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Burned: Arrow 5x15 Review (Fighting Fire with Fire)

So sorry my friends! I have slept. I am medicated. Thus I can write.

Oh Episode 15. You have become the season nemesis. The pebble in our proverbial audience shoe. The yucky chocolate filling in the otherwise yummy chocolate box.

Arrow has begun a tradition over the past three seasons. The 15th episode is filled with a whole lot of suck. I’m excluding 1x15 and 2x15 because I happened to really enjoy those episodes, but 5x15 can go sit in the corner with 3x15 and 4x15. Now, is it Felicity banging Palmer level? 

Or Felicity breaking up with Oliver level? 

Eh. Depends on your perspective. Those were very low lows. Maybe I’ll just leave 5x15 on par with those episodes.

The good news is, 3x15 and 4x15 were a bottoming out of sorts. We said to ourselves, “Arrow can’t get much crappier that this!” and, for the most part, we were right. There was an upswing as Arrow headed into the back half of the season.

Why is it like this? I don’t know. Arrow hits this wall around the 11-15 range almost every single season. There’s a lull and we run into a series of episodes we could seriously do without. 

I don’t think Arrow intends to write a crappy episode. I think they try very hard to make excellent TV every week. The problem is the 23 episode season, and maybe this is why I’m a big “smeh.” I fully expect a third crap, a third good, and a third excellent every season. Typically, that’s what I get. So, I toss this episode into my one third crap pile, grab another bag of chips and write the review.

Cause we gots to talk about why "Fighting Fire with Fire” was a whole lotta suck. We shall address the suck with a copious amounts of gifs, because I’m in. I’m not changing the channel. I’m too invested. You jump I jump Arrow

So, when eps like these come along, I just have to laugh, vent, and have some fun with it. But never fear! I do see rainbows on the horizon. There’s yummy chocolate in this box somewhere. 

Let’s dig in…

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Through many dangers, toils and snares,
I have already come;
’Tis grace that brought me safe thus far,
And grace will lead me home.

The scene in which Shepard finds Mordin’s datapad is one of the most painful in the series. It always gives me a sharp jolt of realization that her friends have died to defeat the reapers and so much rides on her shoulders..

The last character(with the tied up hair) is an oc of mine, the man who took Miora in for a while before dying. He gave her a home and taught her to read. A good man, whose backstory I’ve yet to develop.

I don’t mean to always make Miora so sad in every artwork.. but it just happens.. Next one will be a happy one, I swear! 

Something thats been bugging me lately

What is wrong with wanting to love all the characters? 

 I’ve been seeing a lot of things popping up across my feed lately that have been a little hurtful in regards to treatment and support of problematic characters- specifically for the Miraculous Ladybug fandom Chloe, Lila, and Gabriel. All three are problematic in their own way, and from what is shown in the canon thus far none is 100% good or evil one way or the other. Now for me personally I love all three. Why? Because I adore problematic characters. I always have. Particularly ones who are misguided as opposed to zealots (ex. Hux from Star Wars Force Awakens holds little interest to me because he is knowingly evil and unremorseful about it-a zealot, as opposed to someone who is/was either unwittingly evil due to ignorance (Fin my precious storm trooper baby!!!! You be the hero we know you are!!!!), or rationalizing evil that they struggle with for the sake of some ultimate goal (Maybe Kylo… donnow not totally sold on him yet. He’s still a little whiny for me but we shall see in the new movie.) 

 Liking problematic characters in this fandom seems to be a very hot button issue. Perhaps because the recurring villains are so everyday. We know liars, we know bullies, we know neglectful and overprotective parents. This are things that can spark very real and viseral reactions based on experiences we have had. Its the same reason in Harry Potter that we hate Umbridge more than Voldemort, because its an evil that resonates with our own experience. 

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For my own part, I find it exceedingly difficult, even at this time, to determine, in which of the Learned Professions I shall list myself.  When I hear a Man of improv’d Education, speak from the Goodness of his Heart, Divine Truths with a persuasive Eloquence which commands the most solemn Silence and serious Attention from all his Audience, my Soul burns to be in his Place.  When I hear of One who shines at the Bar, and overcomes Chicanery and Oppression, who pleads the Cause of helpless Widows and injur’d Orphans, who at the same time that he gains lasting Fame to himself, disperses Benefits to Multitudes, the same emulous Ardor rises in my Breast.  When I hear of another, who has done eminent Service to Mankind, by discovering Remedies, for the numerous Train of Disorders, to which our frail Bodies are continually subject, and has given Relief to Numbers whose Lives without his Assistance would have been insupportable Burthens, I can’t refrain from wishing to be an equal Dispenser of Good.

Thus I am agitated.  ‘Tis beyond far beyond the Power of one Man to shine conspicuous in all these Characters.  One must be determined upon, and I am almost persuaded that it would be that of the Divine, if this did not preclude me from bearing Arms in Defence of my Country (for I can’t read with Indifference the valiant Acts of those, whose prudent Conduct and admirable Bravery have rescued the Liberties of their Countrymen, and deprived their Enemies of power to do them Hurt.)


John Laurens to his uncle James Laurens, in a letter dated April 17, 1772

For those of you curious about John wanting to enter the seminary

Day Trip and Bellamy Blake’s Personal Values

I rewatched Day Trip this morning (because underemployment is the best sometimes) and a few things stuck out to me during Bellamy’s Jobi-Nut-Jaha hallucination.  In that sequence, Jaha is supposed to represent Bellamy’s innermost dialogue, and you know what Jaha accuses Bellamy of?

Cruelty and treachery.

