he'd be the greatest

Eric Bittle??? Yes what an angel what a— [trips] [hundreds of thousands of photos of Bitty spill out of jacket] w-what a fucking wonderful human being! i- these are all mine mine im just [gathering them up practically beaming] listen i just listen [thousands of pictures of Bitty scatter across the floor] im holding them to be framed for my apartment just listen
—  Jack Zimmermann probably

T r u e  loves kiss  //  An act of true  l o v e


Anyway in case you haven’t heard Trump banned trans people from serving in the military

“You still need me? You still need me to do something, right?”

after rewatching birth by sleep clips I’m thinking Braig didn’t join Xehanort’s plan particularly willingly…

“I’m just lucky he didn’t steal my heart like Princess Whatever-it-was. That would’ve ruined my week for sure.”

Hello friend || Marie + Alex

Marie loved the Fete de la St Jean. It was always one of her favourite times of year, just a celebration of joy. It was always preceded by hard work, of course, and she’d gone hunting with Marian to help meet the demands for the feasts, but now that the night was here, she was ready to enjoy herself. She’d gone by the orphanage first, which was how she’d ended up by the bonfire with wild flowers tucked all through her loose hair, rather than in the neat style she’d usually try to wear in public. She wore a dress of a bolder blue than she usually chose for herself, typically preferring more demure colours, but the design was one that she could dance in easily. 

Marian had gone off with his friends, and Marie knew he was going to end up with a very sore head in the morning, much to her amusement. She already knew she was going to enjoy waking him up, whether with a pail of water or by cheerfully singing until he shouted at her. It was also one of the few times she’d drink herself, although she never let herself get as drunk as Marian did. She didn’t need to be drunk to make a fool of herself, she was often landing in ridiculous situations without the influence of anything else. 

The square was crowded, full of people laughing and drinking. Marie couldn’t seem to make it a few minutes without running into someone she knew, but she loved every moment of the chaos, letting herself be drawn into dances and letting drinks be pressed into her hands a couple of times. She flowed through the crowd easily, apologising when she bumped into people or stopping for a conversation when she knew the person. 


{narusasu collab fic} “Birthday Boy”

A/N: @fangirlandiknowit101 and I have been trying to write a collaboration ever since she got this awesome pic from @maneki-n-e-k-o. So finally it begins! Dedicated to our precious duckbutt on his birthday <3.

Birthday Boy {a collaboration with @fangirlandiknowit101}

Naruto had scrupulously avoided using the word ‘birthday’. For all Sasuke knew, Naruto had forgotten all about it. It had been a mission and a half just to get Sasuke to agree to meet up at all; he would never have agreed if he knew that Naruto had a reason to make an even bigger deal out of the day.

He stood fidgeting by the station gates. If Sasuke had taken the correct train as instructed, he’d be here in less than 4 minutes (three and a half, actually). He shifted from foot to foot, balancing a salted-caramel latte in one hand and an iced chocolate frappuccino with extra cream in the other. He hoped Sasuke liked his drink; Naruto really wanted to share the wonder of Espresso House with him. Wanted to share lots of things, in fact. A ride around the harbour, exploring Old Town, walking across the countless bridges. He ran through his meticulously-planned out schedule once more. It was gonna be great. If only Sasuke was on time. If only Sasuke actually showed up.

Of course he’d come. Wouldn’t he?

Naruto hadn’t seen him since High School. He’d had to survive on photos from Itachi or Shisui’s facebook; the bastard didn’t have one of his own. Their universities were on opposite ends of Japan, but now here they were, both studying in Europe at the same time- it was fate! It’s just an hour flight to Stockholm, Sas, Naruto had begged. And so cheap! Just come over. I’ll show you around!

One minute left.

His fidgeting grew worse. Sasuke’s latte was getting cold. Jagged pieces of memory flitted through Naruto’s mind; feathery shivers ghosted up and down his arms. He held his frappuccino to his heated cheeks. Don’t blush in front of Sasuke, loser, Naruto told himself firmly. Look, we’re just friends, okay? That’s all we ever were. Don’t blow this chance.

Alright, it was time. Naruto plastered a smile onto his face and waited. And…waited. And waited some more.

…the train station wasn’t that big. Sasuke couldn’t have possibly gotten lost.

Right, he just missed that train, and he’s on the next one, Naruto thought. That was all. It wouldn’t be long and then Sasuke would be here, right in front of him, finally. Just wait a little longer. I’ve waited this long, haven’t I? I can survive another ten minutes.

