he's 2 cute i had such a gr8 time making this

Hello! I was wondering if you could write about Zen and 707 playfully jumping out on MC (their girlfriend) in the dark, only to scare the living crap out of her and have her start crying, and be unable to stop even when she knows it’s just them. Like, how they’d react to that. Thank you very much!

Ahhh this is such a cute request, you got it, anon!


  • It was almost time for bed and you were finishing up your nightly routine in the hallway bathroom while Zen had long finished his routine in the bedroom’s bathroom bc of course he needed to hog one bathroom all to himself 
  • When he assumed that you were almost done, a playful thought came to his mind,
  • “What if I hide behind the bedroom door and scare MC??”
  • That’s gr8 Zen, you go do that this won’t end badly at all
  • So he shut off all the lights in the house and waited behind the door
  • It took a few minutes, but he finally heard the door creak open and your confused voice echoing throughout the house
  • “Zen? Did you go to bed already? Helloooo?”
  • When there was no response, you just shrugged and made your way to the bedroom to join your boyfriend, “Hm, guess he’s already asleep.”
  • The footsteps became closer and closer and before you could step into the room, Zen leaped out, lightly grabbing your shoulders for further scare points
  • “BOO!”
  • He heard you yelp loudly but soon felt your shoulders slip away from his grasp, and soft gasping noises filling the air
  • Zen immediately flipped on the light switch only to find that you’ve fallen on your butt to the floor crying
  • Regret is the first emotion to fill his system
  • You feel yourself being enveloped in his arms and a constant flow of “I’m sorry’s” in your ear
  • Despite knowing that it was him and his attempts to soothe you, you just couldn’t stop crying for some reason
  • Eventually Zen picked you up and carried you over to the bed, climbing in as you cuddled up to his chest
  • He began to sing a gentle song and your sniffles soon transformed into the calm breathing of sleep
  • Zen let out a heavy sigh and kissed your forehead
  • You can bet that you were going to be treated like royalty tomorrow


  • In hindsight, watching a horror movie at 3 am wasn’t a good idea because now you were terrified of anything and everything 
  • And being the oh so lovely boyfriend he is, Saeyoung was going to enjoy it as much as he could
  • He started by shutting down the lights in the house, and the only way to get them back on was on one of his laptops
  • Like you’d be able to guess which laptop and the frenzy of different passwords that’d be set for each individual one
  • You were mostly feeling your way around the house, Saeyoung thinking it’d be funny to let ominous creaks and noises omit through the house
  • He ran off laughing, the sound becoming creepy as it echoed in the hallways
  • You found your way to the bedroom and instantly made a dash towards the bed, where the blankets could be your safe haven
  • Flashbacks of the movie flowed through your head and you started tearing up a little
  • Saeyoung had found your covered body on the bed and he was ready as ever
  • “3…2…1…”
  • “I’VE FOUND YOU!” he screamed as he jumped on top of you
  • A high shriek escaped your mouth and you began to violently sob
  • Upon hearing your cries, Saeyoung immediately took action
  • He picked you up gently and held you tightly in his lap, whispering soothing words to calm you down
  • “MC, I’m so sorry…shh it’s me, everything’s okay now…”
  • He feels so bad that he already has the list of ways on how he’s going to make it up to you planned out
  • A few minutes passed and your sobs still haven’t died down
  • If words weren’t enough, then the phrase “Actions speak louder than words” couldn’t fit more
  • Saeyoung pecked every place he could reach from your neck to your forehead and kept at it until you began to giggle
  • He was so relieved to see that smile back on your face
  • When you yawned, he laid you down to rest because tomorrow you were going to be smothered in his love
  • It was going to be a peaceful sleep until hE BLEW A RASPBERRY INTO YOUR NECK GODDAMMIT SAEYOUNG–

anonymous asked:

One where P moves into the flat 2 doors down from D, and they always see eachother at the same time in the morning to go to work, and sometimes have little conversations, but they both start to develop crushes on eachother and one day phil asks dan out for dinner and they have a cute dinner and get to know eachother, and then they go back to their building together and when D is goin into his flat, phil says something lke where are you going? the dessert is in my room ;) (you're both gr8 btw)

(I feel like I didn’t give this justice, but enjoy nonetheless. This is literally 475 words of me rambling; I’m sorry.)

It had first started when Dan had gone to get the Saturday mail, a boring job when he could have been scrolling through tumblr instead, but maybe someone had sent an urgent email or a surprise package- though he highly doubted it. Said surprise package came in a way he didn’t quite think however as he bumped in to a black haired, blue eyed man on the stairs, lugging boxes up with sweat on his forehead.

The box that the man had been holding had clattered straight to the floor, though luckily the contents of the box seemed to have stayed in tact and the man managed to catch it with his foot. Dan’s cheeks had flushed and he stuttered out a reply before pausing upon hearing the man laughing.

It was a sound he wanted to hear again, Dan had soon decided. He ran in to the man who had introduced himself as ‘Philip Lester but I prefer Phil’ on a daily basis on his way to work, and the two would have small conversations, usually about the weather or some kind of form of small talk.