There’s also murder, obviously, but you know what?  As of that point in 108, Bellamy hadn’t actually killed anyone yet.  His actions with the radio had led to the culling, yes, but he did not pull the trigger there– that was Kane and Jaha.  He also had four *attempted* murders at that point (Jaha, Atom, Murphy, Lincoln) and of those, only two were deliberate attempts to kill someone.  (I mean, “only two attempts to kill someone” is still bad, obviously, but we’re dealing with a very different universe than our own.)  With Atom, he couldn’t even bring himself to do anything more than hold the knife, even though at that point death would have been mercy.  In 108 he also actively resists killing Lincoln, even though Miller is loudly advocating for that decision.

But back to cruelty and treachery.  If Jaha is the face of everything Bellamy hates about himself, Jaha’s words are meant to be Bellamy’s own personal trial for his crimes.  That means that in addition to murder, Bellamy finds himself guilty of treachery and cruelty.  Cruelty is pretty obvious, and you’re not going to find me arguing that torturing Lincoln wasn’t cruel.  Treachery is related to his other crimes– throwing away the radio, hiding away on the dropship, and trying to destroy the wristbands so the Ark wouldn’t come down.

However, what sticks out to me is that if Bellamy is accusing himself of being cruel and treacherous, you know what that means he values?

Kindness and honesty.

Aurora Blake is a big ol’ mess of a character for a lot of reasons, but it is clear that no matter what else happened, Bellamy loved her and believed she was a good person.  He’s heartbroken over the fact that he has become, in his own words, a monster, and believes that his mother would be disappointed in everything he’s done even though every action (save one, which I’ll get to) he had taken thus far was to protect Octavia– which was his number one priority as assigned by Aurora herself.  At this point in time, Bellamy was willing to forgo literally everything he believed in if it meant protecting Octavia, but I don’t think it’s an accident we don’t see those choices weighing on him until he makes a decision to protect himself

Throwing away the radio was a purely selfish act, and one of the few we see him do in s1.  He sees the faces of the people who died because he wanted to live and quite literally begs them to kill him.  He was able to rationalize everything else away in service of Octavia, but this– wanting to live– was inexcusable.  Jobi Nut!Jaha also tells him that he doesn’t even deserve to die and guys, yikes.  Bellamy sees death as a blessing, but it’s a blessing he doesn’t deserve.  That’s how terrible he feels about torturing Lincoln and throwing away the radio, and I want to note here that the first time we see Bellamy in this episode he is kneeling in front of Lincoln, visibly wrestling with what he did to him.  Bellamy is visibly sickened by everything he’s done, even before he hallucinates his own trial.

Also, I want to highlight that up until Day Trip, Bellamy hasn’t actually killed anyone yet.  Not directly, and when Dax shows up, Bellamy doesn’t fight back until Clarke’s life is in danger.  His first direct kill is in service of protecting someone else’s life, and I think that’s significant in the same way that Clarke’s first kill was for mercy.  These two people are deadly, but Clarke kills when there’s no hope and no other option, and Bellamy kills when someone else is at risk.  (You can make the argument this applies to the massacre too, if you buy that Bellamy truly believed his people were at risk.  YMMV for that one, however).

To return to kindness and honesty, however: these are things Bellamy values and prizes, but they are also things he doesn’t think he will ever be able to achieve– and things he doesn’t think he deserves to receive, either.  We see it in how he looks away whenever anyone points out his inner goodness or expresses their love and gratitude for his existence.  He values those things above all else, but he doesn’t think they’re for him.  

The Last Jedi: Vanity Fair Spotlight Discussion - That's Not What He Said Edition - YouTube

In this episode we explain why Reylo is alive and kicking, and take exception to the implication that it is solely “fan-fiction fantasy”. The gifs, they are salty. u_u

We also share our impressions on The Last Jedi cast photography by Annie Leibovitz, and discuss what the change in costuming of the key players in episode 8 may hint at in regards to their future character arcs. We also comment on the marketing of TLJ thus far. Lastly, some personal observations from Denise in the wake of the VF debacle.

Update: since our original recording of May 25th, 2017, David Kamp of Vanity Fair has shared Rian Johnson’s full quote about romance in episode 8, which you can find here: https://twitter.com/MrKamp/status/868445041999716353

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I see ppl hating on welcome to the madness and I don't know why? Do you know? I haven't seen it/read it but it seems like some people are really mad about it ;')

;”D I see what you did there ahaha

Well, I’ve seen quite a few reasons why, all of which I will try to explain the best I can with limited bias first, then give my own views on it separately. This way, everyone can come to their own conclusions and the like, and no one confuses my explanations for me trying to force my own views onto anyone! 😂

- People think that WTTM sexualises Yurio due to several reasons. The main ones I see are the backless tank top he wears, some of the moves in the program (mostly the one that’s modeled after a move Johnny Weir often does, where he bends back onto the ice and glides. In Yurio’s case, this causes his shirt to ride up, exposing his torso), and, of course, when Otabek helps remove Yurio’s glove with his teeth.

- Going off of the last point above, basically Otabek’s entire presence in WTTM has angered a lot of people. These are mostly people who do not ship the two together, often citing the accusation of “it’s paed/ophilia” for this (not always, but it is a common reason on here.) Otabek removing Yurio’s glove with his teeth was pretty much the straw that broke the camel’s back for a lot of people who are angry over WTTM.

Now for my own opinions.

Me stating my opinions =/= me telling you what views you have to have. 

