Hi friends! I need some money lol so I’m opening up commissions! I’m sorry long post is long.

I will draw pretty much anything except excessive gore or hate stuff. (I reserve the right to refuse accepting a commission for any reason).

I accept paypal!

Message me or send an email to earl.grey.finch@gmail.com if you’re interested! I’m only going to keep 2 or 3 slots open at a time so it’s first come first serve! If you have any questions feel free to hmu as well.

omg so the catalogues i designed for our senior thesis show came out really well and everyone loved it. my prof was so impressed he was like, “should i just hire this girl and make her do all of our other design stuff” and i was like “are you serious? seriously? yes. no, seriously… please.” and he said we’d talk about it later omg.

so apparently cogman in tf5 is supposed to be polite and dignified and drives the old english human dudes’ car, but he has anger issues 

 and all i can see is this

cogman: [listening to classical music while driving] so, sir, how’s your day-

random human: UR BUTLER SUCKS 

cogman: excuse me, one second 

cogman: [rolls down windows to car, there’s inhuman screaming. he’s running over humans with the car CLASSICAL MUSIC IS BLARING  THE SCENT OF A RAGING ALPHA IS UPON US RUN HUMAN RUN AND DONt LOOK BACK YOU FOOL] 

cogman: [clears throat] sorry about that now where were we…?