he's a family man really


There is a sacred bond between those who watch volleyball together…

Alfred head cannons

- This man is a saint or a god. The family has let to figure out which one. Damian is personally voting for a ninja.

- It is one thing to disobey Bruce, but disobey Alfred yeah no. Everyone will tell you not to for a reason.

- Lets be real he is the head of the family. He keeps them all together and keeps them from killing each other sometimes.

- The bat kids brag to their friends about him. Especially when he makes them cookies.

- Half the family ships him with Dr. Thompkins.

- He is the one person who can scare Batman.

- The poor man has had to bury a few of the batkids and thought Bruce was dead at one time. His ability to carry on after each time just shows how strong he is.

- No one knows his actual age not even Bruce.

- No one can be mad at him. If Bruce pisses one of the family members off, they will still keep tabs with Alfred.

- He keeps a scrapbook of pictures of random moments with the family.

- One time Bruce was on pain meds after a really bad injury and was so out of it he called Alfred dad. Alfred had to leave the room because he was crying.

- This is his family. He saw Bruce as a son and the kids as grandchildren. There is nothing more this man could want. Well maybe for Bruce to settle down around and not as many injuries.

- He knows Martha and Thomas Wayne would be proud of the family now. He only wishes they could see the manor with the children running around. He only hopes that he did a good job and they are proud.

i take a deep breath and swallow it down,
only to release it into the sky,
is it alright to believe that anyone can find happiness?
…even me?


                                 and all I can do is just wait
                                    for you to come round
                                          and save me


How to dad?

Don’t ask Theo because he obviously has no idea.

Gabe Head canon

So contrary to popular belief, I love head canon Gabe as a really physically affectionate person. Like yeah, he’s still the hard ass his troops know and fear but he’s also the guy that casually ruffles hair and offer fist bumps. You could catch him and Morrison walking through base with Gabe’s arm around his shoulder. After a particularly tough training session with Jesse, it’s high fives galore and putting the little knucklehead in a playful headlock to ruffle his hair. And even when something devestating has happened to his men or blackwatch alone, he’ll offer you a shoulder to cry on.

See what I’m getting at? Affectionate Gabriel 2k16!

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How does the Sand siblings react to when their s/o tell them she's pregnant. With temari, how does she react when she finds out she's having a baby


•Gaara is foremost confused. Even before he’s interested, excited (as excited as Gaara can be in such an abrupt situation) surprised, or nervous—he’s just confused

•Like, Gaara is kind of a dork. Even if they had been in bed together multiple times, Gaara doesn’t really compute how it could have led to her being pregnant. I mean ok, he knows how pregnancy works. He knows how babies are made. But he never really considered himself a family man, and made certain he and his girl used protection

•He’s not mad about the fact that the protection didn’t work. Whether it was pills or condoms (whatever they had in the Naruto verse. idk) or medical jutsu, he knows sometimes ‘accidents’ happen

•Gaara doesn’t consider this an accident though. He’s surprised and a little daunted by the thought of being a father, but the idea of starting a family and having his own child to dote on is… exciting. This is his child. This is his s/o and it’s his child that she’s carrying. It’s surreal

•Staying true to his calm demeanor, his s/o won’t get a particularly zealous reaction from him, but that rare, earnest smile crosses his face as he asks, “Really?”

•She’s probably a little nervous, given his placid behavior, but he assures her with that smile and he’ll probably move to take her into a gentle hug. It’s a little awkward though, to be honest. He only does it because he can see she’s nervous, and he wants to placate her. But inwardly, he’s swimming with anticipation, and readjusting his mind set to that of a father


•Temari is actually a nervous wreck ok. Even if the baby was planned and she was hoping to get pregnant, the enthusiasm is overshadowed by anxiety because wow?? She’s having a baby?? A baby is growing inside of her??

•The idea of carrying a child in her stomach is just… weird to Temari. She always thought pregnant women looked funny when they were heavy and waddling around like ducks, and she just can’t imagine herself in the same position lmao. She’s not entirely prepared for this, even if it was planned

•An unplanned pregnancy is even more nerve-wracking. Quite honestly, Temari strikes me as the type who never really planned to have kids. She pretty much had a “if I get pregnant then I can think about it then” mentality

•Her immediate response is to want to tell her s/o. She just needs to tell someone because she’s low key freaking out. She doesn’t want to be alone to endure this knowledge, but telling her s/o is equally stressful. Will her s/o be upset? Or rather, not enthusiastic? If the pregnancy wasn’t planned, that’s a high possibility 

•Temari is the type who lets the news sit for a few days before telling her s/o, or telling anyone, really. If it was a planned pregnancy, she’s just waiting for the right time to tell her s/o, hopefully an opportunity where she can surprise them

•Her siblings would be next. I imagine when Kankuro found out he shed a few tears, but tried to hide them and act all tough. No one was convinced though. Gaara, of course, is a little perplexed by the baby news, but he knows this is a special moment for Temari, so he’s happy for her