Do I think that WTTM was pure? No, I really don’t think it was the spitting image of angelic purity. But it was 1000% in-character for Yurio. He is a teenage edgelord. More than anything, WTTM was edgy. It was not inherently sexual in my eyes. There were a few moments that were slightly risque, but honestly I hesitate to even use the word risque for this. None of the camera angles focused in on shots that would be inappropriate, and there really weren’t any unusually sensual moves incorporated into the program. 

I actually really like that Yurio was finally able to skate a program his character wanted, and I think that someone of his age should have the freedom to express himself, even in an edgy manner. Such a thing is the exact opposite of unusual for teens to want to do. From personal experience, I can tell you that when I was younger than Yurio was during WTTM, I recall people doing much worse in environments like school dances. I honestly don’t know why so many people on here are incredibly, incredibly shocked that a teenager, going through the process of maturing and discovering who he is, may not be the embodiment of innocence. (Read more due to length and content)

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Castle Kisses & Princess Proposal

Words: 879
Tony StarkXReader
 “So like I have more… Are you sick of me yet ?? lol if so say when haha. Im going to DIsney in June and I can’t help but think of kissing Tony Stark in front of Cinderella’s castle.. the rest I leave to you as always. :)” tonystarksgirl

“We should take a picture in front of the castle with our ice creams!” You squealed as your boyfriend Tony Stark handed you a Mickey Mouse shaped ice cream bar.

“You’re insufferable, you know that?” He rolled his eyes before taking a gigantic bite out of one of his Mickey’s ears. It was the fourth day of your Disney World vacation, and overall Tony had been a good sport about adhering to your every whim thus far. Including, but not being limited to, Disney Bounding as your favorite Disney couples each day, taking pictures with nearly every character that you could find, and suffering through It’s a Small World for you.

“You were just saying how much fun you’ve been having!” You sighed. “C’mon, I won’t let them take a hundred pictures like they usually do.”

“I don’t know, Sweetheart.” He smirked. “You might want a few hundred pictures of this one.” You were pulling him by the hand away from the ice cream cart and didn’t notice him toss the empty stick from his ice cream away and carefully pat the pocket of his jeans.  You waved at an unsuspecting Disney Photopass cast member until they shyly walked over to you.

“Mr. Stark, Miss. [Y/L/N], is there something I could help you with?” The photographer was a younger woman probably not much older eighteen. She smiled sweetly at you both and waited for you to reply.

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Just started Alloy of Law!

I honestly had been putting off starting this, because of re-reading Stormlight Archive and having Way Too Many Feels.  I needed time to recover.  But I finally started it (read through chapter 7), and so far am loving it!  I haven’t exactly avoided spoilers, but I also haven’t actually looked anything up, so I’m going in pretty blind :-)

  • I barely got through the first page before the setting felt super real
  • Lessie yes!
  • That gallery is terrifying, Bloody Tan really is a psychopath…
  • Lessie noooooo!
  • Of all the magic systems Branden Sanderson has written, I think the ones in Mistborn are my favorite to read
  • I feel Steris’s 20 page write-up on a spiritual level. Like yes, I,too, would develop extensive documentation if I were about to enter a political marriage
  • Wayne is hilarious and I would support Wax either giving him a big hug or just decking him in the face
  • Wax is drawn to the mists just like Vin :-)
  • So many shoutouts to era 1, like I think there were three or four on a single page at one point
  • Is it weird that I kinda want a textbook on the religions of Scadrial?  Like, give me chapters about the philosophy and practices of following the Path, or the Church of the Survivor, or whatever other religion people happen to follow
  • Wayne’s shenanigans give me life
  • The fact that as soon as he realized Marasi recognized him he just full-on let her be in on the conversation was pretty great
  • Marasi: Oh no!  We’re being attacked by a hoard of armed, dangerous men!  Better take notes!
  • Wax and Wayne fighting is a thing be behold, like these guys are beyond good at what they do and it’s memorizing to read
  • Wax needs a hug…him freezing in fights is so tragic and so horribly understandable
  • Wayne’s “trading” is hilarious though
  • Wayne in general is hilarious thus far, tbh
  • Until he gets dangerous, then he’s definitely not someone I’d want to tick off
  • Is Marasi an allomancer?  Or even a Twinborn?  Is she a seeker or something?  The way she promises that Steris isn’t an allomancer seems…suspicious to me
  • But maybe I’m just reading into it too much
  • I thought I’d miss the original Mistborn characters, but honestly everyone we’ve met so far is so engaging I really don’t feel like I’m missing anything
  • This book is glorious, and I intend to enjoy it until the unavoidable assault on my feels rips out my heart… :-) 
so, hansung...

that last episode made me so incredibly hyped that i zoned out in three of my four classes yesterday just thinking about his character. boy am i glad i called dibs on that boy let me tell you. i should mention that everything that im about to say is under the assumption (once again) that hansung really is sixteen.

the main priority of this post isn’t just talking about his personality. i wanted to talk about hansung’s relationship with dansae, as it supports my previous post (which you can read here). to paraphrase, i basically stated that hansung, while loving them, feels his family is a burden to him for various reasons. that much was explicitly stated in episode 12.

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Hi! This is a completely neutral message, but I was wonder what your stance is on the critic iron fist is getting for being a very Asian centred story, but not casting an Asian actor to play Danny Rand? Have a nice day!!

    You too! 

    This is a tricky topic, and something we don’t tend to get into much on this blog, but in short: It’s hard for us to be critical about Danny Rand, since we love him and the Iron Fist mythos so much. At the same time, it is important to be critical about the media you consume. We fully sympathize with those who wish Danny had been depicted differently, and we understand the arguments for an Asian casting choice. It would have been a good way for Marvel to acknowledge the occasionally appropriative nature of his story, and we would have been really interested to see where they might have taken that new narrative. 

