he's a game construct

The Formulation of A Quartet: Understanding The Raven Cycle in Conjunction with the Myth.

One of the key things in Maggie Stiefvater’s The Raven Cycle is the establishment of a series of parallels between our main quartet - Gansey, Blue, Ronan and Adam - and the medieval quartet - Glendower, Gwenllian, Artemus & The Third Sleeper. It’s become especially pertinent as of Blue Lily Lily Blue and will, I imagine, continue to be so in The Raven King.

However, the parallels aren’t only between the main quartet and the medieval quartet. There’s a background parallel likely familiar to anyone familiar with the Arthurian Legend, that of the Arthurian quartet - Arthur, Merlin, Gwen & Morgana - and also influences that are being taken, by Stiefvater’s own admission, of Susan Cooper’s The Dark is Rising Sequence and the trio formed of Bran, Will and Jane.

Each of these groups is different, with their own relationship amongst the members and their own outcome of the story. But there are striking commonalities between the quartets and the individual roles played by each of the members, and in analysing these it becomes possible to start extrapolating possible endings and events of The Raven King, and what it will mean for each of The Raven Cycle trio.

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from Crash Standing, by @asukaskerian

“Lil’ bro.”

Suddenly, elbow on your head. You used to serve as an armrest so often as a kid, wow, even the sudden crick in your neck and the stumbling under his weight make you vaguely nostalgic.

Granted now he has to stretch up a bit to reach. You elbow him swift and merciless under the ribs. He curves with the blow to soften the impact and props his elbow right back on.

“Yep,” he says after due deliberation. “Still armrest sized.”

nothing gets me like davesprite feels and asuka doles them out masterfully in this fic, part of a a series but stands alone fine.  premise: they win the game, and davesprite gets dumped out as a human, alive if not in one piece.  great balance of angst, character and relationship development as davesprite (or byrd, as he has renamed himself) grapples with not being dead, not being a game construct, not having a right arm, and his relationships with friends, family, and assorted daves. also, macking on karkat.  hilarious and tear-jerking in turns with an engaging narrative voice, excellent and easy-flowing dialogue, lots of feels while keeping everyone in character, just, argh. just argh. such a good fic.  warnings for sex things and violence things, not at the same time. 

so after months of being consistently harrowed by this i finally figured out how to make it work

virtualstuck tavros!!

so ive played around with his class ideas a lot but have finally decided that hes a summoner (lmaooo), which is a kind of hybrid light armor melee/magic class, so hes got basic spells and a bladed staff

his primary powers, however, are summons! so he can summon a bunch of different animal companions, but like the fucking mabari summon that comes with the black emporium dlc for dragon age 2, he has to remember to resummon whatever companion he wants to have each time the map changes (fuck you, mabari, everytime i need you i forget you FUCKING DESUMMON)

anyways, considering the fact that he is paraplegic, there is a game construct that allows him to ‘fly’ (its more like gliding and hovering)

Aw shit its rant time

You knew I was gonna talk about this one

So first off the video Jimmy made: I think if he made more constructive points as to why he disliked the game, he could have gotten his opinion across in a less disrespectful way. Instead, he treated it like Bubsy 3D or Birdemic, you know, the games and movies so bad that Internet reviewers flock to make fun of them? Now that’s all in good fun but I never expected someone to do it to a little RPG kids game like Yokai watch.

Second is dyng’s comment on the video: “Looks like you’ve upset all 70 fans of yo-kai watch.”

Coming from a 1M+ channel, this type of comment is very rude and unprofessional. (I recall an incident with Jim Rome when he called all marching band members dorks that no one would want to pay to see.) not only did dyng insult the fanbase’s size, but it treated the fans as inferiors, as if they were wrong somehow for having a different opinion.

Now I usually wouldn’t respond to criticism like this. When I was into PMATGA a while back (and it had a VERY small fanbase) I learned to ignore the negative comments on the show because I knew that I was in the minority for liking the show. The reason that this video is problematic, however, is because yo-kai watch is in its infancy in North America. Only about 20 episodes have aired and one game released. The series is overwhelmingly popular in Japan, however it still has some pretty stiff competition in NA.

The point is, right now, negative comments and rude treatment of the series’ fans actually hurts the series in NA. The series needs to take off but it’s difficult when two YouTube channels make comments or videos just bashing it.

This is why I often stay away from fanbase’s like Sonic for example. Yeah, I joke around from time to time I’m only human but I have to think that these fanbase’s are made of real people. And no matter how over dramatic I’m making this sound (this IS a rant ok?) they do have feelings and honestly feel like shit when these kinds of videos and comments are made.