he's a doctor not a vegetable

so i was looking through my old evernote folders and found an old cul-de-sac rvb au that i made up and completely forgot about and looking through it is a wild ride like i dont remember writing any of this

  • the reds and blues own houses right next to each other
  • freckles the dog attempts to maul church every second of the day
  • church works at starbucks apparently and his entire diet consists of free stuff he gets to bring back from his work i think hes dying
  • sarge is a “war vet who who retired fairly early because he can”
  • doc and donut share a house next to the reds house and donut has a flower garden in front and a vegetable garden out back
  • doc is a doctors assistant. i also wrote that he has “questionable work hours” and immediately after that “its speculated that he works retail out of town” like
  • felix and locus live together
  • felix is a painter who works in the basement apparently and tucker thinks that the idea is so shady that he thinks the real reason why felix spends so much time in the basement is because hes torturing people down there
  • church agrees with tucker and adds that locus is a writer by day and a “drag felixs victims into the basement for him” at night kind of guy. very romantic relationship they have going on

the grisha trilogy meme: [1] moment that touched you more deeply than the rest

“But you did something to the King, something from which the court doctors said he’d never recover. What was it?”
“Surely it could have been traced.”
“Not this. I designed it myself. If given in small enough doses over a long enough time, the symptoms are mild.”
“A vegetable alkaloid?” asked David.
She nodded. “Once it builds up in the victim’s system, a threshold is reached, the organs begin to fail, and the degeneration is irreversible. It’s not a killer. It’s a thief. It steals years. And he will never get them back.”

BTS Reacts - You Getting Very Sick For The First Time

Min Yoongi: He walks into the room with bags full of groceries, not realizing that you’re sitting in the living room. You silently watch as Yoongi unloads several plastic containers full of cooked food and fresh vegetables, unlike anything you’ve seen before. You weakly shift your body into a seated position, groaning in pain from the aching joints caused by your severe flu. He thought nothing of the first time you admitted your symptoms to him, dismissing it as a mild illness, but you had gotten progressively worse since - he’s already brought you to the doctor, and he definitely regrets not taking you sooner. He hasn’t seen you so ill before; he is more worried about you than he lets on, especially since the inaction on his part was guilt-tripping him. He’s taken the week off from work, just to do all he can for you. Regardless of his reserved nature, Min Yoongi always looks out for the people that he loves, and you’re number one on that list. When you make a fuss about him buying such expensive super-foods, he looks up at you penitently and tells you:

“Babe, just eat, okay? I just don’t like seeing you like this. You’ll recover quickly if you eat well.”

Jung Hoseok: You’re lying in bed, eyes half-open as you strive to make out what you’re watching on television. Hobi notices your unease right away; sitting by your bedside with his hands framed around your own. He can tell that you’re feverish from just holding your hand, but he gingerly sets his palm on your forehead for good measure – you’re burning up. You rub your eyes; watery from the heat. For the split moment that you can’t see Hoseok’s expression, his eyes become imbued with utmost worry. He can’t seem to take his mind off you, especially when he’s away. All he does lately is wonder if you’ve taken your meds, or if you’ve been getting enough sleep. Hobi truly does want to spend a couple nights at yours to take care of you, but he’s always getting pulled away by his jam-packed schedule. When you open your eyes, all you see is a radiant, optimistic grin from him. Until you ride this bug out, Hoseok would keep doing whatever he can to keep the beautiful smile on your face. He fronts a positive attitude, winking at you while sticking his tongue out.

“You can do it, jagi. I believe in you; you’re going to kick this fever in the ass!”

Kim Taehyung: You phoned Taehyung, telling him that you wouldn’t be able to make it for your date - which results in him deciding that you’ll have your date with him at home instead. When he drops by, the sight of you so sickly perturbs him. His expertise as an actor falls through his grasp - you can easily tell he’s trying to hold back his concern. Tae has never had to properly look after someone before, especially by himself - the boys around the dorm usually have it together when they fell ill. He doesn’t want to burden you with the worries of his own, so when he gets the urge to ask how you’re holding up, he purses his lips and stays quiet. He doesn’t want you to nitpick at your illness and spend every second thinking about it; he wants you to feel like you’re still on a regular date with him. The two of you are sitting by the window of your room, when you spot him constantly returning to the screen of his phone, distracted by something on it. When you ask him about it, he throws an unassuming smile your way, tearing his gaze away from his phone.

“Ah, it’s nothing, jagi. I’m just texting my grandma to see if she knows any good home remedies for you.”

Jeon Jungkook: Kook has seen you sick before, but no where near this level of weakness. When he takes you for a visit to a clinic, he sits beside you, thumbing at his own fingers in apprehension, waiting for the doctor’s diagnosis - the fever on you is from heat exhaustion. You convince your boyfriend that the illness will pass, it’s harsh but it’s nothing grave, so he is able to collect himself after hearing the vote of assurance in your voice. He knows there will be days when you’re not at your best, but having to actually experience those moments agonizes him. You’re always in top form when you’re with him, and just being around you contributes to his usual, spirited character - so, when you appear to be at your lowest, he mirrors your frame of mind, too. Jungkook tries to smile through his uncertainty, but he’s quick to check in on you every so often, catering to your every need when you haven’t even fathomed it yet. He seats you down on the couch, resting himself on the coffee table before you, examining your body language to see if you’re in pain.

“How are you feeling, baby? Do you need me to get you an ice pack? I’m right here, so just count on me, okay?”

Kim Namjoon: He firmly believes that you’ll recover in no time. Sure, he’s worried to watch you this sickly, but he knows there’s no use sitting on it and wishing for a speedy recovery, when he’s able-bodied enough to make that happen on his own. The both of you are spending time together in the living room - you’re reading a book, and he’s on his phone. He takes a brief glance out the window; it’s a beautiful day. When he sees you curled up in your blankets, nose stuffy from just being wrapped up all the time, he gently pushes your book away from your face. You give him a confused look, ‘What’s wrong?’, you ask him. There’s not a moment he doesn’t want to spend with you, in sickness and in health, all he wants is to spend each of those moments being happy - he doesn’t want to see you miserable when you’re with him. With a little nudge, he finally gets you to stop your reading, and he directs your attention to the great weather outside. Kim Namjoon would put effort into making you feel better himself, refusing to waste a second of your time together.

“Let’s go out and get some fresh air. You’ll feel better, I promise - you’re walking with me, after all. Remember to bundle up.”

Kim Seokjin: As someone who assumes the role of a caretaker in the dorm - Jin knows exactly what he’s doing, and he isn’t overly concerned when you fall ill, because he knows what to do to look after you well. The rate of your escalating heat is alarming, but it’s nothing he hasn’t seen before. He feels sorry that you have to go through this - when he sees how uncomfortable you are, it only makes him want to attend to you even more - you’re afraid your illness is making him do more than he has to. He tries not to smother you by babying you - in fact, he lets you come to one of Bangtan’s shows, provided that you stay in the dressing room and keep cool. Namjoon and Taehyung keep still behind Seokjin, watching him treat you with nothing but tender, loving care. You haven’t been drinking much water - you didn’t feel like it because it irritated your throat. When Jin offers you a bottle, you shake your head. He tells you the next few words, tongue-in-cheek (which makes Namjoon chuckle lowly, and Taehyung turn away, nauseated!).

“Make sure you listen to me, and stay hydrated, okay? If you want to be naughty, do it on your own time.”