Now don’t get him wrong, Dan despised small talk, but Phil always seemed to make it interesting with all the stories he had connected to each subject the two ended up talking about- like how he wanted to be a weatherman and that’s why he was so interested in the weather. It seemed boring to Dan most of the time, but with Phil he laughed and smiled along nonetheless.

Suffice to say, Dan was completely infatuated with everything Phil, and after months of flirting between the two, Phil finally asked Dan out on a date. Dan thought it would be somewhat awkward, but with Phil planning it all it was easy going.

They sat and talked for an hours in a quaint little restaurant with fairy lights lining the windows and draping down from the ceiling, dim candle light being the mood lighting for the evening. The two had talked and talked, Dan more often than not wearing a light blush speckled over his cheeks.

On their way back to the apartment building, the two were holding hands, laughing and talking under the stars. Dan grumbles the whole way up to their floor, naturally because their apartment doesn’t have an elevator, why Dan cannot even begin to understand.

As they reach Phil’s door, Dan gives him a short wave of goodbye, but as he moves to his own door two doors down from Phil’s, Phil states rather boldly “Where are you going, the dessert is in my apartment.” Dan looks back with a flush on his cheeks and Phil winks at him before leaving the door ajar to let Dan in after him.

Suffice to say the neighbours weren’t about to get sleep any time soon.

~ Nebula

schmidtyho  asked:

hey!! im tryna get into the nwhl and i was told you would be a good person to come to just to ask about your fav teams and players just to tell me some basic stuff about them?

If you’re completely new to the league i’d recommend reading THIS & THIS it has basic facts on how to follow the league + links to all the NWHL twitters which you in my opinion must follow to follow the league & they give insight on the players & the teams ! + They’re really cute and have a bunch of interactions.

OK this turned into more of a me talking about some of my faves on every team + some basic info about the teams! And since I have a lot of strong feelings about this league this post is kinda long so I’m putting facts about my fave players on the 4 NWHL teams under the cut!

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oh boy i havent done one of these in a WHILE !  time to ramble & hope for the best.

blah blah hey its ya boi andy here with a whole bias list !!! DANG !! okay so like ??? im surprised that i hit 100 already honestly !! i admit, i’m used to hitting that Hundred™ mark pretty quick as i’m usually in bigger communities but in one that’s as small as go.rillaz & with a character thats so common ?? i’m shook ! noodl.e has been one of my most productive & strongest muses yet. i’m surprised that ive been so on top of things lately when i’ve been busy with school & my usual muses die down within two to three weeks. but we’re just about to hit that 1 month mark and she’s still kicking which is absolutely fantastic. i’ve had a blast with the friends i joined this community with & with the people i’ve spoken to along the way. now that we’re talking about them , let’s start the part everybody actually cares about !!

M'HOMBOS  .  SHORT  /  people ive been talking to often OOC & who i consider friends ! check the bottom for the sappy shit because i RAMBLED abt these 4.

@bassled   /   @fractzure   /   @igninecari   /   @twodented

HEART EYES .   /   ppl i’ve spoken to / thread with but i want to get to know better ! ( aka hmu whenever u want bleas ,,,, )

im also throwing m'boos in here that i didnt talk abt bc we dont interact as much on this blog or some other reasons

@nuorii  /  @reallyblah  /  @blackfiire  /  @russeld  /  @kaboooms  /  @wondcrkid  /  @appxssionato  /  @airfcil  /  @riffrcffed  /  @solhearts  /  @iimpious

EYES EMOJI x 100  .   / people who i’ve hardly spoken to if at all but would like to eventually interact with more !

@leggystu  /  @bubberu  /  @littlebadger  /  @crackerpaula  /  @starwished  /  @endangcred  /   @cinderella-esque  /  @wargod  /  @teenghcst  /  @halfpact  /  @tankbitch  /  @dirvnitas  /  @gangguro  /  @kitanosuzume  /  @toriiel  /  @scaramouchc  /  @candieds

M'HOMBOS  .  LONG   /   under the cut because i wanna RAMBLE.

