselves form the fandom. Then came this blessing of a series:

When I first heard of this, I screamed. That was my first reaction. But then I remembered the bratty Boruto and my excitement immediately disappeared. But one day, I decided, why not try watching it? I was pretty scared that I was going to be disappointed again, and I didn’t really want that, but when I saw the series I immediately became attached to it.

Boruto is so different, yet similar to how Naruto is. I didn’t want a completely different character that made the show’s feel go away, but at the same time, I didn’t want a complete duplicate of Naruto, that would’ve been quite disappointing to think one of the writers of your favorite shows wasn’t very versatile, but Boruto has a great balance of both Hinata’s and Naruto’s personality. He’s not the shy, prim and timid person Hinata was:

But he’s not the idiot Naruto was (still may or may not be at times but that’ why we loved and still love him):

Not only that, I love the message Boruto is giving to not only his friends in the series, but his fans, that he’s not his dad, and he’s choosing to take a different path. This isn’t Naruto’s story anymore, it’s Boruto Uzumaki’s story and he’s going to live it however he wants. We saw so many sides we probably wouldn’t have found out existed in the movie or even the manga, and now that theirs a series even more. 

Not to mention the fact that he’s freaking adorable:

Originally posted by hinaxnaru

Originally posted by hinaxnaru

You can’t convince me that he isn’t. His personality although not a classic, is still really loveable. A lot of people have mixed feelings about his character, but I’m already pretty attached to him, and I can’t wait to see what his story has to bring.

2. Sarada Uchiha 

As far as how fans view her, all I see is love. Only a few people actually hate/dislike her character. Which I don’t know exactly why, because unlike Boruto, she didn’t necessarily do anything idiotic or bad to get any hate just yet, eventually, she is, and I think that’s when fans should start actually developing actual dislike for her character. Some fans only continued to watch the series because of her and I don’t blame them, she does seem kind of badass.

But I never knew fans could like Sakura’s offspring so much, let’s admit. Sakura got a lot more than enough hate from Shippuden viewers:

This was basically a joke that got way out of hand, because a lot of people actually began ranting about how useless she was, to put it short, Sakura became the most hated character in the entire series, personally, I loved Sakura, but a lot of people didn’t. Coincidentally, majority of those who hated her also shipped NaruSaku, which I will never understand since most fans don’t exactly ship a character that they hate with the main character.

Back to the core subject-(once again smh at myself) Sarada has a very interesting story, not only that, it could have a completely different outcome from the manga version, due this being rather very different from the manga. Although I just believe that it’s going to be written out a bit differently and nothing more. It doesn’t make Sarada’s story boring though. Because honestly, it’s just something that draws fans to her. 

Like Boruto, she seems to be a perfect mixture of both of her parents, she doesn’t push any emotion away as Sasuke does, but she also doesn’t have too much emotion like Sakura tends to have. It seems like she only pushed away major emotions.

Sarada didn’t exactly have the decent or okay childhood that Boruto had, even though Naruto can be somewhat neglectful of his family (with fair reasoning) Boruto still had Naruto their during his younger years. Sarada on the other hand, was basically only raised with a mother and has little to no memory of her father. Her childhood was most definitely different from Boruto’s.

Her story also seems to be different, but it’s way different from how Sasuke’s was, that’s probably why most fans find her story to be the more compelling out of the two. She isn’t short tempered and over emotional like Sakura was:

But she doesn’t tend to accidentally come of as cruel or try to be void of emotion like Sasuke:

Honestly, if Sarada had taken more traits from one parent than the other then I’m pretty sure she would have been hated, too.

She’s a perfect mix. When you really think about it, especially from a writer’s/creator’s point of view, it’s kind of a amazing their have been more than plenty of shows where the main character’s children always end up too much like their parents. But this is absolutely perfect. Honestly, I may not have given this show a chance if it wasn’t for this character. She was pretty interesting in the movie even though she wasn’t a major part of it.


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3. Sai 

Initially, I was just going to leave it at Sarada and Boruto, but the fact that they even put Sai in the series is pretty cool. I’m not going to say that he was one of my favorite characters, but a lot of the Japanese viewers adored him. He’s not really what I’d consider a main character, but I just like the fact that Kishimoto listens to his fans. Sai could’ve been completely gone from the series and that Kishimoto kept him just goes to show that the way this whole entire series has been written is far from being messy, unlike a lot of other animes.


There is definitely a shipping war beginning to brew among most fans, a lot fans are already shipping characters. Personally, I think the fans are justified. Sakura was in love with Sasuke when she was around their age, so fans shouldn’t be blamed for shipping anyone. Although their are a lot of ships like MitsuSara, MitsuCho and more, I’m just going to talk about the two main ones involving Boruto:

Borusara and BoruSumi:

Originally posted by stella-scarlet

Can we please just take a moment of silence to admire this beautiful, wonderful, ship (I’m obviously talking about BoruSara

Okay, I’m going too far, I’m sorry. But seriously, I find this ship so cute. I’m not saying that it can’t be a simple rivalry/friendship like Naruto and Sasuke’s just because Sarada is female I strongly believe that is could being a female myself, but I do ship them pretty hard.