Park Jimin: Jimin would grow most uneasy when he sees you unable to function regularly. This Busan boy is usually pretty chipper and flexible when it comes to your free will, but he refuses to let you exert yourself when you’re this sick. When he sees you trying to stack plates into kitchen cabinets, he wails for you to give them to him instead. He catches sight of your pout and shoots you a stern look, silencing your dissatisfaction. Jimin knows he’s one of the younger members of BTS, but he doesn’t want you using that against him, to say that he isn’t able to be your cornerstone when you need it most. He just wants you to stay healthy, even if he risks upsetting you. You sulk for awhile, unable to be of much help. Later in the day, he finds you in the kitchen, trying to tidy up without him noticing - he quietly watches your every move, ensuring that you know your limits. He’s regretful that he had to put his foot down earlier. He sneaks up to you from behind, snaking his hand around your waist as he runs his other hand through your hair lovingly.

“Please just go lie down, jagiya. I’ll take care of everything, including you.“

I wish this react were real, because I’ll be needing someone to look after me - especially after getting viciously attacked by the Spring Day MV, smh. Thank you for requesting, anon, I hope you enjoyed this react!

Here's an Amazing Photo of Marvel's Science Nerds on the Set of 'Avengers: Infinity War'
Sherlock meets Sherlock as Robert Downey Jr., Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo, and Benedict Wong hang out and eat some salad

Apparently, Iron Man, Doctor Strange, The Hulk, and Wong have more in common than their shared love of science and superheroism: They’re also very passionate about lunch.

Robert Downey Jr. shared a photo from the set of Avengers: Infinity War that features Benedict Cumberbatch, Mark Ruffalo, and Benedict Wong all posing in costume. Wong is proudly showing off his fork, Downey is auditioning to be the next La Croix spokesman, Cumberbatch is doing his best Blue Steel with a bottle of hot sauce, and Ruffalo is divvying up the salad because he’s the responsible one who wants to make sure everyone gets some vegetables in their diet. You know, all normal things that friends do when they go to lunch together.

“Forks, tongs, cans + bottles + a Wong,” Downey wrote on Twitter.

All four are set to appear in Avengers: Infinity War alongside Scarlett Johansson, Chris Evans, Chadwick Boseman, Chris Pratt, Zoe Saldana, Tom Holland, Chris Hemsworth, and pretty much every other Marvel alum you can think of. On a recent appearance on Stephen Colbert’s The Late Show, Johansson teased that there’s one scene in the film with as many as 32 different Marvel characters.

Anthony and Joe Russo are directing Infinity War, which is scheduled for release on May 4, 2018.

anonymous asked:

HC for when the RFA finds out MC is a Vegetarian

oh this was a fun one to do! i’m actually a vegetarian so i hope this is accurate lolol. i mean its accurate to my experiences but i know everyone’s experiences are different! hope you enjoy!


-At first he’s concerned

-He’s heard that being vegetarian is expensive and he doesn’t know if he can afford to make you food

-Once you tell him that it’s relatively cheap (and send him some vegetarian college student resources) he’s all on board

-Won’t go vegetarian himself but any time he cooks for you he triple checks that you can eat it

-Does start eating healthier by your example

-(oh who am I kidding you guys eat oreos and soda while you’re in your 5th hour of LOLOL)


-At first he’s like “but you’re beautiful you don’t need to diet”

-You glare and explain that it’s not a diet

-Once he sees how important your food choices are to you, he stops asking questions and just lets you eat what you want

-Starts eating more vegetarian because you cook all the time

-Perks of a vegetarian s/o, basic knowledge of cooking (at least usually)

-His director loves you, Zen’s never eaten better

-(fish shaped bread is vegetarian so he always gets you a lot of it)


-She’s never really thought about her food choices

-Her diet is “available at the convenience store or as take out”

-But once you guys are running the coffee shop she realizes she has no idea how to actually eat healthy

-So you jump on the opportunity

-She’s never been condescending to vegetarians, but she did believe that it was really difficult to stick to

-So you’re constantly delicious vegetarian food for you guys to eat

-You send her links to vegetarian baking tutorials and vegetarian things to eat at restaurants

-She starts trying to get you to sell some of your dishes at the cafe


-The first time you eat dinner with him he has his chef make steak

-When the plate comes out you awkwardly tell him

-He commands you for helping animals

-He is concerned for your health

-Makes you meet with a nutritionist to make sure that you’re not malnourished (Jumin pls)

-If him eating meat makes you uncomfortable 100% quits cold turkey

-And if the media makes a fuss you best believe he gets PISSED

-”I’m sorry that my wife’s food choices apparently affect you so much. I thought you’d be estatic she’s not eating animals, considering you’re a pig yourself.”


-”Are Honey Buddha chips vegetarian?”

-Yes Seven

-”What about Doctor Pepper?”

-Yes Seven

-I mean technically he’s vegetarian cause that’s all he eats

-Get ready for constant vegetable puns

-One of his favorite hobbies is grabbing a random vegetable out of the fridge and coming up with a pun for it.

-His proudest moment was making headphones out of beets

-”Hey MC check out these sick beats”

Couples Counseling

Summary: What better way to investigate a marriage counselor (who may or may not be responsible for the death of six of her clients) than to go to marriage counseling? It’s just pretend right? No different than putting on the FBI suits. Of course, nothing ever goes according to plan, and Sam and Dean quickly get more than they bargained for.

Warnings: Wincest, eventual smut (all the smut), slow burn, canon-typical violence

Word Count: 9,200+

A/N: This is the first of two parts, because the fic got away from me and ended up being too long to post as one part. The second part is complete and will be up tomorrow! Feedback MUCH appreciated on this one!


“Remind me again what we’re doing here?” Dean is only half-sitting down in his chair, looking very much like he’s one wrong answer away from fleeing.

“Calm down,” Sam answers, keeping his voice low and steady. “Three people, all from the same small town, murdered their spouse then committed suicide, all within the span of a week. The only thing they have in common is this therapist.”

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My head and heart are reeling after yesterday. I left home at 9:45am and got home after 11:00pm.

The funeral was a lovely celebration of Ronnie’s life. There were so many memories, triggers of childhood abuse, lovely people, kind words, good friends. Arsula (his daughter, my 5th sister) posted this on Facebook.

Later in the day I found out an old boyfriend (and fellow cult survivor) died on Friday.

My youngest sister lives with her fiancé off and on. They have a very tumultuous relationship. His mother went into the hospital with liver failure yesterday morning. The doctors say she has a few days at most.

My 11 year old nephew who’s been in a vegetative state since 2009 has a new condition which will lead to a painful death. If he feels pain. The choice is to let him starve to death or wait for his spine to crush his lungs.

The three siblings I went to the funeral with were all drinking heavily yesterday; only one became an extreme asshole, but the other two continued after I called it a night. I had a couple of drinks throughout the day, but I can’t drink much with my afib, and they make it unappealing. I feel like all three of them need to stop, but I feel powerless to make it happen.

Related: my dad spoke at the service yesterday and was sober, but he is still not honest with himself or us about the extent of his addictions.

I’ll post some more pictures of yesterday’s goodness, but today I feel like bawling.

More characters from Intramuros!

Dr. Matias Guevarra- 32 years old. Indio (a Native/ Pure Filipino)  You’ll usually see him gambling or drinking around their small village. Sadly, this alcoholic is also rumored to be one the best doctors in the country. He only strictly tends to natives though, taking rice, vegetables, fish and poultry as payment. 

