he'll always be important

It’s funny how I used to think about you every minute of every day. How I thought I would never move on. How I assumed you were the only one out there for me. How I believed I’d never find someone better because I was so in love with you. But here I am a year later, and I don’t feel those things when I look at you anymore. I think of you now as an old friend, not the one that got away. I see now that we were never really meant to be in love with one another. But that doesn’t mean we don’t hold valuable places in each other’s lives, even if we don’t talk anymore.
—  Despite the hell I went through I’m so glad I met you

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Ive seen this 'shiro who ???' so many times jesus. Shut the fuck up he's a mentally ill disabled japanese man he'll always be more important than your thin ass mayo boy lmao. Im sorry for venting but you are one of the few people who actually give a shit about poc in this fandom

no don’t worry abt it (venting) anon! i completely get why this is a problem. shiro is representation for so many people and saying “shiro who” in response to matt holt is rly transparent…. those who forget history are doomed to repeat it ya know

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What if all the girls prep Jason for the first date? Like, they sit him down in front of the mirror and style his hair and pick out a rad outfit and give him all sorts of tips. "Okay, so Wirt doesn't like to show affection. Go easy on the mushy stuff." "Don't pay for dinner. He'll always try to pick up the tab, it makes him feel important." "If all else fails, just kiss him. It'll work out okay." They push him out the door and they're getting misty eyed cause look at our boys they're men now!


im over here getting emotional too omfGgg


3x12 3x22 :: the first time, he brings her home; the second, she brings them home, and on both occasions she goes straight to her parents.

You know what I want out of fandom?

More stories about unrequited love where it isn’t the total center of somebody’s life.  Where you don’t throw your whole heart into pining uselessly for something you know you can’t have.  Where instead it’s just a little niggling at the back of your character’s brain, a constant, sure, I’d hit that if they wanted me back, and if your character ever looked at it a little deeper they’d have to admit it’s more like, I want to hit that and also hold hands and cuddle as badly as I’ve ever wanted anything in my life, on par with wanting to be an astronaut when I was eight, and it is about as likely to happen as the astronaut thing.  So they don’t look, just like they try to avoid the astronaut thing (or the pet dragon thing, or the superhero thing, whatever it was when they were eight and young enough to just want, purely and hard enough that there’s still a little scar of regret, all these years later).

They get on with their life.  They date other people.  They’re a good friend.  They manage.  They just never stop wanting.

Give me unrequited love that is like longing for the moon, something distant and fantastic and never to be, wistful and rueful and already resigned.  Give me the rare little pinpricks of hurt, when the object-of-affections says something, does something, throws an arm over your character’s shoulders and smiles, the shocked blossoming from casual yeah, I would (but you daren’t invest more) into wait, maybe? for me? and inevitable tumble back to seriously, no, never.  I’ve had so many characters who live perpetually on the knife-edge of hope and pining; give me one for whom hope is a brief, short-lived stab come out of the blue, weeks or months apart, there and gone in seconds, just enough of a reminder that oh yes, you do still want.

Give me a relationship where all the other feelings are more important than the unrequited love buried deep and not-quite-forgotten, where there’s room to fall in love with other people and mean it, and yet that subtle little prickle of oh, but I want never, ever quite goes away.  Give me that story.

Happy birthday!!! happy birth!!!!!!!!!!!! EEEEYYYYEAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA

It’s woeroboros’s 24th birthday today and I love him very much! He is my best friend and my favorite person in the whole world, and I’m so happy to celebrate this day with him!!! We have grown so much together over the past year and I can’t wait to spend many more years by his side : ) He is so cool, the coolest, very inspiring, always encouraging me to do my best, teaching me about new things, always supporting me and helping me brainstorm ideas for laffs, always making me smile and feel like i’m a very strong muscle woman. A real charmer!!! woe is very protective of me because there are a lot of powerful pokemon out there who could do a lot of damage. He makes me feel so loved and happy that I can barely even handle it!!!! It’s so frustrating!!! STupid baka dog!!!!! I’m incredibly lucky to have such a wonderful boyfriend and he’ll always be the most important person to me. Every moment I get to spend with him is something that I will cherish forever no matter what : ) Because he’s great in every way!!!! Thank you very very much woeoero, for brightening up my life. I think you are the coolest baddass and I look up to you so much!! even if you are a chaotic evil hacker who will DDOS me into infinity!!!! I love you friend!! Lov ya!!!! kises and hugs!!! <3 ^_^