“giant handkerchief.”

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Can we talk about dad Draco?

A lot of people have been talking about Albus’ relationship with Harry, but what about Scorpius and Draco? Honestly from what I’ve read about the cursed child (I’m like halfway through) Draco is the best dad. Can you just imagine:

- when Scorpius is born, Draco promising he’ll try his best and insisting he’s the most beautiful baby he’s ever seen
- Draco always willing to wake up all the times baby Scorp cries and spends hours cooing and rocking him. Even spending nights sleeping in on the couch with Scorpius on his chest
- Draco teaching him an instrument
- Draco and Astoria making a little concert with their house elves so Scorpius can preform with an audience
- Draco feeling happy when the house elves calls Scorpius ‘master sweetie’ because he’s taught his son to be kind to everyone and humble
- Draco trying to get Scorpius to make friends with other kids his age so he isn’t lonely
- Draco getting heartbroken when the kids call Scorpius Voldemort’s son
- Draco constantly fighting with he ministry to stop the rumours because it hurts him to see Scorpius cries
- Draco being extremely worried when Scorpius goes to Hogwarts because he doesn’t want him bullied
- Draco pining the first letter from Scorpius that says he’s made a friend even though he’s a Potter
- Draco insisting Scorpius to invite Albus to spend the break with them
- Draco making sure everything is perfect when the Potters let Albus stay over
- Draco telling the boys cool stories about anything they want while making them hot cocoa
- Draco tucking them both in and wishing them sweet dreams
- Draco not only being there for Scorpius but being there for Albus because he knows what it’s like to feel like to not live up to your parents expectations
-Draco literally knowing everything about Scorpius because his son trusts him
- Draco and Scorpius bonding time is sitting in Draco’s office, with Scorpius’ feet on Draco’s lap reading in silence. Occasionally sharing lines in their books they find interesting/funny
- When Astoria falls ill, Draco makes sure she and Scorpius spends everyday of the summer together
- when she dies, Draco holds his son all night as he cries promising that they can get through this
- Draco never crying in front of his son because he just knows how hard it is for his son to loose his mother
- Draco taking Scorpius somewhere cool for Christmas so they don’t have to realize that it’s their first Christmas without Astoria
- Draco reminding Scorpius that no matter what he’s always there for him



“Of course only that most SUPER name!!”

Welcome to the Strawhats, Nico D. Olivia!
((the ‘D.’ was at Luffy’s insistence, for good luck. parents-Frobin AU!))

if luke garroway was everyone’s dad the world would be a lot less messy? like he seems like he’d be a good dad?? cool but not too cool, and he’d totally whip them all into shape and teach them about good life decisions! he’d be supportive too, and he’d also give them all the love they need, while threatening every single boyfriend and girlfriend they bring home, handcuffs swinging on his hip


Derren Brown having a trick done on him. Like a boss. He looks shit hot in that shirt.

So… I want to talk about Aomine and Kagami meeting the parents. (Or in Aomine’s case, meeting the parent and the parent.)

Aomine and Alex: Aomine would immediately get insecure because the first thing he would see is Alex planting a big kiss on Kagami’s lips. He would sort of freeze and see red for a second, and then everything would start to sink into a deep, dark, heavy black. He can’t think straight and he’s one second away from bolting – he just can’t at the moment because his legs feel all wobbly. Kagami wouldn’t notice this, of course, he’d just be annoyed with Alex and yell at her to stop doing that – geez, c’mon not in front of my boyfriend – and Alex would turn her eyes to Aomine and, ah… ah. She can’t help grinning because trust Taiga to have good taste in men, she’s so proud of her kiddo. And so she promptly plants another big kiss on Aomine’s lips and this time, Kagami is the one to freeze and see red.

Aomine and Kagami senior: They would meet at a fancy restaurant in the states, and while Kagami and his dad are perfectly fine discussing which wine would go best with their dinner, Aomine can’t even figure out which fork goes where. Kagami’s dad is super intimidating looking, but actually, he’s not at all that bad. Never mind, he’s horrible, he decides to have some fun and pretends he can’t speak Japanese at all and proceeds to talk to Aomine in English. And Aomine panics thinking, wait. Wait a sec, I thought Kagami said he talked to his dad in Japanese what’s going on. And he fumbles through the conversation in horrible, horrible English. (Kagami feels bad for Aomine, and initially tries to stop his dad… but fuck, flustered Aomine is adorable so he ends up just watching the whole thing with the biggest, shit-eating grin on his face.)

Kagami’s dad doesn’t think Aomine is all that special, but reasons, well, he makes Taiga happy, so… that’s that. (Not that he has a problem with Aomine, it’s just that he has really, really high standards for his boy.) But then the next day or so he sees Aomine on the basketball court, playing basketball with his son. He can’t take his eyes off the court. He feels like he’s seventeen again, he can practically feel the basketball under his own hands, the adrenaline rushing through his veins. He sees Aomine. He sees the way Taiga is looking at him. He understands.

Kagami and Aomine’s parents: Very, very different setting from the previous encounter. Aomine invites Kagami to his house, and when Kagami enters Aomine’s mom is slaving behind the kitchen and the dining room table is groaning under its own weight, because she’s been cooking ALL DAY – she heard Kagami has a big appetite, so naturally she wanted to be prepared. Kagami is mortified and sputters that there was no need to go through all the trouble, but Aomine just rolls his eyes and says heh, don’t be sorry, she’s the one who brought it onto herself. All throughout dinner, Kagami can’t help but noticing, oh my god, my boyfriend is absolutely spoiled silly, his parents love him to pieces.

Kagami’s a little more quiet than usual, because he’s too busy taking everything in. His heart hurts a little, and he doesn’t really know why – he just knows he’s really, really happy because Aomine is obviously the apple of his parents’ eyes.

And then when he’s ready to leave, Aomine’s mom gives him a big hug and makes sure to pack extra bags of leftover food for Kagami. Kagami doesn’t know what to do with Aomine’s dad, who has been rather silent all night, but before he leaves, Aomine’s dad claps him on the shoulder and says, take care son. And Kagami realizes that the funny feeling he’s been having all night is because the Aomine’s are such a nice family – and they’re already treating him like family, too.

shsl heir komaeda for gummyfang!!

Request: how about connors kid talking its first words?

A sequel of sorts to this piece. :)

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I titled this “Hot Space Dad” and I had to post it because it’s actually going to mostly be hidden in what I’m drawing, but the scars and the BODY man, THIS TURNED OUT SO GOOD.