Fernando- His favorite chicken

Eat Or Be Eaten

For @up-sideand-down. We keep meeting like this. :P This is my offering for the @7remix challenge. I beg your pardon for making you wait this long. I’ve been heavy on the self-care for a while, but then you wrote this adorable soulmate story called You Are What You Eat and my inner Genesis popped up and had to be a dick about it. I wouldn’t recommend spanking him, bastard would just enjoy it.  

(Premise – Soulmates share one of their senses. Sephiroth tastes things he has never eaten and isn’t sure what to make of it.

Content warning - language, some sexual talk, some really unfortunate survival moves.)

Eat or Be Eaten (remix of You Are What You Eat)

Eating was a chore. It was necessary for life because if one didn’t, one’s belly rumbled and distracted the doctor and the doctor didn’t like that at all. One also got very tired and couldn’t think well, because the mind needed the body, and the body needed food. So Sephiroth ate, like the dutiful, sensible child he was. In the mornings there was oatmeal, sometimes cream of wheat. Lunch was protein, starch and mushy vegetables. Nutritious and balanced, and all artificially fortified with everything to keep him going. There was water to drink. That was the best part.

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anonymous asked:

Hello may I request an angst fic where MC had an accident/disease where her heart stop functioning but not yet died (still in coma/dying state) and still could be saved if she get a donor. And jumin as her lover want to donor his heart for her? You don't have to do this if you feel uncomfortable about it. Thank you. I love your writing😊😊

I’m so glad to see you like my writing! I hope this request fits your desires. Have a fantastic day dear! <3


You had started to slow down lately. 

You hadn’t been able to move as you used to, quickly overcome with exhaustion finding yourself having to sit down more and more as time passed.

And Jumin noticed almost immediately. 

The first point had been excited to take him to the local market, finding that it had been something he hadn’t visited.

You had made it, a smile tugging at your lips as you dragged him on, his faint chuckles following along.

But the noise caught up.

And the people began to ram into you accidentally, their apologies shouted into your ear. 

And a pain banged in your chest. 

You clenched onto your chest, dropping your hand from your husband as you began to collapse, the pain only growing by the second, coursing throughout your entire body. 

Jumin raced to catch you almost immediately, his voice soft and worried, a circle of concerned people crowding about. 

“Love are you okay? What’s the matter?” 

You hadn’t even been able to muster the words, weakened gasps and sputters only able to escape you, eyes wide and confused.

A doctor’s visit hadn’t been too far ahead. 

The pains had been persisting you yourself finding it hard to even move out of the penthouse most days, your limbs brittle and exhausted, muscles practically gasping for breath.

And the doctors had been able to soon tell you.


Your heart was giving out.

It was weak.

And soon you found yourself ridden to a hospital bed, each breath you took feeling heavier than cinderblocks, unable to do more than speak a few words at a time. 

Yet Jumin had been beside you for all of it.

He spent every night at the hospital, many times passing out at the bedside, his hand always entwined with your own. 

Though on a few occasions, he’d be forced to leave, most of the time from work.

He would always seem to be in almost despair promising he’d return, pressing a small kiss to your forehead.

But one day he didn’t. 

He had been hours late than usual, your gaze constantly traveling out to the door hoping he’d arrive.

Instead, you got your doctor, a mixed expression painting his features.

“MC, how’re you doing today?”

You were silent, frowning, tipping your head from side to side.

“That answers my question,” He continued, managing a grin. “Well, I’ve got very good news. You’ve got a donor.” 

Your eyes lit up, lips parting as you wanted to speak. “What…? Who…?”

“That’s where I have to come in with my bad news,” He sighed, sorrow taking over him. “It’s your husband. There was an accident. He’s been put into a medically induced coma. His brain is in a vegetative state, and without life support…he’s essentially gone.” 


That was the only thing you could feel in those following moments.

It was an agony far worse than when your heart began to give out.

Tears began to pour out before you were even aware, your hands trembling as you had attempted to wipe them away, your chin quivering, coughs and wheezing escaping you.


“He um…he left a letter, addressed to you.” 

He rounded to your bed, slipping in into your lap, setting a soft hand onto your shoulder. “I’m sorry MC. But…this will save your life. I’m sure he’d want you to do this.” 

He left the room shortly after, giving you a faint dip of his head as he disappeared.

And so you began to read the letter.

“My darling MC,

                             By now you’ve surely heard the news. I’m not quite sure how else you would’ve received the letter but I digress. 

                              Do not mourn me, the last thing I want for you is to be in any more pain. I only wish for you to have the greatest happiness my love. That’s all I’ve ever wanted.

                               But as I said, I did for this. I did this to help you. I hadn’t taken a drive for myself in awhile. I decided to change that. At least this time my poor skills will be put to good use.

                               Never forget that even in death you still are utterly my most precious love. Not only will my heart be with you but so will my soul. Even if I cannot be there with you physically.  

                                           I cannot wait for the day we meet again,


And as you closed the letter, despite a living future, the days would still be eternally dark.

For they would be days he could never spend with you.

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To your last Mchanzo-Oneshot: OMG that was so perfect an cute and everything I could ever wish for! What about a Reverse ? With pinning Mccree? I really Love to know how heute would imagine their home :3

Omg you are so sweet THANK YOU! I might have been low-key hoping someone would ask and already writing it right after Hanzo’s but just couldn’t get it to feel “right” and it took me darn near forever to finish. Anyway:

Note: a few “bad words”, a very mild innuendo?
Also read Hanzo’s pov first for full angst affect, HERE.

McCree felt Hanzo’s gaze on him -heavy and charged, like a buzzard on a carcass. That sonofabitch better be lookin’. He’d gotten all fancied up for him after all. Well, if fancied up meant he’d spent an extra ten minutes in the shower, trimmed his beard a little neater and made sure his hair wasn’t sticking up too wild. Subtleties, ya know. He couldn’t make it too obvious. It’s not like tonight was anything particularly worth fussin’ over so much, just a casual little after mission get together. His nerves hadn’t gotten that memo, and he’d also spent a great deal more time making the decision between the blue plaid and the brown shirt than he’d care to admit, before pulling the latter over his head at the last minute. He’d caught Hanzo staring at him in both, so he figured he couldn’t lose. The other man had showed up to the rec room surprisingly casual. Jeans that fit too well not to have been tailored (could you even get jeans tailored? Hanzo Shimada probably could.) a soft grey v-neck t-shirt which conformed to muscle like a second skin and dipped just low enough to show off that down-right tantalizing collar bone. His hair swept up in a top knot with sides freshly shaven. Damn. If haircuts could kill a man… Hanzo’s undercut could be the death of Jesse McCree.

Reinhardt’s roaring laugh distracted his thoughts for a moment. He’d only been paying about half attention to the conversation he’d been stuck in the middle of, some old rehashing of the ‘glory days’. After tossing back a convincing enough chuckle, his focus returned to the elder Shimada brother. Who looked so damn good standing there, even from the corner of his eye. leaning on the counter at the other side of the room, quiet but comfortable. A sight that was slowly becoming more frequent these days. Jesse knew Hanzo would never really settle in, he was too good at what he did –had too many ghosts that haunted him. Still, it was a pretty picture. Settled. He hummed against his glass as the word lingered warmly in his mind like the whiskey on his tongue.

