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Google Doodle celebrates disabilities activist Ed Roberts

  • On Monday, Google paid homage to the 78th birthday of Ed Roberts, a pioneer for disability rights and activism, with a Google Doodle.
  • Roberts, who died in 1995, led the early disability rights movement in the United States, according to the Google Doodles blog post.
  • Born on Jan. 23, 1939, Roberts was diagnosed with polio when he was 14 years old. Since Roberts had to rely on an iron lung, or a full-body ventilator, for his condition, he wasn’t able to attend high school in person and studied via telephone until his senior year.
  • After graduating, Roberts went on to become the first student with a severe disability to attend the University of California at Berkeley. 
  • At Berkeley, Roberts launched the Physically Disabled Students Program with other college students with disabilities. This was the first college inclusivity program designed for students with disabilities. Read more

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No one has ever questioned Yoonbum’s age?! He looks like 14 but he’s actually OLDER than Sangwoo.

We know from the begging that Sangwoo and Yoon met at military service and then at University. Yoon said he infact was 4 years late when he entered and the average to start is around 18-20 (such as military service). So Yoon was between 22-24 when he started University.

There’s also a small hint about It when Sangwoo said something about Yoon being in his late 20’s (26-30) and also an unemployee.


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In response to your post about Harry's anger, can I suggest this video (youtube. com/watch?v=kc66TRAJMAM). I think we really get to see some really genuine reactions from Harry. First at .14 when he seems a bit annoyed he was unable to get Louis' attention/nobody seems to be listening to him, and then his reaction at .34. Contrary to popular Larry-lore, I don't think he's reacting to Louis, but to the interviewer's comment of "we can't pay for that". I really love this video of Harry (1/2)

because he’s usually very composed, but he seems a lot more readable in this video. Perhaps it’s because they’re standing or because there is a lot of background noise, but you can tell he is not 100% focussed like he usually is. (2/2)            

There’s a lot to watch in this minute-long interview!

I’m in complete agreement that Harry’s wide-eyed reaction is in response to Liam and the reporter.

But then the earlier bits I read as maybe their continued annoyance with their merch… and Harry possibly just really tired of the promo season. He’s certainly distracted, as you said. They’d finished twenty-five performances during the five-week-long UK tour, and then immediately embarked on another month of heavy heavy promo (as well as other performances). They were bound to be exhausted, and this interview was one of their last of 2015.

What do you think?

14 million subscribers? that’s fucking insane! i’m so glad that i can be a part of such a kind and understanding community. jack’s videos have helped make me happier and i’m really glad i came across his channel. to jacksepticeye, the future of the channel, and many more videos !


Goryeo’s Best Dressed: 13th Prince, Baek Ah

i just finished the oa and all i have to say is that we need a spinoff series that just has buck being happy and loved and maybe also features his dad getting punched in the face that would be nice too

also what i didn’t understand, mycroft said he was responsible for sending Eurus off to Sherrinford after the fire, but wasn’t he literally like 14??


                                 Private Catholic School AU 

….there’s always something about the quiet ones, the workaholics, and the advancing darkness of winter…