he'll take whatever he can get

Steve has no shades of grey when it comes to Bucky and I love him for it. Bucky’s in Austria, whats he gonna do, walk there? If that’s what it takes. He’s been brainwashed Steve, he doesn’t know you. He will. Steve he’s wanted by multiple governments, why won’t you hand him over? He’s my friend and it wasn’t his fault. Like, there’s no question for Steve, there’s no part of him that hesitates, no other factors play into it, is it Bucky? Does he need help? Steve will do whatever it takes to give it to him. Can you believe how much he loves Bucky wow.

  • Lance:
  • He has dry, yet soft hair. He washes it to too much sometimes. He'll do whatever he can to achieve the softest hair in the galaxy. But he does research stupid hacks that he think might work on his hair.
  • Keith:
  • His hair is dry and mangy. Usually tangled. Until Allura one day tries to touch it and Lance suggests a hairbrush. He gets used to the feeling of having it dun through his hair, and he really loves it. It's kind of his safe space, although he wont admit it.
  • Hunk:
  • His hair is pretty average. It's thick though, so sometimes he calls it horse hair. It's kind of softer than expected though. He does put a little effort into it, but he's not too high on standards for his hair. Although if someone says it's dry or insults it in any way, he'll have a whole week where he takes EXTREME care of his hair.
  • Pidge:
  • Her hair is on the thinner side, and it's kinda silky. Her mom used to have a really nutritional shampoo, and so her hair was always naturally super soft. It does get really greasy easily though. If she hasn't had time, of been able to shower for more than 36-48 hours, she'll do whatever she can to feel clean.
  • Shiro:
  • His hair always feels freshly shaven. Not short, but it always feel like he just got a hair cut. He don't put much effort into it, but he doesn't neglect it. So it's always in pretty good condition. Naturally. So there's less to worry about too. He does pay attention though because sometimes he'll run his hands through his hair while he thinks or focuses.
His reaction to bad weather
  • Eren: The sounds would make him a little nervous, since he would think of the worst case scenario, but most of all, he'll be really bored. Nonetheless, he would still try to distract himself from it by taking long naps or playing individual games to pass the time. If he feels brave enough, he'd take an umbrella and try to take a walk in the storm.
  • Armin: He would be pretty sad that the weather's sour, since it would limit the activities that he'd want to do for the day. Nonetheless, he would still ignore the thunder and lightning and try to find the fun in a stormy day. He would probably spend the day reading books or watching movies/TV shows while he waits for the weather to lighten up.
  • Reiner: The first thing he would want to do is rip his shirt off and run into the rain. Even if someone called him out for it since he might get sick, he would still keep going since he finds it refreshing. He'd only learn his lesson when he'll be stuck at home on a sunny day, as he tries to finish his bowl of chicken soup.
  • Bertholdt: The thunder and lightning would make him a little nervous, since he'll start thinking that it could lead to other natural disasters that he might get stuck in. He may need a companion or two to just sit down with him as he calms down, then he can go on with whatever indoor activity he'd want to do.
  • Jean: Just to distract himself from the hair-raising sound of the thunder, he'd tune into his favorite movies or TV shows so that he wouldn't start screaming and jump into the blankets. However, he wouldn't be able to take the constant booms and flash that the weather would bring, so he would end up calling a friend to stay with him. The way he'd calm down would be when he starts bringing out the boardgames and get frustrated when he's being beaten.
  • Marco: He seems like the type who'd appreciate that kind of weather, so he'd go all out and change into comfier clothes, brew some good coffee, play his favorite music, and just relax. Surprisingly, the thunder and all wouldn't bother him at all, and in fact, it would calm him. Instead of seeing it as a bother, he'd just turn the day into something he can enjoy.
  • Connie: The moment he hears the thunder and sees the lightning, he'd say that it's the perfect time to turn off all the lights and tell scary stories. Even if he's the one who initiated it, he'd start getting annoyed when the creepy stories along with the thunder starts scaring him. Eventually, he'd just settle on taking a nap since it's breezy enough.
  • Levi: He would think of it as a nuisance, especially if he had any plans involving the outdoors. Before finding something productive to do, he'd spend his time sitting near the window and watching the rain, as he sulks about how he could be doing much better outdoor things at that moment. Once he's done with his emotional moment, he'd then proceed to clean up leaks or whatever he finds dirty just to pass the time.
  • Erwin: His first concern would be any leaks that may enter the house, or flooding that could come in anytime. When he's done with all that fuss, he'll then proceed to worry about the power going out, or staying warm. The only time he'd be calm is that when there are sufficient blankets and cups of warm drinks to help him "survive" the thunderstorm.
Seventeen on Law Of The Jungle
  • S.Coups: Natural leader. He'll be the one that sets out tasks for everyone and he's the one people come to if they're having problems
  • Jeonghan: He'll try but honestly he'll only try at the minimal tasks. "Oh? You need me to cut up some food? Sure!" "You want me to chop firewood? No thanks I've got something else I need to be doing." Gets everything done quickly so he ca nap. He claims the heat makes him tired.
  • Joshua: Super positive. Like, ridiculously positive. He'll be the one cheering everyone on and patting them on the back if something goes wrong
  • Jun: STAN TALENT! He's doing everything from helping Mingyu with the food to chopping the firewood after Jeonghan refused to do it. He won't stop talking, he's always asking Coups if there's anything else that needs doing and if there isn't he'll join Joshua with saying "You can do it!!!!!"
  • Hoshi: He's there for the entertainment to be honest. He'll probably start the fire and then suggest a dance battle around it. No one joins him.
  • Wonwoo: He's pretty good at most things, especially catching fish and such, but what he is the best at is spouting random facts about their surroundings. "Hey Mingyu, be careful because if you don't cut out the stomach of that fish properly it could poison you and kill you." "Well I guess we're not eating this any more"
  • Woozi: Co-leader with S.Coups, he is in charge of making sure everyone is doing what they're supposed to. Seungkwan probably volunteers him to climb a tree for fruits because 'He's the lightest but the strongest." Gets everyone to sing around the campfire much to Hoshi's dismay.
  • DK: Actually relatively good at everything. He and Seungkwan split up whilst looking for food and that's how they lost Seungkwan the first time. The only reason he didn't get lost was because he is SO LOUD!!
  • Mingyu: Amazing at everything. He isn't dubbed 'Ming-Housewife' for no reason. He's in charge of cooking mostly and it tastes heavenly. One time he sneezed into his hands but there was no water nearby to clean them so he carried on prepping the food because no one saw. And he was right, nobody saw, unless you count the camera that was pointing directly at him the entire time.
  • The8: The only one capable of controlling everyone. One glare and they're doing what they're supposed to be doing. The only person it doen't work on is Jeonghan but he's generally trying to get what he's meant to be doing done asap so he can go take a nap on Jun's hammock which is just in front of him. Minghao is super strong so he helps with wood chopping because he's so accurate
  • Seungkwan: He arrives in a super awesome way and everyone thinks he will be amazing at everything. He's the first to get lost in the jungle. Woozi has to go find him several times.
  • Vernon: A tryhard. He'll try and be helpful but he'll end up ruining whatever is going on. He's the one who gets the majority of Joshua's back pats.
  • Dino: He doesn't even need anyone else he could do this show by himself and survive better than he is now with the 13 of them. He's quiet but gets the job done. "Hey Dino, why aren't you doing anything?" "Hyung I've done everything I'm supposed to; I've washed the dishes, caught some fish and I've cleaned everyone's clothes." It's only 2pm.
"Daddy never did get what he wanted."

