he's a good character thus far

so, hansung...

that last episode made me so incredibly hyped that i zoned out in three of my four classes yesterday just thinking about his character. boy am i glad i called dibs on that boy let me tell you. i should mention that everything that im about to say is under the assumption (once again) that hansung really is sixteen.

the main priority of this post isn’t just talking about his personality. i wanted to talk about hansung’s relationship with dansae, as it supports my previous post (which you can read here). to paraphrase, i basically stated that hansung, while loving them, feels his family is a burden to him for various reasons. that much was explicitly stated in episode 12.

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Suddenly I’m buying dragons to fit new characters like ??? What happened to this block? I mean, good riddance, but uhm. now I have to, um, pick what to do with this lad I just bought (I tried not to get another water kid and yet HERE WE ARE)

Options thus far are

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Those Handcuffs (6517 words) by LeftHand [AO3]
Summary: The soulmarks represent a defining moment in your life regarding your soulmate. It could be the first thing they say to you or a special way in which they tell you that they love you. A drawing on your hand or even a signature, jotted brash and brazen for all to see. Hanzo's was a little different.

Chapters: 2/4
Fandom: Overwatch (Video Game)
Rating: Teen And Up Audiences
Warnings: No Archive Warnings Apply
Relationships: Jesse McCree/Hanzo Shimada
Characters: Hanzo Shimada, Genji Shimada, Jesse McCree
Additional Tags: Alternate Universe, Soulmate-Identifying Marks, more tags to come, hanzo is done with everything and everyone, Genji Is A Good Bro, Alternate Universe - Modern Setting, jesse works a bar, Or does he


Not your average soulmate AU, Those Handcuffs has actually been a bit of a slow burn mystery thus far (or as much of one as two chapters can be). The interactions between Genji and Hanzo are so brotherly, it’s wonderful. This is one of those fics that draws you in and leaves you wanting more, and I’m looking forward to seeing where it goes. -Tev


I just need to gush over how awesome this scene was from this last week’s issue of Ms. Marvel (#14).  It’s just a terrific example of the multidimensional depth and complexity that G. Willow Wilson gives her characters and the story as a whole.  

Thus far, Kamala’s brother, Aamir, has been played up mostly for laughs.  He is much less conflicted and unsure about his faith compared to his sister and he’s often come across as stodgy and comedic, always giving Kamala a hard time about her not fully adhering to the more stringent confines of his take on what it means to be a good Muslim.  

And yet in this scene we see a much more sensitive side to Aamir.  His ideas about why Kamala and Bruno shouldn’t be together area actually pretty understandable.  I’m certainly not against interfaith marriages, but I can definitely see Aamir’s point and why the matter might be important to him and his family.  

Kamala doesn’t just have to struggle with her dual life of being normal kid and a superhero, but also has to struggle with the dualities between the culture of her family and the culture of the more ‘mainstream’ America; and the one makes for an excellent metaphorical vehicle for the other.  Portraying Aamir as more empathic and less silly really hammers this home.  It’s just such a great scene and while some might look at Ms. Marvel as being more of an ‘all ages’ book, I’ve actually found it to be just as deep and intellectually challenging as any comic out there.  

art for the above panels by Takeshi Miyazawa with colors by Ian Herring.

On our way to the game, I learned that Jeff’s character, Sheen Seelie, is actually making up his religion as he goes along, instead of following an established deity. Thus far, the rules of the Religion of Sheen Seelie (domains: freedom and weather) are as follows:
1) Do not sign contracts. They inhibit your freedom.
2) Do not take the control weather spells. The weather is an entity unto itself and is therefore capable of being enslaved, which is why you shouldn’t, no matter how much the party’s other cleric begs you too.
3) Do not follow any ultimate authority. It clashes with your freedom.
4) Upon earning the respect of the weather, you may make requests. Sheen is hoping for a whole lot of lightning.


Here he is, guys. I’ve attached some photos of my skink, Friday, as a comparison to see his deplorable conditions. I have never seen an animal so emaciated in my life thus far, and to say I was devastated when I first saw him is truly an understatement. Despite it all, he is alert, curious as ever, and sweet as can be - true to the character of a skink. I spent a good few hours cleaning and disinfecting his awful cage. Now it is far, far more comfortable for him. I soaked him for awhile, gave him a tea spoon of kitten food, which he ate ravenously, (mostly in the hopes that he poos for the vet tomorrow), and rubbed him and his toes with coconut oil to help relieve the layers of stuck shed. Early tomorrow, I take him to the vet to be evaluated. He truly is a fighter, and how he is still alive right now is beyond me. I contacted the man who had him /three days ago/ and he showed me pictures of this animal’s bowl without any water. Three days later and he still had no water - no sign of water either. How anyone can treat an animal this way is beyond me.

With that being said, I have high hopes for him - truly. I think he will do okay.