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Danny has great reflexes, when you DON'T warn him. Throw him a balloon filled with whip cream without telling him- no better dodge. Warn him about a shot coming at him- you've sighed the rest of his death warrant. JUST DON'T WARN HIM and he'll be fine. Takes a while for the league to learn that though.

Omfg they would be a nervous wreck. And probably be stunned at how he dogged wonderfully without being warned. Truth be told, I feel like Batman would find out first. But who do you guys think would find out first?

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(Don't know if you're still doing these but) My crush? Well is really smart, like, he knows everything. People say that his facts are easily changed, and not really facts at all. But the truth is you need a lot of sources to change his mind. Also he'll warn you if he isn't sure about something. And he is super cute! Though I wonder how he gets his hair that white...

Is that you, Urban Dictionary?

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Got actor sid is pro equal opportunity nudity on set, so he tells producers that they have to do full frontal on him if he is ever completely nude in a scene or having sex. If his female costars have to, then he'll do it too.

This just results in:

“Geno, if you’re going to stand in front of the TV all day, we might as well just watch it in our own homes,” Phil complains.

“Don’t do that either,” Geno warns. “I’m monitor you when you in my house.”

“I’m married, G,” Flower throws out.

“Yeah, but you not blind.”

“Oh my God.”

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Hi! I was hoping you or someone else could give me some advice on my cat? He gets these aggressive fits every now and again that seem to come from nowhere without any warning where he just attacks. His body language is aggressive but he'll mew at you softly, rub against things and expose his belly and jump at you as soon as he's close enough. He's the first cat I've had to do this. I play with him regularly, there are no other cats and no one is violent with him. Do I need to take him to a vet?

I’m not sure if what you’re seeing from him is actually aggression (I can’t be, without seeing it or knowing a lot more) but if he’s exhibiting random potentially aggressive behavior without warning and it’s new and/or escalating, a vet trip to rule out potential medical causes is never a bad idea. It’s not necessarily likely, but if you end up going to a behaviorist for help, the first thing they’ll likely want to know is if you’ve made sure it’s not being caused by a health issue. 

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Omega!carl has been secretly sleeping with alpha!negan. He has to face the consequences of his actions when he winds up pregnant. He kept trying to put off telling his friends and family. How do you say you're sleeping with the enemy but not apart of the enemy. Then drop the baby bomb on top of all of that. He's not even to sure how he's gonna tell Negan. Maybe he'll stay quiet for a little while longer.

Pairing: Cegan (Omega!Carl (18) x Alpha!Negan)

Warnings: A/B/O Dynamics, Mpreg

Note: Happy New Year Everyone! Hopefully, the next trip around the sun will be better than the last one.

Carl was always sure that when he hooked up with Negan that they took a precision beforehand to prevent Carl from becoming pregnant. They had always used a condom no matter what and  Carl even took an extra measure on his own. He began taking suppressants shortly after they started having their hook ups. Which was something Negan would greatly disapprove of if he found out. So, Carl thought it was safe to have sex with Negan and wouldn’t have to worry about a pregnancy. Negan had taken his usual measures that day but the condom had failed- Carl didn’t know about it though because of the amount of slick he was producing at the time- and he had forgotten to take his suppressants for so long that they had become ineffective. This lead to the situation he was in right now.

He was out alone, scavenging at a store for a pregnancy test that might work. While he searched Carl grabbed anything that would be useful for the group and kept a watchful eye out for any sign of danger. It took him a bit of searching but Carl eventually found some tests that might work. He let out a sigh and stuffed them in a satchel that he was carrying. The omega figured he would find somewhere in the store to take the tests. It would be too risky to do it at Alexandria. He didn’t want to be caught taking it or take a risk at anyone finding it.

The only reason he was suspecting he was pregnant was because of the morning sickness, which was taking a toll on him, and the mood swings. Plus his heat was running late, which it had never done before. As he found a bathroom and took the tests he couldn’t help but hope that he was wrong. Carl wanted it to be a thing that he was imagining. He wasn’t for sure if he was ready to bring a kid into this fucked up world. He didn’t know how the people he knew or how Negan would react if he was pregnant either. Carl couldn’t get rid of it, even if he could he doubted that he would carry through with it. He liked kids too much for that.

Carl let out a shaky breath as he went to check the three tests he had taken. All three of them were positive. How the hell was he going to tell everyone? He could put it off for a while but he would have to tell them eventually, there was no way getting around that. They would probably wonder who was the father first, and his dad would most definitely be angry at him if he found out the baby’s daddy was Negan. Maybe Carl could keep it a secret for a while. At least until he came to terms with it himself or someone noticed.

