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Teddy Bear

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“He’s a great big bear, he is. Can’t see anyone courting that oaf,” you hear as you walk through Erebor’s market.

You needed a few more ingredients to bake biscuits for Dwalin. He’s been a horrid mood lately and you knew that your baking would cheer him up. While on this trip, you finally figured out what brought him down.

Dwalin was the scariest dwarf you have ever met and you thought he hated you. You were a hobbit lass going on a dangerous quest with only men; he thought you to be the weakest link. A grave mistake that Thorin made, but he was proven wrong when you saved him from being stabbed in the back. It was then that you realized that he didn’t want you coming on the quest not because he thought you weak, but because he loved you and that made all the difference in the world.

You follow the gossiping dwarves eye line and you see both Thorin and Dwalin walking together and that makes your heart clench.

He told you, once, about his insecurities. About how he thought himself to be too ugly to even be looked at twice by any woman of any species (a/n: which is completely false because dwalin is hot af) and you assured him that he looked ten times hotter than any dwarf, hobbit, man and elf that you had ever met. That had lead to a very pleasurable night in the sheets that had you sore for a few days.

“You should probably shit your trap about him,” you say, casually looking through their stand.

“And why should we, Lady Hobbit?” The dwarf asks with a sneer. Without a moment’s hesitation, you quickly pull the knife out from your boot and throw it directly at the merchant, catching his collar and embedding the knife into the stone behind. That trick came from Fili.

“Because, Master Dwarf, I will have my next knife embedded into your skull. Dwalin is a wonderful dwarf and is far better looking then you could ever be,” you growl out and you hear a throat being cleared behind you and you know it’s Thorin as their eyes widen.

“Is there something wrong here?” Thorin asks making you turn towards him with a grin.

“Nothing, my king. Just telling these dwarves how cuddly my teddy bear is,” you say, pressing your front into Dwalin’s side.

That causes Dwalin to groan and Thorin to smirk.

“Ah yes. He’s such a cutie pie, isn’t he?” Thorin asks, pinching Dwalin’s cheek. Dwalin swats his hand away with a growl, but pulls you into a one-armed hug nonetheless. He liked being your teddy bear, but Thorin didn’t need to know that.

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A definite yes to preggy TaeTae. He's such a cutie ♡♡

Ohhh i hope this is for the wolf au!! Im on mobile right now so please excuse any mistakes ill try to come back and edit them when i get on my laptop.


A pregnant Taehyung is actually a little bit of a mess. He’s still trying to figure out how to be an omega and now paired with being pregnant, its really not easy.

Especially because male wolf pregnancies are a lot harder and shorter than normal pregnancies. Male omegas go through body changes where their insides shift to be able to hold the pups and not only that, they also have to deal with shots and other medicine to help them make certain hormones needed to help their pups.

The beginning for Taehyung is especially hard. He gets these cramps that often leave him curled into a ball and whimpering until Yoongi comes back home from the studio and holds him. The first time it happens he’s actually really fucking scared something is wrong with him but is quickly assured by his doctor that its normal as its just his body preparing him.

Yoongi spends most of his nights cuddled up by Taehyung while he rubs his omegas stomach with a warming lotion.

When the cramps aren’t hitting him though its really nice. Of course his tummy takes some time to grow but that doesnt stop Yoongi from placing his face near Taehyungs stomach and talking to his unborn pups.

“Hey babies its daddy, take it wasy on your papa okay?”

Taehyung giggles and runs his fingers through Yoongi’s hair as he listens to his alpha. He’s a bit scared because his doctor has told him male omega can have up to five pups at a time but he knows no matter what Yoongi will be his support.

Taehyungs craving are actually funny too. He makes whatever member is with him at the time try anything he’s eating. Poor Jimin gets the worst of it as he’s extra protective over his best friend and spends the most time with him. One time Jimin is forced to try watermelon and peanutbutter and he almost cries while Taehyung happily eats.

He starts showing around the two month mark. It’s not super super noticeable but his shirts are starting to fit a bit tighter and his bump is viewable from the side. It makes the alpa in Yoongi growl with a new kind of possesiveness because those are HIS pups inside of HIS omega. He especially likes it when he catches Taehyung napping on their bed shirtless and cradling his tummy.

On the fourth doctors visit they find out they are expecting three pups! Taehyung is happy but a bit scared while Yoongi is grinning with pride because his omega is strong enough to give him that many pups on the first try. He spends more time than normal that night talking to his pups.

“One of you has to he an alpha okay? So you can keep your papa safe while I’m working on songs.”

When BTS is scheduled to have a comeback, Taehyung is already four months pregnant and heavily showing. He’s wadling around now and his feet swell more but that doesn’t stop him from going to practices and supporting his members even if he can’t really dance along. The pups tend to kick more whenever the members are practising one of the Cyphers and Taehyung giggles because obviously his babies have good taste.

There’s also a lot of baby bump pictures on twitter. Taehyung loves to post little videos of things on his belly so fans can see how the babies kick.

There are a few moments when Yoongi has to hold Taehyung as he sobs because his hormones are a mess and he’s read some mean comments online. Wolves arent a new thing to the public but male omegas that are pregnant are and that often gets haters. Eventually he just stops reading them and focusses on his supporters.

“Hey Yoonie, how long are omega typically pregnant?”

Yoongi’s in the middle of rubbing Taehyungs swollen feets when he pauses.

“Well its usually around six to seven months.”

Yoongi grins as he can smell the excitment coming from Taehyung. Soon they’ll be able to meet their babies!!