…*cough* Okayyyy, over to you Emi~~ *blows kisses*. Ohhhh I wonder what you’ll write? And how we’ll find a way to make this NSFW-

Confession: I daydream about acting on TWD with Norman, going to interviews with him, and acting like he and I have a brother/sister relationship. We joke together and get along better than anyone else on set. I picture us at conventions and at interviews together. 

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Could we please have more of Prompto and little Aggy? She's adorable and he'd be the greatest dad ever to make up for all those years he missed. I think he'd just about die to hear her say that she loves him *this much* with her arms spread out.

Yes you can! Prompto is the best dad. 

“Dad, be one of those sabertuks things this time.” Aggy pretends to cock her plastic guns and takes aim as Prompto drops down onto the carpet and starts to crawl toward his daughter.

He’s the cutest monster dad the world’s ever seen.

“Grrrr! I’m comin’ to get ya!”

Aggy squeals with laughter and dives behind a pile of cushions that they pulled off the couch earlier, and are now strategically piled up around the living room to make it look like Leide’s dry landscape.

Her head pops up from behind them and she aims one of her guns at Prompto and screams.


The blonde pretends to growl in pain and fall over and it’s overly dramatized, slow-mo and everything before he goes limp as a noodle, much to the little girl’s delight. She giggles and scurries around the cushions to check if the “sabertuks” is dead by giving Prompto a little poke on his nose with one of the guns. In an instant he’s got his daughter scooped up in his arms, tickling her sides while she flails and drops the toy guns to try pushing her dad away.

When he stops, she throws her arms around him and he stands while balancing her on his hip.

“You’re a good shot, kiddo,” he says with the biggest smile. When Aggy’s older, he’s definitely teaching her how to shoot.

“Really?!” She’s practically shaking with excitement as Prompto puts her down and she picks up one of her toy guns and aims at a wall. He can’t help snickering at Aggy when she tries to spin the gun on her fingers like he showed her the other night and she fumbles with it. Looks like he’ll teach her that as well.

“Yeah, Aggy,” he kneels to a crouch beside her and guides her on how to hold the gun properly. Even though it’s only a toy, he’s started teaching her weapon discipline for when she’s old enough for the real deal.

Every once and a while since Prompto moved back in with Y/n and Aggy, their little girl has gone on and on about how exciting it is to have her superhero dad back home, and the way her eyes gleam and the smile on her face when she looks at Prompto just makes his heart melt.

“I told my teacher at school you’re back, Daddy.”

“Oh yeah?” He takes the toy from Aggy’s hands when she hands it to him and she runs to the front door where she dropped her backpack that afternoon when she got home from school.

“Yeah! I told her about you helping to bring daytime back and I made this.”

She pulled out a crayon drawing of Prompto and herself with a gigantic sun with a heart in the center filling up most of the picture. When she hands it to him, he knows he’s going to have to cover the fridge with all of Aggy’s drawings. He can’t stop smiling at it. Her head peeks up over the top of the drawing while he’s looking at it and she points at the heart.

“Sunshines don’t have those but I wanted to show you that I loved you as big as the sun!” she giggles and tries to stretch her arms out really, really far, then laughs again. “My arms are too short, Dad.”

Prompto sets the drawing down and scoops Aggy up again, pulling her into a tight hug. He kisses the top of her messy blonde hair and tries not to get teary eyed, but it’s not working so well.

“I love you too, Aggy. I love you so, so much.”

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confession: I fucked a guy at the office. better confession, both his mother in law and my mother in law work here, too. we fucked at lunch in his car, then he'd carpool his MIL home and she'd sit where he had just eaten my cunt raw. he'd tease me relentlessly about how no one could know he'd touched my soft skin under my panty hose, that he'd tasted my mouth after his cock had fucked it, that he'd seen the best tits in the office. it was his greatest pride because I'm the office "saint" 😇😇😇

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DAD DAN WOULD THE BEST he would set up playdates with kyle/woody/will's children he'd be so loving and caring and passionate about his kids interests like you wanna play piano? let me teach you and he would guide their hands and teach them the different keys and how to read music. he'd be that overly proud embarrassing parent but he would be the greatest



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Okay no but Thalia, Bianca and Nico all canonically have freckles across their nose and I REFUSE to believe Percy is the only Big Three Greek demigod that doesn't have them. Just imagine: Percy with freckles on his nose. It's the greatest thing. It's beautiful. He'd be unstoppable. ASFDEGRF