I love the fact that when they’re in public they constantly argue but when they’re alone they tell each other really important things. Personally, I was pro NaruHina all the way, but since Sarada and Boruto’s characters are a pretty good mixture of their parents’ this could be another chance for those who shipped SasuSaku or NaruSasu.

Obviously, I could go on all day as to why I ship these two precious cinnamon rolls, but then I’d be wasting your time. 

As for BoruSumi, honestly, initially I found Sumire to be so annoying at first, once I heard her story she grew on me though, I like her as a character in the series but I don’t ship her with Boruto. I’m just not a fan of the whole NaruHina dynamic happening all over, Hinata is the only character who can really pull it off. Admittedly, I’m probably just another butthurt BoruSara shipper. 

But whatever happens in the series as far as that, I’ll still be completely supportive, Boruto isn’t exactly a love story, afterall.


Boruto is an awesome show, and even though I had my doubts, I couldn’t imagine being without it and we haven’t even reached the climax of it yet. I can’t believe I ever wasn’t interested in this show. I’m pretty glad that I decided to be open-minded instead of being completely dedicated to Naruto like a few of other fans have chosen to.

(If you disagree with anything in this post, please be respectful about it if you don’t believe you can be then personally message me, even end up commenting anything negative that’s disrespectuful I’ll delete your comment, reblog, or whatever)

Something thats been bugging me lately

What is wrong with wanting to love all the characters? 

 I’ve been seeing a lot of things popping up across my feed lately that have been a little hurtful in regards to treatment and support of problematic characters- specifically for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom Chloe, Lila, and Gabriel. All three are problematic in their own way, and from what is shown in the canon thus far none is 100% good or evil one way or the other. Now for me personally I love all three. Why? Because I adore problematic characters. I always have. Particularly ones who are misguided as opposed to zealots (ex. Hux from Star Wars Force Awakens holds little interest to me because he is knowingly evil and unremorseful about it-a zealot, as opposed to someone who is/was either unwittingly evil due to ignorance (Fin my precious storm trooper baby!!!! You be the hero we know you are!!!!), or rationalizing evil that they struggle with for the sake of some ultimate goal (Maybe Kylo… donnow not totally sold on him yet. He’s still a little whiny for me but we shall see in the new movie.) 

 Liking problematic characters in this fandom seems to be a very hot button issue. Perhaps because the recurring villains are so everyday. We know liars, we know bullies, we know neglectful and overprotective parents. This are things that can spark very real and viseral reactions based on experiences we have had. Its the same reason in Harry Potter that we hate Umbridge more than Voldemort, because its an evil that resonates with our own experience. 

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1-Minute Anime Reviews

This season is fantasy, fantasy…and more FANTASY~!

So what did I pick up this season? A whole lot of strange, mixed things.

Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis (S1) & Virgin Soul (S2)

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary:  A bunch of angels and demons who try to wake up the destructive Dragon Bahamut, versus a bunch of angels and demons who try to stop said dragon from waking up…and in between them, a couple of eccentric bounty-hunters caught up in the middle of the mess. Gets even messier in S2 with a girl who turns into a dragon whenever she sees a hot guy. Fun times.
Story: B/B+
Characters: B+
Overall: B+
Commentary: By the same studio that animated Yuri on Ice, except with far better budget/management because the animation for this show is generally pretty easy on the eyes from beginning to end. First season is over, and second season is currently airing; and I gotta say, while the series doesn’t bring much new to the table in terms of plot or premise, it is insanely fun and well-balanced. This is not only a show that’s done great, it’s also the kind of show that can be recommended to just about anyone. Based on a mobile game, but is surprisingly a really good standalone adaptation. Pure entertainment.

Zero Kara Hajimeru Mahou

Genre: fantasy
Summary: A hermit loli-witch leaves her cave to find her stolen spell book and runs into a witch-hating tiger-man who wants to become human. They form a contract in which he protects her until she retrieves her grimoire, and in return she’ll transform him into a human once the goal is fulfilled. 
Story: C
Characters: C+
Overall: C+
Commentary: I’m not really sure why they made an anime of this, it’s not only predictable, but also really mediocre in terms of…well, everything? But I guess the furry is kinda cute. There’s often a lapse in logic but at the very least, it’s a moderate show, so you won’t pop a vein watching it. 

Rokudenashi Mahou Koushi to Akashic Records

Genre: action, fantasy
Summary: A subpar spell caster / lazy mooch is forced to teach at a Magic Academy on his master’s order. Not only does he lose to his student in a spell fight, he’s flippant, doesn’t take bets seriously, and begrudges having to work. However, he may secretly be more talented than he lets on…
Story: C+
Characters: C+ 
Overall: C+/B-
Commentary: There were one or two entertaining moments, I have to admit; after all, the protagonist is a sly, underhanded charlatan… but the best way to describe this series is that…it feels distinctly like it belongs in the late 90s, early 2000s; a very generic anime from that particular era. That’s the kind of feeling it gives off. It’s not amazing, just barely passable. This is definitely more of a particular crowd’s kind of show (what with the sexy garters on lolis—).