Carl managed to keep the pregnancy a secret for three and a half weeks. His scent had gradually changed over those few weeks without Carl, or anyone close to Carl, noticing. If they did notice they didn’t choose to say anything about it. But when Negan came in that week and saw Carl for the first time since their last hook-up, he could tell the Alpha sensed something was up with Carl.

Carl had very much so tried to avoid Negan prior to his visits to Alexandria. He had wanted to leave before Negan’s arrival, just like every other time, but Rick made him stay this time. Carl had planned to disobey his father and leave anyways, but Negan and his Saviours showed up before he got the chance. He watched them as they pulled in, standing on the left side of Rick.

“Carl. Go watch Judith.” Rick said, not sparing a glance at Carl as he watched the saviors start coming out of their vehicles. Carl didn’t hesitate to leave Rick. He knew Negan would want to talk to his father and he wasn’t about to talk to Negan with his dad around. His dad couldn’t know about the pregnancy, not yet.

The omega stayed in their house with Judith. Since she was asleep he allowed himself a moment to rest. Carl sat down in a white rocking chair and leaned on the cushioned back. He hadn’t been aware of how tired he was until he drifted off into a light sleep. He probably stayed like that for a while before someone woke him up. That someone being Negan.

“How’s my little serial killer doing?”

“Wha-what do you want?” Carl asked groggily, glaring at Negan. He tried not to show how nervous he was, especially since Negan was standing so close to him. He glanced over at Judith, seeing that she was standing. He went to go get her, but Negan stopped him.

“Well, Carl. Besides getting the normal shit, I came here to figure out why the hell you’ve been avoiding me. But I think I figured it out while you were having your nap.” Negan pauses as he picks up Judith. ”Your scent has changed. And I’m sure as shit that an omega’s scent doesn’t change unless they’re nearing a heat or are pregnant. And I know what you smell like during a heat.”

Carl opened his mouth to deny Negan’s assumption, but he couldn’t bring the words to his lips. Instead, he decided to go ahead and confirm his suspicion. “I was going to tell you. It’s just- I was scared. I’m still scared. I haven’t even told my dad about it.” He admitted. “And before you ask, yes it’s yours. I’ve only slept with one other guy and that was months ago.”

The alpha was silent for a moment, probably rolling the fact in his brain before he spoke again. “I’ll help you in any way that I can with the pregnancy and the child.” He hesitates as if he’s considering not saying what he’s about to say. “But I can’t do as much with you being here. I want you to come live with me and the other saviors.”

Carl looks at Negan for a long moment, thinking about it for a moment. Did he really want to leave the Alexandrians, even the ones that were like family, just to keep the baby safe? Sure, the baby and Carl might be safe for a little while at Negan’s place, but how long would it be until someone tried to get at Carl because he was close to Negan? Yet, if he stayed here at Alexandria…there was no doctor here. So he may have his family but if something were to go wrong with the baby or Carl they would be out of luck.

“If I go with you, I want you to take less from Alexandria. I also want to visit every time you come here.” Carl figured being somewhere where a doctor was at would be better for him and the child.

“Sure, Kid.”

“I’ll stay with you,”  Carl said after getting the okay from Negan. Now, how were they going to get past Rick?