The Great Hanzo Shimada settled down. Where would he go? Jesse wondered. As often as the archer spoke fondly of cherry blossoms he doubted he’d live anywhere other than Japan. But would he go back to his family home, or hang his hat up somewhere new? Hanzo seemed like a ‘in the mountains’ kind of guy, with the peace and solace they bring. He could picture the man sitting cross-legged on a great balcony overlooking a snow-capped mountain range, a crisp breeze blowing wisps of  graying hair from his face. The scent of  jasmine tea and incense mingling with pine. Then again, he’d spent so long in seclusion maybe a little night life would be just what the doctor ordered? A quite village maybe, that held yearly festivals with fireworks and taiyaki -all those simple things he and Genji talked about from their childhoods. If nothing else, Hanzo would have a traditional house or he’d eat his boot. With shoji panel walls and all hardwood floors. A big library he’d have to keep adding shelves to, and a small garden with a koi pond and his own personal Sakura trees. He wondered if Hanzo would let him add a cactus or two? Or maybe they’d have a big garden with space to grow vegetables, herbs and what not. Since they’d found a mutual fondness for cooking disasters together (ever since Genji and Hana’s intervention cooking classes), they might as well do it with home grown ingredients. He supposed they’d need permanent guest rooms for those rascals. Jesse could almost hear Hana convincing Hanzo to set up a nursery for the dragons too. That is absurd! Hanzo would huff before caving in and doing it.
Jesse knew he and Hanzo were about as different as you could get when it came to styles and habits but that hadn’t stopped them so far from finding common ground. Like the movie nights they’d recently started! That brought a vivid picture of curling up on a probably very white couch in front of a warm and well used but well kept fireplace, beside a snuggly Hanzo. the dragons curled up at their feet, with Mulan or The Good The Bad & The Ugly on for the umpteenththousandth time (the movie nights having long since become a tradition). Just cuddling and enjoying each other’s good company on a cozy quiet evening. Cuddles would turn into caresses, and caresses into kisses and the movie go on forgotten…

The trademark tap tap tap of Hanzo’s metal feet broke into this train of thought, robbing him of arriving at that nice little fantasy destination. Genji was talking animatedly as he followed his brother out of the rec-room. Jesse should have known he wouldn’t stay long, he never did. He rubbed at the back of his neck, feeling a hot flush run over his body. Yer a damn fool, McCree. The odds for Jesse’s fantasies lining up with Hanzo’s future, were pretty damn close to none -he knew.

But maybe, just maybe, he’d be that lucky.

By Valentines Day i mean Singles Awareness Day. (☞ ͡~ ͜ʖ ͡°)☞  And now I have McSad headcanons about how Jesse day dreams about the future.

Someone Call The Doctor

Character: Baekhyun (EXO)
Word count: 307
Summary: If any of the other asylum doctors knew how much Baekhyun loved you, a patient, they just might think he was insane … | #angst #insane asylum!au #doctor!baekhyun

They poked, pulled and prodded at you; at your brain, more specifically.

You were crazy, the doctors concluded. Absolutely nuts. There was no medicine that could cure you, no potions or fresh mountain air that would soothe the turmoil in your mind. They tortured you, thinly concealing it as a way of “helping.” They tried electrifying the “crazy” out of you, gave you bitter medicine that made you sleepy afterwards, as if it would make you forget the pain.

All it did was make you unable to scream.

And at the end of every day, there was him.

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“Chuuya, you…don’t know him?”

“No.” Chuuya shakes his head weakly. “I’ve never seen him in my life.”

“You don’t remember having a partner?”

A birthday fic for @curiouscat99!

Happy Birthday @curiouscat99! I typed this at noon so it’s rushed and I haven’t written in awhile so it’s crappy. I cannot write angst anymore so this isn’t angst, i’m sorry ;-; Also, Mafia!Dazai and mentions of Fyodor.

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Bones Scenarios >:D

I used to hate the fact that I’m from the south.

Then I fell in love with the Georgian, crotchety, adorable asshole that is Leonard McCoy, and I’ve never been more grateful in all of my years.

You can walk by almost anyone and overhear their conversation and imagine little Bones scenarios:

“Well, golly gosh.” Leonard mumbled under his breath, rubbing the back of his head as he stared confiddled at his failed experiment.

McCoy stormed after the incompetent ensign.

“Boy, I’ll jump on you like chicken in soup!” Then disappeared beyond the mess hall doors. Jim and Spock stared at the empty space that he left behind, wondering what the holy hell he just said.

“‘Chicken in soup,’ Captain?”

Just before he lost his footing, he managed to grab hold of the table.

“Hooooly,” he strung out, pausing for a moment before letting out an exasperated breath, “…smokes.”

“Ya see, promotion’s all about who ya know and who ya blow. Me? That’s why I’m a doctor. More real action and less knee work.”

*reading poem written by my mom* *clears throat* “And the squirrels played in the tree over yonder.”

“Heaven forbid you’d hush your mouth for two god damned seconds!”

“Doctor, may I inquire about the nature of your meal?” Leonard flicked his gaze up to look at Mr. Spock who’s own tray was filled with the usual fruits and vegetables that he had for breakfast. He grinned a sideways smirk, rolling back his shoulders and pointing at his food with his fork.

“Ain’t you ever had gravy 'n biscuits, Mr. Spock?” The Vulcan raised a brow.

“Gravy and biscuits, Doctor?” Leonard tsked but waited for Spock to finish, “I fail to see how covering a grain based nutrient with a simple fat is, in anyway, healthy or desirable.” McCoy let out something like an, ahck.

“That’s the point, you damned Vulcan: it’s simple! Not only is it only two ingredients, but it’s inexpensive. Beggars can’t be choosers, Mr. Spock!” As if to exemplify his point, Leonard took a haughty bite of his food before continuing, “As for the desire: you can bet your ass that gravy 'n biscuits are one of the best damn things you’ll have for breakfast! Nothin’ gets better than southern biscuits smothered in a white, sausage gravy served with some sunny side ups and a glass of REAL southern sweet tea.” Spock only stared, pondering his words as a smile crept onto Leonard’s face. He raised a brow.

“…bet my ass, Doctor?”

sarcasticjellyfish  asked:

Hello~ how would the S and M react to their Vampire lover/wife being severely ill? (I know Vampires don't really get sick but if it were to happen) Thanks!♡

Admin Mawile: Σ(゚д゚;)


-Vampires are awfully tough, and he doesn’t think there’s much to do but let you heal. He’s terrified of losing someone close to him again, but there’s nothing he can do to help beyond making sure you rest. Hopefully, you’ll be strong enough to get through it on your own.


-He immediately takes matter into his own hands and starts formulating a medicine for you himself. He can obviously craft something more effective than any mere doctor, and with his aid, you will surely be returned to full health in no time. Just have faith, and take what he makes for you.


-Aside from demanding that Reiji do something to fix you, he doesn’t do much but worry, constantly pacing your room and barraging you with endless questions about how you feel. He doesn’t seem to realize that you need rest, and it’s difficult to say no when he looks so afraid.


-While much less aggressive than Ayato, he also refuses to leave your side for a second, silently hovering in a dark corner like some kind of malevolent spirit. In his mind, if something happens to you, it’s because you hate him, so you have to get better to prove that you still love him.


-He acts almost completely unworried, leaving the doctoring up to Reiji and continuing with his life like nothing has changed. In reality, he’s so terrified of losing you that he can’t stand to so much as see you this ill, and hides from the problem is a misguided attempt to protect himself.


-After breaking down a couple walls and all but threatening Reiji into helping you, he spends days in his coffin on the verge of panic. The longer he’s away from you, the sicker he feels, but now he’s certain that you won’t want anything do with him after he left you alone for so long.


-He should be more than capable of curing such an illness, but there’s a crawling sense of doubt whispering that he won’t be able to save you. He’ll do whatever he has to to bring you back to health, and he can’t afford to slow down long enough to think about what will happen if he fails.