KADO: The Wrong Right Answer

Genre: sci-fi, drama
Summary: A formless being from another dimension coined the Anisotrophic descends upon earth, dons on the skin of man, and offers to mankind the keys for transcending their mortal limitations. The world is at a crossroad. To rapidly advance or not? May the discussions begin.
Story: 🔥  <-fire I ate.
Characters: 🔥 🔥  <-fire burning my stomach lining.
Overall: 🔥 🔥 🔥  <-still on fire and internally screaming.
Commentary: You might have already seen my earlier review on KADO, but I essentially love/hate this show because I was led to think it was going to be a show about clever negotiations but ultimately ended with a fist fight. And while I still might recommend it just for all its obscurities, because it IS different, and could be a source of inspiration to some—I suggest viewers watch it with, not a grain, but two fist-fulls of salt and be prepared to get frustrated at some point. 

Oshitsu Kyoushi Haine

Genre: slice of life
Summary: In a fictional, Victorian-esque setting, one tiny but supremely talented tutor is summoned to the royal palace in order to groom and raise four troublesome princes into proper candidates for the throne.
Story: C+
Characters: C+
Overall: C+/B-
Commentary: Not a very creative or inspiring series, but generally relaxing, mildly entertaining and appealing enough to be a decent time-passer. Admittedly, it’s more of a visual guilt pleasure geared towards a female audience than much else. I’m kind of amused though, that super newbie seiyuus (minus Aoi) are the main cast and the more famous ones play support XD…


Genre: card games, shounen
Summary: An aloof guy (with outrageous hair) who tries hard not to stand out in a crowd in real life (are you serious?), while in virtual reality he is secretly a powerful duelist known as Playmaker. Playmaker logs onto the duel server to fight against a renegade group of duelist called the Knights of Hanoi, who are also after him because he harbors the snarky A.I. Ignis in his duel disk. Chasing after them seem to be one of Yusaku’s 3 goals…much like his 3 reasoning for everything.
Story: IDK what I even say about this, it’s typical young-shounen?
Characters: ’_’) the usual archetypes thus far with not much variation.
Commentary: I actually had to drop the show quite recently because it was just going nowhere fast (yell at me if it magically somehow becomes amazing later on) — Anyway, I gave it a good shot. I really, really liked Ignis (the only deuteragonist I actually do like? Bonus points for being voiced by Sakurai), but pretty much disliked everything else. Although to be honest, I had already disliked this show from the early concepts. It was the first time I saw the previews/trailer for a new YGO series and knew I wouldn’t like it from the get-go. Yusaku is exactly the sort of typical protagonist I’d find in an Isekai novel (most of whom, get on my nerves); and even then by comparison, he’s one of the least interesting and more awkward of the bunch. Moreover, I have watched, very literally…every single Shounen anime within the last couple of decades and this show is among the most cringy of its kind (kimoi is the word that’s in my head). I’ve never dropped a TCG show nearly as fast as this one. If I were to keep watching, it might just barely be for the TCG. (I also can’t stop chortling at the name Knights of Hanoi, I keep picturing Vietnam…And what’s with all these chuunibyou, goosebump-inducing names…)

The only good thing to come out of this is now my friend who likes Vrains can’t poke fun at me for liking certain kids shows.

Uchouten Kazoku S2

Genre: slice of (tanuki) life, fantasy
Overall: A-
Commentary: This series is already moderately famous so I won’t get too deep into it, but Uchouten 2 is just as lovely as Uchouten 1. This show is hands down my absolute favourite of the season. It’s strange, wacky, exciting, and very close to home sometimes. The themes are solid, the narrative strong, and the characters absolutely charming. It’s an overall magical account about family and personal nature, and I highly recommend it.


Genre: action, fantasy, drama
Summary: What happens when your novel creations come to life and try to confront you, the creator, as well as all of humanity? Are we also a creation of someone else? Things get a little strange and analytical in RE:Creators.
Story: B+
Characters: B+ 
Overall: B+ (thus far)
Commentary: This is an on-going show. I’m not sure how it’s going to play out in the end but so far I’m enjoying it quite a bit. They sometimes run a little too long on expositions; which to me is totally fine, because it’s the good kind of exposition—like a second wave of Log Horizon.
I came into this show expecting it to be some sort of terrible adaptation of a light novel (because the title name, seriously) but pleasantly wound up with not only an anime-original (with concepts from the creator of Black Lagoon!), but also a very serious tone for such a whimsical premise. The characters have notable depth to them and engage in a fair amount of discussions with substance…they express the kind of opinions that are so well-aligned with their nature, it gives off the sensation that they’ve broken away from being mere puppets of the script. For me, it’s always deeply interesting when characters can express themselves and act/react accordingly with an agreeable sense of logic (—in other words…my god, another rare show where characters can actually think for themselves—and this was not meant to be ironic).

gsbhlass  asked:

Hi, I wondered if you saw the new article from TV guide with RDM interview in which he says there may be more Black Jack and Frank after Season 3. Does anyone else feel like their head may explode from banging on the wall that is RDM's warped understanding of this story?

I hadn’t seen it until you brought it to my attention. Oh Ron. Ron, Ron, Ron. Sit down, honey, and try actually reading the book.