Pandora Hearts who should you fight?
  • Oz: Are you fucking kidding me? Why would you want to fight the sweetest, most precious angel ever? Oh, but be warned, he's fucking B-rabbit, big huge black rabbit that can stab you to death with chains; this boy can destroy the entire world if he wants with his giant scythe. Do not fight him, he'd rather be friends with you. FRIENDS. DO NOT FIGHT OZ.
  • Gil: are you kidding me? Gil's the most innocent man ever. Actually, no, no he's not. Go ahead, he'll shoot the crap out of you or burn you up. And if you touch Oz, you're dead, too. You'll lose.
  • Alice: Are you kidding me? This girl stabbed herself with scissors and is still alive. Don't fuck with her. She'll kick you into next week or use Oz's powers to utterly destroy you. She'll make meat out of you. Don't fight Alice. Don't.
  • Break: You've gotta be screwing around here. He may be old, but he'll literally kill you. He's a murderer. He might be blind, but he will chop you into pieces so bad no one will find the body. He has Mad Hatter, after all. You'd have to be mad to harm an innocent old man and his sweets fetish. Don't.
  • Sharon: You want to hurt her? Her horse can teleport her anywhere and she's a sadist with a fetish for beating up men. You've been warned. You'd better play her tea parties of pretend or else get the harisen of doom. Do not fight Sharon.
  • Oscar: You're so evil! This old man is so nice, what did he ever do to you?
  • Zai: You're asking to die, aren't you? Zai will dissect you with his Gryphon and feed you to it for dinner. Especially if you're dumb enough to touch Ada first.
  • Ada: Ada's a sweet cinnamon roll, why would you touch her? Zai will kill you, that is if Vincent or Oz doesn't first.
  • Echo: Ooh boy, Noise will come and fuck you up. You're gonna be a PUPPET AND IT WON'T BE PRETTY. Don't fight sweet little innocent Echo.
  • Elliot: Do you want to be owned by Humpty Dumpty? Do you want a giant creepy blob to attack you? Didn't think so. Don't fight Elliot. Especially over Holy Knight. Don't. Fight. Elliot. Because if you hurt him, Leo will kill you.
  • Leo: Don't fight Leo. Don't. He has a dragon that can kill you in ten thousand ways. He can send you to hell and laugh, too. And he will.
  • Bernice: don't fight her. Don't. She'll stab you.
  • Vanessa: She'll bitch-slap you to hell, wtf, man? Why attack such a nice girl?
  • Marie: She's gonna stab you to death a thousand times. Stay away from her and Rytas-sama. Seriously.
  • Cheshire: You're dead. He'll slice you up into pieces. That, or let you drift among memories for eternity.
  • Alyss: Are you kidding me? You wanna hurt the sweetest, gentlest cinnamon roll in all of PH? She's gonna stab you in the eye, or she can literally make you explode just if she wishes it. And she'll dance in your blood if she wants. Go ahead and fight Alyss. It's your funeral.
  • Lacie: You're dead. You're so dead. She'll cut you up with her chain. And if she doesn't kill you,then Oswald or Jack certainly will for touching their precious girl.
  • Jack: You're mad. You're fucking mad. Why would you mess with the psycho who tried to destroy the world? He'll use Oz to kill you in a horrifying manner and he'll just sit there and smile. Oh, and if you've hurt Lacie, he'll kill you even more. You don't know fear unless you meet Jack. Stay away from him. He's a precious cinnamon roll, too.
  • Lily: See cute child. Don't shoot cute child. Cute child will fuck you up and have you for dinner, courtesy of cute dog Bandersnatch.
  • Lottie: Are you nuts? She's a sadist and dominatrix. She'll kill you before you touch her. Leave her be.
  • Noise: She's gonna kick your ass.
  • Vincent: You're mad. Vincent will just kill you, painfully. Especially if you mess with his brother, first. Vince no like people who hurt his precious Gil. Be prepared to be beheaded.
  • Miranda: She's toxic. She'll poison you before you even touch her. WTF, man.
  • Rufus: Are you kidding me? He'll make toast out of you. He'll expose your secrets to the world.
  • Sheryl: Stay on Grandma's good side, please.
  • Oswald: You're nuts. He has four chains. He can own you with less than four. Be prepared. Be very prepared.
  • Fang: Too sweet. Why hurt nice Fang?
  • Dug: He'll crush you. Don't even try.
  • Lawrence: You probably shouldn't fight Lawrence. He's smarter than you and will probably give your computer a virus. You could win a fight against Lawrence, but you wouldn't gain anything from it.
  • Bruce: FIGHT BRUCE. Bruce not only wants to fight you, but he will absolutely initiate this fight. Even if he can't beat you, he will still try and fight you to the best of his ability. Fight Bruce. (Warning: Do not fight Bruce if James is around.)
  • James: Do not fight James. Please, for the love of God, that man could punch you in the face and you would probably die. Do not fight James for any reason.
  • Adam: Tentatively fight Adam. He has a chest twice the width of yours, but you have a decent chance at winning. He'll never give you a reason to fight him, but if it comes down to it, you might win.
  • Matt: Do not ever even think of fighting Matt. He is a precious flower with a heart of gold, and all he wants is for you to be happy and succeed in your life goals. Why the fuck would you want to fight Matt?
  • Joel: Don't fight Joel. He's loud and sings more show tunes than you know, but he's a sweetheart and would probably cry if you tried to fight him. Don't fight Joel.
  • Spoole: DON'T FIGHT SPOOLE. This poor editor works hard every day for you to enjoy lovely videos every day. He may have a bit of a shit-talkers mouth, but he is sweet and adorable and soft. You could win a fight against Spoole, but at what cost?