    But as it stands, we trust Marvel’s casting department, and are excited to see what Finn Jones brings to the role. We’ve enjoyed his performances thus far, and based on the interviews he’s given, he seems to really understand Danny’s character. 

Locker Room Boys (Isaac Lahey)

So I saw this a while ago over on @vividimagines and it’s been stuck in my mind ever since. Please go check her out, if you like me, you’ll adore her!

Imagine going to talk to your best friend, Danny, in the locker room and getting distracted by Isaac who’s changing behind him and is very aware of your watching eyes.


You’re day had been stressful and you absolutely needed to talk to your best friend. You’d been with Danny your whole life. You couldn’t remember a time when the two of you weren’t friends. You knocked, more a warning than anything else. At this point, the team was used to you barging into the locker room and nobody dared saying anything because Danny would stand up for you with everything he had.

“Hey, Danny.” You call, walking over and taking a seat on the bench. Danny looked back at you, a towel hugging his hips as he dug for a clean shirt. “How was practice?” You questioned, turning so you were facing him, but your eyes were drawn towards someone else. Behind Danny, was a tall boy with sandy hair and pretty nice abs. A boy by the name of Isaac Lahey.

“Bad day?” Danny questioned, avoiding your question completely. You nodded and he frowned, pulling a shirt on. You turned your back long enough for him to put the rest of his clothes. You turn back to look at him, but most of the time while you were talking to him, your gaze was going straight past him to land on Isaac. Realistically, he should have been done with whatever it was he was doing. You flicked your eyes up to his face to see a slight smirk playing at his lips.

“Would it make it better if I told Lahey to stop eavesdropping?” Danny questioned with a small laugh. At the sentence, both you and Isaac stiffened a little. “Or would you rather I tell you about your huge crush on him?” Your eyes widened. Isaac pulled his shirt over his head so he was completely dressed and slung his bag over his shoulder. With a slam of his locker, he walked out but not without tossing you a cheesy wink.

“Danny! What was that for?” You hissed, only half angry. Danny just laughed, standing up and offering you his arm. You looped yours through it and the two of you left the locker room.

“It gets tiring watching you two pretend you aren’t ogling each other all the time. I figured it was time I did something.”

What would you do without your locker room boys?


Hey! So this isn’t very good but I really enjoyed writing it. Isaac is, thus far, my favorite teen wolf character, though Stiles Stilinski is a close second. I hope you liked it and if you’d like to read more, go ahead and ask and requests are always open. -Cass

Dear fellow Theon fans:

Originally posted by mrs-storm-andrews

It’s almost here! We’re  counting down the final days until the season 7 premiere! 

As fervent fans of Alfie Allen’s work on Game of Thrones, we’ve been following his activities throughout season seven production very closely. At this point, all evidence points to the upcoming season being an excellent one for Theon. If you don’t believe us, take it from the man himself:

“Theon’s storyline will be big, great to watch - Get ready!” —Alfie Allen on his character’s arc in season 7

He even got his first-ever character poster:

Over the next couple of weeks, we will post our predictions for Theon’s story in every episode of season 7, based on everything we have gathered thus far (confirmed spoilers, filming pictures, actor & director sightings, filming schedule, and some good old detective work).

Make sure you follow this Tumblog to receive the latest posts on Theon’s journey in the new season. Let’s begin!

Brought to you by @re-x and @sing-for-theongreyjoy


Episode 1

Episode 2

Episode 3

Episode 4

A discussion on Theon’s screen time in season 7

P.S. If you are trying to stay away from any spoilers, make sure you blacklist the #got spoilers tag. Consider yourself warned :)

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Hi! I was the person who asked about dub vs sub Goku. I meant as in Goku's personality. I only know him as the super saiyan who's so clueless about romance that sometimes he seems really goofy (or "dumb" as I've heard some people used.) So every time I see fanart of Goku more serious in romantic themes, I kind of pause for a moment. So I guess what I am trying to say is that I'm used to goofy Goku and not romantic Goku.

Ah, gotcha! Well, the general consensus among fans is that Goku really isn’t the romantic type, and he isn’t shown to be in any iterations of the material. That doesn’t mean he doesn’t show affection towards his wife “off-screen,” and even within the series we do get moments that show that Goku does care about ChiChi. You don’t need to be romantic in order to express your love. Something like a scene in which your wife is the last person you see in a near-death experience is implication enough.  

Even if Goku does “romantic things” for is wife while “off-screen”, like give her flowers or massage her back or anything else that may be considered romantic gestures, he wouldn’t do those things based on the notion of romance. He’d do those things because he’s sweet and knows they make his wife happy. 

And as far as fanart… Artists often base their work on personal headcanons, what they believe occurs when the audience isn’t looking. Besides the common knowledge that author feels he isn’t good at writing romance and thus does not incorporate it into his work, ChiChi and Goku aren’t the PDA type, and much of the series occurs outside of their married life and with several other characters around. 

So artists are pretty much left to fill in the gaps that are left out, like them kissing or fucking or anything else we saw little to nothing of. That, or they throw out canon and draw characters in AU situations for whatever reasons they have. Honestly it all really comes down to personal headcanons and preferences  I don’t think it matters if you’ve seen the Japanese or English dub, or any other dub for that matter. If you’re a fan of the pairing, then you’re gonna draw them how you want, canon or not. 

Cross Marian #5 Anime vs. Manga


This is basically a rundown of the DGM anime, covering how TMS Entertainment villainized Cross Marian in the anime. 

