he'd probably have to be unconscious for that

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do you think toshinori would be himself or all might on his wedding day?? considering very few and select people know of his condition!! would you mind writing a scenario or wedding headcanons!!? thank you very much midori!

MMMM, I‘ll write some wedding headcanons because my friend and I were recently talking about this and I have a bunch! I love weddings!  (〃∇〃)

  • Toshinori would be his regular, lanky self! The person he would be marrying would have an idea about his condition and know his limits! Considering he can’t be in his All Might self for very long. 
  • The wedding itself would probably only have a handful of people he trusts and know about his normal form, but he’d probably prefer it like that. He wouldn’t want a lot of people to know he was getting married–especially All Might–because it might put his future spouse at risk. So it’d be a private, yet small, wedding ceremony. Midoriya would definitely be there too (to support his mentor!), and Gran Torino (they both congratulate him, but Gran Torino slaps Toshinori on the back). 
  • Toshinori would definitely get choked up seeing his partner all dressed up and look absolutely wonderful. He’d maybe adjust his tie, or tug at his collar a bit, trying not to cry because part of him doesn’t believe all of this is happening. That he’s marrying someone he truly and deeply loves and want to spend the rest of his life with (no matter how short it may be). Perhaps his partner can gently brush away his tears and give him a little kiss. They might end up crying too. 
  • He also would wear some sort of tie (tacky or not, but mostly tacky), that would accentuate something on their partner. Maybe their eyes, or their hair, or maybe it’s their favorite color. If his partner would happen to point it out, Toshinori would probably get a little red in the face and admit he was just really nervous about the ceremony, and picked a tie that look good. Maybe he picked it unconsciously because it reminded him of them.
  • Because he probably wouldn’t have a lot of energy, he probably wouldn’t be able to dance with his spouse so much! But he’d definitely do the first dance, and maybe the last dance, but not too much in-between. He’d really just be content in sitting with his beloved or holding their hand and spending time with them.

Awaari did a whole bunch of comics for a Modern AU of her Galathan and Dorian that I really loved, and so I got permission to finish the story in writing.

Closing shift at the Spoiled Prince was never glamorous on a Tuesday. Most people still harbored memories of the weekend’s hangover more glumly than they regarded the remaining work days until their next weekend. Galathan didn’t have the same schedule anymore, but he could understand it. When he’d been studying he’d buried himself in the school work with no time for anything else, especially drinking. It might be ironic, then, that he was the college drop out serving drinks to some of those people he dimly remembered as having invited him once or twice to parties that no one could actually remember the next day. The elf made a point not to be bitter about it, whisking back and forth to take orders and mix drinks. When it came down to it paying for a roof over his head had come before paying for text books, and if it stung that some of the required books cost more than his monthly rent Galathan was good at pretending that it didn’t.

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How do you think Luhan, Kris & Tao would react if you said you wanted Xiumin or Chen to take you into a haunted house because you didn't want make them suffer with being scared?

I am so, so, sorry for the delay, sweetheart! Here is your scenario and I know it can’t possibly make up for the long wait but I still hope you enjoy it!

Let’s admit it, Luhan’s manly pride would be extremely wounded. He’d interrupt you just as you’re asking Xiumin to go in with you, and grab your hand first. As he’s interlocking your fingers with his, Luhan would probably cast a glance at Xiumin and after a second, tug on his friend’s jacket. Luhan would feel a little bad cutting Xiumin off so he would probably have Xiumin grab your other hand and go in as a trio. That being said, the whole way through the haunted house you might be a little strained since Xiumin likes to surge ahead while Luhan…he’d just panic and drag you guys back with a death grip on your hand.

Kris would sputter. As chill as he tries to seem, our Duizhang is actually not very eloquent…or cool. Before Chen or Xiumin would have a chance to reply he would grab your hand and stalk ahead to the entrance of the haunted house. When the two of you enter Kris would hesitate a little but after a little encouraging he would suck it up. Kris probably has this whole image planned out, so he would hug you from behind and cover your eyes going through the haunted house. Unconsciously he’s putting you through the course first, but with your eyes covered you wouldn’t be as scared. Throughout the whole thing though, he’d be apologizing profusely whenever he squeezed too tight, or stepped on the back of your foot, etc.

Tao, the whiner that he is, would do just that. He might get exasperated enough to let Chinese slip out. All the same, you would grab Chen or Xiumin and head to the entrance while Tao sulked from his seat. Just as your backs disappear into the dark doorway though, the poking, prodding, and teasing from his members would ultimately spur him into action. He would make a mad dash for the entrance, hoping to catch you and his ‘replacement’ before you guys got too far in. Because he’s prone to jealousy, Tao would send the other member back out so he could have you all to himself. Tucking you into his side, he would hold you extra tight to his side whenever someone jumped out, and if he got too scared, Tao would probably turn his face into your hair and make you lead the way out.

On a side note, I’m sorry I was absent for such a long time! ;u; I’ve missed you all~

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