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Johnny As Your Boyfriend

What Would Johnny Be Like As Your Boyfriend

  • This meme wow okay
  • So he’d be pretty chill at the beginning
  • You’d probably go out on casual dates like cafes and shopping dates
  • So you’d see his gr8 fashion pretty early on
  • “Wow I have that broccoli shirt but a carrot version!!!1!”
  • “Really?”
  • “no”
  • Don’t get me excited, (Y/N)
  • and soon he would hesitate to whip out Johnny’s fashion evaluation
  • But soon after you’d go out on late night movie dates and higher class restaurant dates
  • And soon you’d be getting surprise gifts like flowers or chocolates delivered to your door
  • And soon those gifts would come with messages like “hope your day is great, loser”
  • That’s when you’d know it was going strong
  • Honestly dating him would be a lil weird too
  • Because your phone would start buzzing at like 2:57 a.m. and you’d check it with bleary eyes to see that Johnny sent you another picture of Pepe claiming this one was the rarest of them all
  • You’d want to mute his conversation at night but you couldn’t in case it was actually something important
  • So you’d put up with late night memes
  • And texts asking you if you washed your hands
  • And eventually instead of sending you late night memes or hygienic questions, he’d come over and show you them
  • This would spark late night McDonalds runs
  • And late night store trips
  • Because he’d get some snacks because he’s over so you can’t go to sleep
  • So you two would end up watching a movie on the couch
  • Your head would be on his shoulder and you’d be cuddling under a blanket
  • And this hoe would still be on tumblr looking at memes
  • And so he’d find a meme and go to show you it, but you’d be fast asleep
  • And he couldn’t deal with how cute you were
  • So he’d take selfies with you
  • And pictures of you
  • He’d probably send them to the boys
  • And Ten would send one back edited with you as Satan
  • But then Johnny would just laugh because he knew Ten meant it as a joke
  • And he’d find himself drifting off
  • So you guys would wake up and the members would be in your apartment and eating your food because you gave them a spare key
  • Well the spare key was Johnny’s but he made a spare for them
  • And so you’d wake up to everyone giggling
  • And then you realized Johnny was hugging you like a teddy bear
  • And you couldn’t move
  • But it was okay
  • As long as he woke up soon
  • Because you had to pee
  • Basically couple items would consist of everything from meme-able shirts, to couple rings when you guys got super serious
  • You even let Ten get one of the shirts so he’d feel included
  • Oh yeah first kisses
  • So yeah that would be pretty quick
  • Like you’d be surprised if it didn’t happen on the first date
  • If it didn’t happen on the first it 100% happened on the second
  • Your names in each other’s phones would probably be questionable
  • Because he’d have yours save as “My Loser”
  • And he’d change his in your phone to “The Fresh Prince of Chicago”
  • If you’re ever sad he will 100% know how to cheer you up
  • Because he always jokes around and shares memes to make you laugh and smile
  • So he’d be a bit sad if you were sad too
  • Basically this tall ass man is a meme and you’re a meme too so it works, and you guys would go on pretty cool dates that would seem tumblr like, but the more meaningful ones were the late night trips to the convenient store. He will love you with everything he has and one of his main goals will be to make you laughand make sure you’re happy all of the time.  Treat him well, beautiful.
Lafayette x Reader: Modern!AU (Part 2)


Words: 1320

Warning: hangover, implied throw up, implied smut (okay I know I said no smut but there was no way I couldn’t do this)



“Hey man hey, I literally just found your blog but holy cow, I’m totally down to clown with a part 2 for the Lafayette x Drunk!Reader. ٩( ᐛ )و Pretty please? IT WAS REALLY CUTE, (Sorry I didn’t get the reference though >.<)”

“um so like part 2 of that laf fic plEASE?????? thank you i love your writing ur gr8”


“I need a part two of the laf x reader. Omg it was so good i need know what happens next.”


“part two part two part two part twoooo”

“part two pleaseeeee”

“Please tell me your doing a part two”

Prompt: nada

A/N: you !!! guys !!! are !!! so !!! sweet !!! (and you really wanted this I did not expect this many requests)


The slow pulsing headache caused you to push yourself to sit upwards as you woke up, but the blinding white light consumed your line of sight and you put yourself under the large blanket once more.

After blinking a few times, and using your hand to wipe the crust from your eyes, you sat up and squinted around the room, getting used to the light.

The lights source was coming from a tall lamp across the room– wait, you didn’t have a lamp across from your bed at your apartment, where were you?

As you started panic, you shoved the blanket to the side and threw your legs over the side of the bed, standing up.

A wave of nausea hit you, the hangover taking effect, and you groaned as you clutched your stomach. How much did I drink? What happened last night? You asked yourself.

You remembered ordering a couple rounds of shots for yourself at the bar, paying for it, and getting in an uber. Then, knocking on the door of an apartment, you couldn’t remember the number, but you’re surprised the person took you in.

Footsteps grew louder as they made their way towards the room you were standing in, and your stomach twisted as you were getting quite anxious. You sucked in a large breath, as you were getting ready to blurt out this long apology to whoever strangers house you made yourself comfortable in.

“Hey, princess,” someone said opening the door. You recognised that voice, so you looked up.

You let out the biggest sigh of relief, “Oh thank god, Hercules, its you.”

Hercules smiled, “Well, yeah, who else would have paintings of horses all over their guest bedroom?”

You looked around, nodding, he did have more than three on one wall, “Oh. Yeah…”

He walked over and handed you the glass of water that was sitting on the nightstand, you hadn’t even noticed it before,

“Drink up, after that I’m taking you towards the bathroom.”

You gladly sipped the water, before following him out of the room. Hercules took the glass from your hands as you entered the bathroom.

“I’m sorry for, you know, intruding your home last night. I mean, for all I know you could’ve been sleeping! I don’t remember much, so I’m sorry for anything that happened. I really shouldn’t have been drinking in the first place,” you kept rambling until Hercules stopped you.

“Hey! You’re fine, nothing bad happened. And I wasn’t sleeping.”

“Oh thank God.”

He left the bathroom to make breakfast, also not wanting to see what kind of art show you would be showcasing in the toilet.

After you were done, you walked into his kitchen and wiped your mouth off with some paper towels before throwing them away.

“So, uh, if I didn’t wake you up, and you were already up, who was keeping you awake?” You said, wiggiling your eyebrows.

Hercules rolled his eyes, “It was Lafayette; I was Face Timing him. Speaking of, he’s going to be over in a few.”

