he's (not) funny


i swear

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Guns looks like such a precious baby. What's his personality like?

his real name is gunner, he’s a cancer, and his birthday is june 29th. he’s 22 years old, and he’s 5′8. i don’t know what it is with all these sleepy people, but guns has a hard time going to sleep due to being so paranoid. he hates the sound of fireworks, as well as gun shots. they both make him very jumpy… overall, gunner is pretty relaxed otherwise. he’s really good when it comes to positive reinforcements because he hates to see people in the same place he was. he’s turned his life around completely; he started working out more as opposed to sitting around all day, he’s worked on a healthier diet and even a better social life. boxing is an escape when things get rough in his head, and it’s a better alternative than other things he’s contemplated.

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