Tiana Appreciation Week: After Party

Day 3: Favorite Line

I think this line flawlessly reflects Tiana’s psyche. Ever since she was a little girl, you can tell she’s just wanted her father to be proud of her, and after he dies, she can’t help but feel like she owes it to him to make their dream come true by any means necessary. It’s why she works two jobs, takes extra shifts every chance she gets, and is utterly torn to shreds when she loses the sugar mill. We know her father would have been there for her whether she got the restaurant or not. He even tried to teach her that, while she could pursue any career she chose if she worked for it, it would never be more important than having people in her life to care about and support her, and for her to care about in return. But she only understands that she won’t get anywhere without hard work, and that becomes just about her only priority. She still cares about her loved ones - in fact, her caring is the reason she’s going after this dream - but she’s constantly seen rationalizing why she can’t take a break, why she has to put her job before anything else (within reason). She’s always been motivated by wanting to do right by her father.

And then Dr. Facilier shows her how much her father sacrificed for the sake of her and her mother - always putting his own worries aside so that his little girl wouldn’t worry about him. James was more than willing to do it all for her, and it wasn’t a child’s responsibility to feel guilty that he had to. But Facilier knows that she will once she sees this side of him.

He’s exceedingly manipulative that way: he knows she’d do anything to make it up to her father, and he’s ready to take advantage of that. He knows she’d do anything if she thought she’d be letting James down by doing otherwise, because James is the reason she’s been doing nothing but chasing this dream. She’s tried to live her life the way she thinks he would have wanted her to. I can’t help but wonder if she ever felt guilty even before this scene, like she wasn’t working hard enough, like she was somehow betraying him by being outbid on the building. 

All she’s ever wanted is for him to have their dream, even if he’s not there to see it. 

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do you think that because dipper is feeling isolated from his family he'll turn to Bill Cipher? we've already seen that he's not acting quite right.

hmm unless he had a really good reason to get involved with Bill again I don’t think he’d side up with him, bUT if Bill thinks he can use Dipper for his plans -whatever they are- this moment might be favorable for him to take action and try to influence his decisions since he’s already having doubts

I just think after what happened it would be a good moment for Bill to show up again hhh good for him and bad for everyone else

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Hi! I have this unbelievably ridiculous headcanon I have to share. It's ridiculous though. For some reason I feel like at one point Reyna will be at Camp Half-Blood for whatever reason and Connor Stoll will accidentally prank her and she'll get pissed off and then he'll spend the rest of the day trying to apologize and Reyna just can't help but laugh at everything he does and he takes it as a personal challenge to make her laugh all the time idk how I came up with this...

I can always use more Connor Stoll! :) accepted!