Imagine video-calling Woozi when he’s away on tour and having the other members constantly interrupting you two.

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How To Care of Thad: give him love and home cooked meals. Run fingers through his hair while you let him relax and use you as a pillow. Remind him that he's loved and precious and deserves life and happiness like everyone else. Lots of desserts. Sometimes kisses, hugs, and cuddles.

*Warning: Only few can attempt this that he’ll fully accept.

  • Theo: The werecoyote can turn into an animal, just like me! Can you imagine what we can do together?
  • Theo: The banshee can tell me if anybody is going to die. My pack will be unkillable because we'll have advanced warning.
  • Theo: The Dark Kitsune. She could electrocute any enemy
  • Theo: The Beta with anger issues, imagine how strong he is! The power he'll add to mine?
  • Theo: And Void!Stiles. When we were at school, Stiles was a loser but I bet now he is amazing. Possessed by a Nogitsune, I will be unstoppable with him by my side. He can cause chaos effortlessly, he can fool everybody. I will never have to look over my shoulder again! Stiles will be my friend!
  • Theo: I just need to go to Beacon Hills and find them. I'll get rid of Scott. There's no room in my pack for a True Alpha as they just too good, too nice you know? Scott has to go. I'll take his pack. I'll take his friends. I'll take his power. I'll even take his-
  • The Doctors: Inconsequential
  • Theo: Not to me! As I was saying I'll even take his mother and make her mine too. His father will be mine. His job will be mine. I'll even take his bike.
  • The Doctors: You have talked of nothing but this. Inconsequential. Just stick with the plan.
  • Theo: I'll have it all! You just wait. It will be mine.
Magcon Preference #1: Jealousy
  • Nash: He silently glares at his lap, and stews over his anger alone. Not once voicing a thought to you. He carries his tension in his shoulders, and slumps forward heavily in his chair. His hands clasped tightly together to help keep his rage at bay.
  • Cameron: He wears his emotions on his sleeve. You automatically know when he is angry at you for talking to another guy. He'll storm over to you and wrap you up in a possessive hold. Never letting you go until the other guy is out of sight.
  • Matthew: He'll leave the room without any warning. At first you won't notice, but then you'll hear the slamming of drawers in another room. He bangs around the kitchen, putting all of his force into slamming everything in sight. He doesn't want to hurt you, or anyone for that matter, so he vents his anger through banging around.
  • Carter: He ignores you, leaving you to do as you please. You won't know anything is up until someone shows you his angered tweets. Carter doesn't have a problem sharing his feelings with the fans, but he won't share them with you.
  • Shawn: He writes a song about his feelings. A beautifully crafted masterpiece will be written in his sloppy handwriting on your bedside the next day. He plucks his fingers against the guitar strings until they bleed. He fumbles for perfection in a situation that makes his mind a jumble. He'll work all night to calm the storm he feels inside.
  • Jack Johnson: He gets drunk off his ass. In order to feel sane, he'll drink until he can't think straight anymore. He stumbles around the party, bumping shoulders with everyone he passes. Later, you'll find him laying on the grass outside just looking at the stars. He'll drunkenly spill all of his feelings to you as you calmly sit down next to him and listen.
  • Jack Gilinsky: He starts a fight with the guy hitting on you. He wants to show everyone that you are his girl, and he'll protect you no matter what. That, and he wants to show off that he can fight someone twice his size. You know about these fights, but are never able to witness the bloody mess because he makes Sammy block your sight. He never wants you to see him like that and grow scared of him.
  • Aaron: Aaron doesn't say much most of the time. Especially not when he's angry. He'll get unusually quiet and get a glazed over look on his face. He looks like a wounded puppy left out in the rain. He's so insecure that you'll leave him because he thinks so lowly of himself. But you'll reassure your love for him by tightening your hold on his hand- to which he'll glance up with a light smile and squeeze back.
  • Taylor: He'll ask around about the guy who keeps glancing at you. He wants to know his weakness, or darkest secret, to take him down a couple notches. No one messes with his girl, and he'll make sure that all other guys know not to mess with you. Taylor spreads the brutal truth about him and will easily tear him down until he backs off.
  • Jacob: He'll pull you off to the side and talk to you about his feelings. He's easy to open up and makes sure you understand why he feels the way he does. You'll walk out of the conversation with a better understand of him and will know what sets him off. In the future, you'll know when he's upset without him even having to say anything. That's what makes you guys so close.
Request -- Could you possible do one where dean is like your dad (you're 17) and a popular boy from school walks you to the motel and you let him in and drink deans whiskey thinking he'll be out hunting with Sam for another few days but when the boy gets drunk he gets angry with you for not wanting to sleep with him so he start hitting you and bruises you and cuts you but dean comes in and beats up the boy and soothes you and cleans you up and fluffiness?