-Despite being horribly worried, he had his idol job to attend to, and he winds up hardly having time to do anything but hope you’ll make it. It’s not like he’d be any help anyway, not with Ruki there to handle all the doctoring, and he becomes almost convinced that you’d rather he stay away.


-You’re a full vampire, and vampires can survive just about anything. Especially with Ruki taking care of you, he’s sure you’ll make it out of this no problem. Personally, he’s going to get you so many fresh, nutritious vegetables, whatever illness is in you won’t stand a chance. 


-While he has full faith that Ruki will fix everything, it’s obvious that he’s still afraid for you. No matter how often he’s told that your illness is far from fatal, he can’t get past the idea of losing you. He’s absolutely terrified, and it shows in that he can hardly think to do anything, even hurt himself.

I know.

Pairing: Blaine Debeers x Reader 
Fandom: Izombie
Warnings: ——
Summary: Christmas with Blaine 
Author’s note: My sister is in love with Blaine and wanted me to write something. Again I must apologize if there’s some grammar mistakes I’m spanish. Anyway, enjoy. 

It was Christmas Eve.
Ravi’s house was filled with Christmas atmosphere, there were socks hanging upon the fireplace, beautiful lights everywhere, a bunch of presents under the tree and “Rudolph the red nose Reindeer” was playing on the radio. But even if everything looked so peaceful from the outside from the inside was very different. Everyone was stressed.
Ravi was running around the kitchen trying to have everything under control, controlling the turkey in the oven, cutting vegetables for the salad, washing some dishes… you meanwhile were trying to prepare the pudding as fast as you could and at the same time Major was setting up the table.  
Tonight, Liv was coming to dinner and she was going to bring her new boyfriend, Lowell. That’s why you (with Major’s help) prepared really spicy pasta so they could taste at least something.
Ravi approached to you with a worried look in his eyes.

“(Y/N), tell me you bought the champagne, I can’t find it anywhere.”

“What? No. That was Major’s job.” You said giving him a confusion look. Ravi put his hand on his forehead and started to panic- “Ok, calm down Ravi you’re making me more nervous than I already am. Major!”

Major appeared in the kitchen with a candle and a lighter in his hands. When he saw Ravi he gave you a very confusing look as if he was wondering why his friend was so … nervous.

“You forgot the champagne.” You said, shrugging-

“Oh, crap!” Major left the candle and the lighter in the kitchen table and started to check his pockets- Don’t worry, I’ll get in a near shop or something.

“Run! Run or I will kill you Major Lilywhite!” Ravi shouted, but Major was already closing the door-

Ravi always panicked when something was wrong in any celebration he was preparing and that made you laugh.  
You met him three years ago when you arrived from New York to Seattle looking for a house and a job after your father died. You found the job in the morgue and that’s where you and Ravi became good friends, you two were always together, drinking in a bar, playing video games, watching a movie in the cinema…so after two months Ravi told you he needed a roommate and you accepted the offer without hesitations. Eighteen months later you met Liv and Major and after knowing that he was looking for a flat you and Ravi agreed to let him move to your house.
You loved your friends; they were the most perfect human (and zombie) beings in the world, but although you had the most wonderful friends of all time you missed someone.

“(Y/N) where is the salt?”  Ravi was by your side moving his hand in front of your face, but you were lost in your thoughts to realize that “Heeeey, earth to (Y/N).”

You blinked a few times and went to the dining room to pick the salt for Ravi.


He gave you a worried look and then put a hand in your shoulder; he knew that something was wrong.

“What’s wrong?”

“It’s nothing Ravi” You smiled at him but he was not going to let you go until you told him what was worrying you, he was very persistent sometimes. You sighed “I’m thinking about him… It’s Christmas and maybe he is alone. It makes me sad.”

Ravi disliked Blaine but he knew how you felt about him despite knowing all the things he has done. He was always nice to you; he visited you while you were working and invited you to fancy restaurants and cocktail bars. He was a really charming and funny guy and you loved to spend time with him, unfortunately you never found the courage to tell him how you felt. You were afraid about being rejected.

“Do you want to be with him?” Ravi asked, smiling sadly. You knew the answer and that made you feel sorry for your friends, you didn’t want to leave them but the thought of Blaine been alone in his apartment made your heart shrink “You can leave if you want (Y/N)… no one here is going to judge you.”

“I can’t leave… Lowell is going to bring his guitar; I promised I was going to sing something with him after the dinner…”

“Hey, Lowell will understand the situation… you can sing with him other day.”

“Damn it Ravi, why you have to be such a good friend?” That wasn’t a question. He was the best friend you ever had, even if Christmas was his favorite holiday he put your happiness over his.

“Go” He laughed

You gave him a soft smile and ran upstairs to your room to pick the present you bought for Blaine. You stopped in front of the mirror a few seconds to check your hair and makeup and then ran downstairs to get to your car.

You’ve been in Blaine’s apartment once, when he was going to have lunch with you but he forgot to pick one of his “deliveries” so the two of you had to return and grab the yellow bag and give it to Julien. It was a bit disturbing but you forgot it when you started to talk with Blaine.
Before arriving to his apartment you stopped in a Chinese restaurant and bought food, you didn’t know if Blaine liked noodles considering that he was a zombie a few months ago, but you had no idea what to bring to him.

You had to knock three times before he opened the door.  Blaine looked as good as always even if his hair was a mess and he was holding a bottle of wine.

“Are you drunk?” You asked raising your eyebrow-

“No.”  He smiled. You crossed your arms “A bit. C’mon in” Blaine closed the door behind you and you noticed few empty wine bottles in the kitchen table “I thought you were going to spend the night with the good doctor and company.”

“Yeah, but I didn’t want you to be alone. It’s Christmas.” You placed the food on the table and started unpacking everything

“Are you worried about me?” Blaine chuckled

That gesture made you feel sad because no one in his life worried about him. The only person who loved Blaine was his grandfather and now he was in a residence in a vegetative state.
No matter who he was you could never push him away. That was the problem, everyone did the same to him. Obviously you wanted him to stop murdering people to sell their brains to zombies, but even though he didn’t you never once thought about leaving him alone.

“I bought Chinese food, I hope you like it” You said, avoiding the question. He approached you and started to check what you bought but he stopped when he saw a paper bag with a ribbon.

“What’s that?”

“Your Christmas present, duh.” You rolled your eyes; it was obvious you got him a Christmas present, I mean, you LOVED Blaine although he didn’t know.

“I haven’t celebrated Christmas since I was eight” He confessed, you looked at him sadly, but he was wearing a smile “Wait here”

And that’s what you did. Sitting on a chair you poured yourself a glass of wine and started to drink. Two minutes later Blaine appeared with a tiny box in his hands and gave it to you.

“What’s this?”

“Your Christmas present, duh.” He answered in the same tone you did a moment ago

You couldn’t do anything but laugh, he really was a funny guy. You opened the box and let out a little surprise scream when you saw the golden necklace with a small heart and a tiny diamond in the middle. He bought you a freaking gold necklace. You looked at him directly to his blue eyes and hold back the tears that wanted to escape from your eyes.

“I’m not good with feelings and I’ll stop if you want me to but…” he murmured, gently cupping the back of your neck “I hope you don’t.”

You gave him a smile and pressed your lips to his. The sparks that raced along your skin at the contact made heat blossom on your cheeks.  He is gentle, he kisses you with love. Nobody knows this side of Blaine, but you are more than glad to be the only one.