Around five months Yoongi notices that Taehyung has been smelling him more. Its not that noticeable really but he of coursw catches it right away. Taehyung is wearing his shirts more and holding to his face when he’s reading or watching anime. It makes him feel a type of way because he’s read omega only do that as a form of comfort. He pulls Taehyung into a hug so the omega can just bury his face into Yoongi’s neck instead and smell him better.

While it’s not really possible to be able to tell if the pups are going ro be alpha beta or omega until they are born, Yoongi and Taehyung are excited to find out one of their babies is for sure stronger than the others and might definitely be alpha.

Its not all pretty though. Yoongi sighs a bit as he’s cuddling with Taehyung in their sleep and he wakes up to a crying Taehyung and a wet spot on him. He already knows Taehyung must have had an accident as he is bigger now and its not as easy for him to get up when needes. He gently gets up and changes his omega and himself and the sheets and spends some time assuring Taehyung that its normal and no he’s not gross its all apart of being pregnant.

When Taehyung does go into labor its just a wild ride. He’s in the dorm alone because the members are at a music recording and he’s trying to relax in the bath tub when he feels a sudden pain. Its sharp and directly to his stomach and his instincts kick in right away. He reaches for his phone and calls his personal manager and with some help they get him to the hospital. As soon as Yoongi hears that Taehyung is in delivery he leaves the show without even taking his mic off.

The alphas heart breaks when he arrives to the hospital and sees that Taehyung is curled up in a ball on his side crying. The omega has an iv in his hand and other things connected to him and Yoongi waste no time going to his omega side and doing as best as he can to hold him through his pain.

When it’s actually time for Taehyung to deliver he has to have all the cords taken out so he can shift into his wolf form. After his shift its just a blur of crying and slick and whimpering.

The first pup is a male omega they name Sangmin. The second another male omega, this one though is special because his eyes are the same striking blue that Yoongi’s wolf are. They name him Sanghyuk. Finallt the hardest time Taehyung has is with their last child. It’s bigger than the rest and Taehyung has to take breaks because he just cant. Finally though, she comes out and wow a female alpha. They name her Sunmi.

(Well we finally have the pups! Let me know if you want me to continue life with the pups!)

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I agree with the previous anon, I remember thinking there couldn't be any more handsome men after seeing soo ho and dji wi but then the motherfucker yeo wool appeared and I couldn't believe there existed such beauty and that I was blessed to be able to witness it and I just had to pause the episode because damn

i feel like if the hwarangs are a boy group, yeo wool will be everyone’s bias wrecker. i mean look at this mother fucker without the long hair and he still slays. 

yeo wool? more like yeo-wanna-fuck? hell yes!

and he can turn sexy to straight up cutie patootie. 

bless cho yoon woo. 

Excellent news.

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OC x Roommate!Taehyung
Length: 2.3k of IDK? 
Recommended OST: (x
Insp: when the power literally went out as I was skyping with @an-exotic-writer and then I stupidly said “wow this could be an AU” and then she answered with “don’t come back till you write it.” : ‘ ) why. won’t. you. let. me. back. in. 

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“In what world is this a good idea Wendy?” you sigh into your text covered paperback, hoping to melt into the parchment along with your sighs of dismay; the current presence of distress causing the space between your eyebrows to narrow and your brain to whirl in nonsensical circles. 

Her devious smirk insinuates much more than her response but she replies nonchalantly, “You need a place to live. So does he. Two people sharing an apartment. Simple.” she looks up over her pocket mirror she’s been using to apply her lipgloss, her grin much too self satisfied to match her capricious tone. “Yes, but that ‘he’ is Kim Taehyung aka the-cutie-from-Art-History-I-never-talked-to-freshman-year (correction: that you still haven’t talked to). You know I’ve had the biggest crush on him for the past year and a half and now you’re asking me to live with him.” 
“The in-between’s aren’t that important.” she hums as her mascara wand comes precariously close to her immaculate eyeshadow she no doubt spent an eternity on. 

“I still don’t know how I agreed to this.” you groan and bury your worries into the deep, dark trenches called busy work and forget about the golden boy who will be within a few feet (max) away from you 24/7.

“In what world is this a good idea Namjoon-hyung?” Taehyung sighs to the older boy, his hands currently busy cutting some aimless pattern onto the sleeve of his sweater. His brows are knitted, his easygoing smile wilting at the corners when he realizes that in two days he’ll have to move into the same house with you. Not that Taehyung dislikes you, if anything it’s the polar opposite: Taehyung is most definitely in too deep with his crush on you. He was intrigued by the shy peeks you sent his way and captured when the dust of rose on your cheeks appeared as he reciprocated.

“Aw kid, why don’t you make the most out of it?” Namjoon sends the younger boy a dimpled smile and a suggestive waggle of his eyebrows which is enough for Taehyung to bang his head against the table. He pauses to digest the information that he’ll be in the same apartment as you and the thought of you, all wrapped up in blankets curled up on the couch, is enough to make Taehyung pick his head up and push it none too gently against the table once more.  

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Anonymous said: Can you maybe draw naekusaba ( Makoto x Mukuro ) please ( if you like it im not forcing you if you dont ^_^ )

this is rly just a quick sloppy sketch cuz i didnt have time tonight for a full pretty picture but !! here they are!! i promise ill clean this up sometime

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drawing meme! I have to ask for n°9 because TINY 6 Y-OLD CUTIE PATOOT XAL

AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAH <3 well now I want to draw him young. Imma tag you on every young!Xal thing I’ll do U.U

9. Them as a tiny six year old cutie-patoot.

He’s from noble birth yes, but he will go play with other children in the surroudings, inviting other kids to join them. He gets all dirty, and mommy Trevelyan isn’t very happy about that…

Edit : the quality is shit. next time i won’t reply directly x)

you can send one if you want :)