(Hope you like it xx)

Warning: Abuse, attempted sexual assault (but it doesn’t really get into it)

You were feeling absolutely giddy inside as you walked towards the direction of the motel you were currently staying at, for they guy that was with you was the one that everybody fawned over. It was unusual for you to give into charm of any sort, but when he had offered to walk you back, you had only hesitated for a second. Your father and Sam were out on a hunt on their own, refusing to let you skip school, so it was just you in the room; it couldn’t hurt to have a little company on your way to what was your home for now, especially if it was with him.

Once the motel came into view, you flushed pink at how rickety and rundown it looked from the outside, but he didn’t seem to mind. He flashed you a smile, and gave you a wink that made your blush become even more furious.

“Nice place,” he whistled, raising his eyebrows.

“Shut up,” you mumbled, the corners of your lips turning up because you knew that he was teasing,

“I’ve seen worse.”

You hit him at that, and he chuckled in response. “Now you’re just trying to make me feel better.”

“It worked though, didn’t it?”

“Better luck next time,” you drawled, rolling your eyes. “I think you’re too used to getting what you want.”

You were shocked when he came closer to you and laced his fingers with yours.

“I certainly did today.”

It was silent between the two of you as you walked the rest of the distance; your bashful gaze was downcast as your thoughts raced in your mind if questions like Is this really happening?

“Well,” You finally spoke as you hesitantly took your hand from his so you could grab your key as you approached the door to your room. “It was really nice of you to walk me home.”

“It wasn’t a problem,” he returned with a dazzling grin, but his eyes were appraising and made you a tiny bit uncomfortable. “Are you…not going to let me come in?”

Your knit your eyebrows together with uncertainty. “I–I didn’t think that you would want to…”

“And why wouldn’t I?” he asked with a small smirk, eyes boring into yours. “Come on. Just for a little bit. You said your dad wasn’t going to be back for a few days.”

“W-Well, I don’t know…”

Please?” He tucked a lock of hair behind your ear, his touch lingering there for a second. “I just want to hang out with you.”

Sighing after a couple of moments, you nodded. “Alright.”

You unlocked the door and was glad that your uncle and dad weren’t back, because if they had been, it would have definitely been much more of a mess than it already was in the room. After scanning the small place, he quickly made himself at home on the old couch, watching you as you went to the fridge.

“Do you want something to drink?” you called, grabbing a bottle of water for yourself.

“Sure, what do you have?”

“Water, a little bit of orange juice, beer–”

“How about whiskey?” Jumping at the sound of a bottle opening, you spun around to see him with the alcohol in hand; noticing your shocked look, he shrugged. “Your dad doesn’t hide his liquor very well.”

“Because he knows that I wouldn’t even try to drink it,” you replied. Sam had slipped you a shot once just to get your dad to react and it had just scorched your throat; you swore you would never try it again, which made him very content.

“Well, he’s not around,” He took a swig, eyes trained on you; it was like he didn’t even notice the burn that the liquid brought. “Come on. Have some.”

Meeting his gaze, you took the bottle and threw back a tiny sip before handing it back to him with the desire to cough from the fiery sensation.

“I think I’ll stick with water for now,” you whispered, washing the alcohol away by drinking almost half the bottle.

“Suit yourself.”

It was quiet for several moments, and you were relieved when the shrill ringtone of your cell phone emitted into the air.

“Excuse me,” you told him, walking into the bathroom as you answered it. “Hello?”

“Hey, sweetie!” your dad yelled over his usual classic rock in the background.

“Hey,” you giggled. “Can you turn that down?”

“Yeah, sorry!” He replied as he did just that.

“Hi, Y/N!” You heard Sam’s voice, and assumed that he had taken the phone away from your father because you heard a scuffle and some curses.

“Hey, Sam!”

“Alright,” Your dad was back on the phone. “Sweetie, I have some bad news.”

Your heart started beating faster at his words. “What?”

“The hunt is taking…just a bit longer than we expected it to,” You could just imagine the look in his green eyes as you heard the sadness in his tone. “We won’t come back for a couple more days.”