You didn’t ask why, just gave a small nod, before getting some cereal down for yourself.

When you mentioned Lafayette, is got some sort of ‘déjà vu’ feeling. Maybe it was from last night, maybe you butt-dialed him. You hoped Lafayette didn’t actually see you, or hear you, for that matter, last night. You didn’t want to embarrass yourself in front of your crush of all people.

You sat down, and ate your cereal across from Hercules, who was texting someone, until the doorbell rang.

He stood up, mumbling an ’I’ll get it’ under his breath, and he opened the door to reveal Lafayette standing there.

He was wearing one pair of his pink sweatpants, with the waistline of his Mickey Mouse underwear showing, and his hair in pigtails.

Hercules said nothing, just moved aside got him to come in, in which he did.

You were slightly taken aback by what he was wearing, and you turned around toward the door,

“Hey, Laf.”

“Hello, mon cherie.”

You felt your cheeks burn up and you turned back to your cereal, when Hercules spoke up,

“Oh, John just texted me. He… needs me to… come over… for something…” He grabbed some shoes, and left.

“Do you think he realises he’s still in his pajamas?” You said, glancing back.

Lafayette walked in the kitchen and sat in the chair across from you, digging into the untouched portion of Hercules’ toast.

There was just silence, as you could feel Lafayette staring at you. You didn’t know how to react, so you took your bowl and put it in the sink after rinsing it out,

“Are you okay?” You looked back at him while putting your hands on the counter behind you.

“I think that question should be directed at you, considering your hangover,” Lafayette shrugged.


“You know, the how you say– aftermath of when you got intoxicated, confessed your undying love for me in a long rant, and then said that you had dreams about sleeping with me.”

You felt like you were going to cry, Lafayette was now standing directly in front of you, practically cornering you into where the counter and fridge met.

“I… have to go, I just remembered I need to go move to Alaska with my mother,” you said quickly, ducking under his arm and leaving the room.

“Y/n, wait!” Lafayette called after you, but you were already leaving the apartment.

You stopped at the end of the hall, and turned around, ready to take your embarrassing rejection so you could get it over with.

When Lafayette caught up to you, he held your forearms lightly, bringing you closer to him,

“Could you just listen to me?” He let out a breathily laugh before shaking his head, “Y/n, mom cherie, mom amour, whatever, I love you. I love how you sing to yourself all the time, I love how you stick your tongue out when you’re concentrating, I love how you’re so passionate about the things you favor, I could make a whole list about how I love everything about you.”

You just looked down at the ground, “Do you really mean that?”

“Yes, of course.”

You bring your head up and smiled, and you pulled his face down and kissed him as his arms wrapped you.

Before it could get any farther, Lafayette pulled away, “How about we go to my apartment and fulfill your dreams?”

You were quite confused at first, but two and two together and started letting out small laughs while nodding your head. Lafayette took your hand, and lead you down the stairs.

Imagine being super shy at a party and Federico helps you get out of your shell

Originally posted by novizio

A/N: This was a cute request and looking at this gif ^^^ has made me want to rewatch Lineage because hot damn Federico!! Plus his voice is gr8 so yea

Soft lights highlighted the features of every noble’s mask and attire, their many jewels glittering like personal starlight. The scene before you reminded you of birds in spring, showing off their preened feathers in an attempt to be seen by all. You, on the other hand, were more than happy to hide on the sidelines, shrinking back into your party mask in the hopes of avoiding the spotlight. It was a warm night, and the nobles (including your family) were getting drunk at a party thrown by some rich man, whose name escaped you. You didn’t quite care for it all, yourself. You preferred the quiet of home, the peacefulness of alone time.

“Y/N, why are you all alone?” Your mother asked in an almost scornful tone, “There are young men who are perfectly suited for you, yet you’re hiding away in the corner?”

“Mother, I appreciate your concern, but I do not see the point…”

Your eyes shifted over to a handsome young man, laughing and smiling in the most intriguing way. For a moment, you let your mind focus on nothing but him and his charming face.

Your mother followed your gaze, and chuckled, “You might not see the point, but you definitely have seen the motivation, no?” You blinked back to her and narrowed your eyes, “Mother…”

“Go talk to him. Maybe you won’t look so downcast then.”

You gasped, eyes wide, “Me? Talk to…? No. I cannot! That’s- no. I won’t-!”

It was too late. Your mother pulled you to your feet, “The Auditore family are known for their honor and grace- that boy is the eldest of Giovanni and Maria. His name is Federico.”

Stopping near the young man, your mother cleared her throat, “Ahem, Federico Auditore,” She paused as the man turned around, his eyes darting right to yours, “This is my daughter, Y/N.”

You looked down bashfully, and your mother continued, “She is far too shy to talk to anyone on her own; I hope you will excuse her manners.”

To your surprise, Federico laughed. It was so kind and genuine, you had to look back up to make sure it was really him laughing.

“It is no problem, signora.” He turned to you with a gentle smile, his lips curved warmly, almost teasingly. You blushed and looked back down. Your mother gripped your hand tightly before leaving you on your own with the attractive man.

“So, signorina, why have I not seen you before? Surely I would not miss someone so fair as you.”