•Again, Kankuro is a little cry baby and will most definitely cry. It won’t necessarily be bawling, but he’s very happy and can’t contain those tears of joy

•He’d make jokes every once in a while about how annoying kids were, but the moment she says she’s pregnant, this fantasy plays out in his head, something like: his girl in the kitchen preparing a meal, while he’s in his workshop teaching his little kid how to work puppets. She calls them to the dinner table to eat, and they both rush to the kitchen where they have a nice family meal

•Kankuro just gets excited. Almost too excited. He hugs his s/o and probably gives her a big kiss

•There’s no bump yet, but Kankuro still kneels down and talks to her belly, in a very eager, exuberant voice that probably has her laughing at how dorky he is

•His next course of action is to tell everyone he knows about the baby. If she plans to keep it a secret then she has to literally lock Kankuro in his room. Otherwise, he’s gonna go tell all of the Suna. After she tells her parents though, and there’s no reason to keep it low key anymore, Kankuro has to interject the fact that he’s going to have a baby in literally every conversation

”Sun is scorching today, isn’t it?”

“Yeah, it is—”

“Did you know I’m going to be a father soon???”


                         CHARACTER AESTHETICS: Ryan Grayson’s family.


Out with the Aliens, in with the Mermaids?

Happy Valentine’s Day! Today’s post is all about romance~ After the death of most of the family left a gaping hole in the lives of Aric and Marie, the two of them decided the best way to fill it was with di- I mean, romantic companionship. 

Aric tried to keep it together for Marie’s sake, but he was never really a family man. When Rachel was alive, since she was an Alien she did pretty much all of the parenting, while Aric focused on his career. He was Mayor of the city, he had a lot to do. Every occasion, birthdays, funerals, had to be turned into a fund raising event for his campaign for Governor. So he didn’t have the most time to be there for her even now.

So Marie started lashing out, sneaking out and getting into trouble. She’d stay out past curfew going to bars and underage drinking *gasp*

All the while Aric was getting older, and he still had the lifetime aspiration of raising 5 children. He had four once, and now that his family was gone he was short on time to complete it. 

Eager to get back in the dating game, he invited all his co-workers and wealthy friends out to a club for his birthday. His best prospect for some lovin’ was his female co-worker and best friend Victoria. He tried to put the moves on her, but she was married and mostly seemed to just be interested in him as a friend.

Marie wasn’t having much luck either. The guy she liked from school, Antonio was at the party, but he didn’t seem to respond to her attempts to get to know him.

But they weren’t about to give up. The next day they invited their romantic interests back over for a Gift Giving Party.

Though Aric did manage to score a kiss under the mistletoe with Victoria, she still seemed pretty oblivious to his feelings and he was getting frustrated with how slowly things were moving.

Meanwhile Antonio straight up rejected Marie’s attempt to kiss him, and on top of that turned down her prom invitation, calling her a weirdo and fleeing the party. Yikes.

So that evening Marie went to prom alone, thinking Antonio would never talk to her again. But magical, often nonsensical things can happen at prom, and to her surprise, once she was there he confessed his feelings for her and asked her to be his girlfriend! All that rejection must have been his awkward attempts at flirting after all, who would have guessed?

Aric decided to give online dating a whirl, since everyone he knew was either too old or too married. He met a pretty young blonde thing named Latisha and after getting to know her, he coaxed her to go out with him on a date.

With his high charisma skill, it didn’t take long for them to get very, very close.

But to his dismay, she rejected his proposal and left the date. It turns out she’s Insane. Great!

Aric would have to try a different, more sleazy and underhanded tactic. He invited her over for their second date one night after Marie had gone to bed.

He got her pregnant and then asked her to move in with him. And once she was part of the household…


So here’s one of the many kickers. Remember how way back when, Pamina was considered by the game to be “cheating” on Wang Bo even though her husband was looong dead? Well I guess it’s not a glitch, not even death do us part in the Sims 3. 

Regardless of Rachel’s death, they’re still married. And not only that, but Latisha was also already dating somebody else, even though when Aric asked her she told him she was single. It turns out not only was Latisha Insane, but she was also Evil and Neurotic and aspired to be a Creature Robot Crossbreeder and all that fun stuff. Oh boy do my Sims know how to pick ‘em.

The most interesting thing about her though, is that apparently she’s a mermaid! I’d never encountered one of them in-game before, so it was a whole new experience suddenly being in charge of one.

Mermaids it seems work a lot like Vampires, in that their food need is slightly different. They can only eat fish or kelp, which can be purchased at the grocery store in town.

They also have a “Hydration” need in place of Hygiene, and have to swim in the ocean once every 48 hours or they’ll lose their mermadic status and revert to normal humans. 

Her scaly legs turn into proper fins when swimming.

So even though his new bride to be was clearly a terrible person and also possibly a gold-digger, she was still carrying his unborn child, so the wedding was on. Marie wasn’t too happy with this turn of events.

They held their wedding on the beach so Latisha could be close to the ocean, and Marie decided to grab a tan instead of participating in the ceremony. 