“I…” You started to say with a smile, but he stopped you.

“I know.”

And you two kissed again.

Prompt: “Chekov x reader where the reader is Bones’s daughter so he’s kind of intimidated by him. Then he sees the reader seriously injured on an mission and takes care of them till they are beamed back on the ship and Bones gives Chekov the green light for dating.” - superwholockbooknerd526

Word Count: 2,329

Warnings: Minor description of blood, spinal cord injury.

Author’s Note: I don’t know much about spinal cord injuries. I saw a video on Facebook a while ago for this synthetic sleeve that could bridge spinal cord injuries and restore normal electrical function to lower extremities, so although this is experimental technology now, I imagine they would have a reliable version in the 2260s.

Cyrillic Key:  Доже мой - Dozhe moy - Oh my God.  Я тебя люблю- Ya tebya lyublyu - I love you*

* I took a Russian class once, and luckily I had a Prof who taught us the important things, like how to say “I love you.” You can rearrange these three words into whatever order you want and, because of the grammatical case of each word, the sentence will still mean the same thing. I realize that most fanfiction writers will default to “Я люблю тебя” but I prefer the flow of “Я тебя люблю.” I think it just ends up being a style thing, but I wanted to mention why I chose to do it this way.


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Five minute ficlet

You’d managed to program the replicator to make Mac and cheese, and were savouring each bite. It wasn’t quite right, but it was damn close. Your mouth was very very happy, and you resisted the urge to groan in enjoyment. But you did close your eyes. Which was how you missed Doctor McCoy sitting down in front of you, you figured.

“That looks like a sinful mountain of carbs, lieutenant,” he commented. Startled, you opened your eyes, meeting his hazel gaze dead on.

“I’m good, but I’m not that good. It’s cauliflower based noodles. They don’t taste quite right but it’s the cheese I was craving,” you laughed.

“You look happier,” he smiled from over his salad. You eyed the vegetables with some suspicion.

“Than I am eating dietary greens? Yes sir, I am,” you smirked.

“Just in general, actually,” he corrected. “Your colour is better and -”

“Oh, yeah. Touched up my roots and put on make-up,” you interrupted. He rolled his eyes.

“It’s something else. More than the comfort food, more than the make-up. You’ve always been a nice-looking individual, Y/N,” he paused. “But now there’s something more. Like maybe you’ve figured out happy.”

You stopped and thought about what he was saying and smiled. You weren’t really sure what was different, but he wasn’t wrong. You smiled again and took another forkful of your cheesy dinner.

“Confucius said that we all have two lives. And the second begins when we realize we only have one,” you though aloud. “I think I’ve started my second.”

“It looks good on you,” he smiled. “Maybe I could take you out to celebrate that new birthday on our next shore leave?”

yummycookie  asked:

Oh god! I miss your mpreg soumako! How about during makoto 2nd trimester he has the sweetest pregnancy cravings. He suddenly got a sweet tooth you name it from ice-cream, to chocolate and cakes he had Sousuke making him sweets for every meal. Until one day he notice that his pants are getting a bit tighter than it should. During a routine checkup the doctor told him that he's gaining a bit of weight which got him depressed about getting fat. Sousuke comes to the rescue making him feel better.

More mpreg

Makoto stood in front of the kitchen cupboard, gently nibbling his lip as he tried to decide what he wanted to eat. Since he got pregnant Sousuke really had kept the cupboard well stocked, packed with treats.

But that just made it all the more difficult for Makoto to choose. Cakes, pastries, chocolate, biscuits, sweets. All looked so inviting right now.

Deciding it would be unfair to have just one, Makoto fashioned his own snack out of a battenberg cake, a tub of vanilla frosting and sweet decorations. He walked to the table with a spring in his step, well as much of a spring a pregnant man could have.

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Rusty Back to the Future - Dean x reader

(Vacancy open for a name giver, because I suck)

Imagine: Dean doesn’t want to admit his age, therefore, he and (Y/N) travel back to the 80s where Dean meets with himself.

Characters: Dean x reader, Sam (small cameo), Castiel (small cameo), John (mentioned), Little Dean, Baby Sam, Bobby (mentioned).

Warnings: A bit of angst, mentions of blood and open wounds.

A/N: After watching Dean struggling to jump the fence, and playing on repeat Little Me by Little Mix, I got this idea. I’m happy with how it turned out, although I almost cried writing some parts of it. Either way, I hope you enjoy it.

Originally posted by weallneedcastiel

The sirens from the police’s cars where filling the air. The three hunters were surrounded, with only one way out – said way out required jumping a fence.

Sam went first. He basically flew to the other side, no stuttering and no failed landings.

Next it was (Y/N). She climbed the fence and jumped to the other side, stumbling a little when she touched the ground but managing to stay on her feet.

Lastly, Dean. It wasn’t the first time he was jumping a fence, that’s for sure, but it also wasn’t the first time that he struggled to.

Yes, in the past he had been an expert; he could jump any fence, escape from any situation without a problem and even sneaking into hot girl’s houses for that matter. But now, after many years of not worrying about his health, his age was beginning to be a problem.

Sam had always told him so, (Y/N) too. Dean didn’t exercise except when he trained body combat with Sam, and the only healthy food he would eat were the vegetables on his burgers. He would stay hydrated only with alcoholic drink and God helped the person that suggested him to visit the doctor or take vitamins, because Dean would begin a rant (if not a fight) trying to defend his non-existing youth.

“Hurry!” Sam urged his brother, taking notice of the police’s flashlights – searching for them.

“I’m trying, Sam!” Dean roared as he finally reached the highest point in the fence.

“Jump!” (Y/N) shouted. The officers had finally seen them.

Dean jumped like he had done in the past, falling on his knees when landing. However, he didn’t have any time to complain because, before he could even groan, Sam had already got him up and dragged him into the dark and to the Impala.

Obviously, Dean asked Sam to drive.

The older Winchester was lying on the backseat of his beloved car as the huntress, who was sitting beside him, looked on her purse for any pain-killer that Dean could take. Meanwhile, Sam managed to blend in on the usual traffic from that crowded highway Dean hated so much.

“Got anything?” Dean asked with a raspy voice. He had his legs over (Y/N)’s lap, and through his jeans fabric he could see blood.

“Unless you got menstrual pain, no.” She replied, closing her bag.

“Sweetheart,” Dean called, “I’m sure this hurt like menstrual pain.”

The huntress laughed and gave him one of her pills. Dean swallowed it without thinking twice and then proceeded to look for the emergency kit he always kept in the car. He found it under the seat.

“Need any help?” (Y/N) asked, noticing how Dean was struggling to reach the kit.

“No.” He simply said; his fingertips were almost touching the box.

After ten minutes of struggling, Dean managed to reach the box (although it had been Sam stepping to fast on the brakes, causing the kit to move closer to Dean) and handed it to the huntress.

“I can’t fold your jeans far enough… I’m going to need to cut them…”

“No!” Dean cried. The huntress and Sam rolled their eyes.

“Then you’ll have to take your pants off!” She roared.

“Sweetheart, if what you want is to see me naked, you only need to ask.” Dean winked.

“Aren’t you too old for those pick-up lines?” Sam joked from the driver’s seat.

“HOW DARE YOU?” Dean shouted. Yup, he was getting defensive.

What followed is simple: Dean giving useless arguments to Sam about why he’s not old, and his perfect shape and how stupid it is to exercise when they literally run after monsters every week. As always, he stood up for his true love: fast food and alcohol.

“Dean…” Sam called once more.