Ron is a good show runner. There is a whole lot more to getting those books on film than any of us really understand. Tobias (I loved you years before Outlander, Toby - don’t worry - I still do) is an excellent actor, though to be honest, I feel like his performance in season 2 was beating me over the head with how much he was ‘acting’. I didn’t find much subtlety in it. I find Sam to be a far superior actor, but he is very subtle - thus easy for people who want obvious ACTING to miss. Anyway, Ron, for as good a show runner as he is, has a personal obsession with both Actor and Character and is doing his best to insert him into the story far more than he belongs. I makes me insanely ragey. Like punch him in the throat ragey. 

Ron also doesn’t understand the nature of the books. He says repeatedly (and so does everyone else, and they are all correct) that good TV thrives on conflict. It’s just lazy man-think that the only conflict can come from within a relationship. What has captivated millions, LITERAL MILLIONS, about this story, is that with minor exceptions at the beginning as Claire found her footing, the conflict is ALWAYS exterior to the relationship. If it does enter into the relationship, they confront and resolve it immediately. DG explores how a solid, committed couple confront and combat conflict together. Ron seems to think that in order for the story to be successful, the conflict must come from within. Which stymies me, because there are 8 successful books exactly because DG understands that that is precisely where the conflict DOES NOT COME FROM. In fact, I will venture to state that the majority of her millions of readers read the books IN SPITE of the silly shenanigans that take place outside of the core relationship, not because of them.

Thus, I come to the next point of contention. Ron obviously doesn’t understand the readers/viewers. Worse, he doesn’t want to understand us. I have been here since the beginning. If a contrary point of view is ever brought up, he not only dismisses is, he does everything he can to diminish it. Just like DG does. They have never treated the supporters of this story with any respect. There is no acknowledgement that we have intellectual abilities, or even reading comprehension for that matter. They act as if they can make a declarative statement and !voila! it’s automatically true. My kids try to do that at home. It never works. Why? Because I have a brain in my head and I know how to use it. A quick example: “The story requires [Frank]’s presence. Claire, from the beginning, was married to Frank and spent the entire first book trying to get back to him.” What the actual, RDM? Did you forget the 200 pages that come AFTER she mentally told Frank he’d be taking all of his hot baths alone from now on, sorrynotsorryhaveyouseenthatgingertreeandhisgloriouscoconuts? Obviously he did, because he skipped past that part as quickly as possible, giving it as little screen time as he could get away with. Ron, did you notice, in your deep and careful reading of the text, that Claire was so busy hopping into the heather with Jamie at every opportunity that 200 pages before she opts out of hot baths in favor of ginger tree hugging, she FORGOT she was supposed to be running away until all of a sudden she was alone and recognized where she was? She actually mentions that. Start at page 366 of the paperback edition to refresh your memory. I can read. I’ll venture to guess that I’ve read the book many, many more times than you. Don’t try to tell me what it says. I know.

I’ve heard lots of people over the years talk about what a great feminist Ron is, and how he’s the champion of strong female characters. Bullcrap. He can have strong female characters all he wants, because they are fake and he still controls everything they do. Take Claire for example. She. Chose. Jamie. But Ron STILL can’t let that stand. He has to go back and explore what she walked away from. What she chose not to have. What she decided she can live without. He spends more time exploring what she DOESN’T WANT than he does exploring what she does what. Even a fake character doesn’t get respect for her opinions and decisions. He STILL has to tell her what to be interested in, and make a man who has no further place in the story take time away from what and who she chose. He STILL won’t let the story stand on the decisions of a woman. When he shows genuine respect to his largely female audience, when he listens to what they have to say with actual interest, when he stops being condescending and stops trying to manipulate an existing story to be more interesting to his male sensibilities, then I might start to believe in his feminism. For now, he tells us all to sit down and shut up he knows better that we do what we need and want and what is actually going on in the world don’t worry your pretty little head about it, just like most other men. So, while my head is indeed very pretty, it is also very capable and intelligent and well read and educated, and he can either take a class in what feminism actually is or HE can sit down and shut up. If what you want is more Frank, then straight up admit it, don’t try to justify it, don’t try to manipulate the text it to rationalize your decision. Own it, and live with the consequences.

My rant is far from over, but I have things to do. Ron can wait.

Harlots male characters ranked from most garbage to least

I’m not trying to pick on the guys here, it’s just easier to rank them alone rather than involve the ladies because there’s a lot fewer male characters than female, and also they’re mostly trash. So maybe I’m picking on the guys a bit. But don’t get too comfy, Harlots ladies — there are garbage folk among you, too.

This is as of episode 1.05, by which point the competition is such a close race that it’s honestly hard to say who’s worst.

Lord Fallon & Mr. Osborne: Definitely creeps, rapists, and abusers, quite likely actual murderers at this point, depending on how involved they are with what happened to that poor flower girl. It might seem like overkill to make them number one in the list given that we mostly only have hints of how awful they are so far, but I believe in them. I have every horrible confidence that they will live up to my expectations by the season’s end.

Benjamin Lennox: You know a cast is full of terrible people when you gotta sit there and deliberate whether to rank the Enslaver Of His Siblings (not to mention all the other enslaved people he owns!) above or below the murderers, child abusers, and rapists. Honestly, all the people this high up on the list should probably just be considered equally terrible in their own special ways.