Latisha also invited her girlfriend who was apparently mourning someone, forced her to watch her get married, and dumped her there. Can’t get much more evil than that.

The wedding happened to be held on Marie’s birthday, so she invited Antonio and I aged them both up to adults right there.

And once they got back home, Aric tracked down the ghost of his dead wife and broke up with her, just so there would be no more complications.

This stone hearted gesture signaled the end of Aric’s old life and the start of his new family, and it seemed that Latisha and Aric weren’t so interested in Marie. Because Aric didn’t want to disturb her brother’s room, and he figured she was an adult now, he let Latisha turn her room into the room for the new baby without consulting Marie. 

This forced poor Marie to move out the day she graduated, but at least Aric bought her a house and offered to pay for most things for her still.

So how will this newly evicted trust-fund kid navigate her new life? Stay tuned to find out!

Sorry this post is so long, a lot happened! I know not many people are really that interested in these anymore, but I’ve been having a really hard time lately and playing has really cheered me up. I love turning it into a story and it seems like a waste not to document the rest of it now when we’re so near to the end of the challenge. So if it’s alright I’ll keep posting these just so I have them to look back on some time and remember the adventures of my Sims.


hooray it’s the kidsAU firewater/grits friendship masterpost

I had like my difficulties with just coming up with kidGrits, there’s the distrust for white folks which is in, weed smoking is out and what was left was basically his package with that nice suit on it, so Grits owns expensive clothes, which means, as a nice opposite to the spiritual, nature loving KidFirewater: GRITS IS RICH !!

He’s the son of a succesful soul singer which never is at home and decided it would be better for his kids to grow up in the countryside (So Grits is usually alone with his mother and maybe a sister of some sort, but it’s important that he’s like the only man in the family).

He’s also really superficial, brags about his expensive clothes or just all the stuff he owns and makes fun of the things Firewater wears.

And Firewater and he are best friends, since they’re 4 years old or something, so they usually fight about things but still love each other

Oh and Firewater is BOSSY

The Strange Thing about the Johnsons

It never ceases to amaze me how deep homophobia runs. Here we have a sick ass movie about how a son has been raping his own father since he was 12 years old and then we have people screaming about how nasty it is not because of the rape or the incest or the deep mental issues of literally everyone in the family but because …”how can he really like another man, that’s so disturbing”. OF ALL THE SHIT WE ENDURED IN THAT 30 MINUTES WHAT MADE YOU UNCOMFORTABLE WAS TWO MEN KISSING? Nevermind the fact that the little boy had romantic, sexual, and aBUSIVE FEELINGS TOWARDS HIS OWN FATHER. Nevermind that the father was a prisoner in his own home and being sexually assaulted and violated by his own son for fuCKING YEARS. Damn the fact that the mother saw and knew what was happening and was so mentally screwed up that she let it continue and acted as if she never knew and waited until he was dead to speak up. Damn the fact that she watched her husband die in the arms of her rapist son and then had to take the life that she created. I mean really, let’s just run a tally on all the fucked up shit that happened just in the first 5 minutes of the movie. Yet for a lot of people the grossest thing was that there’s a man attracted to another man. “Don’t watch that movie it’s gay as hell” ARE YOU DEADASS RN? Like..


“You carry him,” Voldemort said. “He will be nice and visible in your arms, will he not? Pick up your little friend, Hagrid.”

Anonymous asked: favorite platonic relationship

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Do you know what Peiper was like in his personal life - as a friend, father, or lover?

Peiper was a really good and loyal friend and that’s why people respected him. Peiper like father was strict, but unfortunately he wasn’t really family man, but like lover OMG don’t ask, he was like a Don Juan, seriously.  

  • Radio New Zealand: Tell me about Lowell. He was the man that your mother went on to marry after she left your family and he sounds a pretty extraordinary man.
  • Sufjan Stevens: Well, he really is. When she remarried and they lived in Eugene, Oregon for about five years, it was probably the most healthy and stable season in her life. And I think a lot of that had to do with Lowell, because he was a really solid, stable person. That was the most time that we'd ever gotten to see her because we could spend summers in Eugene with them, the entire summer. Which was, you know, a real indulgence for us 'cause I'd only really spent like, sporadic weekends with her. And so Lowell facilitated that and was a real sort of cornerstone. He, you know, was a sort of nerdy music lover and he would play records for us and he really sort of cultivated a really fun, creative space for us. And even after they divorced, not having any children of his own, he continued to stay friends with our family and would make effort to come visit us and keep in touch. He was sort of a father figure to me. He would like, loan me instruments to play and make mix tapes and write letters. So he was sort of a mentor growing up.

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Hi! Couple years ago I was reading a book about Himmler's life and I remember when I was reading I found very interesting facts about how he wasn't a really family type of man and this author was comparing Heydrich to Himmler that he was the same family type of man and he had a really good bond with his daughter Silke. Just like you said it's hard to believe, but it's true.

Amen sister/brother :)