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Hey, I love your writing style, and I just saw the movie It. Your description says to send in requests, and I would absolutely love it if you wrote some more Stan x Bill because not enough people ship it (maybe with some side Richie x Eddie)! Thank you for everything you do! If you want a prompt here's one: In highschool Eddie comes out as being gay and gets bullied for it, so Bill (who some how became popular) pretends to be gay with Stan to make a statement and now Stan is feeling /things/

The Popularity Peculiarity

Word Count: 1.4k

Warnings: Swearing (honestly, if you’re reading anything of mine, there will be swearing), bullying, homophobia

Author’s Note: Listen, I thought and thought and thought about how to write this and honestly, I love this request so much. Please enjoy!!

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Even on your worst nights, I’m into you

Jonathan is preparing dinner when an unexpected visitor shows up to the apartment he shares with Steve and Nancy. Content warning: Language, violence, implied abuse, Lonnie is a homophobe. For @dadharbour who sent in the title and therefore inspired this. 

Jonathan hummed along to the radio as he rummaged around in the fridge trying to visualize something appetizing in the haphazard assortment of food that remained on the near-empty shelves. They’d have to go to the grocery store soon; maybe tomorrow, if Steve or Nancy objected to the pizza he’d likely propose ordering.

A crown of broccoli, browning at the edges, caught his eye, followed by a lone onion next to the milk carton and half a green pepper Nancy had left behind from her snack earlier in the day. Stir-fry seemed a good option. Jonathan quickly gathered the vegetables in his arms and set to work, chopping away on the engraved cutting board that had been his Christmas gift from Steve.

Cooking had always been a pleasure for Jonathan, a distraction from issues in his life he’d rather not deal with, a way to show his appreciation to the people he loved without ever having to speak a word. It was also difficult to deny how much he enjoyed the swell of pride in his chest whenever he saw the satisfied looks on Nancy and Steve’s faces after a meal he had prepared. Cooking was, Jonathan believed, his most important contribution to their odd arrangement.

The onions had only just started to sizzle in the pan when Jonathan heard a heavy knock on the door and glanced through the kitchen’s open archway to the entryway on the other side of the living room, his eyebrows knitting together.  It was impossible that Steve and Nancy were knocking—Steve had taken his keys to pick Nancy up from the library—and they didn’t get many visitors. Sometimes Max would show up, sometimes at odd hours, though she usually called to say she was coming.  

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Letters From London: Chapter 23

Why hello there my little munchkins. How are you all? I hope you are having a good day, and if you aren’t, well I hope your day gets better. Even the happiest people have bad days sometimes <3 

For all you lovely new people who read this, then here is a link to chapter one for you. A few people have asked, but this fic is coming to an end soon. I think I will only have ¾ chapters left to write ( :(  ).  So I hope you stick around for them!

This chapter again does have offensive language. But enjoy the chapter!

Hartbig, SFW, NSFF, Chapter 23

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