Cross has this rep. as an inhuman psychopath, which is more suiting reputation for Winters Sokaro. 

I can only guess the anime is responsible for 70% of this. The other 30% may just be people who read the manga, but lack reading comprehension. This covers the former. All my other writings on Cross cover the latter. lol Please, check those out as well -all located in my blog.

Screenshots and manga panels are used to illustrate differences. Updated with Hallow as well. So lets begin. Hope you enjoy the read.

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Now that you know that pastor Jerome is one of the good guys for far cry, how do you feel about him? A badass preacher type out to take his flock back from a cult

We’ll see. The Farcry series has a tendency to make me suspicious of everyone as it inevitably pigeonholes the protagonist into some increasingly disturbing stuff. That said, he and the characters introduced thus far strike me as prime Hunter: The Vigil type characters, which you know I’m always down to play. So wel’ll see how he plays out.

The Man from U.N.C.L.E. 2015 - Illya x Napoleon AO3 Fic Recs

For my future reference, after going through all 12 pages’ worth of the same in the past fortnight. (I have become such Napollya trash. Goodness.)

This rec list is current as of 26 September 2015

Author Recs

title | approx. word count

1. Right now, basically anything by manic_intent. Special shout-out to her three completed fics. (Their fourth is presently a WIP.) Excellent plots, wonderful grasp and feel of the boys’ dialogue, and a Gaby who is a spitfire and an absolute delight to read. 

The Gemini Affair | 46.9k words

In the first month of being co-opted into working with Illya Kuryakin full time at U.N.C.L.E., Napoleon stoIllya’s father’s watch four times, twice out of spite, once out of drunken curiosity, and once out of sheer boredom. After the fourth time, Gaby sprained one of Napoleon’s fingers and threatened to do worse if he did it again.

“You are not a spy,” she told him firmly, dangling the watch out of reach as Napoleon curled in a wincing, fetal position on his Le Corbusier couch in his upstate apartment. “You are a thief with the self-control of a child. Now give me back my ring.”

“What ring?” Napoleon asked innocently, even through the pain.

“How fond are you of your nose?” Gaby shot back blandly.’

Comments: Deliciously plotty case fic with a good, slow burn. It reads like the Istanbul sequel you’d want, with the added bonus of Napollya goodness and a smattering of Illya angst. Kudos to the care taken with the historically accurate detail.

The Trojan Affair | 43k words

Ten minutes to go to ground zero and Artyom was still desperately trying to escape. “I have never attended little girl’s birthday party,” he pointed out repeatedly, and actually pouted, big blue eyes wide and pleading.

“Always a first time,” Napoleon said mercilessly, pulling on a charcoal Tom Ford blazer over his loose gray knit. “Mrs Siegfried invited us weeks ago, Artyom, don’t be a baby. You’ve had quite a while to gird your loins. We’re going to a party, not some sort of trench warfare. Smile.”

Artyom scowled, which was admittedly normally an adorable look even for a tall, blonde Russian giant of a man. “I do not like Mrs Siegfried,” Artyom declared, clearly intent on being as recalcitrant as possible.

Comments: Mr and Mrs Smith AU with a twist, modern setting. Again, excellent case fic. The Napollya push-pull dynamic is beautifully bittersweet. The ending - without giving too much away - is well-earned and does the entire set-up justice. 

Tiger, Tiger | 7.9k words

Napoleon was about to launch into his carefully scripted spiel of punctuated disdain when he hesitated, hands still cupped over the delicate little Soviet-made devices that he had found in his room. There was a faint but unmistakable sensation crawling under his skin, a prickling, restless buzz, like getting light-headed off good champagne, and Napoleon narrowed his eyes, script forgotten, studying an increasingly irritated-looking Illya with a new light.

Illya, on the other hand, had folded his arms. His bowtie looked ridiculous with his suit, highlighting the far too long expanse between his shirt collar and belly, and he was starting to scowl. “What?” he demanded again, a flat curl of annoyance making his tone harsh, and Napoleon nearly flinched instinctively back before all the enforced training kicked in.

Comments: A/B/O fics are my weakness. A/B/O fics with subversion of stereotypes, as well as gender, political and social commentary? Yes, please! Cleverly done, and I like the touches of historical accuracy. 

2. Anything by sosopes. Lyrical writing. Both individual character growth and Napollya relationship development are wholly satisfying. Highlighting two fics in particular:

Dog Years | 10.6k words

llya’s really good with dogs. Napoleon’s more of a cat person, personally, but he’s not about to let that get in the way of them living their life together.

Comments: This fic. THIS FIC. One of my absolute favourites in this fandom thus far, bar none. Remarkable character studies, the boys gradually falling into a relationship, domesticity, the harsh realities of spy work, boys growing old together. (Also, a Gaby who is brilliant.) It’s a quiet, beautiful thing you’d want to curl up with, a fic that gets richer with every re-read, like a good bottle of red wine. Gorgeous.

Through a Looking Glass, Darkly | 12k words

Illya watches Solo work and sees something he was never supposed to see. And then that work follows them all home.

Comments: Lovely mix of action-y bits and character introspection. Boys misunderstanding each other because they refuse to ~talk, but it all works out well in the end. Deals with some themes of internalised homophobia. The entire team are BAMFs too, when the going gets tough. 

3. Anything by ignu. They have a sharp, witty way of writing that delights, and the ability to pack so much in so few words. Highlighting these two fics in particular:

If I Run It’s Not Enough | 5.5k words

Greed, and lust, those were the two sins that defined Napoleon Solo, and Illya Kuryakin aroused the two precise desires in Napoleon he never chose to resist. With his stoic gaze and chiseled jawline, Kuryakin was as beautiful and inscrutable as a Greek statue, and Napoleon had never been one to leave works of art undefiled.