“O…Okay,” you slowly responded, nodding even though he couldn’t see you. “That’s okay.”

“We’ll do something when we get back. I promise, alright?”

“Alright. I love you, Dad. Stay safe.”

“Love you too, sweetheart. I’ll call again later.”

Dean hung up the phone, a smirk planted on his face. He had just totally lied to you, for he and Sam were on their way to the motel at that very moment, and were already very close.

“Can’t believe she fell for that!” he crowed. “We’ve done it too many times before!”

Sam shook his head with a grin. “She’s going to be so pissed.”

The older brother shrugged. “Tell me something I don’t know. Anyway, we always make it up to her.”

You sighed as you put your phone back into your pocket; you never liked them staying away for more than a few days, and you weren’t too sure about the company that was currently with you. Perhaps you could just tell him to leave–

“Y/N,” You gasped when he grabbed your wrist, turning you around and pressing you against the wall. His breath reeked of alcohol, and you shuddered back at the smell before tearing your arm from his hand; he just laughed at this, pinning both of your arms above your head. “I wouldn’t try that again, if I were you.”

“Get the hell off of me,” you gasped as he attached his lips to your neck. You knew you could have him on his back in a second with all of your hunting experience, so why couldn’t you move now? It was like you were paralyzed, and he just continued to kiss your skin.

“No chance of that happening,” he chuckled, fingers ghosting the hem of your shirt; you became repulsed at the action, and suddenly found the strength to shove him off of you. His intoxicated glare burned into you and he spit out one word. Bitch!“

With that, you felt a sharp pain as he punched your jaw and smiled as you cried out before doing it again; the hit landed on your cheek this time, and his fingernail somehow made a long scratch over the skin. You could feel the stickiness of blood start to run down your face as you winced, and he pinned you to the wall again.

"You should know better,” he scoffed, knocking your head against the plaster and making you see stars. “But girls like you don’t even see it coming. Always so willing to do whatever–”

“Y/N!” Dean called, striding into the room. “We’re back…”

His emerald gaze dropped to the almost empty liquor bottle on the table, and then heard your scream before the guy covered your mouth tightly. Dean sprinted over, his expression feral as he saw him holding you against the wall; he ripped him off of you, and started to hit him with all that he had. The scene was blurry from your tears, and you were a bit surprised; sure, you had seen your father like this with the monsters you hunted, but not with another human.

“You’d better stay away from here!” Dean shouted, slamming him into the ground. “Because if I see you around again, I will kill you! That is not a joke! you son of a bitch!” He caught your frightened eyes, and dropped him as Sam approached, hazel eyes furious as he towered over the now bloody culprit. “Sam, get him out of here before I murder him.”

“No problem,” the younger sibling replied angrily, yanking him up and ignoring his painful yelp as he took him outside.

“Sweetheart,” he whispered, gathering your shaking body into his arms.

“I-I’m sorry, Dad,” you cried, burying your head into his shoulder. “I sh-shouldn’t–I shouldn’t have–”

“We’ll talk about that later,” he promised, smoothing your hair back as he examined your wounds. “Let me clean that cut, okay?”

You nodded, and opened a small cabinet to reveal some cotton swabs and rubbing alcohol. He poured some of the liquid onto one of the swabs, and you tensed as he put it over your cheek, letting you take a breath before he rubbed it over the cut and made you hiss in pain. He winced as you did, but made sure the cut was thoroughly clean before chucking it into the trash.

“You have some nasty bruises forming, too,” he reported, examining your face. “But that’s it. We’re lucky it wasn’t anything more serious than that.”

“I’m l-lucky that you guys actually came home,” you said, shaking your head as you wiped your tears. “I’m an idiot. I don’t know why–”

“We’re not going to focus on that now,” he told you gently, smiling in reassurance. “Let’s just be happy that you’re safe.”

Nodding, you hugged him again. “Th-Thanks, Dad. I-I love you.”

He kissed your forehead before rocking you back and forth. “I love you too, baby girl. More than anything else in this world.”

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If you're still doing prompts, how about some omc flirting with Josh and Josh is into it bc he figures he'll never have Chris bc he's straight, but then Chris get jealous and kinda shows Josh who he really belongs with? Points if Chris is kinda mad

Anon, I had so much fun writing this. I hope you have even half as much reading it!

(Trigger warning for references of past suicide attempts)

(Also on AO3)

He probably shouldn’t, but Josh can’t help but flirt with the barista at the Starbucks nearest his apartment.

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