“No Dean, I’m in perfect shape. The fall was just because this goddamn flannel got stuck with one of the wires of the fence. I’m not old!” Dean insisted.

“Shut up, Sam.” (Y/N) shouted seconds after Sam opened his mouth to argue. “I’m sick of you two fighting.”

“Ha!” Dean mocked his brother.

“And I’m ALSO sick of you not accepting your age!” She continued, giving Dean a glare.

“My age? There’s nothing wrong with it and…”

“And you’re no longer a twenty year old that can binge on alcohol and pull off all-nighters every night!” She cried, “You need to take care, for God’s sake!”

Dean didn’t argue anymore, he just crossed his arms and looked away.

It wasn’t his fault; I mean, who would want to grow up after twenty? Dean was on his right to be mad, or at least that’s what he thought.

He wanted to be young again. He hadn’t had a proper childhood, his teenage days sucked and his twenties had been the best out of the worst in his life: free from stupid school, having any girl he wanted, being able to do what he wanted with his body without any consequences… It was heaven on Earth.

The road trip was silent. Dean didn’t let (Y/N) cure his wounds – he was far too upset with her.

(Y/N) limited herself to caress Dean’s thigh, not quite conscious about it. Eventually, she and Dean fell asleep and didn’t move until they reached the bunker.

As obvious as it sounds, Dean didn’t let anyone take him to his room. Hell, he didn’t even let Sam help him out of the car or down the stairs. He literally swallowed his tears until he was locked inside his four-walled cave.

The blood was dry and his jeans were glued to his wound because of that. It was hard and painful to remove them and (Y/N)’s pill had only worked for a while and now he needed another one – but he was too proud to go on and ask her for more.

Once he had his pants out and a bunch of alcohol and some strange red liquid Sam had bought for these cases, Dean was able to sit down at his bed, beer in hand, and think about the past conversations.

Sam and (Y/N) where right, he was getting old. Even when he didn’t want to admit it, blame it on the pre-forty’s crisis, he had to do something. He stood up, with all the pain possible at that point, and searched between his books.

“Hey, Dorian.” Dean mumbled to himself as he took the slim book from one of the boxes on his closet.

Yes, Dean wasn’t the best thinker when it came to desperate measures. He had “The Portrait of Dorian Gray” in hand and a terrible idea in mind.

“Really?” A voice spoke. Dean looked up and to the door where (Y/N)’s small figure was staring at him.

“I thought we agreed on knocking the door first.” Dean chuckled.

“I did, but you were far too interested in Mr. Gray to notice.” She replied.

“I uh… I was just looking for a light reading…” Dean excused himself. (Y/N) didn’t buy it, she crossed her arms over her chest and lifted her eyebrow.

“A light reading about a man obsessed with his youth, enough to make a deal to stay young while his painting ages… Nice.” (Y/N) spoke.

“Fine,” Dean sighed, “you got me… I just… I don’t want to be old.”

“I know, Dean.” She whispered walking closely to Dean.

“I have wrinkles all over my face and white hairs starting to grow… I can’t run, nor jump small fences like I used to and…” Dean couldn’t finish his sentence, it hurt him to even think of the life he didn’t get, of losing time as fast as he had.

“If it works… You look hotter with wrinkles and the white hairs you talk about are barely noticeable.” (Y/N) comforted Dean, sitting beside him on the floor.

“Yeah? And what else? Those are the only good things about ageing…” Dean grumbled sadly.

“Well, your voice got deeper.” (Y/N) observed, remembering how high Dean’s used to be compared to his voice now.

“I just want to get a few years back… There is so much I didn’t do because I figured I had enough time to do it later…” Dean sighed; his eyes were watery with thoughts.

“I think we can manage that.” (Y/N) spoke.


“Don’t you love the 80s?” Asked Dean as he breathed in deeply.

“Not particularly.” (Y/N) replied, hating the clothing she had to wear to fit in.

They walked over the sidewalk Dean barely remembered, heading over to the school where a five year old Dean waited for his dad to pick him up. Dean knew that John wasn’t going to be there on time, remembering how he ended up walking back to the motel at 7 pm.

Dean was looking happy, though, which made (Y/N) happy. That until a kid punched Dean with a football and apologised to him with a “sorry, sir.”

“This is crap, we shouldn’t have come.” Dean complained afterwards.

“Dean, please.” (Y/N) begged.

“No, (Y/N)! This is bullshit! I asked a few years back for myself but not too literally travel in time and…” Dean was interrupted by someone pulling from his jacket.

A blond, green-eyed boy was staring up at him. He was wearing a flannel that was too big for him and his shoes where a little torn apart. He had sad eyes and yet he was smiling at the hunter.

“Hi.” He said.

“Hey.” Dean replied, feeling awkward around himself.

“I like your jacket.” The kid compliment, having a closer look at it.

“Thanks, it belonged to ou… my dad.” Dean explained, turning completely to be face to face with himself.

“My dad has one exactly like this one,” Little Dean observed, “except my dad’s is newer…”

“Cool.” Dean said, not knowing how to reply without spilling out the truth. (Y/N) giggled at the exchange, calling the attention of both Deans.

“Woah, is she your girlfriend?” Little Dean asked Older Dean in a whisper.

“No…” Dean answered.

“Is she your sister? Or at least a familiar?” Little Dean continued whispering.

“No, she’s my friend.” Dean explained using his children-voice.

“Are you dumb?” Little Dean asked sassily.

“Er… uh.. What?” Dean furrowed. He didn’t remember being a little bitch.

“I asked you if you’re dumb?” Little Dean repeated.

“I’m not.” Older Dean responded angrily.

“Yes you are, otherwise you’d already be dating her.” Dean’s eyes widened at his own words. He, in fact, had had a good taste in women since he was a child.

“I will ask her out, just not yet.” Dean mumbled, but the kid was far to hypnotised by (Y/N) who was trying to fix her hot pink skirt.

“Do you mind if I talk to her?” Little Dean asked without taking his eyes off of (Y/N).

“Go on,” Dean encouraged himself, “You’ll talk to her anyways.”

Thankfully, Little Dean didn’t hear the last part. He was already in front of (Y/N) complimenting her skirt and hair.

“So what’s your name, sugar plum?” The kid flirted.

“I’m (Y/N)” the huntress replied with a laugh.

“I’m Dean Winchester, pleasure to meet you.” Little Dean took the girl’s hand, pressing a soft kiss on it

“Hey, hey, hey,” Dean fumed, “hands off her.”

“She’s not your girlfriend.” Little Dean frowned, looking at the old man.

“And she’s not your girlfriend either.” Dean responded.

Sometimes, Dean would forget his age and act like a total kid. In this case, he was arguing with a kid while behaving like a kid, which was far too fun for (Y/N) to ever forget it.

“Hey, Dean.” (Y/N) spoke, interrupting the Deans’ discussion.

“Yes?” Both of them asked in unison, followed by a death glare to each other.

“I mean, Little Dean.” (Y/N) corrected herself but wasn’t able to finish her sentence because Little Dean was far too excited for having found someone with his same name.

“What’s your last name, Dean?” The kid asked with wide eyes, “Maybe we have the same one and we could be like twins from different times and…” Little Dean proceeded to create a whole conspiracy theory about aliens and time travel.

“Winchester.” Dean answered, interrupting the kid.

“I KNEW IT!” Both Deans high fived and then decided to sit down back at the bench where Little Dean had been waiting for John.

“What do you work at?” Little Dean asked.

“I’m a hunter.” Dean replied honestly.