Comments: This pushes so many of my buttons. Friends with benefits tumbling into more, boys being obtuse, boys pining - rendered beautifully with tight writing and characters you can’t help but feel for.  

let’s start fires for heaven’s sake | 2.5k words

“I need you to help me steal something,” Napoleon said.

“It’s urgent?”

Napoleon considered the question. “More or less.”

There was silence over the line, and then Illya drew a sharp breath. “They’re blackmailing you.”

(Or the one where Napoleon tries to steal back his freedom, only to find Illya had already stolen his heart.)

Comments: AU where there is no UNCLE, Napoleon tries to leave the CIA but is blackmailed into staying, and Illya helps him to break free. It is glorious in its brutal intensity. 

Individual Fic Recs

title | writer | approx. word count

and suddenly i was a lilac sky | thebrotherswinchester |15.3k words

Five missions turn out all right, and one doesn’t.

Comments: A fic that’s an utter thing of beauty. The writing is masterful, the characters are written so very real, the dialogue is pitch perfect and true to the flavour of the movie, the relationship dynamic between the two boys and their journey to their happily every after are worth every gripping word, and the pay-off is well-earned and satisfying. Definitely another favourite of mine in this fandom.

Love in the Times of Cold War | merle_p | 7.8k words

“Don’t blame yourself,” Waverly says, almost kindly. “No one saw it coming.”

Illya looks down at him, surprised and perhaps a little condescending, because he knows better than to blame himself, and he doesn’t understand why Waverly thinks he would. Solo is good at what he does, one of the best, and Illya has always been more than aware that Solo could trick him if he really set his mind to it.

No, Illya does not blame himself for not seeing the signs. If there is anything he should blame himself for, it is that he let himself assume that he wouldn’t have to look for them in the first place. But socialism is a future-oriented ideology, and there is no point in dwelling on the past. Illya has made a mistake, is all. He is not going to make it again.

Comments: Misunderstandings, presumed betrayals, angst, satisfying resolution. This captures the nature of the feel of the Cold War wonderfully, I find. And the boys, when they finally get there in the end, have me sighing happily. 

You’re My Sugar Dandy | gunboots | 1.7k words

“Would you like anything else, sir?” The girl behind the counter, (Gaby, her sky blue nameplate reads) smirks, actively smirks at him. “And no, you can’t have his number.”

“What if I simply wanted to give my compliments? “ Gaby considers him for a moment, then the line of women behind him.

"You got 15 minutes?” Technically Napoleon doesn’t, but he’s not about to go rushing back to Victoria’s fits of rage regardless.

AKA the one where Illya is a hot baker, Napoleon is in love and Gaby is entertained.

Comments: A short and wonderful, feel-good fic. It’s as sweet as the sugary-sweet confections I imagine baker!Illya makes, the writing is wry and humourous, and the ending left me grinning for a couple of minutes thereafter.

Apologies | tricksterity | 3.3k words

“We should tell Gaby,” Illya said.

“Tell her what?” Solo asked. “That we were married and then got divorced, but we didn’t actually do either because the paperwork would’ve led our respective governments straight to our relationship that we’ve been hiding for seven years? That’ll go down well.“

Comment: Most charmingly written. The writer deftly manages the premise without making it feel like it’s been shoehorned in. 

right to my heart | endquestionmark | 2.9k words

Napoleon stops looking at Illya, because that just makes him want to put his foot through the wall, and looks at his gun, which isn’t difficult, because it’s about an inch from his face, and this close he can smell the faint sweet spice of cleaning oil. Instead of looking at Illya — the lines of him held in anticipatory stillness; the bulk of him in the blue half-light — Napoleon looks at the balance of gun and silencer, the heavy slide and the curl of Illya’s fingers on the grip, the angle of his thumb, and waits.

Comment: Gritty writing that does not let you forget for a second that the boys are dangerous spies who live on the edge. The dynamic is delightful.

Future Affinity | ceredin | 4.5k words

The age old trope of taking off their clothes and cuddling to preserve body heat.

Comment: The boys sound delightfully like an old, married couple in this. Sharpy, snappy dialogue and writing all in all. Loved the characterisation too.

haunt | covetsubjugation | 5.7k words

No one remembers Napoleon, except for Illya.

Comments: Dreamy, lyrical writing that introduces an unexpected element of fantasy into the series. Illya’s increasing desperation and slipping control tugged at my heartstrings in all the right places. I am very glad that this fic exists in the fandom. 

Touch Me (Just A Little Bit More) | joidianne4eva | 1.5k words

“I’m going to regret asking this but for the sake of my sanity…are you by chance ill?” Napoleon queried taking a cautious step closer. He kept himself out of striking distance because Illya’s temperament was legendary for a reason and it wasn’t a good reason either.

“If you do not leave, I will skin you alive,” Illya managed and Napoleon would’ve attempted to act suitably scared if Illya’s voice hadn’t cracked in the middle of his threat. As it was all he managed was something that sounded suspiciously like a coo.

Comments: Sick!Illya is adorably reminiscent of a grumpy kitten in this fic, while Napoleon is wonderfully patient and long-suffering. I definitely grinned as I read this.

