he's 17 here

Teenage Anakin realizing that he is taller than Obi-Wan

(for @the-far-bright-center)

“Are you sure you’re standing up straight, Master?”

“Why the sudden concern about my posture, Anakin?”

“I thought you might’ve… hurt your back… in that gundark nest…”

“My back is perfectly fine, thank you, and yes you are taller than I am.”

“You don’t say, Master!”

“Just drink your tea, Anakin.”

if you’re still a teen and you feel like you don’t have your life together, feel like you don’t have a best friend or someone to love you, or feel like things are never going to get better, just think: Dan didn’t meet Phil until he was 18 and look where he is now only 6 years later, he’s happy and successful and has a best friend and has gotten his life together in so many ways… That means there’s a future for you too, don’t lose hope before your life’s had a chance to begin :)