Lord Repton: There’s something fucking wrong with Lord Repton. Actually, there’s a lot of things wrong with Lord Repton, and the serial sexual abuse of children is one of them, as is shooting at fifteen-year-old girls in the woods.

Nathaniel Lennox: Much more personable and seemingly kinder than Benny boy, but still, y’know, a slave owner, who didn’t even have the common decency to sign his “wife”s freedom papers? To provide for her in his will?? To free his own kids??? What the fuck!! What the fuck!!!!

George Howard: Was lower on this list when he was just a possessive, annoying scumbag; has since progressed to violent rape and must die. But first, I invite you all to help me collectively punch him in the dick.

Justice Cunliffe: Has not, as far as we know, personally raped, murdered, or enslaved anyone, and thus gets to be lower than them on this list, but facilitates rape and murder and is therefore still absolute garbage, make no mistake.

Charles Quigley: Honestly, the thing about Charles is that he, too, is a facilitator of abuse (helps Mama keep the girls prisoner, knows what Osborne does to them, etc) but unlike Cunliffe, who knows exactly how wrong his actions are, Charles seems to … just be realizing it? He’s so pathetic and spoiled and immature, but I feel like there’s still hope for him to grow up and become a better person. Maybe. Somehow.

Christopher Rutledge: FINALLY we are crossing the threshold into characters who are not COMPLETE GARBAGE, even if they’re not really likable per se. So, Sir Christopher. Arrogant cheat with a really ugly wig? Yeah. But at least he condemned rape as “bad form.” That’s such a weak-ass condemnation that I ain’t gonna, like, applaud him for doing the bare minimum, but at least it’s a condemnation, and as far as we know, he’s not done worse.

Robert Oswald: Mr. Oswald’s not a bad guy. He’s not really a good guy either. Based on what we’ve seen, at least, he’s just pretty damn average, that bland middling flavor of everyday dudes who are a bit hypocritical about shame-facedly engaging harlots but aren’t cruel or disrespectful toward them. For being totally unexceptional, Mr. Oswald, and for your involvement in The Beast thing being unwitting thus far, you get to be firmly middle of the road.

Prince Rasselas: Spying is not super admirable. Especially spying for Lydia Quigley. But like all the other sex workers, he’s honestly just doing what he’s gotta do to survive, and though we haven’t seen enough of him yet to make a definitive judgment about his character, his kindness to Amelia in 1.05 is a good start toward indicating that he might be a pretty okay fella at heart.

Thomas Haxby: Can be a snooty lil jerk, sure, but fair to say that Charlotte and Howard are pretty damn cruel to him too, yeah? No surprise he’s kind of bitchy, the shit he has to put up with. On the other hand, is admirably devoted to his job, respects Lady Caroline, and has shown glimpses of a more sympathetic, human side. Not the sweetest guy, but a fundamentally decent one overall.

Daniel Marney: If Marney has a secret dark side hidden behind that sweet smile, we’ve yet to see it. A bit of an opportunist, sure, and arguably the sort of free spirit whose casual irresponsibility might prove dangerous, but kind, charming, respectful, and funny in every appearance he’s had so far. Overall, a friendly and all-around pleasant dude.

William North: May all of us who yearn for love & companionship someday be blessed enough to find a partner like William North. A partner with humor and kindness and sternness, who never gets jealous or possessive, who loves you and supports you through everything but also calls you on your fucking bullshit because he loves you and knows that you are better than this. Is also a caring dad to Jacob, Charlotte, and Lucy alike and just a pleasant, sensible person overall. Although not confirmed, it is entirely possible that Mr. North has done nothing wrong ever in his life.

tl;dr: At this point, at least, everybody from Charles Quigley and up is basically garbage, because even if they seem nice or amusing, they’re actively engaging in or facilitating terrible, harmful shit, while everyone from Christopher Rutledge down is basically okay because even if they have major personality flaws or don’t seem super personable on the surface, at least they aren’t RAPISTS or SLAVERS or MURDERERS, which should honestly be SUCH A BARE MINIMUM STANDARD OF BEHAVIOR, what the HECK.

A Short Explanation Of Ryoma

AKA I have a lot of feelings about my lobster husband. Be aware of anxiety/panic disorder references, as well as major Fates spoilers and suicide.

A lot of people seem to think that Ryoma in Birthright and Ryoma in Conquest are entirely separate characters. This has never sat right with me, so I will attempt to bridge the gap with this interpretation of his character.

For the record, I am also willing to do this for other characters, if anyone’s curious!

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For my own part, I find it exceedingly difficult, even at this time, to determine, in which of the Learned Professions I shall list myself.  When I hear a Man of improv’d Education, speak from the Goodness of his Heart, Divine Truths with a persuasive Eloquence which commands the most solemn Silence and serious Attention from all his Audience, my Soul burns to be in his Place.  When I hear of One who shines at the Bar, and overcomes Chicanery and Oppression, who pleads the Cause of helpless Widows and injur’d Orphans, who at the same time that he gains lasting Fame to himself, disperses Benefits to Multitudes, the same emulous Ardor rises in my Breast.  When I hear of another, who has done eminent Service to Mankind, by discovering Remedies, for the numerous Train of Disorders, to which our frail Bodies are continually subject, and has given Relief to Numbers whose Lives without his Assistance would have been insupportable Burthens, I can’t refrain from wishing to be an equal Dispenser of Good.

