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I never thought it would last, truth be told. The Wolverine school for gifted youngsters. Sounded to me like a disaster in the making. But look at this place now. Look at you.  [Wolverine and the X-men #42]

Lying Is The Most Fun a Girl Can Have Without Taking Her Clothes Off (Sebastian Stan x Reader)

A/N: I honestly have no idea what this is because I wrote in just now. I figured what the heck right haha (: also I had to rush because of my Lima bean attention span. I may or may not make this into another series (; I hope you guys like it! ENJOY! -Delilah ❤ 

 Warnings: Flirting. Online relationships. Age gaps. Teasing. 

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Headcanons for Katsuki Bakugou

- he’s pretty good at cooking. His mum taught him everything she knows.
~ Kirishima found out about it and challenged him to a “bake off…” That didn’t end too well.

- even though he’s good at cooking, his mum still packs his lunch for him.

- he secretly likes playing dungeons and dragons, but he won’t play unless he’s the DM.

- he’ll never admit it, but he likes the company that the class gives him (even though he can’t remember any of their names so he resorts to nicknaming…).

- he’s not old enough yet… But if he were to ever get drunk, he would be the “I love you, man” kind of drunk. He’d also be a bit of a lightweight.

- be careful with having food around Bakugou, he won’t hesitate to steal a bit of it.

- he l o v e s dogs. If he goes anywhere near a pet store he’ll be stuck there for hours looking at the little puppies in the window.

- despite having to sweat to get his quirk to full power, he doesn’t like the smell. He’s resorted to getting tips off the Internet to get rid of the stench.

- he wishes he was taller. He thinks he’ll be more menacing if he were.

- he always deletes his history after using the computer (not because he was looking at anything scandalous, he just doesn’t like having his history clogged up with dozens of pictures of dogs).

- he’s actually a bit of an early bird, the morning is when he’s the most energetic and the least grumpy. However, when it’s school holidays his sleep schedule is completely fucked and he sleeps in till noon.

- he loves dressing up in his costume and posing in front of a mirror (“practicing for when he’s number one” as he calls it).

- he loves watching superhero movies. He prefers DC over Marvel.

- he’s not a big fan of junk food, he doesn’t mind pizza though.

- he’s allergic to cats.

- he’s horrible at drawing, the best he can do is stickmen. In all honesty he’s not that creative at all, he’s more logical.

- when he’s really agitated and needs to calm down, climbing trees usually helps him relax.

- he’s been having a recurring dream where a giant frog chases him. Ever since then he’s been a bit on edge whenever Tsuyu is around.

- he likes to play with his hair from time to time.

- I think if he were to ever fall in love with someone, he definitely wouldn’t realise it at first. He’d treat them like any other person… But as he hangs around them a little more he’d start to think things like: “I like how nice and sweet they are” or “hey they look pretty good in that outfit.” Then he would become extremely distant and shy, mostly because he doesn’t understand his feelings towards them. At the same time he would want his crush to be around him a lot, sometimes even dragging them away from a group just so they could be alone.

(Kirishima notices almost straight away and teases him to death)

After a few months, he’d realise he’s in love. He would most likely tell them directly and casually, but he’d want to be alone with his crush when he tells them.

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Hi hi. My husband wants to read the Civil War comics before going to watch the movie (he's not a really big Marvel fan, but he read about the differences and wants to compare the comics vs movie). He's having a hard time figuring out which ones to buy online. Do you have any suggestions/tips? Are there 7 single issues that make up the collection, or 4 books, etc? Thanks! Love your blog!!

the differences are pretty much: everything involved in cw. the only similarities so far are extremely superficial where you’ve got tony stark vs. steve rogers.

my advice for civil war is always first and foremost NEVER READ JUST THE 7 ISSUES THAT MAKE UP THE MAIN CIVIL WAR COMIC.

the civil war (2007) #1-7 book written my mark millar ties together the event, yes, but you essentially miss out everything that makes the event remotely logical?? they escalate from one ridiculous fight to the other and you end up missing the point of what the event really is: a multi-character, multi-team event that sprawled across every single marvel title that was running at the time. and in this case it’s not just a money-making tactic, it gives you a more complete view of exactly how SHRA impacted on the lives of different heroes and groups and stakeholders all across the marvel universe.

honestly, if you want a full, well-rounded understanding of cw, your best bet is pretty much to read the entire event (ofc you can leave out smaller titles that don’t have direct impact on an understanding of the story like i did e.g. cable & deadpool or moon knight or punisher war journal). here are my suggestions, in reading order:

  • amazing spider-man (1999) #529-538
  • new avengers: illuminati (2006)
  • civil war (2006) #1-7
  • civil war: front line (2006) #1-11
  • new avengers (2004) #21-25
  • captain america vol. 5 (2004) #22-25
  • iron man vol. 4 (2005) #14-15
  • iron man/captain america: casualties of war #1
  • civil war: fallen son - the death of captain america #1-5
  • civil war: the confession #1
  • avengers: the initiative #1
  • civil war: the initiative #1

that will cover your bases and give you an even reading of both sides of the events. if you’re interested in any of the other titles scattered throughout (ms. marvel, black panther, civil war: x-men, heroes for hire, wolverine, young avengers & runaways, fantastic four, thunderbolts) i’d definitely give them a look too. steve and tony show up at least once in nearly all the other titles as the leader of each side but there’s some very interesting insights and moments where you get to see them through the eyes of certain other characters or hero teams. 

civil war is really that one event where reading as many different perspectives on the main conflict helps actually cement the reality of its impact on the 616 universe. all those perspectives help form a much clearer picture of not just the big overarching ideologies (civil war #1-7 ends up painting them both as glorified mouthpieces tbh) but the foot soldiers on the ground, the heroes that never wanted to be part of this war but ended up dragged into the fray, and the many, many people who just wanted the fighting to stop and were counting on two of their best to be able to find a solution to a war only they could end. 

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lol at people thinking seb's getting a big ego... he's been in big marvel movies and calls fan's "friends" replies to us on instagram, interacts with the fandoms and gives headcanons, gives extra effort in making fans feel okay with speaking to him and help with anxiety, WHERES THE BIG EGO