Oh, goodness, he was flirting with you now! Not that you disliked it, you just had no way of flirting back. You folded your hands together, “Well, I don’t usually make a show of myself…” You replied meekly. Federico smiled, “Most beautiful things do not, I understand.” Your face only got warmer, “Oh, stop.” You told him halfheartedly.

“Your humility does you credit, Y/N. Or do you truly not believe what I say?”
You glanced away, unsure how to answer, “I suppose not.”

Federico placed a hand on his chest, “Now, would I lie to a pretty lady?”
“I… no?”
“Exactly, signorina.”
You smiled a little, embarrassed. Federico smiled along with you, “And you only become more gorgeous when you smile.”

Music filled the air as bards began to play their songs. Many of the nobles began dancing (although, their dancing was clearly a result of the fine wine they drank far too much of) and Federico turned to you, holding out a hand.

“Come, let us enjoy the party! Dance with me!”

“Now? Here?” You looked around quickly, trying to find a reason not to dance.

“Of course! There is no better time than now to enjoy the night and all her wonders!”
“Well, I found a kind, beautiful lady- that is a wonder, is it not?”

You shook your head, “Do you ever stop?”
“Stop what?”
“Well… this. Womanizing.”

“Do you wish me to stop?” He asked you sincerely.
You shook your head, “No! I mean…”

Federico laughed and took your hand softly, “Come, dance with me, per favore. I would like to enjoy the evening dancing with you.”

You felt your stomach do flips as you nodded, “Alright, I will.”

The soft lights seemed to be captured within the eyes of the two of you as you danced, laughing, together until you were both so tired you felt like your feet were going to fall off.

Perhaps getting out of your shell had some up sides to it after all.

fuckign witches part 7

dhamn 2 in one day im on FIYAH

hope u guys like lance’s POV bc ive only written one time for him???? i hope i can do it well???

Part 2 - Part 3 - Part 4 - PART 5 - PART 6 - PART 7 (you r here) - PART 8

Lance shoved his hand in his jacket’s pockets, fighting his way through the wind back to Allura’s shop even as the day grew steadily darker.

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here’s my review of hamilton!! sorry it’s so long lmao

  • okay first off everything was amazing
  • there were no understudies on which was cool bc i wanted to see it with the whole obc
  • burr’s first entrance was so gr8, everyone started cheering and you could tell how excited people were for the show
  • the same thing happened at lin’s entrance with what happened at the grammy’s, he had to wait like 5 seconds before continuing
  • aaron burr, sir was very good
  • hamilton is so cute in it he is totally looking up to burr and he looks so young and eager
  • laurens and mulligan and lafayette were so funny together, and the way they tease burr makes you feel bad for him
  • when hamilton says his first line to him they look so impressed it’s gr8
  • my shot was really cool, they had part of the stage moving in a circle and you can see them handing out pamphlets to people like eliza and angelica
  • the dancing in my shot was so on point
  • the story of tonight was super sappy and gay, lams is totally canon y’all
  • the schuyler sisters was so funny and sassy, and peggy was so cute in it getting dragged by her sisters
  • farmer refuted was so funny!! hamilton kept trying to block seabury when he was giving his speech like standing in front of his box, i’m surprised no one on tumblr has talked about that yet
  • you’ll be back was so gr8, i love jon groff sm
  • washington’s reveal in right hand man was so dramatic, and that song had great dancing! and hamilton was so eager and pumped
  • the end pose at the end of right hand man was really cool; washington had his sword out and it made me feel really pumped
  • a winter’s ball was really funny, burr, hamilton and laurens all did a funny pose on the first LADIES where they all put their hands up it was gr8
  • the heys were all done together and were funny to watch
  • helpless was amazing as usual, and when eliza’s dad gives his consent hamilton starts to do a little dance, then the dad turns around and he stops and gets all embarrassed
  • satisfied was super cool bc the rewind stuff meant that they literally repeated all the same actions, but angelica was narrating and you could see all the inner meaning behind it all
  • story of tonight (reprise) was funny, but you could see burr in the background getting all left out which was kinda sad
  • also when lafayette says , “you are the worst burr” it was really deadpan and people laughed really hard
  • wait for it was phenomenal i felt such a connection to burr in that moment
  • charles lee was really funny in stay alive, his “wheee!” was so excited
  • ten duel commandments was cool and also full of foreshadowing to the world was wide enough
  • during meet me inside, hamilton stands on his tiptoes when he yells don’t call me son bc there’s such a height difference
  • that would be enough what really touching, pippa soo has such a great voice
  • GUNS AND SHIPS was so good, lafayette jumps like 10 ft in the air it’s a fun time
  • the battle of yorktown was also really good, the reveal of hercules mulligan got me so pumped
  • during what comes next, in the line i’m so blue king george stomps his foot and the light above him turns blue it’s gr8
  • dear theodosia is such a lovely song, and burr and hamilton were totally being parallels as they sing the song together
  • okay but when john laurens dies it’s the saddest thing ever. It starts with eliza telling ham he has a letter, and she reads the letter outloud, and hamilton just says, “i have so much to do” but you can see how broken up he is
  • i may have cried a little oops
  • non-stop was so passionate, and you can see hamilton turning so sassy, the ending got me so hype
  • what i’d miss was so funny, when jefferson first comes out he makes people applaud for him he’s so comedic
  • when washington goes to shake jefferson’s hand hamilton cuts in front of him and you can see jefferson going…. who is this
  • cabinet battle #1 was amazing, jefferson was so sassy and he did a fake mic drop where madison catches it
  • hamilton loses his chill
  • take a break was so sweet, and eliza beatboxing behind phillip was the cutest thing ever
  • say no to this was all sinister, and at the end you can see maria looking back at hamilton like she misses him
  • the room where it happens was full of passion, and you can totally see a change in character in burr
  • in schuyler defeated you can feel the anger in hamilton and it’s such a shift
  • cabinet battle #2 was gr8, hamilton does the funniest little dances to mock jefferson
  • the beginning of washington on your side was funny bc burr starts singing and jefferson just looks over and is like, who are you and why do i agree with you
  • southern motherfucking democratic republicans was so passionate i was hype
  • one last time was so nice, all i want is washington to get his own vine and fig tree i almost cried again
  • i know him was funny bc king george was so hyped up, and when burr started singing the adams administration he started dancing along it was great
  • the gasp at the end of sit down john was so good
  • hurricane was really good bc hamilton was in the center and the ensemble was frozen in poses of destruction and confusion, so it was like he was literally in the eye of the hurricane
  • the reynolds pamphlet was both funny and sad, bc jefferson is dancing around being all silly but phillip is shown the pamphlet and he looks so sad
  • burn was amazing phillipa soo was amazing 
  • blow us all away was cool, and when phillip died you could hear like the whole theatre go like this :0 and gasp in shock
  • eliza’s scream at the end of stay alive (reprise) was heartbreaking and i almost started crying at that
  • it’s quiet uptown was so sad, you could hear in hamilton’s voice how miserable he was
  • at the end he and eliza hold hands and it’s a really touching moment
  • burr during the election of 1800 was kinda sad, bc he was so excited in the beginning of it but when he learns that hamilton is voting for jefferson his face just falls
  • your obedient servant was full of malice and anger you could feel it
  • best of wives and women broke my heart, espeically when ham says you’ll be back before you know i’m gone, bc you know he’s not
  • i started crying like halfway through world was wide enough, the acting was so great and there was so passion and regreat in burr’s voice
  • i was crying all the way through who lives, who dies, who tells your story, and it’s so nice that eliza gets to end the musical
  • at the very end eliza gasps and it’s supposed to be her seeing hamilton when she goes to heaven and it killed me
  • all in all, hamilton is the best musical i have ever seen, and probably the best musical ever created