Cut Out My Heart, For It Belongs To You | fineandwittiee | 2.5k words

Tumblr prompt: Illya used to think Napoleon was just a thief and he didn’t know how to fight cause he could almost choke him to death the first day they met. But one day when the trio stayed in their safe house and Napoleon was cooking in the kitchen, some robbers broke in. Napoleon seemed like he was not gonna do anything and just let them take what they want. But when Illya fight back and one of them shot him, Napoleon held up a kitchen knife and sliced it through that guy’s hand, started taking down every single one of them with just that knife. After that, Illya never underestimate Napoleon again. Especially with knives. Kitchen knives. P/S: “And they said I was scary”, Illya muttered when Napoleon took the bullet out for him that night.

Some intruders shoot Illya. Napoleon does not approve.

Comment: Boys being BAMF-y, with some pretty good dialogue.

Having trouble sleeping? | vaenarys | 2.1k words

He tosses and turns for a while before Illya becomes too annoyed to ignore it. "What now, Cowboy?” he growls.

“I can’t sleep like this,” Solo states and Illya is sure that the other man is pouting, but he can’t bring himself to care. There is a long silence and a few more turns from Solo before Illya decides that he will take the bait.

“Why?” Illya asks with a huff and without much interest.

Solo is bound to have slept with other people in one bed before, given his reputation as a playboy, so what is the problem right now?

Comments: Pre-slash. Cute, fluffy, light-hearted.

To Sleep | Tallihensia | 7.2k words

As they wait to go on their next mission, the team splits up for some rest. Napoleon and Illya end up in the same apartment, which leads to some misunderstandings, some reflections, and later, some sleep.

 Illya yawned again, his stern face relaxing. “Your country has a saying about that…”

 “It’s British. But satisfaction brought him back - that’s American.”

Comments: Another pre-slash, bed-sharing delight. I loved the careful dance between the two boys, and the writer’s way of writing Illya’s voice. 

(conscious) | zvous | 502 words

There’s a tattoo on everyone that states a phrase your soulmate will tell you. Not always your first words, but you will recognize them.

Comments: I first came across this variation of the soulmate trope (which is in and of itself a surefire kink of mine) in the Avengers (Marvel Cinematic ‘Verse) fandom, and it has since grown on me quite. This piece may be really short, but it is also thoughtful, and quietly lyrically in a way that steals your breath all the same. 

Russian Courtship Traditions | tumtatumtum | 5.5k words

Illya does not believe in the old courtship traditions. He does not believe in mates either.


Illya and Napoleon struggle, court each other with misunderstandings, and eventually make it to a bedroom.

Comments: This fic snared me with the promise of A/B/O. (I am such a sucker for this trope.) The boys are adorable in this fun romp.

Progress of Yusuke as a philosopher and fighter

In the first few episodes, we get to see the goodness in humanity through several examples of people just being generally nice. Kuwabara has a sense of loyalty to his friends, the principle genuinely cares for Yusuke as a person, and so on. We see a strength in humanity as well. The inherent goodness of humanity is so powerful that it drives Kurama to sacrifice himself for the life of his mother and Kuwabara to tears over Yusuke’s death. This sense of humanity is also what gives Yusuke his power in his first few encounters with the evil demons.

The first quarter of the series presents us with easy questions like “How should we react if an innocent person is in danger?” and we recieve similarly easy answers: Well, help them of course, you at least have enough power to make a difference.

As we should expect, the Dark Tournament gives us new problems. Toguro, too, was well also aware of the goodness of humanity and the power it brings. He is also no stranger to the limits of that power, as it was not enough to protect his pupils from their demise. This exposure to limits of human power and to the truly horrifying evils that demons are capable of brought Toguro a unique perspective on humanity and demons and an even stronger power with it. However, he never truly could cope with this pain. Instead of having the mental fortitude to recover, he internalized the pain and forever limited his power.

Yusuke had a crash course with the pain and suffering that Toguro was forced to endure. As the events of the Dark Tournament unfold, Yusuke is exposed truly horrific forms of murder, mutilation, and manipulation that demons excitedly perform on other demons and humans alike. Yusuke watches as both his mentor and his best friend are murdered in front of him by a demon who cast away his own humanity. Yet Yusuke breaks through the mental boundaries that Toguro could not. He comes to terms with the reality he is faced with, and the breaking of his mental barriers both symbolically and literally give him the power he needs to defeat Toguro.

The Dark Tournament presents us with slightly more difficult questions: “If innocent people are being murdered, and a capable hero does not help them, how should that hero be punished?” Toguro tries to answer this on his own choosing an eternity of suffering. Yusuke, on the other hand, recognizes his own worth, even through his failures. Toguro’s answer assumes there can only be good and evil, while Yusuke allows for failures in both sides.

We are then introduced to Sensui, a very intelligent, and thus very powerful character. Well aware of the good of humanity and the evil of demons, Sensui’s power already far exceeds that of Toguro’s. And yet, Sensui is unable to cope with the dark side of humanity. Similar to Toguro, when he is exposed to this new form of maleficence, it drives him to reach new power, while defining the limits of his power.

Yusuke has dealt with bad people his entire life, and he witnessed human corruption in the dark tournament. However, he has never had to fully embrace it in the same was Sensui did. The events of Sensui’s arc put Yusuke in a unique and very involved position with the dark side of humanity. He finds himself in situations that force him to accept that some humans are evil, even as far as sentencing them to death, while no forgetting that some evil humans are not beyond redemption. Yusuke is the able to cope with evil in humanity that literally splits Sensui’s mind apart.

Sensui gives us difficult questions: “Do people, who inherently are good, and yet who have decided to be evil, deserve the same fate as demons, who are inherently evil?” Yusuke and Sensui actually come to the same answer. Yes. However, Sensui, similar to Toguro, cannot see beyond ultimatums. Because humans have a little evil in them, he assumes that they are all evil and deserve to die.