Thus I am agitated.  ‘Tis beyond far beyond the Power of one Man to shine conspicuous in all these Characters.  One must be determined upon, and I am almost persuaded that it would be that of the Divine, if this did not preclude me from bearing Arms in Defence of my Country (for I can’t read with Indifference the valiant Acts of those, whose prudent Conduct and admirable Bravery have rescued the Liberties of their Countrymen, and deprived their Enemies of power to do them Hurt.)


John Laurens to his uncle James Laurens, in a letter dated April 17, 1772

For those of you curious about John wanting to enter the seminary

Day Trip and Bellamy Blake’s Personal Values

I rewatched Day Trip this morning (because underemployment is the best sometimes) and a few things stuck out to me during Bellamy’s Jobi-Nut-Jaha hallucination.  In that sequence, Jaha is supposed to represent Bellamy’s innermost dialogue, and you know what Jaha accuses Bellamy of?

Cruelty and treachery.

There’s also murder, obviously, but you know what?  As of that point in 108, Bellamy hadn’t actually killed anyone yet.  His actions with the radio had led to the culling, yes, but he did not pull the trigger there– that was Kane and Jaha.  He also had four *attempted* murders at that point (Jaha, Atom, Murphy, Lincoln) and of those, only two were deliberate attempts to kill someone.  (I mean, “only two attempts to kill someone” is still bad, obviously, but we’re dealing with a very different universe than our own.)  With Atom, he couldn’t even bring himself to do anything more than hold the knife, even though at that point death would have been mercy.  In 108 he also actively resists killing Lincoln, even though Miller is loudly advocating for that decision.

But back to cruelty and treachery.  If Jaha is the face of everything Bellamy hates about himself, Jaha’s words are meant to be Bellamy’s own personal trial for his crimes.  That means that in addition to murder, Bellamy finds himself guilty of treachery and cruelty.  Cruelty is pretty obvious, and you’re not going to find me arguing that torturing Lincoln wasn’t cruel.  Treachery is related to his other crimes– throwing away the radio, hiding away on the dropship, and trying to destroy the wristbands so the Ark wouldn’t come down.

However, what sticks out to me is that if Bellamy is accusing himself of being cruel and treacherous, you know what that means he values?

Kindness and honesty.

Aurora Blake is a big ol’ mess of a character for a lot of reasons, but it is clear that no matter what else happened, Bellamy loved her and believed she was a good person.  He’s heartbroken over the fact that he has become, in his own words, a monster, and believes that his mother would be disappointed in everything he’s done even though every action (save one, which I’ll get to) he had taken thus far was to protect Octavia– which was his number one priority as assigned by Aurora herself.  At this point in time, Bellamy was willing to forgo literally everything he believed in if it meant protecting Octavia, but I don’t think it’s an accident we don’t see those choices weighing on him until he makes a decision to protect himself

Throwing away the radio was a purely selfish act, and one of the few we see him do in s1.  He sees the faces of the people who died because he wanted to live and quite literally begs them to kill him.  He was able to rationalize everything else away in service of Octavia, but this– wanting to live– was inexcusable.  Jobi Nut!Jaha also tells him that he doesn’t even deserve to die and guys, yikes.  Bellamy sees death as a blessing, but it’s a blessing he doesn’t deserve.  That’s how terrible he feels about torturing Lincoln and throwing away the radio, and I want to note here that the first time we see Bellamy in this episode he is kneeling in front of Lincoln, visibly wrestling with what he did to him.  Bellamy is visibly sickened by everything he’s done, even before he hallucinates his own trial.

Also, I want to highlight that up until Day Trip, Bellamy hasn’t actually killed anyone yet.  Not directly, and when Dax shows up, Bellamy doesn’t fight back until Clarke’s life is in danger.  His first direct kill is in service of protecting someone else’s life, and I think that’s significant in the same way that Clarke’s first kill was for mercy.  These two people are deadly, but Clarke kills when there’s no hope and no other option, and Bellamy kills when someone else is at risk.  (You can make the argument this applies to the massacre too, if you buy that Bellamy truly believed his people were at risk.  YMMV for that one, however).

To return to kindness and honesty, however: these are things Bellamy values and prizes, but they are also things he doesn’t think he will ever be able to achieve– and things he doesn’t think he deserves to receive, either.  We see it in how he looks away whenever anyone points out his inner goodness or expresses their love and gratitude for his existence.  He values those things above all else, but he doesn’t think they’re for him.  

Castle Kisses & Princess Proposal

Words: 879
Tony StarkXReader
 “So like I have more… Are you sick of me yet ?? lol if so say when haha. Im going to DIsney in June and I can’t help but think of kissing Tony Stark in front of Cinderella’s castle.. the rest I leave to you as always. :)” tonystarksgirl

“We should take a picture in front of the castle with our ice creams!” You squealed as your boyfriend Tony Stark handed you a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar.