anonymous asked:

Hi, can i ask you a more accurate story of persephone?


Welll hi hi hi my Anonymous buddy! So you want to know the story of pretty little flower princess who was whisked off to the Underworld, cried then kinda thought ‘fuck it’ and became a Queen, GrEaT and TerrIBLE? My pleasure! However the accuracy I can’t guarantee - even the original sources tell this story several different ways. But yo, Imma try. Tbh it’s really all a huge metaphor for corn. But whatever, we’re here for the gods. So lace up ya sandals and slap some olive oil on ya booty, here we go.

It started when Hades was kinda not feeling the love in the Underworld, so he thought ‘hmmm, Imma get me a wife.’ However, wives were not allllll that plentiful in the Underworld, and although there were quite a few goddesses up top, which of them would want to forgo all the fuckin flowers and sunshine and green shit to come and live with him? I don’t expect many of them would want to, and Hades kinda thought the same. But he was determined to get him a wife. One day he was either derpin about with his helmet of Invisibility (Fun Fact: Hades’ name or Aides, as it is in Greek, actually means Invisible\Unseen) or wistfully looking up at the world of hot women, when he espied Kore (or as she was later known, Persephone) and her fuckin wonderful ankles. Seriously, it seems her ankles were something short of orgasmic. Anyway, in a kinda Disney moment of Love At First Sight he immediately knew she was The One. However. Problem:

Both Apollo and Hermes (sometimes ares and Hephaestus too) had tried to woo Kore, but Demeter had a fit of protective, motherly rage and threw their gifts at their stunned, godly faces (just another addition to Apollo’s lady woes - read more here. In fact he probably shrugged and just sighed). She then moved Kore away from all the Olympian gods into Nature. But Hades had A Cunning Plan. He went up to Zeusy-Pie and was like ‘sup brudda, can I marry yo daughter?’ To which Zeus replied ‘which one, I have like, fifty.’ Yea, Hades said “Demeter’s daughter, the cute one with flowers and the A+++ ankles.’ And lo, Zeus replied ‘I always knew you liked cute, fuzzy things.’ To which Hades countered (probably, I’m getting carried away like Persephone lol sorry that pun) “Fuck you.” And Almighty Zeus winked but said ‘Not today.”
Yes, Zeus agreed that Hades could marry Kore. Now, in Ancient Greek society, it was considered romantic to kidnap the woman you wanted to marry. In fact in some places (Sparta???) you actually couldn’t marry her unless you kidnapped her. Thus we get a lil bit of Greek social customs all mixed in with this myth, because what did Hades do? He kidnapped her. Some myths say she was picking flowers and he just opened up the ground, sort of thrust out his arm and yoinked her down under. Some myths say he burst forth upon a dread chariot and whisked her away to the Cave of Attis. Others say he created THE MOST beautiful flower the world has ever seen for, well, bait, (like seriously, this thing made the entire world ‘sing for joy’ apparently) and when she picked it he was like ‘gotcha! Zeus told me ladies liked flowers’ (lol what would Zeus know, he never tries actually be romantic) and carried her off. Varying degrees of Greek romance from the ol’ one armed snatch to the Eye-Shatteringly Beautiful Flower. So, Kore was taken down below one way or another and this, while providing a metaphor for the life cycle of corn (or Korn. Lol no, she’s not a heavy metal band) also royally pissed off Demeter.