“My dad’s a hunter too! Maybe you know him, his name is John.” The kid smiled.

“I do know him, he’s…” Dean couldn’t finish his sentence, but he didn’t have to because Little Dean understood perfectly.

“I know…” The awkward silence was soon filled by happier topics such as: Led Zeppelin, apple pie, hot girls, and monsters.

(Y/N) sat down quietly; listening to both Dean’s exchanging the same points of view and thoughts about the simple things in life as well as the most complicated ones.

“How old are you?” Little Dean asked. Older Dean swallowed uncomfortably, not wanting to talk about that.

“I’m uh… I’m thirty-seven.” Dean answered, unable to lie to himself.

“THIRTY-SEVEN?” Little Dean’s green eyes widened.

“Yes, I know… I’m o…”

“AWESOME!” Little Dean finished his own sentence, “My father says no hunter lives that long… You must be invincible!”

“I’ve died a few times…” Dean mumbled, trying to act humble but failing.

“You’ve died? AND YOU’RE BACK?” Little Dean couldn’t believe what he was hearing. It sounded like something out of a sci-fi film.

“Yes… Been to Heaven, Hell and even Purgatory.” Dean smiled proudly.

Little Dean was now standing on the bench. He couldn’t be sitting down with the stories Dean was telling him about the three after-life places he had been to.

“You are awesome, Dean!” Little Dean finally spoke, throwing his arms around Older Dean. “When I grow old, I want to be like you.”

A tear left Dean’s eye. Not only because he was his own hero, but because of the many feelings he had touched that night as well as the pain it caused him to think that Castiel would eventually erase Dean from his own memory in order to keep things in place.

“I uh… Do you want an ice cream, or something?” Dean asked, wanting to make that day as happy as possible for himself.

“I can’t, I’m waiting for my dad.” Little Dean replied.

“I talked to him and… He’s not coming, something got on the way.” (Y/N) immediately interfered, taking advantage of her silence during the whole conversation.

“Typical…” Little Dean whispered.

“So, ice cream?” Older Dean offered sadly.

Dean made sure to give Little Dean the best afternoon he could, knowing that the next months would be a pain in the ass until John met Bobby; and even so, Dean knew all about his own suffering.

They had ice cream, and Dean answered to every question Little Dean had and eventually took him back to the motel.

Dean took his time to check on Baby Sam. He was so small, so fragile; he barely remembered it now because it had been too long. But having his baby brother back in his arms was bringing many lost memories back to his mind.

“Who would’ve thought that a flea like you would end up being a giant moose?” Dean joked. The one year old baby did nothing but laugh at the stranger’s words.

“How do you know that?” Little Dean asked. He had been standing behind Dean, and he had heard everything.

“I uh… Where’s (Y/N)?” Dean asked, putting baby Sam down at his improvised crib.

“She’s praying to some Cassiel.” Little Dean answered.

“Castiel.” Dean corrected. He was hopeful that Little Dean would forget his words to Sammy, but he had always been a stubborn pain in the ass.

“How do you know Sam is going to turn into a moose?” Dean chuckled.

“Not a literal moose… He’s just going to grow up really tall.” Dean explained.

“As tall as a moose.” Little Dean inquired.

“Exactly,” Dean smiled, “Sammy will be taller than us one day.”

“How do you know?” Little Dean asked again.

Before Dean could answer, the sight of (Y/N) and Cas behind Little Dean took his thoughts away.

“It’s fine, Dean.” Cas spoke in his usual low voice, “You won’t remember.”

Little Dean was confused. A man had appeared in the room without him noticing and now the Old Dean was telling him about how he was himself but from the future.

“So we get to time travel?” Little Dean asked with widened eyes.

“Yes.” Dean answered, “We’re like Marty McFly.”


“Wait ‘till next year, next?” Little Dean shook the strange reference and continued his interrogation.

“So we have angel friends?”


“And we get to live for longer than normal hunters?”


“Tell me, do we have a cool car? Like a flying car?” Dean chuckled at his own question.

“There’s still not flying cars in the future but uh… We get to keep the Impala.”


Again, Little Dean bombarded Older Dean with questions. Except this time they were more specific.

After almost an hour of talking, the time to go came. Dean knew John would be back at any minute, and Cas still had to erase his own memory.

“I have to go, buddy.” Dean spoke softly.

“I don’t want you to go… Take me and Sam with you!” He begged.

“I can’t…” Dean let out a small tear.

“Why? We can be hunting partners and you can teach me how to drive and…”

“I can’t alter the future, buddy.” Dean explained, interrupting Little Dean’s illusions.

“So… But you already told me everything; you’ve altered the future already!” Little Dean cried.

“About that… We have to… Men in Black you.” Dean struggled to say.

“Men in Black me? What does that mean?” Little Dean asked angrily.

“You’re too young… In the future there’s a movie… Doesn’t matter, you’ll see it like thirty times.” Both Deans chuckled.

“I will remember it then, and when I see it I’ll know.” Little Dean stated proudly.

“I’m afraid not.” Dean whispered.

“You… You’re deleting my memory.” Little Dean mumbled after a few seconds of processing his own words. Dean only nodded, not being able to say it directly. “Please don’t, I want to remember you!”

“I’m sorry.” Little Dean hugged Older Dean once more. Both Deans cried in each other’s embrace, both for the same reason, yet a different point of view.

Saying goodbye to himself was harder than he expected. Little Dean used to be a real cuddle bear, a quality that Dean had lost over the years.

(Y/N) and Dean were walking out of the motel room when Little Dean called for them from the door. He was supposed to be inside, letting Cas clean his memory.

“What are you doing?” Dean asked with a smirk.

“Before I forget you… There’s something I need to do.” Little Dean explained, winking at the older version of himself.

“Go on.” Dean encouraged, not quite sure what he was going to do.

“(Y/N)” Little Dean called her.

“Yes?” She asked. The huntress had the same puzzled look on her face as Older Dean.

“Would you be my girlfriend?” Little Dean asked with the flirtiest tone ever. (Y/N) laughed and blushed fifty shades of red before answering with a “Sure!”

Little Dean high fived it with Older Dean mouthing a “you’re welcome” and going back into the room, closing the door behind him.

“You were a lovely kid.” (Y/N) observed a big smile on her face.

“I know… I almost hate myself for letting Cas wash my brain.” Dean replied.

“It was under your own consent, Dean.” (Y/N) reminded him. In fact, Little Dean had allowed Cas to do it.

“Speaking of consent…” Dean wiggled his eyebrows. (Y/N) knew too well what he meant.

“Seriously? You always find the worst situations to flirt with me.” She laughed.

“Well, you’re technically my girlfriend now,” Dean chanted, “you’ve been my girlfriend since 1984 which is far too many years to catch up on to.”

(Y/N) let out a breathy laugh as she shook her head.

“Guess I can’t help falling for the Dean Winchester charm, can I?” She joked, looking up at Dean.

“You can’t… I’m afraid you’ll have to live up with it.” Dean responded.

“Well then, let’s go back to our time to catch up on the thirty two years of dating we missed!”


“Since when are you two together?” Sam asked after catching his brother and (Y/N) making out in the kitchen.

“Since I was five.” Dean replied.

Sam, who was unaware of the whole time-travel thing, started to formulate a question but got interrupted by the huntress.

“Don’t ask, just roll with it.” She said.

“Okay.” And with that, Sam left the kitchen. He was certain that the story behind that was amusing, but he knew his brother and was far too scared to ask. Therefore, he just kept the questions for himself.