“You’re insufferable, you know that?” He rolled his eyes before taking a gigantic bite out of one of his Mickey’s ears. It was the fourth day of your Disney World vacation, and overall Tony had been a good sport about adhering to your every whim thus far. Including, but not being limited to, Disney Bounding as your favorite Disney couples each day, taking pictures with nearly every character that you could find, and suffering through It’s a Small World for you.

“You were just saying how much fun you’ve been having!” You sighed. “C’mon, I won’t let them take a hundred pictures like they usually do.”

“I don’t know, Sweetheart.” He smirked. “You might want a few hundred pictures of this one.” You were pulling him by the hand away from the ice cream cart and didn’t notice him toss the empty stick from his ice cream away and carefully pat the pocket of his jeans.  You waved at an unsuspecting Disney Photopass cast member until they shyly walked over to you.

“Mr. Stark, Miss. [Y/L/N], is there something I could help you with?” The photographer was a younger woman probably not much older eighteen. She smiled sweetly at you both and waited for you to reply.

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Hi, y’all. i think by now i’ve made it pretty obvious that I’m a huge darvey shipper. If not then here lies said statement: I AM A HUGE DARVEY SHIPPER.

But even with my shipper bias, Harvey getting together with Agard was objectively troublesome, for reasons more than few:

1) Dr. Agard discussed later on in the date that she fantasized about how he would come up to her and kiss her. Which is fine for any woman but the biggest, fattest, red flag as his bloody therapist. Before this episode, I respected her. Now she’s lost all her credibility in my book. As a professional, the right thing to do would have been to step away and transfer him to someone else, not carry on and wait around to see if he would change his mind. 

2) Harvey’s not an idiot. Sure he may have been emotionally stunted in previous seasons, but that doesn’t translate into being this level of emotionally naive. He had dreams about Donna. Donna was the beacon of light for him when he went to go face his mother. How in the world does this translate into Dr. Agard being the right one for him? It’s pretty obvious who else matters to Harvey, and the fact that he has yet to realize this actually kind of insulting to the intelligence of his character.

3) Dr. Agard knows about Donna and Harvey?? Knows that they have something special? She’s also a therapist so she should know more than anybody else how complex the duo are?? She should know more than anyone else that if Harvey were to ever get with anyone it would be with Donna. Like, do the writers even watch their own episodes??

4) That last kiss was all kinds of wrong. She’s his therapist. They should not be giving her fantasy any kind of life. 

Other opinions of the episode:

5) While I’m proud of Donna taking the reigns of her own future, it was too fast. I would have much rather preferred to see her move up the rank rather than her (almost) bullying her way into it. But I personally think she deserves it so this is a *small* issue in my book. And if you think she doesn’t deserve then fight me because the firm literally could not run without her and everyone else knows it too.

6) When did Harvey lose his spine? His character development thus far has been having the hots for his therapist while cowering in the corner to do a job that he wold have been more than excellent at with his skill and prowess in Season 1. He is becoming soft, and not in a good way. 

Anywho, I’m a mess, but not as much as this episode was. I honestly don’t know how they’re going to clean this big can of worms they just opened up.

To my fellow Darvey shippers: What’s your status? I’m curious. Should we stay on and keep blindly following a ship that will probably never land, not matter how many false alarms? Is it even worth it knowing what kind of person Harvey is now (aka does he even deserve her?!) Do we move on and hope that Donna finds some hunky man and finds her happily ever after with him instead? 

I’m lost. And this is a first.

so, hansung...

that last episode made me so incredibly hyped that i zoned out in three of my four classes yesterday just thinking about his character. boy am i glad i called dibs on that boy let me tell you. i should mention that everything that im about to say is under the assumption (once again) that hansung really is sixteen.

the main priority of this post isn’t just talking about his personality. i wanted to talk about hansung’s relationship with dansae, as it supports my previous post (which you can read here). to paraphrase, i basically stated that hansung, while loving them, feels his family is a burden to him for various reasons. that much was explicitly stated in episode 12.

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The Last Jedi: Vanity Fair Spotlight Discussion - That's Not What He Said Edition - YouTube

In this episode we explain why Reylo is alive and kicking, and take exception to the implication that it is solely “fan-fiction fantasy”. The gifs, they are salty. u_u

We also share our impressions on The Last Jedi cast photography by Annie Leibovitz, and discuss what the change in costuming of the key players in episode 8 may hint at in regards to their future character arcs. We also comment on the marketing of TLJ thus far. Lastly, some personal observations from Denise in the wake of the VF debacle.

Update: since our original recording of May 25th, 2017, David Kamp of Vanity Fair has shared Rian Johnson’s full quote about romance in episode 8, which you can find here: https://twitter.com/MrKamp/status/868445041999716353

anonymous asked:

I see ppl hating on welcome to the madness and I don't know why? Do you know? I haven't seen it/read it but it seems like some people are really mad about it ;')

;”D I see what you did there ahaha

Well, I’ve seen quite a few reasons why, all of which I will try to explain the best I can with limited bias first, then give my own views on it separately. This way, everyone can come to their own conclusions and the like, and no one confuses my explanations for me trying to force my own views onto anyone! 😂

- People think that WTTM sexualises Yurio due to several reasons. The main ones I see are the backless tank top he wears, some of the moves in the program (mostly the one that’s modeled after a move Johnny Weir often does, where he bends back onto the ice and glides. In Yurio’s case, this causes his shirt to ride up, exposing his torso), and, of course, when Otabek helps remove Yurio’s glove with his teeth.