Demeter went a̷p̵̧eś͞hi̷t̸̀ . Within reason; she didn’t know who the fuck had stolen her daughter. So she flew about the earth in grief and didn’t eat or drink. She even recruited Hekate to guide her around underground with her flaming torches. But Hades, Mr Invisible, seems to be the most hardcore (haha hardKore SORRY) hide-and-seek player ever. Kore was nowhere to be found. Then the two goddesses happened upon the titan Helios, who was kinda the sun but then Apollo’s also the sun, so they probably time-shared. Helios was like, “yo, I saw who took your daughter.” Demeter probably pinned him to the ground and screamed WHO AND WHERE, NOW! Helios was a chill kinda dude so he told her it was Hades, but he also said ‘yo, Hades is actually a pretty ace bro (he really is, read about Hades here) and she couldn’t find a better husband. Like, Hades is actually gr8.” He then rode off and probably shed some tears of unrequited man-love for Hades. But this made Demeter go into MEGA RAGE MODE. She didn’t let any crops grow. The mortal bitches starved and this did not make Zeusy-Pie happy. 

The King of the Gods then went to Hermes and was like “Listen son, Hades is sweet on you, so go ask him for Demeter’s daughter back.” (there is no Hermes\Hades in Greek myth, but sorry, I ship it so bad. Ignore my unnecessary shipping). So Hermes trotted off to the Underworld to see  his Mr tall, dark and handsome. MEANWHILE Hades probably noticed the amount of starved people dying and was like “ho gonna take my waifu away somehow, I just know it.” So he fed Persephone a (or a couple of) pomegranate seed(s), which would ensure she had to return to the Underworld.
So the male boo Hermes came down, asked for Persephone back and probably because Hermes is so cute, Hades didn’t get mad, but said… oh, fuck it, this is probably one of the nicest things a god has ever canonically said to their wife so Imma copy and paste it: “ Go now, Persephoneia, to your dark-robed mother, go, and feel kindly in your heart towards me: be not so exceedingly cast down; for I shall be no unfitting husband for you among the deathless gods, that am own brother to father Zeus. And while you are here, you shall rule all that lives and moves and shall have the greatest rights among the deathless gods: those who defraud you and do not appease your power with offerings, reverently performing rites and paying fit gifts, shall be punished for evermore.’ - Homeric Hymn 2 to Demeter Part III . And he fuckin kept his word on that too; Helios was right.

Y’all kinda know the rest of the story. Persephone organized a two-thirds-of-the-year timeshare with Hades (to complete the Corn Metaphor) and one third with Demeter. Hades got a wife, Demeter got to see her daughter, Persephone became a QueEN of DarKNESS but also got a really decent husband and the mortals didn’t die. All round good ending for everyone. 

This myth I generalize on a lot of things. It is told a variation of different ways, but my method on myths is this: I try and retell taking Ancient beliefs and customs into consideration, the translation of ancient languages\beliefs by modern scholars into consideration, overarching characterization, and I take the most well-supported myth and add bits of the other ones to it. I also use my knowledge of the original sources and how reliable they are (e.g I am more likely to refer to\trust a Greek source than a Roman retelling). You also gotta use a bit of your own intuition on myths because, yo, we’ll never really know which is the correct one. That’s why it’s a myth! But I hope you enjoyed my retelling of how Persephone was a delicate flower princess turned Queen of DaRKNESS . Original sources here, wikipedia here. Holy gods, that was long, but there it is c: Feel free to ask about anything else you like, my anonymous homie! Till next time!

More stories here


[Live Report] SuG ASIAN TOUR 2014 “un-MISSING” at Hong Kong KITEC Music Zone@E-max on 2014/04/20

SuG, who had just came back after their activity break, held a national tour titled “un-MISSING” together with Asian tour. On 20th April, they had a performance at Hong Kong’s Kowloon International Convention Centre E-MAX MUSIC ZONE.

SuG started the live with their comeback single “MISSING”, expressing the feelings they felt towards their fans with the lyrics of the song. Audience felt the lyrics deeply and the power of the melody made the fans swing their fists in the air, making the atmosphere heat up as soon as they had started the show.

“We’re back!” said the vocalist Takeru, as it has been 2 years since they last performed in Hong Kong. The fans welcomed SuG back by replying, “Welcome back!” Then SuG performed 3 fast, yet powerful songs, “R.P.G ~Rockin’ Playing Game~”, “sweeToxic” and “不完全Beautyfool Days / Fukanzen Beautyfool Days.” Following Takeru’s lead, everyone in the audience started jumping and screamed “Rock!” The audience jumped and clapped, making the atmosphere get even hotter.