Finally we move into the final arc. Yusuke is again faced with tougher moral and metaphysical questions, and again is forced to question the assumptions of his reality. He is now a demon, which he has always been taught to be inherently evil. He has been doing the bidding of Spirit world, the assumed one true authority on justice, who have now sentenced him to death. And he meets demons of insane power, who willingly follow the rules of human world. He has tea with demons who eat humans because that is their design and they themselves do not want to starve and die, not because they are evil. All of these things are contrary to everything he has been told or assumed to be true, and all moral assumptions are torn down.

Yusuke’s journey has prepared him mentally and physically for this moment, and through this mental awakening, Yusuke has access to power that he never imagined existed. Had he closed off his mind and stubbornly held to preconceived notions, he would never have been able to reach his ultimate potential. And yet, because Yusuke was willing and able to understand the deep complexities of good and evil, justice and injustice, he found himself on similar ground with the most powerful beings. Beings who have also faced similar tragedies and similar awakenings.

anonymous asked:

yo wait is that thing with mercy experimenting on genji and reaper canon or implied or assumed?! i always thought it were just usual horrid fanon around her because i know americans love having german speaking doctors do physical human experiments but i also couldn't believe that they'd actively, canonically turn her into a reference to mengele (yet still maintain her as "good" character)?!

the only thing thats canon thus far is that genji, after being mortally wounded, was given an ultimatum by overwatch - join blackwatch, and mercy would save his life. if he declined, theyd leave him to die. thats not even really a choice, so a lot of people see that as pretty evil and find mercys willingness to leave him for dead to be particularly darksided (especially considering shes supposed to be the compassionate one). 

when people say mercy “experimented” on genji, they mean the cybernetic enhancements which were obviously put into place while he was unconscious and therefore couldnt protest, even if hed wanted to - he seems to have come to a sort of peace with it by the time of the games events, but he talks a bit about feeling disgust with his body for a long time, so thats where more of the conjecture comes in.

as for reaper, nothing has canonically stated why he is the way he is, but the in-game interaction implies that mercy had something to do with it. the interaction has mercy asking him, “what happened to you?”, to which reaper replies, “you tell me, doc.” it suggests that whatever happened to turn reaper into what he is, mercy was the cause of it. the fan favorite theory is that reyes was mortally injured in the field and mercy hadnt yet perfected the resurrection tech, but tried it on him anyway, and the resulting fuck-up caused him to morph into reaper. 

the only problem with this theory as of now is that the resurrection tech worked fine in the overwatch uprising brawl, which clearly happened before reyes became reaper, so she may have done something else to him that caused him to become what he is now.

tl;dr the experimentation on genji is canon, the experimentation on reyes/reaper is not canon but implied BY canon, which is why people run with it

Not happy with the end for this one. It felt rushed and out of place and frankly premature. I can’t really justify it and I think that’s probably why I made it so long. XD Anyway, @captainfalconie​ requested a part 2 to this so I hope you all enjoy it!

Prompt: Can you please please please write a sequel to The Very Newlyweds?? Good job, as always!

“The Very Newlyweds” (Part 2)

Part 1

Loki stopped before he could push open the doors to the throne hall. He tucked a piece of hair behind your ear and lifted your chin slightly. You rolled your eyes.
“Is this necessary?”
“You’re meeting the Allfather. What do you think?”

When Loki attempted to adjust your clothing, you beat his hands away and pushed him towards the doors, insisting that he stop ‘fretting’. The golden entrance parted and revealed to you a hall you could never have dreamed of. It felt like something from one of your stories. Even when you had scurried through the halls of the palace, it had never once occurred to you to look any further than the room you were destined for. Oh, how you almost wished that you had, so that you may have seen this sight sooner.

At the head of the shimmering hall was a throne. In it, a man with a silver beard sat. Odin. Loki looped his fingers with yours. Was he purposefully being more conservative? The prince would kiss you in front of a guard but barely look at you in front of his father… Perhaps he did not wish to be found out.

“Father, as you requested, I have brought you the woman of whom you have heard. This is (Y/n).”
“Indeed,” Odin’s voice boomed as he stood. Loki led you before the throne and released your hand. You got to your knees and bowed your head. “I have heard much about you.”
“I apologise, my lord.” You said, still keeping your head low. Odin rose from his seat and you heard his footsteps approaching you.
“Whatever for?”

Loki observed the encounter, chewing his lip – before he realised what he was doing and stopped. It was imperative that Odin liked you.
“I apologise, my lord, that you have heard so much about me from mouths not my own.”
“For the wife of my youngest son, you are uncharacteristically honest.” You hesitated before responding, wondering what you could get away with.
“Forgive my impertinence, but it would appear that you have confused me for your son. Contrary to him, I pride myself on my honesty.”

Odin grunted (though it could have been misconstrued for laughter) and Loki had to hide a smirk. The library had shown him many things about you – your stealth, your kindness, and ultimately your strength – but he had not realised that you were also witty.
“You claim honesty yet hide your engagement to my son.”
“For his own sake, I assure you.” You smiled, looking up and meeting the Allfather’s gaze. “He knew not how to broach the subject and thus did not. I’ve been calling myself his wife as a form of torment to provoke his honesty.”

Holding out his hand, Odin helped you to your feet and guided you back to Loki’s side. On his face was a proud smile.
“Loki, this is the woman you have chosen as your Queen?” The prince snaked an arm around your waist and held you close. You resisted the urge to defend yourself.
“Then thus far I approve. I am sure conversation over a meal will generate a much more formidable argument in her favour. However, for now I have seen enough. She knows your character well – and seems capable of changing it.”

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