- Going off of the last point above, basically Otabek’s entire presence in WTTM has angered a lot of people. These are mostly people who do not ship the two together, often citing the accusation of “it’s paed/ophilia” for this (not always, but it is a common reason on here.) Otabek removing Yurio’s glove with his teeth was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot of people who are angry over WTTM.

Now for my own opinions.

Me stating my opinions =/= me telling you what views you have to have. 

Do I think that WTTM was pure? No, I really don’t think it was the spitting image of angelic purity. But it was 1000% in-character for Yurio. He is a teenage edgelord. More than anything, WTTM was edgy. It was not inherently sexual in my eyes. There were a few moments that were slightly risque, but honestly I hesitate to even use the word risque for this. None of the camera angles focused in on shots that would be inappropriate, and there really weren’t any unusually sensual moves incorporated into the program. 

I actually really like that Yurio was finally able to skate a program his character wanted, and I think that someone of his age should have the freedom to express himself, even in an edgy manner. Such a thing is the exact opposite of unusual for teens to want to do. From personal experience, I can tell you that when I was younger than Yurio was during WTTM, I recall people doing much worse in environments like school dances. I honestly don’t know why so many people on here are incredibly, incredibly shocked that a teenager, going through the process of maturing and discovering who he is, may not be the embodiment of innocence. (Read more due to length and content)

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I'm new, what's the greyling au?

Haha, welcome!

The Greyling AU is a Miraculous Ladybug AU that I made up. In it, instead of Adrien getting the Cat Noir Ring and Gabriel the Butterfly Brooch, it’s flipped. So Gabriel, blinded by grief, goes out and destroys Paris in the hopes of luring out Ladybug and getting her Earrings to bring his wife back. Adrien, after nearly getting killed by his transformed father, is ordered on lockdown, but he catches the eye of Master Fu. Fu gives him the Butterfly Brooch instead, which allows him to remain inside and fight the good fight from afar.

It’s a bit angsty given the nature of the beast, and you can find all the content I’ve put out for it thus far in the greyling au tag on my blog. I get a lot of requests for a fic of it, so I’m currently trying to figure out how best to do the characters justice before I start one.

anonymous asked:

Eren, levi, and hange for the character thing!

Eren Jaeger:

How I feel about this character:

  • The more I have reread and rewatched the series thus far, the more I absolutely love Eren. He is honestly such a good protag. I have seen people salt over his flaws and impulsiveness but, imo, those flaws are what makes him one of the best and one of the most human protags I’ve ever witnessed in a series. I thank Yams on the daily for creating him. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

  • He looks so god damn sexy with long hair and facial scruff. Like, god, He went from “Excuse me, sir.” to “Hi, yes, your daughter calls me daddy too”. Older, beardy hobo Eren is mmmmmnnhhhnnnnggffflksdjfgs;lkj. 10/10 would sit on his face. 

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon:

  • So many things but, there is one thing in particular that I really want to see him do only because it has been mentioned a number of times in the series. I want to see him use the coordinate to summon the Wall Titans. Like, I want to witness this so bad because I think it would be such an incredible and terrifying scene. Ugghglkgdfjhg.  

Levi Ackerman:

How I feel about this character:

  • I love him with every fiber of my being. He is, hands down, one of the most well-rounded, amazing, fucked up, beautifully drawn, and amazingly written characters I have ever come across in my life. He is so wonderfully flawed and incredibly kind and I just love him so god damn much. There is not a single string of words that exists in any language known to man that would allow me to accurately express how much I love and adore Levi Ackerman. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

  • I have quite a few, but I think the one I get the most shit over is that I believe him to be demi-heterosexual. 

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: 

  • This one will come off kind of dark but, I honestly want to see Levi cry. It could be happy or sad crying, I do not care. I just want to see this man express such extreme emotion at least once in canon. And before anyone says it; no. I’m not counting acwnr because they botched the fuck out of that spin-off in animation and he didn’t actually smile or cry in the manga for it.
  • BONUS: I want to see the undercut ponytail concept become canon so bad. SOOOOOO BAD, Y’ALL. The thirst is real.

Hanji Zoe:

How I feel about this character:

  • Fucking AMAZING. I love Hanji very much. She’s a character I have come to greatly enjoy seeing and I really want to know more about her too. 

My unpopular opinion about this character:

  • It’s not much of an opinion, per say but, since Isayama stated outright that Hanji is a character that is meant to be interpreted by the reader to be any gender they see fit; I perceive Hanji as female. 
  • BONUS: I pronounce her name with one syllable instead of two. Like Toe but with a Z instead of Zoey. Idk why. I know it’s wrong but, no matter how hard I try, my brain does not process her name as Zo-ee. 

One thing I wish would happen/had happened with this character in canon: 

  • Weird, but I want to see Levi knock her the fuck out for a bath lmao. Ever since I read this in smartpass, I have wanted to see Yams actually draw it.  

SEND ME A CHARACTER! No longer accepting! Thank you for all the asks <3