Spotting quite a few male fans in the audience, Takeru laughed and said to the shy men fans, “When we came to Hong Kong for the first time, there were only girls, no boys. Why? Men, why are you here?”

Next on list was touching ballads. First SuG performed “キラキラ / kirakira”, the whole hall holding their breath to feel this emotional peace. The song was followed by “無条件幸福論 / mujouken koufukuron”, which made the fans scream out in surprise. The fans then started to sing along to Takeru’s vocals.

After the emotional songs, the band continued on with cute and lively MC. Takeru joked with yuji saying he should come out with a nude photo album soon, with bassist Chiyu and drummer shinpei joining in to the discussion, showing how well the members interact with each other. The audience enjoyed the band’s jokes.

After MC, SuG continued on with “mad$hip”. The fans were head banging to the heavy melody. “☆Gimme×Gimme☆” made the audience jump happily, followed by “Rolling!!”, the coupling song for their newest single, which turned into a moshing session with fans. Everyone hugged each other’s shoulders forming small circles to jump and walk around, making the atmosphere reach the climax. The fans screamed of excitement when Takeru announced the next song to be “gr8 story”, and started head banging again. The audience pulled out their towels with “39GalaxyZ”, closing up the main part of the show.

As the calls for encore wouldn’t calm down, the members returned to the stage accompanied by loud applause. The fans had made a towel for the band, saying “WELCOME BACK”. Seeing the towel, Takeru thanked the fans again; “Thank you for waiting for us.”

During the concert, Takeru used English almost all the time to communicate with his fans. Kneeling at the edge of the stage, Takeru spoke to the audience. “I have a dream and we have a dream, it’s our dream and your dream. I have a dream, you have a dream. We want to make a world-wide tour. In here, in Europe, in the United States. Please give me your power.”

After the MC, they played “0 song”, an important song for both the band and the fans, as it’s the song of a promise. The concert continued on with “heavy+electro+dance+punk”, which showed a combination of the heavy, electro, dance and punk styles in SuG’s music.

As the melody for “ときどきすてきなこのせかい / tokidoki suteki na kono sekai” started playing in the hall, the fans followed the melody clapping their hands to it, singing the last song together. Takeru walked to every single corner of the stage to wave goodbye to the fans, and promised that they would come back again.


02. butterfly BoY
03. R.P.G. ~Rockin’ Playing Game~
04. sweeToxic
05. 不完全Beautyfool Days / fukanzen Beautyfool Days
06. キラキラ / kirakira
07. 無条件幸福論 / mujouken koufukuron
08. mad$hip
09. ☆Gimme×Gimme☆
10. Rolling!!
11. gr8 story
12. 39GalaxyZ

EN1. 0 song
EN2. heavy+electro+dance+punk
EN3. ときどきすてきなこのせかい / tokidoki suteki na kono sekai

credit : musicjapanplus

are we coming up with college/tokyo headcanons for makoharu now?? ;;v;;

omg okokok

haru realizing that college and studying and maybe a hypothetical part time job has been tiring makoto the hell out and he always comes home at the end of the day really tired and unwilling to make healthy food (makoto usually just sighs and makes some 2 minute dinner like cup ramen or something before conking out on the futon) so haru starts going to the supermarket and getting actual ingredients and fresh vegetables when he can (since a college student can only do so much ykwim) so that once in a while he can make real dinner for them like a hotpot or smth so that they can eat dinner together and so makoto doesnt have to eat garbage food all the time ;;v;; since haru is a gr8 cook and he knows makoto is helpless in the kitchen

and makoto is always really flustered because he had no idea haru went and did all that and he insists haru doesn’t have to but haru is worried about his health and says makoto cant live off of that kind of food all the time especially when he’s stressed from school and work and that it was okay once in a while


the two of them studying hard for a test and trying to help eachother out (with like flash cards or study guides etc) and makoto notices haru has stopped responding so he glances over and he’s like “??? haru??” and haru is passed the fuck out on the couch next to him with a book in his hand, and makoto just laughs and carries haru to bed like a princess and covers him with the blankets and does that rly cute anime thing where he looks at haru w ~~those eyes~~ and smiles and shuts off the light and goes back to studying w like a lamp or some nice candles

bonus: haru wakes up in the morning and realizes he was carried to bed and then sees makoto asleep on the couch bc he must have dozed off, so haru covers him with a blanket bc he looks very cold, and then he makes them breakfast \ ;v; / aH


i think haru might have a little fear of getting lost/left behind?? (remember when rin was like ey i got water and haru was like doNT.„..,)

maybe when the two of them are in the city for whatever reason or on the train like running errands makoto knows haru gets a little anxious around so many people in a place he knows he can get lost, and he knows haru will just silently deal w/ it; so on the train or in the streets of the big city, makoto grabs onto haru’s sleeve or the hem of his shirt/jacket with his thumb and index finger so that haru knows he’s right there and he wont get lost, and haru doesnt say anyth about it but they know what’s going on and haru really appreciates it deep down ok ok that one was my fAV of all of these ok im done im doN